Fishing Equipment for Sea Bass

Fishing Equipment For Sea Bass

Full Fishing Equipment & Fishing Gear & Supplies & Fishing Apparel

Hello everybody! I’m Sergio Smirnoff. I am fond of fishing for 12 years old. My family traveled a lot around the world and I managed to fish in different parts of the globe. Reading various articles on the Internet about fishing, I wanted to write about it in a simple accessible language and give information to beginners and experienced fishermen.

Best Sea Bass

I want to share my little experience of hunting sea bass in the Atlantic Ocean so that you come home after fishing and always bring your family caught fish for dinner. To make fishing more successful and enjoyable, I provide the most complete equipment for the fisherman with explanations. Years of experience suggest that all accessories must be of good quality, functional, and durable. In my first article, I will provide field-proven equipment for coastal fishing, and publish tips from my friends and experienced fishermen, whom I met on the ocean. In the blog, I will present reviews of the best fishing rods, reels, woods, bait, and much more so that you can catch sea bass like a real pro.

Here is the basic thing you need:

1# Plastic Fishing Bag

Plastic bag for fishing. The main useful characteristics: places for installing 2 fishing rods – this is protection against sand from entering the reel, it is convenient and simple to remove fish from the hook, as well as change gear, has an external pocket for a towel. It is easy to wash, handles, and cases are made of durable plastic. Cloth backpacks are less convenient.

Top Plastic Fishing Bag

Such a plastic bag is a durable and versatile option: it is possible to store and transport fishing equipment (tackle, bait, tools), catch, foodstuffs in it. It’s good to put a lightweight backpack with additional spare parts and a plastic bag for fish in the box, which can be thrown away after fishing. Full review and buying guide: read our article – TOP 23 Best Fishing Buckets.

2# Headlamp for Fishing

The lantern helps the fisherman in the dark when solving any issues from the movement of the fisherman along the beach to replacing the gear, to removing the fish from the hook. Headlamps for fishing make your hands free and there is nothing stopping you from twisting the handle of the spinning reel. They have a small size and weight. Take it with you to your backpack without any problems. Impact resistance is much better than portable lamps due to their low weight and more durable housing. For a full review and buying guide, see our TOP 16 Best Headlamp for Night Fishing article.

3# Fishing Rod Spinning

Spinning fishing is one of the most active types of fishing. You need to animate the bait, and constantly emit its movement, creating the illusion of live bait on the hook. Make frequent and distant casts, conduct wiring, and try to keep the fishing line constantly in tension so that it is possible to hook the fish. Due to these features, manufacturers are developing special rods that are allocated to the spinning class. Compound rods are produced, as a rule, with two knees. They have the highest durability, reliability, and the smallest weight.

Spinning is highly durable, unlike a conventional fishing rod. and the total weight is many times lower. Sensitivity plays an important role, the signal during biting is transmitted directly to the rod and felt by the fisherman. A variety of techniques and lures are used: spinners, wobblers, and silicone.

Fishing rod – only a light spinning rod for catching sea bass, a fishing rod telescope is used only when necessary. It is advisable to buy a spinning rod, consisting of two knees with a total length of three meters to 3.8 meters. Long rods provide longer casting, it is easier to fish out with them, but such rods are a bit heavier and more inconvenient to transport. The test is approximately 30/90. The material is preferably carbon.

4# Best Fishing Line

A fishing line is a key element of any fishing tackle. It combines all the elements of the equipment into a single unit and withstands heavy loads when casting and pulling fish from the water. Bite signals are transmitted along the fishing line to the top of the rod. The fishing line must withstand the declared load, be subtle in water, not confused and not deformed, have the same diameter along the entire length, and be resistant to abrasion and other mechanical stresses.

Best Braided Fishing Line

The main fishing line must be wound on a reel at least 150 meters long. The diameter of a braided cord is up to 0.25 mm.

