Tenerife Fishing Spots 2023

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Map Of Underwater Hunting Spots

The most important and useful thing to know! Even the best place does not guarantee catching fish. These suggested spots are time-tested!

Map of Fishing Spots in Tenerife with Photos and Video

Where to Fish in Tenerife? Choosing where to fish is the most important part of success in catching fish. First, you have to buy a fishing license (permit), then study the map of places where fishing is allowed. And after that, you need to analyze and study the places that you like. In this article, I will tell you about the known hunting points among local fishermen and show their pros and cons. I hope that my experience will help you.

1# Playa Las Salinas El Parsiso

Playa Las Salinas El Parsiso

Located in the southern part of the island of Tenerife near the tourist area of Las Americas (15 minutes by car).

Playa Las Salinas

  • A beautiful place where you can fish with a rod and snorkel gun

  • Quiet enough cove to hunt with a crossbow. Good visibility in the water
  • Few windy days in this region
  • The bottom topography is rocky where different species of fish feed: el bicuda, la vieja, sargo, and needlefish.
  • No tourists on the pebble beach
  • Convenient and comfortable changing of equipment
  • You can fish all day long, regardless of the tide (depth of three meters and above)

  • Difficult to find a place to park the car

  • At high tide, a lot of trash is washed ashore
  • A popular place for local fishermen, your favorite fishing spots can be occupied

2# Playa Rosalía San Juan

Playa Rosalía San Juan

One of the most successful places for fishing. The administration allows fishing even in the port from 05-00 to 23-00. The fish are constantly feeding near the shore. On the shore, among the rocks, you can catch small crabs for bait. This is an excellent bait for fish such as la vieja, which can weigh up to 2 kg.

Playa Rosalía

San Juan Tenerife

  • Plenty of available spots on the rocks to accommodate the fisherman

  • Fishing for float, wobbler, jig, bottom fishing
  • Small comfortable area
  • A convenient parking lot is located near the fishing area
  • Large predatory fish come to the shore at night: pejerey, bicuda, seabass, madrigal, hurel

  • Hunting with a rifle underwater is forbidden

  • High waves are common at low tide
  • Many local fishermen
  • Requires a long rod

3# Playa Los Callados Los Cristianos

Playa Los Callados Los Cristianos

Fishing video of one of the places in Los Cristianos.

The famous seabass fishing spot. Opposite it, in the ocean, there are cages where lubina is industrially bred. The fish peck well during the feeding hours in the cages (early morning). Also, some of the fries end up in the ocean and become wild fish. I often snorkel in these places with a snorkel, mask, and flippers. The beautiful underwater scenery (huge rocks, caves, algae, and pits) and the abundance of fish are amazing. Visibility underwater can be up to 30 meters.

Los Cristianos Tenerife

  • Comfortable parking for the car

  • Convenient location from the parking lot to fishing (about 500 meters)
  • Shallow depths nearshore
  • No need to cast fishing tackle far away
  • One of the best places for hobby fishing

  • When a good season starts, a lot of local fishermen gather. They tell each other about the appearance of fish on their cell phones

  • You have to be able to fish for bombarda and small silicon baits at depths of up to one meter

Shore Fishing Los Cristianos Playa

4# Playa de Ajabo Callao Salvaje

Playa de Ajabo Callao Salvaje

A unique place. Near a wide breakwater mall, which separates the landscaped beach. Lots of shade from trees and fixed umbrellas, showers with fresh water, benches for relaxing, and a small bar.

Callao Salvaje

  • Full comfort for putting on a wetsuit

  • Comfortable parking and proximity to the site (300 meters)
  • Good depth of 1 to 5 meters
  • Closed bay from big waves and winds
  • Stony bottom

  • A narrow place for underwater hunting

5# Playa Los Perros Las Maretas

Playa Los Perros Las Maretas

The closest town to this beach is Los Abrigos (2 km). The car must be left along the road by the side of the greenhouses. Then you have to walk 800 meters along the trail to the ocean. Fishermen leave their equipment on the basalt spit.

  • Depths from 2 to 7 meters

  • Catch the trophy fish close to the shore at night
  • The relief of the bottom is mountainous
  • All kinds of fishing: float tackle, on the wobbler, and spearfishing

  • Very often strong winds in this region and dust storms

  • Large waves, which are sometimes dangerous for the fisherman
  • Nearby sandy beach for bathing dogs

6# El Balito

El Balito Tenerife

This region is near the town of Callao Salvaje. It is a former small fishing port, there are many abandoned buildings, and the canopy, the platform, and the stairs (the descent to the ocean) remain. The road is pretty bad. The distance from the highway is about 1 km. By car no problem to get there.



  • A picturesque place with comfortable fishing spots

  • A great place for diving, snorkeling, and underwater hunting
  • Large depths of up to 10 meters
  • Depending on the direction of the wind and waves you can fish on the left and right of the pier
  • Great variety of fish

  • Difficult approaching

  • Lots of fishermen
  • High and dangerous waves

7# Playa del Medio Port Granadilla Abona

Playa del Medio Port Granadilla Abona

The region is near a huge industrial seaport. The port is not fully operational. It is clean and the beach is pebbly. You can catch trophy sea bass and madrigal with a fishing rod and underwater gun. Good enough access by car.

