Fly Fish Food 2023

Fly fishing is a type of fishing in which an insect or larva is imitated on the surface of the water, this is achieved by using an artificial bait “fly”. This effect is achieved by using a special floating fishing line or cord.

Fly Fish Food

Different Types of Fly Fishing Flies & Reviews of Bait

Together with the non-drowning bait, they do not allow it to sink deep under the water. All bites are not deep. In full view of the fisherman. This is the whole point of fly fishing. And the capture of the trophy will be a personal success of the angler. For the first time, fly fishing was created for catching salmon, trout, and grayling.

Fly Fishing Lures

FISHINGSIR 120PCS Fly Fishing Flies Set Assorted Dry/Wet Flies Fly Fishing Lures with Waterproof Fly BoxFISHINGSIRBuy on Amazon
BASSDASH Fly Fishing Assorted Flies Kit, Pack of 64 pcs Fly Lure Including Dry Flies, Wet Flies, Nymphs, Streamers, Terrestrials, Leeches and More, with Magnetic Fly BoxBASSDASHBuy on Amazon
36Pieces Dry Fly, Wet Fly and Nymph Fly Lure Assotment for Trout Fly Fishing FliesOutdoor PlanetBuy on Amazon
Flyafish Bass Popper Dry Fly Fishing Lure Kit Panfish Baitbouti1583Buy on Amazon
FIshing On The Fly | 32 Essential Flies for Trout Kit | Dry Flies, Nymphs, Streamers (Essential Fly Assortment | Waterproof Fly Box | 32 Flies | Dry Flies, Nymphs, Streamers)Fishing On The FlyBuy on Amazon
Piscifun Fly Fishing Flies 12pcs Kit Butterfly Like Trout Bass Floating Fishing LurePiscifunBuy on Amazon
Superbe Flies 24 Adams Dry Fly Trout Fishing Assortment | Waterproof Fly Box | Fly Size: #10 - #18Superbe FliesBuy on Amazon
Fly Fishing Flies Realistic Dry Wet Nymph Trout Flies Hand Tie Lures Kits 12/26/48 Pcs (1-Mosquito kit 12 pcs)YZDBuy on Amazon
Mouse Flies Rat Deer Hair Fly Fishing Trout Bass Mouse Pattern (3 Pack)The Fly CrateBuy on Amazon
The Fly Fishing Place Trout Fly Assortment - Four Best Grasshopper Dry Fly Fishing Flies Collection - 1 Dozen Flies - 4 Hopper Fly PatternsThe Fly Fishing PlaceBuy on Amazon
Thor Outdoor Topwater Fly Fishing Kit for Bass & Panfish | 14 pc Set + Tapered Leader and Snaps - Foam Poppers, Hoppers, Dry Flies, Spiders, Ants, & Attractors (Hook Size 10 to 12)Thor OutdoorBuy on Amazon
Outdoor Planet Double Side Waterproof Pocketed Fly Box Packed with 100 Assorted Dry Flies Fishing PackageOutdoor PlanetBuy on Amazon
The Fly Crate Tungsten Jig Woolly Bugger Streamer Assortment | Fly Fishing for Trout Bass Pike | Size 8 (6 Pack)The Fly CrateBuy on Amazon
Croch 120pcs Dry Flies Wet Flies Flies Box Set Mix Designs Fishing Lure Bass Salmon Trouts Flies Floating/Sinking Assortment with Waterproof Fly BoxCrochBuy on Amazon
ZZWIF Fly Fishing Lures Bee Flies Fishing Kit Dry Flies Kit Insect Lures Hooks High Simulation Bass Salmon Trout Floating/Sinking 12 PcsZZWIFBuy on Amazon

Now it is very successfully used for catching pike, perch, even carp, bream, and roach. The main components of fly fishing gear are a rod, reel, undergrowth cord, and of course the fly itself. You can make them fly on their own. But it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. Therefore, it is better and easier to buy ready-made fly fishing flies.

