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We have already considered many good brands that make high-quality products. This applied to lures, reels, fishing rods, and other fishing equipment. But when it comes to bow fishing, here is a list of companies that make quality poor.

Fortunately, I found one great manufacturer who makes bows and crossbows for 10/10. Today we’ll talk about Cajun Bowfishing, a company that has been manufacturing bowfishing products for several years.

The brand is on top and its products will serve you for many years. Besides, the manufacturer does not ask you for sky-high money for its products. Well, let’s move on from words to deeds, and let’s look at the 8 best bow-fishing bows that are available right now!

What Is Bowfishing?

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Before we begin, I will explain to novice fishermen what bow-fishing is. Bowfishing is a method of fishing, in which special equipment is installed on the bow to shoot and directly fish. The arrows are equipped with harpoon tips, which prevent the fish from breaking loose.

Various fish and animals act as objects for fishing, it depends on the terrain. This method of fishing is considered very ancient. For example, the Indians in the Amazon basin hunted fish with bows in ancient times, some tribes continue to do this until now.

Bowfishing is a completely visually controlled process, so the purity and transparency of the water are very important here. When shot in the water, the arrow may not fly where you were aiming, because there is refraction in the water.

More experienced fish hunters travel far to the north of our country, where transparent rivers flow and “premium” fish, such as trout, are found. Another condition for bow-fishing is the size of the hunting object. It is clear that if you shoot from a bow into a flock of fry, the result will be close to zero. Therefore, for bow fishing, you need a reservoir where large fish are found.

Top List 8 Picks Best Bowfishing Bows – Editor’s Choice

I also add that Bowfishing is a much more exciting sport than regular fishing. You move much more, train your accuracy, feel like a real archer. If you still doubt whether to try this type of fishing, the answer is worth it. 

Cajun Bowfishing Shore Runner Kit Compound Bowfishing Bow Ready to Fish Kit with Arrow Rest, Bowfishing Reel, Reel Seat, Blister Buster Finger Pads, Fiberglass Arrow, Red/BlackCajun BowfishingBuy on Amazon
Cajun Fish Stick Take-Down Bowfishing Bow Set Includes Drum Reel with Line, Roller Rest, Arrow with Piranha Point, and Blister Buster Finger PadsCajun BowfishingBuy on Amazon
Cajun Sucker Punch Bowfishing Bow Only Features Adjustable Draw Length, 50 lb. Peak Draw WeightCajun BowfishingBuy on Amazon
Cajun Bowfishing Fish Stick Pro Take-Down Bowfishing Bow with Spin Doctor Reel and Brush Fire Rest, RedCajun BowfishingBuy on Amazon
AMS Bowfishing Water Moc Recurve Bowfishing Kit - Right Hand - 45# Draw WeightAMS BowfishingBuy on Amazon
PSE ARCHERY D3 Bowfishing Compound Bow-Kit-Set-Arrow - Green - 30-40PSE ARCHERYBuy on Amazon
Muzzy Bowfishing Vice Bowfishing Kit with Compound Bow, Pre-Spooled Reel, Arrow Rest and Arrow – Right Hand, Green, One Size, 7905MuzzyBuy on Amazon
SereneLife Compound Bow, Adjustable Draw Weight 30-70 lbs with Max Speed 320 fps - Right Handed (SLCOMB10),BlackSereneLifeBuy on Amazon

1# Cajun Bowfishing Shore Runner Kit – Best Bowfishing Kit Overall

Cajun Bowfishing Shore Runner Kit

View on Amazon

If you are looking for an item to start your journey in bowfishing, then this kit is perfect for you. The kit includes a high-quality bow, spinning reel, and 1 fiberglass arrow for piranha. Over the past few years, Cajun has constantly come up with unusual designs for their bows. This model is a prime example. The comfortable carbon handle is very soft to the touch and provides a firm grip. Bright fantastic bow. But its characteristics are just as impressive. With a small length and weight, it has a classic base (distance from the stop point to the bowstring) of 7 inches. The stretch length is suitable for any adult archer.

Cajun Bowfishing Bow Ready to Fish Kit

It is easily suitable for both sports and fishing because of its compactness. And it is still very soft, with a characteristic click, which is so appreciated by lovers of this brand. And keep in mind that Cajun offers a warranty! Classics will never go out of style. And this old man is in no way inferior to modern innovations. And in terms of accuracy, it surpasses many models.

