Best Lures And Baits For Sea Bass

Lures For Sea Bass

Full Review of Baits and Lures Used for Seabass Fishing

Many people are fond of fishing, but everyone has their own purpose such as hobbies, leisure activities, sports, and food extraction. People have learned to apply many additional methods to achieve the best result in fishing. From ultra-modern gear to special lures and baits.

best seabass fishing spots

Seabass is a real aggressive hunter and sea wolf. Its name sea wolf received thanks to a decisive temper and hunting habits. It attacks from the ambush. Seabass feeds on crustaceans, octopus, and squids of small size, small fish. Special preference is given to sardines.

The predator has an elongated body with a strong skeleton and dense scales, which helps him to hunt. Sea bass has large scales. It is silvery on the sides and on the peritoneum.

my friend catches seabass for a selikonovy fish

The fish has a pair of fins on the back and the one closest to the head contains a spike. It is quite difficult to describe exactly the location of the sea bass flock and where it can be found in large numbers. This fish does not adhere to certain places and constantly migrates. Many seabasses live in the Atlantic Ocean on the Canary Islands.

typical seabass fishing place

This predator likes to swim near the shores and at the bottom of the rocks, sometimes it swims into river beds and penetrates through them into shallow continental zones. Seabass swims both on the surface of the water and in-depth.

It is better to catch sea bass in the middle of spring and before the beginning of winter because during these periods a high rate of biting is noted. Seabass is more active at sunset and at night. At this time, he is less afraid and more willing to take the bait. The weather is cloudy and cool, sometimes you can catch him in the daytime. Shallow water in the tidal zone is a good place to catch seabass as it swims there for the food. It is advisable to look for a sandy or rocky bottom. It is better to start fishing 2 hours before the peak of the tide.

Secrets of a successful catch:

  • The sea wolf bites well in the wind.
  • It is important not to miss the peak of the tide when seabass comes close to the shore. At low tide, the probability of catching a fish is greatly reduced.
  • It is better to use spinning for night hunting.

The sea wolf is caught in the following ways: fly fishing, spinning, bottom fishing, on a bombard, or on afloat.

shore for catching sea bass

Fly Fishing

As a lure in the fly fishing method, wobblers imitating sardine fry, mackerel, or mullet are selected. Their color should depend on the time of day. Before dawn, it is desirable to lure the predator with yellow and silver blanks. In the morning you need to choose something bright and shiny. And at night it is better to use bait from light white to dark black imitators. The choice depends on the situation.

My friend and experienced fisherman with a catch


Spinning for sea bass. The essence of spinning fishing is that a fisherman throws in the intended place of the pond bait with rod and reel. The bait imitates a floating fish in the water. Then, winding the fishing line on the reel, tell the lure forward movement. The predator, tempted by the game of moving bait, grabs it and falls on the hook. The angler is always on the move when spinning fishing. This is one of the main differences between this method of fishing from others. The fishing rod must be used type spinning from two knees length of three meters with a test of at least 15/60. It is desirable to buy such a tackle, where the rod already has a marking for sea bass. It should be light and elastic.

my favorite sea bass place

Spinning reel for sea bass. The fishing reel should be as light as possible with a ratio of 1/4000. This allows you to quickly pull out the caught fish and pull the bait to the water’s edge so that the wave could not confuse the tackle and additional knots on the leash were not knitted. It is also important to always have a tight line during fishing. The rod is selected with an inertia-free coil.

The main fishing line. There are many disputes among fishermen. But the simplest solution is the main thread (“braided fishing line”, “thread” or “cord”) diameter 0.2-0.25 mm. Length up to 150 meters. The Breaking force up to about 20 kg. When fishing on a strong thread, more likely to break the hooks of the bait, the leash, than the thread will break. This is especially important when hooking on rocks or algae.

Leash. The main feature of this tackle is always a long leash of fluorocarbon fishing line. Length from 1.5 meters to 2 meters. Fluorocarbon is the material from which a high-tech fishing line is made. Its main feature is invisibility in the water. Achieved by a low coefficient of light refraction. Anglers use fluorocarbon fishing lines exceptionally in the role of leashes in a variety of snap-ins.

