Penn Spinfisher VI 2022

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Penn Spinfisher VI

For many fishermen who prefer sea fishing, there is virtually no alternative to the Penn brand, thanks to the rugged and durable fishing tackle. Their rugged construction and stability make them ideal for saltwater fishing. The finest materials and high-quality workmanship ensure that Penn still has a loyal following to this day. Let’s talk about the Penn Spinfisher VI today.

This article introduces the sixth generation of Spinfisher reels. The Penn development team has made the reel completely sealed to IPX5 standards. This allows the series to be used in sea fishing without fear of moisture getting inside, even if the wave covers the whole mechanism. The Spinfisher VI has a friction clutch at the front. The brake discs of the patented HT-100 ™ design are made of carbon.

Six stainless steel bearings are responsible for the smooth operation of the mechanism, which is also completely protected from moisture. All parts are perfectly fitted on high-precision CNC machines, which ensures accurate and reliable operation and no backlash. Spinfisher VI reels from the Penn brand have instant anti-reverse. The spool has circular lines to make it easier to control the number of lines. And to prevent the thin braid from slipping, a special rubber insert is provided. With such a spinning reel, you can successfully deal with sea and freshwater trophies.

The Penn Spinfisher VI is available in several sizes. The product is available in sizes from 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500, 6500, 7500, 8500, 9500, and 10500. It allows you to choose the most suitable option for your purposes. The small sizes are for seabass and freshwater predators such as pike or black bass, while the larger sizes (6500 to 10500) are for large fish in the sea. Spinfisher VI sizes 6500 and 7500, 8500 are used in freshwater for catfish and in the sea for bluefin tuna. On the other hand, the 9500 and 10500 are designed for saltwater fishing in search of large fish such as the red bass.

If you have been interested in this model even before, it may come as a surprise to you that the Penn spin-fisher vi has a size of 2500. Not so long ago the smallest size was 3500. However, demand creates supply. Many fishermen have dreamed of a smaller size and the Penn brand heard them! The Penn spin fisher vi 2500 is great for fishing inshore species.

Penn Spinfisher VI Details

The PENN® Spinfisher® is one of the most renowned and tested seawater spinning reels in the world. The Penn spin fisher vi spinning reel has further solidified its reputation with a fully-made metal body that guarantees the precise operation of the CNC gear system. Sealed design with IPX5 protection seals out saltwater for long, smooth running.

Anglers around the world rely on the Spinfisher sealed braking system with premium HAT-100 disc brakes. Another notable feature of the reel is the deep aluminum spool, which can be loaded with a lot of monofilament lines (line capacity should be higher than a braided line), making it ideal for deep-sea fishing.

The rings on the line fill indicator on the reel, which is also suitable for braided lines, show the angler how much line is in the water and how much is left on the reel. The reel also convinces with a sturdy grip. This reel is designed for continuous use and is suitable for fishing from the shore, surfing, boat, or kayak. In short, for all fishing types!

Penn Spinfisher VI Specifications

Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Fishing Reel

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The gear ratio is the main indicator of reel performance. It speaks about the number of revolutions of the rotor at one turn of the reel. Gear ratios in Penn Spinfisher VI can be 5.6: 1, 6.2: 1 and 4.7: 1.


The all-metal body and side plates ensure the smooth operation of the gearbox and protect against any kind of wear.

CNC gear technology ensures smooth running even under extreme pressure.

The sealed IPX5 body prevents salt, sand, or dirt from entering the gearbox, thereby preventing roller corrosion and rusting for years to come.

The HT-100 Carbon Fiber Brake Discs provide the braking power needed to catch large sea fish but still operate smoothly. HT-100 material has proven itself over the long term in previous models, providing even braking performance.

Line capacity rings on the reel allow you to check your line stock at a glance when fishing for large fish.

The Superline spool guarantees a very reliable spool for continuous use without crashing or wear.

The rubber rings also prevent the braided line from slipping, so you don’t have to rewind the monofilament.

Oversized handle.

4-position Live Liner drag system.

Sealed drag system.

The new Penn Spinfisher VI spinning reel comes in a variety of models, from the latest 2500 model, which is ideal for coastal fishing for small fish, to the 10500 reels, designed for large saltwater fish that struggle with resistance. A wide range of sizes depending on the target fish.

