How To Clean Fish

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How to Clean Fish Quickly

How to Clean Fish Quickly and Easily Before Cooking

By Step Description With Photos

Before you start cooking dishes from sea bass, you should learn how to clean them. This stage must be carried out correctly so as not to spoil the taste and aroma of the dish. Gutting such a fish should, paying maximum attention to the removal of all the insides and gills.

Peeled seabass

The first thing to do is to buy the necessary devices:

cleaning tools

Fish Scaler Cleaning

Here is such a catch of sea bass

A good and convenient fish scaler for many years will facilitate the process of removing scales. It is simple and safe for the hands. I advise you to immediately buy stainless steel. The best samples, in my opinion, are selected and presented in the table:

Scissors for Fish

Scissors for cutting fish are also useful during fishing. Compact, with a cover, folding – any will do. Most importantly, they must be durable and corrosion-resistant.

Special Knife for Cutting

First step. To begin, trim with scissors two fins on the top, two on the bottom, two sides, and one spike at the bottom of the tail. They are strong, sharp, and can cut hands.

First step

The next step is to clean the fish from the scales. Scales from the sea bass are removed quite easily. Take the fish by the tail and with a large sharp knife against the scales from tail to head, clean the fish. In order not to stain everything around, you can clean the fish in a filled sink underwater. To do this, insert the dummy valve and fill the sink with water by about one third so that the fish is completely covered with liquid. This is necessary so that the kitchen is not dirty during cleaning.

First step

The third operation is the removal of dark mucus from fish skin with a knife and the final removal of the scales. The skin of the sea bass is very strong and there is no problem to clean it. Fourth. Then you need to gut the fish. To get all the insides, it is necessary to cut the carcass of the sea bass to the middle from the very beginning of the lips.

third stage

Already on the prepared fish, we make an incision on the stomach from the side of the hole through which the fish is emptied. Here you need a sharp knife since the skin on the tummy is also strong. With a thin, sharp knife, spread the fish’s belly from the head to the lower fin.

We take scissors for cutting fish and make a continuation of this incision to the lower lip. With our left hand, we hold the upper part of the fish head (see photo) and with our right hand, we use a pair of scissors to make a curved cut along the gills.

fourth stage

This action will help to remove the inside of the fish in one motion. To do this, take the fish by the gills and begin to gently pull down. The intestines leave the inside of the fish along with the gills and gall bladder.

In the process of removing the intestines, make sure that the gall bladder does not burst. From the entrails, you can leave unique fat (on which you can then fry the fish), the heart, and the liver of the fish. What remains must be thrown into a bucket for food waste.

Rinse the fish’s tummy under running water and remove all blood vessels and organs. Removing excess moisture – blot dry with a kitchen towel. We put the fish ready for cooking on a dry paper towel. 

Cooking Sea Bass Fillet

seabass for grill

To separate the fillet, you must first make an incision to the bone at the head behind the fin. Then we make two deep cuts along the back ridge from the head to the tail of the fish. Then we pierce with a sharp sirloin knife from above at the beginning of the tail. In the area of ​​the belly, draw a knife across the spine and separate the fish meat along the ridge from the belly to the tail. From the fish head with a knife, make a movement in the opposite direction to the base of the tail. We get the finished filet, from which it is necessary to get only the bones.

standard fish size

Last – you need to separate the fillet from the ribs. Open the incision from the back and carefully cut the fillet from the ribs. Repeat the same on the other side. Gorgeous sea bass filet is ready!

I suggest also watching a useful video – how to easily and easily clean fish:

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