How Do You Catch Fish with Live Bait?

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How to Fish with Live Bait?

fishing trophy

First. Fresh mackerel must be bought at 60-90 grams at the store (or better live bait at the market or from local fishermen). What is the best fish for live bait? It is mackerel, sardines, and shrimp.

Atlantic Sierra

Second. Assemble a fishing tackle with bait. For this you need to have:

  • Double hooks
  • A fishing line with a diameter of 0.45 mm

Line for Live Bait Fishing

  • Crimp and tubing

Crimp with Tubes

  • Metal needle (wire) with a bent end

Metal Wire with Hook

  • Rubber string

Rubber Thread for Wrapping Fish

  • Fish for bait

Secure the double hook to the end of the line with the tube and crimp. Cut 40-50 cm of fishing line and make a small loop on the other end with a tube and crimp (see how on the video and photo).

Equipment for Live Fish

How to set up a jig for live bait fishing?

Open the mouth of the fish, its tongue should be at the bottom. Pierce this bait along the spine to the end. Attach a loop with a hook to the bent end of the needle-wire and pull until the hook is in front of the fish’s mouth. From head to tail, wrap it tightly with rubber thread. This will allow the bait to sit tight and not fly off when casting. The bait is ready!

Setting up a rod for live bait fishing. What you need to have:

  • A 4.2-5.0 meter rod with 80-200 grams of force (Complete fishing rod for trophy fish)

Complete fishing rod for trophy fish

  • Reel 8000 with a capacity of 150 meters


  • Line 150-200 meters of thickness 0.45 mm


  • Carabiner with swivel strong and stainless

Carabiner with Spinner for Wobbler

  • Float 60 grams with a firefly better than a flashlight with a battery


  • Candles (light bulbs)

Light Bulbs with Batteries

  • Weight 10-15 grams
  • Plastic glow balls
  • Rubber Stoppers

Scheme of assembling tackle: line – stopper – luminous bead – sinker – stopper – bead – karabiner. On the carabiner-latch with a live fish (bait).

Fishing Float

Do you use a sinker with live bait? Yes. You will need a sinker to properly use the float and lower the live bait to the bottom.

Cast your tackle 20-100 meters from the shore, preferably downwind. Set the stopper to a sinking depth of 2 to 10 meters depending on where you are fishing. Choose the bottom relief with a depth difference.

To throw the bait correctly, you need to spread your legs wide and make a powerful throw to the maximum distance. And wait for a nibble (this is the sound of the rattle on the reel).

The catch should be when the brake on the reel is released. So that the fish could pull the line freely during the bite and there was no hard bite. The bite is strong and therefore the rod should also be secured.

You should not rush with the hook when the float goes into the water. The fish has to swallow the bait deeply and only when the line starts to unwind should it be hooked. The fish should be pulled out carefully with the tension of the line. Any slackening of the line can lead to breakage, and the fish will be off the hook. Watch our video and have fun fishing.

Sergio Smirnoff
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