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If you are looking for the best fishing reel, then take a look at the Okuma brand. This is one of the most popular fishing goods companies that you can trust in choosing equipment like a fishing reel. Here I want to introduce Best Okuma Fishing Reel Reviews.

Our Top List 11 Best Okuma Reels

okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel Size 10 - 5Lb Max Drag PressureOKUMABuy on Amazon
Okuma Trio High Speed Spinning Reel, Blk/Orange, Trio-40SOKUMABuy on Amazon
Okuma Magda Pro Line Counter Levelwind Trolling Reel, Small, Black/Silver, MA-30DXOKUMABuy on Amazon
Okuma Fishing Tackle ABF55b Avenger ABF "B" Series Baitfeeder Reels, Multicolor, One SizeOKUMABuy on Amazon
Okuma Helios SX HSX-30 Lightweight Spinning ReelOKUMABuy on Amazon
Okuma Azores Saltwater Spinning Reel Size 55OKUMABuy on Amazon
Okuma Fishing Tackle Okuma Ceymar Tiara Lightweight Spinning Reel- C-30TOKUMA FISHING TACKLEBuy on Amazon
Okuma Cold Water Linecounter Trolling Reel CW-153DOKUMABuy on Amazon
Okuma Coldwater Wireline High Speed CW-453DS Trolling ReelOKUMABuy on Amazon
Okuma Coldwater 350 Low Profile Linecounter Reel CW354D, Right HandOKUMABuy on Amazon
Okuma Magda Pro Line Counter Levelwind Trolling Reel, Small, Black/Silver, MA-20DXTOKUMABuy on Amazon

1# Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel – Amazon’s Choice

Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel

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Before placing an order for this model of the reel, I was very afraid that in the end, I would get the reel of poor quality. It’s all about the price of this equipment. This device has a fairly low price for its quality. I was convinced of this after receiving and using it. Okuma produces quality products at an excellent price. Such a ratio of quality and price is difficult to find on the market today. This is a universal reel that isn’t afraid of saltwater. Its material is corrosion-resistant. Thanks to its sufficiently large size, you can deal with a large number of fish.

What I liked about this reel is that it has a multi-disc oiled felt drag system. In order to lay the line as best as possible, the spool has a fishing line control system. You can easily install the reel on your fishing rod, including due to its lightweight. During fishing, I noted the convenience of the handle itself. This is an EVA handle for maximum fisherman comfort. Your fishing line will serve you more than it could with a lower-quality reel. This is achieved thanks to the precision elliptical gearing system. It also allows you to make accurate casts. You will get a smooth operation due to 7 BB + 1RB. I was pleased with this reel and can advise it to any fisherman who wants to get the most out of the device with a small budget.

  • Lightweight

  • It is distinguished by its versatility

  • Great quality at an affordable price

  • For me, this reel turned out to be quite noisy

2# Okuma Trio High-Speed Spinning Reel

Okuma Trio High Speed Spinning Reel

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This reel can also be interesting for you, which functions properly.  This Okuma Trio reel model is famous for its Crossover design. This makes handling easier. No matter you want to fish in saltwater or freshwater, this reel will work perfectly in both cases. The device is equipped with a dual force drag system. It has corrosion-resistant gearing and, in addition, a hydro block water-tight drag. This is excellent equipment that provides maneuverability for all types of fishing. In addition, it has stainless steel bearings.

It also has a built-in quick-set anti-rotation bearing, this will avoid inconvenience during the drag and drop process, which will make it easier for you to remove the fish from the water. It is designed to smoothly perform the drag and drop process, this is because it has aluminum panels, which give the reel a higher level of stability during operation. Another aspect of this model is its design, made in a combination of black and orange tones. Also, its handle is ergonomic which allows you to comfortably hold it.

  • The presence of graphite spool

  • It has a smooth drag

  • Comfortable grip

  • I didn’t like the size of the bail wire

3# Okuma Magda Pro Line Counter Levelwind Trolling Reel

Okuma Magda Pro Line Counter Levelwind Trolling Reel

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In my opinion, this is one of the best Okuma trolling fishing reels. In this reel, you can find a 16-point anti-reverse. This is for improved hookups. The DLXT has a left-handle model, and the MA-15DXT-T presents you with a two-handle model. The reel is equipped with 2 ball bearings. They are made of stainless steel for durability. In order for air to penetrate better, the device has a line counter screw port. You can use the reel in any water thanks to its anti-corrosion material.

You will see measurements in feet thanks to a mechanical line counter. If you need to reset the values, just press the rubber button. Okuma introduced a carbon-resistance system into this device. You can lower the bait to the same depth by setting the line at the same distance. Simply put, if you are looking for a reel for trolling or for bottom fishing from the pier, then you can opt for this model without any hesitation.

  • Can be used in saltwater

  • Durable

  • Affordable price

  • After some time of use, the line counter may become stuck

4# Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder ABF-55b Graphite Spinning Reel

Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder ABF-55b Graphite Spinning Reel

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On the advice of many successful professional fishermen, I purchased this reel for review. And I was struck by its high quality and professional work. I have tested this reel for reliability in my experience. I liked the handle of this reel. It is metal, doesn’t slip, and is comfortable to use. Such material of the handle reduces the chances of bending it. You can use it in any water wherever you fish. The reel is equipped with a multi-disc, Japanese oiled felt drag system.