In view of the distant throws, it is necessary to use strong hooks with notches on the pivot to lure or silicone bait that did not fly. It is necessary to choose a rocky coastline for such fishing. At high tide, many fish swim up to such places in the hope of catching prey. Sea bass comes close enough to land that’s why you needn’t throw the bait far.

Silver spinners are suitable as a nozzle for spinning fishing. They are carried out at the bottom or in half-waters. Usually, dummy fry leads closer to the surface. They can be both floating and heavy, sinking. Seabass bite well on artificial eels and mackerel.

place for spinning sea bass

Float Type of Seabass Fishing

The float is considered one of the main elements of the snap. The success of fishing depends on its design. Therefore, for such conditions, there are floats of a special design. So that the body of the float creates a minimum of resistance to the moving pressure of water, it is made wide, but flattened on both sides.

As a rule, such floats have two attachment points. Most designs of sea fishing floats are designed in the shape of a “pear” or “egg”. You need a simple tackle for such fishing. A float that fills with water, a small hook tee, and a short leash up to 1-meter long.

The best bait, in this case, is a mixture based on granular feed for growing seabass in artificial conditions. The advantage of such fishing that you don’t need to throw float far. Often enough to 20 meters from the shore. Cons are that you need a small wave.

The catch must always be weighed and photographed as a keepsake

Bottom Method of Catching Seabass

Bottom tackle is used for fishing from the bottom, or in the immediate vicinity of it. It consists of the main fishing line (cord), which is attached to several leashes with small hooks and a sinker 30 grams, a device for installing fishing rods in the sand. A bottom fishing rod is light and very sensitive. There are some designs that automatically hook the fish when biting.

Seabass Fishing on the Bombard

This gear is intended for catching by spinning. In general, the form of a bombard looks like a small egg, from which a small diameter tube comes out, which is connected to the through-hole.

here to catch sea bass on a scorer

The egg plays the role of a float, the purpose of which is to cast a small lure like wobblers, silicone nozzles and hold it at the desired depth in the process of wiring. Bombard is an additional float that allows you to throw even ultralight bait for a long distance. According to its characteristics, it is better than fly fishing gear and it can be used even in strong winds.

Types of bombards:

  • Floating bombard for surface fishing;
  • Fast sinking for bottom fishing;
  • Slowly sinking bombard. It allows you to look for fish in the middle layers of water.

The first is designed for catching fish near the surface of the water. The bombard floats at the top and holds the bait at a surface distance that is equal to the length of the leash.

Sinking is for fast dive bite to the bottom and its wiring. Slowly sinking is designed for fishing at big depths, approximately in the middle of the depth of the reservoir. The coil is a wound monofilament or braided cord to choose from, passed through the bombard and put a stopper. This stopper sets the length of the leash depending on the desired depth at which the bait will be located (usually enough meters) to keep it from going up the line.

standard place for sea bass

Above and below are put swivels and carbines in case of changing the bait or removing the bombard. Then the leash with bait is an attached-a spinner, a wobbler, etc. Before the node, which is tied to the leash with lures, put a damper bead. It is necessary to ensure that the bombard doesn’t beat against the node with each throwing as it can destroy it. Bait can be both artificial baits and live. It depends on the season and fish preferences.

Fishing on the bombard

Fishing is much easier with bombard because of the accuracy and range of throwing increase. This allows you to explore different places of the reservoir from one point on the shore.

When you cast the bait with the bombard in the right place, it is necessary to wait for a pause so that the bait plunge to the desired depth and then starts wiring with pauses.

Next comes the game bait such as wiring with stops, pulling the bait rod. So, you should use all the tricks that are used for catching predatory fish to lure them out of hiding.

Bombards advantages:

  • Tackle is not confused, easy, and convenient to use.
  • The more long-distance casting of bait. It is good when fishing for wary fish.
  • Hard to see in the water, so as not to scare off the most sensitive fish.
  • Ability to select the depth of movement of the bait. It can be done by changing the weight of the float or choosing another bombard.