  • A complete set, you do not need to buy an additional reel or arrow

  • The soft and sturdy grip of the bow handle

  • Fast binary blocks

  • High arrow flight speed

  • High accuracy

  • Too heavy and uncomfortable for children

  • Only 1 arrow included

2# Cajun Fish Stick Take-Down Bow – Best Budget Bow

Cajun Fish Stick Take-Down Bow

View on Amazon

Great for hunting medium fish. The bow comes with all accessories, including an arrow and a reel with a fishing line, which show excellent results. In addition to hunting small fish, it is used for sports competitions. High-quality and reliable classic weapons. It has a soft stretch. The device itself is flexible and durable. Soft material promotes accurate shooting and eliminates vibrations that slow the speed of arrows and reduce accuracy. The bow itself does not require special care, as it is made of durable aluminum. Its mission: shooting sports and bow fishing. 

Cajun Bowfishing Bow Set

Its owner will be able to enjoy prolonged shooting and will not feel tired. A small weight will be good entertainment for the whole family. It will be able to exercise women and children.

  • Very inexpensive professional bow

  • Reel and arrow included

  • Suitable for women and children

  • Lightweight

  • Has a large size

  • Weak bowstring tension adjustment

3# Cajun Sucker Punch Bowfishing Bow – Best Versatile Bow

Cajun Sucker Punch Bowfishing Bow

View on Amazon

The manufacturer claims that this design is designed for bowfishing. Although you can use it in sports. This is a bow with two equal blocks. Thanks to them, the arrow’s flight speed is maintained, despite the reduced shoulders.

Cajun Sucker Bowfishing Bow Only

Multifunctional weapon of wide profile. It is suitable for both a teenager and an adult man. Due to its wide range of functions, it is universal. Both a beginner and a professional will cope with it. It is in the average price range.

Cajun Sucker Bowfishing Bow

Available as a kit for left and right hand. Ideal for shooting training. Most customers are satisfied with the product. They note that it is convenient to use because a trained person to get into fish 15 cm in size from a distance of 50 meters will not be a problem.

  • Pretty accurate

  • Available for left and right hand

  • Suitable for teens and adults

  • Excellent tension adjustment

  • Durable tension blocks

  • At a tension of 40 lbs. starts to fluctuate

  • The price for lefties is more than for righties

4# Cajun Bowfishing Fish Stick Pro – Best Accurate Bow 

Cajun Bowfishing Fish Stick Pro

View on Amazon

In this model, the lightest handle is installed. It is possible to adjust the shoulders. This bow is very popular. It is designed for any initial training, shooting sports, or hunting small fish.

Cajun Bowfishing Fish Bow

Due to its simplicity, the device can be used by children and women. Some fans of ancient weapons buy this model for fun and practice shooting accuracy. All elements are in a box where they are protected from environmental influences. The product comes with a set of all fishing accessories. The price of the Cajun Fish Stick Pro is not very large and averages $200, which makes it possible to purchase it even for people with a limited budget.

Cajun Bowfishing Bow with Spin Doctor Reel

Buyers say that this is one of the best models when comparing other items with similar characteristics.

  • Compact and accurate

  • High strength bowstring

  • It is possible to adjust the tension

  • Suitable not only for bowfishing but also for sports and hunting

  • No left-handed models

For a complete overview of these products, we present you with similar models from other well-known and competitive manufacturers. The choice will be yours. All presented devices are of high quality.

5# AMS Bowfishing Water Moc Bow

AMS Bowfishing Water Moc Bow

View on Amazon

Great classic bow with a good set of accessories. Made of natural materials. The handle is made of high-quality material and coated with multilayer curved elements. Thanks to these elements, the bow becomes strong and wear-resistant. It can be folded into three parts, which will facilitate transportation. The broad shoulders are reinforced with fiberglass, which ensures high boom flight speed. A great choice for beginner shooters. Suitable for shooting in various ponds and for amateur training. Both beginners and amateur anglers can use this weapon. Not classified as professional. The kit includes arrows, a reel with a line, finger protection, a sight, and the bow itself.