Different Types of Fly Fishing Flies

In a pair of boxes, lures can be all kinds of insects and their larvae, fish, worms, crayfish. And they are of different sizes, colors, and weights. This is quite important because it is necessary not just to make a similar imitation of a food object, but also to correctly feed the lure to the fish. The fisherman can show all these bites to the fish in different ways using the same tackle.

This is a very important feature of fly fishing. The angler can always be ready for fishing wherever he is. And at the same time, he has many options for what bait to deceive the fish. In this article, I want to tell you about 15 sets of lures. Keep reading if you are interested in successful fishing.

Waterproof Fly Fishing Flies Kit

1# FISHINGSIR Fishing Assorted Waterproof Fly Fishing Flies Kit

FISHINGSIR Waterproof Fly Fishing Flies Kit

View on Amazon

A great set of lures for beginners and professional anglers. You will get 120 pieces of various flies. They are different sizes, colors, with and without feathers. These fly fishing lures will help you catch any fish. Wherever you are fishing, you will have bait for any fish.

They are in a practical suitcase. It is convenient to take with you.  You will get 45pcs Dry Flies, 45pcs Wet Flies, 10pcs Streamer,15pcs Nymph and 5pcs Emerger. You can use flies in salt and freshwater. You will be surprised what result can bring fishing with high-quality flies!

  • A large number of baits (120 pieces)

  • Portable

  • Can be used not only for fly fishing

  • The fly fishing baits look bigger in the photo than they actually are

Terrestrials Fly Fishing Flies Kit

2# Bassdash Assorted Including Streamers Terrestrials Fly Fishing Flies Kit

Bassdash Fly Fishing Flies Kit

View on Amazon

Flies from this set are able to lure different fish. It doesn’t matter if it’s perch, trout, panfish, or something else. 64 different flies perfectly cope with this task. You will get 16 different kinds of baits with 4 pcs each type. They are placed in a compact suitcase. You can take it with you. Convenient to store flies. You won’t lose any of them. Lures look realistic. Fish will not understand deception. This set is worth the money. This is evidenced by positive customer reviews.

  • Variety of lures

  • Compact suitcase. No more than a palm

  • Dry flies can fall apart after a couple of uses

Nymph Fly Lure

3# Outdoor Planet Nymph Assortment Trout Fishing

Outdoor Planet Assortment Trout Fishing

View on Amazon

Want to catch trout easily? This is possible with the flies from this set. It is especially suitable for those who are just starting their way of fishing. It includes 36 fly fishing lures in total and 12 patterns, each pattern 3 pieces. You will have dry, wet flies and nymphs. The baits are of good quality and have sharp hooks. Bright color. This attracts fish. The fly fishing baits themselves are in the suitcase, you can take them with you. Although buyers note that it is small enough. The key to good fishing is not only high-quality gear but also bait.

  • Compact

  • Bright colors of fly fishing flies

  • 3 types of bait

  • The suitcase is small

Wet Fly Lure

4# FlyaFish Bass Popper Fishing Panfish Dry Fly Fishing Lure Kit

FlyaFish Fly Fishing Lure Kit

View on Amazon

This set is small but effective. With these baits, your fishing will be productive. They especially work well with the panfish. Only 10 dry fly fishing flies. They have a colorful design. They are all different colors. This is something that will definitely attract the attention of the fish. They have feathers. Strong hooks speak about the high quality of flies. A simple set for successful fishing.

  • Not large

  • Bright fly fishing lures

  • Reliable hooks

  • Come without a suitcase

Dry Fly Fishing Lure Kit

5# Fishing Fly Essential Waterproof Assortment Fishing Trout Flies

Fishing On The Fly Flies

View on Amazon

A set that is suitable for any occasion. Flies are excellent at catching various fish and for catching at different times of the year. You will get fly fishing flies the size of which is from 10 to 16. This means that you can hunt for trout or perch or other fish in any reservoirs. You will have dry and wet fish, nymphs. Therefore, you can fish both in summer and in winter. With this suitcase full of fly fishing lures, you will be ready for any situation. The flies are all different sizes and shapes. But they all look realistic. No fish has ever seen the trap. If you are tired of unsuccessful attempts to catch a large fish, then this set of flies is what you need.

