Piscifun Phantom Review 2023

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Piscifun Phantom Carbon Reel 7.0:1

If you are looking for a lightweight and smooth baitcasting fishing reel then you need the Piscifun Phantom! This is for the avid fisherman and has many useful features. The accessory is made in a carbon case and has 7 sealed bearings (6 + 1) and a gear ratio of 7,0: 1. This gear ratio will give you fast line selection, even with large fish. The perforated aluminum spool gives a quick start. However, these are not all the characteristics of the coil. This review was written by me for you to get one of the best fishing tackle! I tested this reel personally and now I can share my impressions with you!

Piscifun Brand

Piscifun is a company producing a wide range of equipment and accessories for fishing. The brand was created in 2013 by close friends Ben and Peter in the United States. Both were avid fishermen, fans of their hobby. Their task was to create equipment that will make fishing enjoyable, convenient, and affordable for every person. It is not for nothing that the phrase “Fish with Family” was chosen as the company’s slogan. Even without much experience, but using professional Piscifun equipment, you can count on a good catch.

Piscifun Phantom Review

A budget reel has high quality and is made using high-tech materials. The body and handle are made of durable and tough carbon fiber. It is one of the lightest reels. Its weight is only 5.7 ounces.

Piscifun Phantom Weight is Only 5.7oz

For me personally, this is one of the most key points when choosing such a device. I fish for many hours. My arms got very tired when I had a heavy reel. However, I feel comfortable with this model. The body is protected from moisture, the grip is rubber-coated, which improves grip and work with it. The handle is moved from one side to the other.

Extended Carbon Fiber Handle

You, like me, have no control over the weather and windy days, so your reel must have an advanced braking system. The Piscifun Phantom stopping system is made using double brakes, excluding line dropping, retracement after stopping even under load. The clutch works smoothly, without unnecessary noise. The clutch gear is also made of carbon fiber with increased service life.

Stopping System - 17LB Carbon Fiber Drag

The centrifugal mechanism is assembled using magnets and weights that allow you to adjust the operating speed from 0 to 10. As a result, you can adjust the operation of the centrifugal mechanism to suit your own fishing style.

Complete Piscifun Phantom Package

The line guide moves along a chrome-plated steel guide. This eliminates premature abrasion, as well as deviations leading to tangling of the fishing line, the formation of knots. This reel is always ready to go! It delivers stable performance with Aircraft-grade hard-anodized aluminum alloy main gear and shaft. The device is equipped with 6 stainless steel ball bearings that resist corrosion. And also it has one clutch bearing.

Piscifun Phantom Carbon Baitcasting Reel 7.0:1 Gear Ratio Dual Brakes

Piscifun Phantom Carbon Baitcasting Reel

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All Piscifun Phantom ball bearings are shielded. You will be able to make smooth, long-distance, and precise casts thanks to the 7.0: 1 gear ratio of the reel. In addition, you will be able to pull out a large catch without any problems thanks to the high resistance of the reel. Her drag force goes up to 17 pounds. You will also find an extended 105 mm carbon crank which will give you extra-strength to haul out large, heavy fish.

You will also find the hollow spool in this reel. Its name is Duralumin Spool. The difference with this spool is that it launches faster than most of the popular models on the market. This means that the spool can handle lines and tackle without losing power. In addition, the high performance of the device is provided by a titanium line. This is located at a great distance from the spool. This reduces friction. This improves casting accuracy.

  • The thoughtful design of the clutch with several modes of operation and fine-tuning

  • High-quality assembly materials and reliable assembly

  • The coil works without extraneous noise, vibration

  • Fast line retrieval

  • Ergonomic shape

  • Anti-slip grip

  • Robust resistance system

  • Dual braking system

  • The reel provides accurate and stable casting

  • The reel may seem daunting for beginners to use. In order for you to succeed, you need to carefully read the manual, and also practice as much as possible

And also in some models, there is a reverse motion after the winding stops, especially with a weakly tightened clutch. This is due to an excessive amount of lubricant. I recommend you flush the freewheel plate and change the oil and then you will be fine.

Product Highlight:

  • Dual Brake System
  • Consistent and Exact Casting Performance
  • Double Anodized Harden Main Gear & Shaft
  • CNC Hollow Spool
  • Oversized Titanium Line Guide
  • Combat Grip Pad on Thumb Bar
  • Rugged Carbon Fiber Drag System

FAQ About Piscifun Phantom X Baitcasting Reel

Is this reel Budget-friendly?

Piscifun Phantom Budget Coil Device

This reel really costs quite a bit. I believe that any fisherman can afford it especially if you want to get high quality. But personally, I had doubts about the quality of this coil when I saw its price. It seemed to me that this is too little for a model with such functionality. But after several months of daily use, I became convinced that Piscifun offers high-quality equipment at a fairly low price.

Can I be sure the reel is capable of accurate casts?

Incredible Cast Distance Piscifun Phantom

Absolutely yes! The reel has a lightweight body and a 7.0 gear ratio. This guarantees high reel performance and consistent, accurate casts. I was surprised at how accurate it is for casting. I became convinced of this when I threw heavy baits into deep enough water.

Will I be able to fish big fish with the Piscifun Phantom Carbon?

Super Durable & Strong Piscifun Phantom

This device allows you to catch not only small fish but also big ones! It has a durable carbon fiber drag system. Drag power up to 17 lbs is available to you. In addition, the manufacturer has introduced an extended 105 mm carbon crank.


Piscifun is a reliable manufacturer that will be of interest to beginners and avid fishermen who want to buy quality and inexpensive tackle. The Piscifun Phantom Carbon Baitcasting Reel is suitable for professionals as well as for those who are just starting their way in this activity. Many people like this model due to its attractive appearance, thoughtful functionality, and reliable performance.

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