  • Reinforced shoulders

  • Nice set of accessories

  • Portable

  • The arrowhead is a little dull

6# PSE Archery D3 Bowfishing Compound Bow

PSE Archery D3 Bowfishing Compound Bow

View on Amazon

PSE Archery, the company that turned the market for block bows when it created its binary blocks. And until now, many world championships do not pass without this company. D3 ⎼ one of the most popular bows at the moment. This company has specialized bows for sport and fishing. But this is a strong workhorse that will show excellent results both in the fields of competitions and on different rivers of Canada. This model uses an interesting technology to relieve tension. Not just a stairway, but 3 points are made.

PSE ARCHERY D3 Bowfishing Fish Stick Arrow- Reel

Comfort ⎼ The bow stretches softly and easily, but the reach of the arrow is slightly reduced. Perfect for practicing the shooting technique or for beginner shooters. Also ideal for indoor shooting at short distances when there is no influence of weather factors.

PSE ARCHERY D3 Bowfishing Bow Cajun Package USA

Classic ⎼ average position, suitable for ordinary shooting, during training, tracking small fish, or waiting for it in an ambush when accurate aiming is necessary.

PSE ARCHERY D3 Bowfishing Right & Left Hand

Aggressive ⎼ maximum speed. Ideal for shooting at long distances and hunting for a large predator. Here the bow shows itself in all its glory.

  • Excellent three-step tension adjustment

  • Durable blocks

  • Rugged body and shoulders

  • The bowstring is not of the highest quality

7# Muzzy Vice Bowfishing Bow

Muzzy Vice Bowfishing Bow

View on Amazon

If speed plays a big role for you (you like to hunt small fish or birds in flight), then Muzzy will cause you to scream with delight. On the other hand, if you do not like aggressive compound bows without a slot, then you will probably want to forget it as soon as the bow falls into your hands. Muzzy is a deadly accurate device, it has one of the most convenient handles, and the reset value is 70%. The most avid shooters will love it at first sight, and for beginners, it will seem too “severe”.

Muzzy Vice Bowfishing Adjustable Draw

It shoots at a speed of more than 100 meters per second, the width from the stop to the bowstring is only 15 cm. To release the arrow you will need from 200 to 300 Newtons, but you will get a beautiful and fast shot, which has no equal.

  • Very fast

  • Pretty lightweight

  • Excellent soft-touch grip

  • Hard for beginners

8# Serenelife Compound Bowfishing Bow

Serenelife Compound Bowfishing Bow

View on Amazon

Serenelife has one very good feature – any, even the most inexpensive bow from this company boasts exceptional quality. This model is different from others, it is a killer with steel eyes, not intended for shooting at ordinary targets. The stated speed of the shot is 100 meters per second, although due to the soft stretch, such speed is sometimes difficult to achieve.

SereneLife Bow Adjustable Draw

This minus is compensated by extremely quiet operation, which is very important when hunting for fish. This bow from Serenelife is more advanced, it allows you to kill fish even on the go.

  • Quiet but deadly

  • Very accurate even in motion

  • High-speed arrows

  • Low tension

How Do You Use A Bowfishing Bottle Reel?

Different types of reels are used in bowfishing, but bottle reel is the most used type of reel, so we will talk about it. Also, in other types of reels, the mounting method is not particularly different from that described in my manual.

You need to start with the connection between the reel and the bottle itself. You need to make sure that the line goes through the head of the reel. Press the button on the back of the reel to raise the wheel, otherwise, you will not be able to skip the line. You should see the full path through the reel. Then just pass the line through the reel, so that it comes out in front. Then spin the bottle in the back of the reel. The second step is to fix the bracket on the bow. Before attaching, make sure that the end of the bracket is facing outward and not toward the bow. Fasten the bracket using the mounting holes and screws. Almost all braces are suitable for any type of bow, so you will not be mistaken with the choice.