Fluorocarbon – Used as a leash on our gear. The leash is at least one meter long and up to two meters long. Fluorocarbon diameter from 0.18 to 0.22 mm. It is durable and not noticeable in the water.

Fluorocarbon fishing lines have different structures. They are more rigid and practically invisible in water. Most often they are used as leader material. They do not spin like that and remain level throughout fishing.

5# Spinning Reel

Top Spinning Reel

The spinning reel must be selected based on the best balance of reliability and functionality. Tackle should be practical, but also meet generally accepted criteria: be lightweight, equipped with durable components, and have an easy and soft ride. We use lightweight coils with a ratio of 1: 4000, right and left. The coils of well-known brands Ryobi, Daiwa, Shimano, Okuma, and others are reliable and durable. They have sturdy bearings for a smooth ride. The spinning reel is the main element of gear, without which the spinning fishing process itself is impossible. The right choice of reel for spinning allows the fisherman to put together a convenient, working, and harmonious tackle, with which you can not only fish but also enjoy fishing.

6# Silicone Bait

top silicone fish bait

Soft lures from 5 to 8 cm in size are well suited for this sea bass fishing. The bait must be attached strictly parallel to the forearm of the hook, and so that the tail of the artificial fish hangs freely. The movement of the fish should resemble the movement of a real fry.

7# Fishing Bombarda 30g

Top Fishing Bombarda

Bombard is a special float that is great for long casting. In accordance with such property as buoyancy, bombards are divided into:

  • floating on the surface;
  • sinking in water;
  • slowly leaving underwater.

Such floating floats are convenient for this type of fishing: they do not cling to stones, are easily replaced, and do not deter fish.

8# Gloves for Fishing

The gloves for summer fishing are made of breathable fabric. They get wet in the rain, however, they do not lose their anti-slip properties. Gloves are very good to use in sunny or windy weather. They are velcro fixed on the wrist. Gloves for fishing protect hands from sea bass spikes located on the back, under the abdomen, and on sharp gills. Fingerless gloves for cycling can suit us as well.

9# Fishing Shoes

Footwear for coastal fishing is presented in 3 types: ordinary plastic bathing slippers, rubber with a dense sole against slipping, and neoprene boots that allow fishing even on rocks and basalt stones. They are stable, hold the ankle well, and are stable on sharp stones.

Water Shoe

I use it especially in the summer, when the water is warm, here are fishing shoes on sandy beaches.

Top Water Shoe

There are no trifles in fishing. Comfortable shoes that do not slip, do not rub the foot, do not give cooling when wet, easy to clean – very important.

Marine Fishing Boot

These special fishing shoes are versatile. It is suitable for both stones and sand. The rubber outsole gives good stability and mobility to the foot.

Top Water Shoe

Neoprene Boots for Snorkeling

I immediately bought the most modern model, which has a revolutionary and effective sole. Plus a good and famous manufacturer.

Top Neoprene Boots for Snorkeling

Neoprene diving boots are designed so that with a heavy backpack or balloons behind you, you can still steadily and confidently move on rocky ground. In this case, the foot is fixed in the boot and does not twist the leg. And additional suction cups keep the fisherman on slippery stones. In hot weather, the foot sweats and overheats.

10# Cap For Fishing – Cap From The Wind

Top Cap for Fishing

The body of a fisherman should be protected from external factors, and the head is no exception. The fisherman’s summer cap or baseball cap is made of breathable membrane material that does not allow water to pass through. Demi-season fishing hats are insulated with a special fabric. They are made of membrane material, impregnated with a special tool that repels water. Such a hat usually has ears. They can be raised if it is too hot and lowered when the cold comes or rain begins. Such a fishing cap with earflaps provides protection from wind gusts, frosty air. A curved visor of large width closes his eyes from the rays of the sun, and frost. Breathable fabric prevents the head from sweating, creating comfortable conditions for fishing.