Catching this fish is a pleasure for a fisherman. This “sea wolf” cleverly grabs your bait, gives extra adrenaline to the hunter. This fish is very beautiful and tasty at the tableful. The fishing rod feels such bites well and it remains only to hook it a little.

great place for sea bass

The fish has no teeth. Only small as emery. So it first tries the bait a bit and then abruptly swallowed. At that moment you need to hurry and make a shortcut. Seabass is one of those fish that has adapted to hunt in shallow water near the shore. It is mobile and easily floats on huge waves. Its element waves and stones.

At depths of less than one meter and directly at the water’s edge there is not many predatory fish that have learned to hunt there. This is all possible, only thanks to its robust pelt and scales, strong body, and nimble mobility.

Small individuals up to 300 grams hunt on sandy beaches. Seawolves up to 3 years gather in the packs. Adult fish prefer to hunt alone. A huge plus is that this fish quickly reproduces and adapts to local conditions. Seabass likes waves and wind. Large individuals hunt more often in hard-to-reach places.

Description and a brief practical guide to the use of bait for seabass fishing

Main Types of Baits and Lures

successful wobblers for sea bass

Metal Spoon Baits

Metal spoon baits with two tees are used for catching adult sea bass weighing more than two kilograms. With its small dimensions, the spoon is quite weighty, it is pleasant to pour it. Due to the center of gravity in the tail, it almost always flies ahead with a tee, which eliminates somersaults and overflows of the fishing line.

The bait has a weak drag, its flight can be compared with the flight of a bullet. With such flight characteristics, even a novice will be able to throw it exactly in the intended place, located at a distance of 40-50 meters from the coast.

In water, the spoon also behaves perfectly. Regardless of the speed of movement, it attractively rolls from side to side, not forgetting to wag its tail. The spinner works with any posting, both uniform and uneven, do not stray from the game, and do not spin the line.

Even after a complete stop during a quick lowering to the bottom, it continues to tempt to rock the hull. The spoon performs its task without fail both in quiet water and in the course, therefore it is suitable for fishing in any water body.

Plastic Wobbler

Bright plastic wobbler is a universal device. A wobbler is a volumetric bait made of wood or plastic, which is used for fishing with spinning or trolling. Translated from English wobbler means to swing, move, reload. Indeed, a wobbler imitates with his game a wounded, fleeing fish that rolls from side to side, staggers, and sways, thereby attracting a predator.

The wobbler with its design and appearance imitates the objects of hunting of various predatory fish: a fish, a frog, or an insect, and should provoke a predator to attack. A predator can cause a wobbler attack as a desire to eat it or to protect its territory from an alien invasion.

Various soft silicone nozzles were preferably white with glowing eyes in the dark

Soft silicone imitators of fish, crab, shrimp and other marine life that vibrate in the water while moving are a good snare for a sea wolf. These baits are needed when windy and wavy on the ocean.

Natural bait: shrimp, chicken, small fish

Sea bass very well pecks on pieces of fish, for example, tuna and mackerel. Whole shrimp and small pieces of shrimp are a tasty dish for any fish. They are soft and therefore also attract fish.

Baits For Fishing

Baits on the basis of mixtures of flour, bread, butter, dough, bait, pasta with a smell. Bait can be friable, of two kinds, prepared by grinding all the components in a special mill, as well as by extrusion. There is also granular bait, it is also called pellets. By the way, all the feed that is used to grow fish is made specifically granular, especially in order for the fish to be saturated faster. So, in my opinion, such a bait is not very good for amateur fishing.

Small pieces of chicken fillet with salt and additives (fish food and bait for sardines)

For some reason, few fishermen use such bait. On the island of Tenerife, this is one of the easiest fishing tools. You just need to buy the fillet and cut it into convenient pieces and add a little salt with coarse salt. This bait is suitable for both float fishing and bottom fishing. It holds well on the hook and does not fly off when casting. And one of the cheapest and most economical lures. An additional odor supplement in the form of special granules only increases the effect of fish food.

Soft Lures For Fish

Lures based on pheromones. The material of manufacture. After choosing the type of silicone bait, special attention should be paid to its structure. Traditionally, silicone baits are made in an edible and inedible version. The first is suitable in the case when a languid bite is observed in a reservoir.

The latter can also act as a provocateur but are most often used as the main bait. To check the quality of the material, just look at it more closely. Solid silicone should not contain pores and bubbles. If there are any, feel free to look for another model. Body structure.