After you have fixed the bracket, you can pass the grill rod through the receiver and fix it. Do not screw in too tight so that you can later adjust the reel. Leave the receiver’s top bolt loosened and guide the reel so that it sits as comfortable as possible for you. Only then tighten the bolt tightly. Once you have finished adjusting left and right, adjust the vertical adjustment. Also, see what was personally convenient for you. In the end, take the bow into the working hand and cock it in the firing position. Make sure that the reel does not flinch during sudden movements, does not interfere with your shooting, and does not obstruct the view. If there is one of these, loosen the bolts and reconfigure the reel.

bow reel

Features To Consider When Choosing A Bow For Bowfishing

Your fishing equipment must be of high quality. Bowfishing bows are not the cheapest thing, so let’s look at the qualities that determine which bow you need for bowfishing.

Eye Dominance

Among people, there are righties and lefties. The same thing is with the eyes. Man always has a dominant eye. Your brain considers one of your eyes to be more “true” and therefore reflects a picture in your head that is slightly shifted to the crown of one eye. Usually, the dominant eye matches the hand you are writing, but it is best to check this and make sure. This is done very easily:

Stretch your arms forward and join your thumb and forefinger into a rectangle. Now point this rectangle over some object, placing it approximately in the center of the crossed fingers. Close one eye first and then the other. Noticed that one eye leaves an object in the center of the rectangle, and the other moves it? The eye that leaves the subject in the center is your dominant eye. If your dominant eye is the right, then you need to choose a bow for the right hand. If on the contrary, take a bow for lefties.

Draw Length 

For your comfort in shooting, determine your draw length. This can be done at any archery store, but you can also do it yourself as follows: Pull-in and stretch out your arms in different directions. Then ask someone to measure the length from the end of one middle finger to another. Divide the resulting length by 2.5. This will be the length of your draw, with which it will be convenient for you to pull the bowstring and shoot.

Block Distance

The distance between the blocks (axles, wheels) is no less important. Do not take bows with very large distances between the axles, because it will be difficult for you to move and turn around on boats. The exception is the case when you are fishing from the open shore, on which there is a lot of space and you can take large bows. But it will not be very useful anyway. because such bows are very powerful.

Draw Weight

Here the situation is more difficult than with the draw. Because there is no way to perfectly measure your draw weight. Start with low-pound bows. This will be a great start, because the more you shoot from them, the faster you can switch to more powerful bows. Now there are a lot of bows with different lengths and weights. For example, in our selection above. Therefore, finding a suitable option for yourself will not be a problem.

FAQ About Bowfishing Bows

If you have any questions, then in this section we will answer the most popular of them. If you did not find your question here – write in the comments, our experts will immediately answer you!

How long has bow-fishing been around?
A long time ago. Native Americans began to engage in bow fishing around the 15-17th century. They used pointed spears and torches with various oils to hunt both animals and fish. If we talk about fishing with a bow, then the story began even earlier. For the first time, ancient tribes such as Mayans, Aztecs, and others began to fish using bows.
How does a bowfishing reel work?
An arrow from a bow can fly out at a speed of more than 100 meters per second. Not a single reel for rods has such a high speed of unwinding the line. In addition, a spooled reel will slow down the arrows and reduce their speed and your chances of piercing the fish. Therefore, for bow-fishing, there are certain types of reels that have different devices. The fishing lines in such reels are folded into a bottle, from where it is quickly unwound and does not slow down the arrows. The device of such a reel is very simple – a bottle with a line and a line winding lever. Thanks to this, you can reel the line into the bottle many times and start the arrow again without spending a lot of time on it.

How to Set Up a Drum or Spincast Reel on a Bowfishing Bow? 

We not only described the process of installing a bottle reel on a bow but also prepared very useful videos for you on how to install other types of reels on a bow, including a drum and a spin-cast:


In this article, we examined all the features of bow phishing bows. We described their features, characteristics, and showed advantages and disadvantages. Although the bow was popular for a long time and removed from service, interest in this weapon revived 50 years ago. We tried to present you as objectively as possible the rating of not just new products or narrowly specialized bows, but those models that have gained popularity for their accuracy, reliability, mass character, and achievements.

We want to pay special attention to bows from Cajun. These are models that are the most reliable and accurate. That is why they prevail in our review. If we talk about the best bow for phishing bow, then we would choose the Cajun Bowfishing Shore Runner Kit. This set has everything you need to start in bow-phishing. The entire kit is assembled and ready to go. Besides, the bow is characterized by excellent power, convenience, and comfort. We hope our article was useful to you. If so, then share it on social networks using the links above.

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