  • Large suitcase

  • The set includes wet, dry fish and nymphs

  • Not strong enough

Bass Popper Fishing

6# Piscifun 12pcs Fishing Butterfly Floating Fly Fishing Flies Kit

Piscifun Fly Fishing Flies Kit

View on Amazon

Using these fly fishing bait, you will definitely return home with fresh fish. 12 bright flies will not leave you without a catch. All the lures have different colors. The colors are bright. They will definitely be able to lure fish. The hooks are of good quality, durable, and allow you to fish in various conditions. You will be surprised when you see these fly fishing lures. They look like real flies. I definitely recommend that you add this set to your tackle.

  • Interesting design. They look like butterflies

  • High-quality hooks

  • It is not convenient to take the entire set of flies because of the lack of boxes

Fishing Butterfly Floating

7# Superbe Flies Fishing Assortment Waterproof 24 Adams

Superbe Flies Fishing Assortment Waterproof

View on Amazon

Any beginner or professional fisherman should have a set of fly fishing lures from Adams. This set isn’t big, but it’s not too small either. Convenient to take with you. This is especially available with a transparent box that goes along with the flies. A total set of 24 flies. They all have various sizes of hooks. You will find hooks in sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. This is suitable for hunting different fish. What else is nice is the affordable price. Looking for a set with an average number of flies? Then pay attention to this one!

  • The average number of flies

  • Portable

  • Different sizes of hooks

  • The bait is not particularly bright

Top Fly Fishing Flies Kit

8# YZD Fishing Flies Realistic 1 Mosquito

YZD Fishing Flies Realistic Mosquito

View on Amazon

You need to try to understand that these flies are not real. They completely imitate real insects. The fish will definitely lead to this trap. And you will get a delicious fresh dinner. You will get 12 assistants in catching prey. All lures have an intense color. This gives an additional advantage. The fish will not have a chance. This set of flies will be a great addition to your collection.

  • It is difficult to distinguish from real bait

  • Bright color

  • I didn’t find them

Fishing Flies Realistic Mosquito

9# Mouse Flies Fly Fishing Pattern Rat Deer Hair

The Fly Crate Mouse Flies Fly Fishing

View on Amazon

Have you been trying to catch trout or perch for a long time, but still it does not work? I am sure it’s all because of the non-effective baits. In order to catch a large fish, you need a good lure. You can breathe out; you’ve already found it. These flies look like mice. And they look realistic. No fish will be able to swim by. The set includes 3 mice. The fish will not have time to understand how you will be on the hook. As practice shows, these baits work so well that fishermen order more mouse flies.

  • Attractive design

  • Suitable for big fish

  • Dry lures

  • They are absent

Flies Fly Fishing Pattern

10# Trout Fly Assortment Grasshopper Collection

Trout Fly Assortment Grasshopper Collection

View on Amazon

Trout, salmon, perch, pinfish will not be able to resist these fly fishing lures. Their realistic appearance will not leave the fish a chance. If you choose this setting, you will have 12 flies. They all have strong hooks that are made of high-carbon steel. Size of hooks 10. These dry flies will provide you with delicious fish for dinner.

  • The optimal size of the hooks

  • Great for big fish

  • The material is synthetic. But it doesn’t really matter

11# Thor Outdoor Topwater Assortment Attractors Fly Fishing Kit

Thor Outdoor Topwater Fly Fishing Kit

View on Amazon

It is a fascinating sight when a fish bites on the lure. And you will have a sense of satisfaction when you hold the caught fish in your hands. The set includes 14 various fly fishing flies. Different fish will appreciate each of them. All fly fishing lures look different, but they are all bright and attractive. A delicious dinner will be provided for you!