The degree of a catch of the silicone bait is often directly dependent on its structure. Remember that the body of a good vibro tail or twister should always be monolithic, and not have soldering spots or other hints of attachment.

This is unethical and impractical in terms of strength. Pay special attention to the bait with corrugation in the tail, as this design allows the fish to work out perfectly at any speed. Avoid buying vibro tails with a rigid tail, the game of which will be nullified by reducing the speed of wiring.

Fishing Paste Bait

Special paste for seabass fishing. Seabass paste is one of the most effective means. It is easy to cook. It is enough to buy a paste for sport fishing and add pellets of complementary foods for sea bass to it. Mix everything well until smooth. The pasta is ready. The smell of feeding makes the fish peck.

Many fishermen have recently begun to use pheromones as bait. The effectiveness of these tools is proved and patented. Their action is directed to the natural receptors of fish.

Types of Baits and Lures

It is important to know that this fish has more developed olfactory abilities than dogs.


Pheromones that are used for fishing are biologically active substances. They are of synthetic origin, identical to the natural pheromones that are allocated by fishes.

A long-term study of the life of fish allowed scientists to artificially synthesize substances, which attract their attention.

So, modern lure with pheromones is intended for:

  • Attracting the attention of fish;
  • Stimulation of hunger;
  • Pack reflex.

Pheromones that stimulate hunger represent the most modern group. These artificially synthesized substances are identical to natural ones, which are produced in the body of hungry individuals. They motivate the immediate search for any food as they contribute to the natural feeling of hunger in fish. Thus, the fish does not just swallow the bait, it is actively looking for any kind of food.

wave for sea bass

Pheromone concentrate you can:

  • To process the bait, tackle;
  • Add to feed;
  • To throw into the water (some attractants are available in special water-soluble polyethylene packages which are ready for immersion in water).

Practical advice on the techniques of fishing for seabass.

The Scheme of Fishing From the Shore is This

The main condition necessary for fishing is to choose a place for fishing. For this purpose, it is necessary to try to observe fish in the afternoon. Exactly how it floats and moves inside the wave. If you choose a convenient angle overview, it will be well seen how it copes with the wave. Not every fish can do the same. She’s like a magician and she swims skillfully.

local beach - a place for sea bass

The first evening you can try to catch on the float, using bait like pieces of shrimp or chicken. You can also throw small silicone fish. If seabass is, individual bites will necessarily be. Additionally, it is necessary to use the experience of local fishermen who know exactly where to fish. Their flashlights are a good guide for the fisherman.

There Are Two Kinds of Fishermen

  • The first catch is only on one bait, for example, a mixture of flour, Sebo, oil.
  • The second, which takes several baits: wobblers, soft silicone fish, shrimp, fish pieces, chicken fillet, fish food used for artificial fish farming. Last is the perfect lure for your fishing spot.

It is good to catch on a float, using natural baits when the waves are low and the ocean is quiet. it is good to tie the bait with a thread to the hook to make it last longer.

here catching a round seabass year

If the wave is, then uniquely, it is necessary to catch on soft baits and wobblers. The fisherman makes a distant cast and immediately removes slack in the fishing line to always feel the bombard and the line was in tension. This is necessary for the feeling of biting and cutting fish.

The following step. It is necessary to turn the handle of the coil smoothly and slowly, controlling the tension. During the approach of the wave, it is necessary to stop the rotation and continue it after its passage.

During fishing, it is necessary for the fisherman to be careful until the very last moment when he completely takes out the tackle. Seabass has such a feature. He begins to chase the artificial fish and grabs it almost at the shore when you do not expect the bite.

sandy beach for sea bass

The day of biting and the time of biting are difficult to predict. It can be on popular sites type such a – Tablademareas to study auspicious days and hours, but the real picture can be different. We just need to go more often and try.

From many years of experience, I advise you to catch during high tide and one hour after the beginning of low tide, in dull weather, slack wind, and on the waves that create a white foam. Abundant biting lasts about 2 hours and here it is necessary to try not to waste time on the repair of a tackle and other preparations.

super beach for big sea bass

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