Features at a Glance:

  • Sealed body IPX5
  • Protected stainless steel ball bearings
  • 5 + 1 ball bearings
  • CNC Gear ™ technology
  • Metal side cover
  • Full metal body
  • Sizes from 2500 to 10500
  • Superline spool
  • Line Capacity Rings
  • Brass gear
  • Metal rotor
  • HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers
  • Spring-loaded cord clip
  • Screw-down handle (right and left side possible)
  • Braided line reel

  • It resists salt

  • Waterproof

  • Extremely powerful brake without jerking

  • Improved gear ratio

  • Waterproof case design

  • Line capacity rings

  • Over time, a slight creak may appear when reeling

Few Facts about the Penn Brand

The American company Penn is known for its rich history in the production of reels and rods. The creation of fishing tackle is based on the experience of professional fishermen. Since 1932, the company has been supplying quality models that are used all over the world. Powerful spinning reels have gained popularity. The best materials are used in production, such as bronze, aluminum, steel. Their main advantages are convenience and simplicity, which is why they are popular among both novice anglers and professionals.

Anyone who knows even a little about fishing has already dealt with it more closely for various reasons has probably heard something from Penn at one time or another. It is primarily because tackles have very good quality here, which must be optimized for all products, especially for the professional sector and especially high customer requirements.

After all, Penn is not even an independent company in the full sense of the word, but rather just a brand under which various products are then offered for sale to buyers in the market. In fact, Penn’s own range consists mainly of a wide selection of different fishing reels, which of course can and should be used on the fishing line for good and quick success.

Penn Fishing Reels

The highest quality reels are still manufactured in the USA. In 2020, Penn celebrated its 88th anniversary. Penn reels have taken a unique place among seawater reels over the past few decades. Since its inception, Penn reels have enjoyed steady success and high recognition for their quality and performance.

Penn is now part of Pure Fishing Inc. along with other brands such as Berkley, Shakespeare, Mitchell, Abu Garcia, Fenwick, JRC, Hardy, Chub, Grays, Spiderwire, etc. Pure Fishing Inc. is part of Jarden Outdoor Solution, a leading leisure products company and a subsidiary of Jarden Corporation.

To date, about 220 different models have been produced, which have set more than 1400 IGFA (International Game Fishing Association) world records. Today Penn is one of the largest reel factories in the world, employing over 500 people. Penn seawater rods have been and remain just as successful. Thanks to the toughness of the material and the sturdy construction, many anglers still associate the Penn brand with first-class fishing tackle.

Penn Fishing Tackle has become the undisputed leader in saltwater fishing. Today Penn covers a wide range of saltwater fishing from lightweight spinning reels to heavy baitcasting reels. But strong and durable spinning reels are also increasingly popular with anglers. The Penn Spinfisher vi long cast model was no exception. The talk about quality and reliability today convince many anglers around the world to buy the Penn spin fisher vi combos. Apparently, Otto Henze did everything right by founding Penn!

Penn Reel Construction

Mechanism with the foot for fastening. Penn reels can be attached in two ways: directly to the main pair or using a clamping screw. It is an important part of the design. Usually, the body is all-metal or high-quality carbon fiber.

Rotor with line guide mechanism. The entire mechanism is triggered by the rotational movement of the rotor, which has a special bail of the line. It is thanks to the precise and balanced transmission of the mechanism that traction is enhanced. Penn reels are designed with a steel stem and sealed, mostly stainless steel bearings. Their number is different. The rotor itself is made of carbon or aluminum.

Spool, which is designed to hold the line. Can be made from metal or polymers. Its volume depends on the model and the intended fishing conditions. The spare part is not included in the kit. The handle that sets the rotary motion to the entire mechanism.


Penn reels have earned the trust of fishermen due to their advantages:

  • Simplicity and convenience.
  • Reliability and durability due to quality materials (metal and polymer alloys).
  • Fast line reeling even on long casts.
  • Availability of instant anti-reverse.
  • High speed and precise front clutch.

Overall, Penn reels are rated quite high. They have excellent technical characteristics, suitable for any kind of fishing, even in difficult conditions. Power and reliability are the main qualities that have been appreciated by fishermen for several decades. As you can imagine, the Penn Spinfisher vi is the perfect choice for any fisherman.


For more than 50 years, the Penn Spinfisher has been the most successful Penn spinning reel series worldwide. The Spinfisher VI series is now the successor that has been improved. With a range of sizes, the Spinfisher VI offers the right reel for almost all freshwater and saltwater fishing applications. With the larger sizes, all light tackle and big fish lovers will find the reels. They have the highest line capacity in the Penn range. Anglers looking for a freewheel system will also find new models to choose from with the Live Liner released at the same time. The axle, spool, and pinion are optimally adapted to the extreme loads of the braided line. Robust and reliable – the new Penn Spinfisher VI series.

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