  • Protected from the sea waves

  • Huge open bay
  • Lots of fish

  • Standard seascapes and port under construction

  • Nearby parking lots for tourist caravans

8# Caleta del Sordo El Tajao

Caleta del Sordo El Tajao

A place for experienced fishermen. Difficult access to the parking lot. Open terrain. No protection from wind and sun.

  • Large depths of up to 10 meters

  • Variety of fish species
  • All major types of fish are available

  • Lots of local fishermen. Can’t find a place to fish in the evening. Only early in the morning from 5 am

  • Very windy place
  • Unquiet ocean

9# La Cascada El Marazul

La Cascada El Marazul

To get to the hunting area, you have to walk through the entire area of the Hotel Marazul. There is a guard on duty at the entrance. All kinds of hunting and fishing are possible. This place is often visited by divers.

El Marazul

  • A large distance from the settlements and few visitors

  • Comfortable and comfortable area (flat concrete surface) for the fisherman
  • Opportunity to catch fish of large size
  • There are showers and freshwater

  • Such fishing will take at least more than three hours. It is advisable to plan time from morning to afternoon

  • Large sea tides
  • Possible dangerous waves
  • Long walk to the place about two kilometers

10# Punto de Buceo Muelle de El Poris

Punto de Buceo Muelle de El Poris Tenerife

Good location. Far from the tourist area (30 kilometers). Catch fish can be from the pier. Near city infrastructure. Friendly communication among fishermen. A good place to learn and beginner fishermen. Visual inspection and testing of fishing gear.

Muelle de El Poris Tenerife

  • Depths near the shore from 5 meters to 20 meters

  • Small fish for soup
  • The favorite spot for city fishermen and tourists

  • Scuba divers dive all the time

  • Only float fishing rod
  • Transparent water. Fish are skittish here. Must fish either in the evening or early in the morning

11# Pier Alcala Tenerife

Pier Alcala Tenerife

This is the old pier and lighthouse. You can fish both to the left and right of the pier. Large boats were moored here, so the depths are from 10 meters. Fishy place. There is a stone bench. It is convenient to sit and place your things. There is even a garbage bag.

Pier Alcala

  • Local fishermen feed the fish every day and they are here all the time

  • Convenient access and parking (two hundred meters from the car)
  • No wind and big waves

  • Only three fishermen will be able to accommodate at a time

12# Punta de Abades Tenerife

Punta de Abades Tenerife

This area is famous for fishing. Many large specimens were caught in Abades. Sufficiently normal car park next to caravan parking. You have to walk for 20 minutes.

Abades Tenerife

  • The fishing place to catch especially predatory fish

  • Lots of local fishermen. The fisherman needs to take a seat in advance

  • Very windy area
  • The ocean is constantly storming

13# Palm Mar

Fishing Spot from a Cliff in Palm Mar Tenerife

A secluded location from major cities. Good access. A large number of rocky places for fishing. Evening fishing is possible in the area of the beach. At a distance of 100 meters from the shore are often huge fish Peta (up to 40 kg)

fish catalufa palm mar tenerife

Video of how to approach a fishing spot on the rocks.

Video of how to cast bait on the rocks.

  • The large variety of fish and catchability

  • Beautiful scenery, sunsets, and sunrises
  • There are places with a dive depth of up to 10 meters

  • Dangerous places during high tides and big waves

  • The high number of local fishermen for float fishing, especially on weekends
  • Frequent winds

Fishing Traditions and Places Tenerife

This article will be continued shortly …

Useful Links for Tenerife Fishermen

Asociación Canaria de Pescadores Submarinos Responsables – The page was created for the union of underwater fishermen of the Canary Islands to be able to demand fair and equal legislation with the rest of the fishermen.

RedPROMAR is a tool of the Canary Islands government to monitor and supervise marine life in the archipelago. It is an information system that records the continuous changes taking place in our oceans, using the concept of “Citizen Science”.

Aemet – the forecast page displays all available information in different ways: graphically on a map you can select the different weather variables of interest; a table shows the current warnings for adverse weather conditions; the forecast is displayed in text mode, and supplemented by a table of minimum and maximum temperatures of the most important municipalities for 2 days. If there is a special warning or information note, these can also be accessed.

Normap is an application of the Canary Islands Government on fishing and environmental regulations applicable to the Canary Islands marine environment.

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Louis Taylor
Louis Taylor
7 months ago

I live in Tenerife and fish only from the shore with a rod. Trying to cast at your suggested spots. In Callao Salvaje is great. Caught a lot of salemas, palanetas, one cuttlefish, and two sargos in the evening. Also enjoyed fishing for small soft wobblers in Los Cristianos late at night. Kudos to you.

Bruce Lewis
Bruce Lewis
7 months ago

It’s a little hard to find places from the photos of the map. There is no way to copy the names of places. For the future, please take note. But I like it. Keep up this article. The more areas you list, the more likely you are to get a catch. Especially I see the analysis of such areas is serious. I fish a lot myself and I see you show who few fishermen share. Good for you!

7 months ago

A few days ago at night at high tide, I fished for catalufa fish in the village of Palm Mar. The bait was soft silicone plus a bombard. Caught 10 red fish. If you have time, add this region to your list of places as well.

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Village of Pal Mar Tenerife