  • Variety of lures

  • Suitable for fishing in different places

  • One size of hooks for all flies

12# Waterproof Pocketed Assorted Fishing Package Outdoor Planet Waterproof Fly Box

Outdoor Planet Waterproof Fly Box

View on Amazon

The number of bright fly fishing bait immediately catches the eye. For an affordable price, you will get 100 different flies. You can catch both large fish and small ones. You will get 20 different fly designs. This allows you to fish in various conditions. They are easy to take with you. They are placed in a convenient box that does not take up much space in your bag. The flies themselves are not large, almost each about 15 mm.

  • Waterproof

  • Small and spacious box

  • Many people think that the set is perfect for seabass. But this is unlikely

Reviews of Suitable Bait

13# Fly Crate Tungsten Streamer Assortment Bead Barbless Jig Woolly Bugger Streamer

The Fly Crate Tungsten Streamer

View on Amazon

If you are looking for a gift for your friend who is an angler, then this is it. This set will definitely appeal to any fan of fishing. The set includes 6 fly packs. They are strong and heavy thanks to tungsten beads. Heavyweight drives the nymphs quickly to the bottom. This is especially good when the current is fast. With these fly fishing flies, you can hunt any kind of fish. This is what you need for good fishing!

  • Perfect for fast flow

  • Durable fish flying lures

  • Not many flies in the set

14# Croch Designs Floating Assortment Waterproof Fly Fishing

Croch Fly Fishing Wet Flies Kit

View on Amazon

A set of flies that is suitable for any occasion. You can buy a set of 60 pieces or 120. If you choose a set of 120 pieces, you will get lures in 21 various styles. This allows you to catch different fish and under many conditions. They also have 6 different hooks. This gives you the opportunity to hunt both large and small fish. All fly fishing bait has a bright design. The fish will definitely pay attention to them. And you will go home with the catch. Keep flies in a convenient and practical box.

  • Large selection of flies

  • Waterproof box

  • They look bigger in the picture

15# ZZWIF Fishing Simulation Floating Sinking Fly Fishing Lures Bee Flies Fishing Kit

ZZWIF Fly Fishing Lures Kit

View on Amazon

These fly fishing lures mimic bees. They look like real insects. Even a person will not immediately determine that this is a fake. These flies increase your chances of catching perch, trout, and other large or small fish. The bait is made of metal and artificial feathers. In the set, you will get 12 pieces. You will be happy with how these fly fishing flies work!

  • It is difficult to distinguish from the real ones

  • Quality material

  • Too small. You can drop it from your hands

Fishing Simulation Floating Sinking Fly Fishing Lures


Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you still want to go home with a good catch. To make it happen, you need good bait. High-quality flies perfectly cope with this task. I have told you about 15 fly fishing lures that will bring you results. If you still don’t know which set to choose, read the article again. This will help you make the final choice.


What Is the Difference Between a Dry Fly and a Wet Fly?

When fishing for a dry fly (i.e., located on the surface of the water), most bites you should expect soon after the fall of it on the water. Bites will be more if the nature of water fluctuations from the lure will resemble the fall of a natural insect. And the dry fly does not necessarily have to be all like a natural, but it is important that the underwater part of it resembled a real insect. But if you catch on a wet fly (i.e. sunken, located in the middle layers of water) it is quite another matter. Here the artificial fly is visible to the fish almost without any distortion. But even in this case, it is hardly necessary to care about the exact coincidence of individual details. It is important that the general appearance of the artificial bait corresponds to the natural insect.

What Is The Best Dry Fly For Trout?

Trout are often attracted to bright elements:

  • Points;
  • Stripes;
  • Feathers and beads.

They create the appearance of a very tasty treat, and the fish reacts quickly. When choosing the appearance of the bait, pay attention or find out in advance what insects are found in the reservoir. And think about whether they are close to the general picture of the inhabitants of the reservoir. It’s easier for trout to take a fly if they know it. If all looks like fodder on water, you will not wait for a bite.

Do Dry Flies Float?

Not all dry flies initially have excellent flotation. It needs to be treated with fat so that it can be on the surface. Different grades of lubricants are available for sale. They are applied primarily to the “brushes” and ” wings». But it is necessary to be careful when processing the bait. Grease for lubrication contains silicone, which interacts with the material of the cords. It spoils them quickly.

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