11# Surf Shorts

Fishing shorts:

  • Water-resistance – high-quality water-repellent fabric reliably protects the body from moisture, dries quickly, and does not lose its shape.
  • Convenient cut – do not constrain movements, have enough pockets to accommodate small accessories.
  • Unpretentiousness in leaving – are easily cleared of pollution, quickly dry, and do not crease in any operating conditions.

Short shorts for swimming in seawater are well suited. They dry quickly and allow the angler to go knee-deep into the water. This is important when the ebb and flow.

12# Shirt for Fishing

For summer fishing, you can choose a comfortable shirt that will not hamper your movements, protect you from the sun, and take away evaporation from the body. The design of many shirts has a stylish appearance and allows you to wear them not only for fishing but also in the city. Comfortable shirt with sturdy deep pockets. Well ventilated.

13# Sports Sackpack

A light backpack is needed for ease of movement along the shore, while the bag of fish is in place without movement. A good backpack holds the accessories needed for fishing, as well as replaceable clothes and a water tank. Another important requirement is lightness and comfort.

14# Fishing Towel

Athletes catch fish for several hours, which must be removed from the hook and packed in a bag. After picking up the fish, you must either wash your hands or wipe them on your clothes. Grabbing fishing rods with dirty hands is very bad. A thick towel that helps to remove fish safely from the hook. You need to towel to grab the fish by its body closer to the head, with your left hand, press the hook a little forward. The hook itself is released. And it will be easily removable from the mouth of the fish. Many do not appreciate the benefits of a towel for the fisherman, which is desirable to attach to the side belt with a small carabiner, to wipe dry the hands and that part of the rod where greasy and dirty spots form during fishing.

15# Fishing Kit Spare Parts for Various Types of Fishing

Fishing tools – are a very important component of the equipment of the fisherman. They will come to the rescue if suddenly you need to change the hook on the wobbler, compress the weight, or remove the deeply swallowed bait from the mouth of the fish.

16# Jar for Bait

Capacity for a natural bait, you can choose any plastic jar with a tight lid or a plastic container for food. Here the requirements are minimal. They can be disposable and reusable.

17 # Scissors for Fishing is Required for Any Fisherman to Replace Gear

The main requirement for scissors is corrosion protection. Household scissors will immediately become worthless, so it makes sense to immediately buy them worthy and durable.

18# Fishing Scales

Compact electronic small scales easily fit in your pocket and will bring a lot of pleasure when weighing your trophy. Just for the pleasure of weighing your trophy and telling your friends about it.

19 # Fishing Knife Helps Cut and Clean Fish on the Shore

Purified Sea Bass

I prefer folding knives – they are extremely simple and safe to transport. The blade is easily cleaned in the handle and they take up very little space, which allows you to carry them with you in the pocket of your trousers or jacket. I hope that my personal tips on choosing the best seabass fishing equipment will help you and you won’t waste your time running around the shops and buying a lot of unnecessary things. I showed archival photos of my personal equipment, which has already been tested over time. Good luck fishing!

Sergio Smirnoff
Sergio Smirnoff
Professional fisherman with 40+ years of experience.
Fishing and the ocean is a passion of my life. I am passionate about all kinds of sea fishing: fishing from the shore (spinning, float, baitcasting), from a boat, and spearfishing day and night.

I live in Tenerife (Canary Islands) for the last 10+ years and share my daily fishing experiences on my website. Many years of personal experience as a fisherman and the vast experience of my friends allow me to write professionally on any fishing topics (from choosing a flashlight and equipment to deep-sea fishing).

All of my advice is based on practical real-world experience and will be useful to both novice anglers and professionals. Read more about the author.

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About the author: Each article is verified by the fishing expert Sergio Smirnoff. The articles are written by professional and amateur fishermen with 20+ years of fishing experience.

Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any agency. The articles are for informational purposes only, share your opinions in the comments and join the fishing discussions, let's share our fishing experiences together!

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