I also want to say about the 6BB + 1RB bearing system. It is made of durable materials such as stainless steel. Equalizing the rotor occurs thanks to the computer balanced system. I was also pleased with the automatic on and off function of the bait. As you already understood, I can not advise you on this Okuma fishing reel model.

  • It has a 6BB + 1RB bearing drive system

  • It can be used both in freshwater and saltwater

  • The handle could be more comfortable

5# Okuma Helios Lightweight Spinning Reel

Okuma Helios Lightweight Spinning Reel

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I was pleased with the use of this Okuma fishing reel model. I want to note that this reel has a smooth drag system. Also, this design allows the internal parts to align and reduces the appearance of twisting. The reel is equipped with 8HPB 1RB bearings. They resist corrosion thanks to their stainless steel material. Bail wire is made from strong and durable aluminum. Anti-reverse roller bearing can be quickly set. The reel has an EVA handle to ensure your fishing comfortably.

I want to note that I was amazed at the precision elliptical gearing system. Like the previous model, this one is equipped with a computer-balanced rotor equalizing system. Moreover, this thing is available at a good price for its quality. I can call this reel powerful, but not heavy because of the torsion control armor design. You can use it to catch different fish in various conditions.

  • The reel reduces twisting

  • Good power

  • Lightweight construction

  • The finish is easily scratched

6# Okuma Azores Saltwater Aluminum Construction Saltwater Spinning Reel – Amazon’s Choice

Okuma Azores Saltwater Aluminum Construction Saltwater Spinning Reel

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This Okuma spinning reel is specifically designed for saltwater fishing. Also, the reel is equipped with a two-way resistance system, which makes the device quite powerful.

  • The reel has a quick release anti-reverse roller bearing

  • Suitable for seawater

  • It was hard for me to find any significant flaws

7# Okuma Fishing Tackle Okuma Ceymar Tiara Lightweight Spinning Reel- C-30T

Okuma Fishing Tackle Okuma Ceymar Tiara Lightweight Spinning Reel- C-30T

View on Amazon

Bright attractive Okuma spinning reel made of hard aluminum for the longest use of the device. This material can be used in salt water as it is not afraid of corrosion. The reel provides good smoothness. Superior quality and lowest price.

  • Provides maximum smoothness

  • Comfortable non-slip handle

  • Quite noisy

8# Okuma Cold Water Lightweight Graphite Frame Line Counter Trolling Reel

Okuma Cold Water Lightweight Graphite Frame Line Counter Trolling Reel

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Okuma offers you a reliable design for many years of use. This reel is suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater thanks to its frame and side panels. They resist corrosion and rust. This reel is one of the most popular with professional anglers.

  • Reliability of use

  • Proven quality

  • Resists corrosion

  • Heavy enough

9# OKUMA Coldwater Wireline High-Speed Trolling Reel

OKUMA Coldwater Wireline High Speed Trolling Reel

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This reel is designed for trolling fishing and it is equipped with one of the best line counters. I find this Okuma fishing reel very powerful. It can withstand 20 pounds of resistance. You can set exact drag and drop settings. This coil will last you for many years thanks to aluminum that resists corrosion.

  • Great line counter

  • Powerful resistance

  • You will find models for both the right and left hand

  • The material is easy to scratch

10# Okuma Coldwater 350 Low Profile Linecounter Reel

Okuma Coldwater 350 Low Profile Linecounter Reel

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This lightweight fishing equipment will improve your fishing experience thanks to its smooth resistance and durable materials. The reel frame and side panels are corrosion resistant so you can use it in seawater. This reel has a carbonite multi-disc system.

  • It has a carbonite drag system

  • Durable aluminum frame

  • The price is quite high

11# Okuma MA-20DLXT New Magda Linecounter Reel

Okuma MA-20DLXT New Magda Linecounter Reel

View on Amazon

Classic best Okuma fishing reel in black for superb fishing. It has a lightweight construction that resists corrosion. It is equipped with 2 ball bearings that ensure the longevity of the device. They are made of stainless steel for the longest possible use.

  • Durable materials

  • Non-slip grip

  • Poor line counter

  • Okuma Brand History

Okuma Brand History

It all started in 1986 in Taiwan when a young entrepreneur was involved in this business. Successfully working in the field of screen printing on the packaging of products of other companies, he became acquainted, thanks to a friend, with a spinning device. The technologies existing for that period hit him and sharply changed the direction of their activity.

Realizing that his knowledge of fishing was not enough for successful competition with well-known brands, he first began to work on them. He studied technology, their subtleties, tried to find and attract talented engineers, technicians, and managers to work.

Okuma” was registered only 15 years later when they learned well from the inside the business related to the production of fishing equipment. Continuing to actively monitor the success of competitors, the company tried to quickly respond to market situations.

Okuma expanded and moved production to other countries, created its unique designs and mechanisms. Such tactics and a constant desire to improve have made the company famous and recognizable. Gradually, it took a leading position in its business sector, becoming, in terms of the quality of its products, on a par with the recognized brands Daiwa and Shimano.

Company Awards

The Okuma company constantly and purposefully conducts an advertising company for its products. One of its components is participation in international exhibitions, competitions, etc. It constantly sends new and time-tested Okuma reels to the most prestigious exhibitions of fishing products – EFTTEX, ICAST. Due to the uniqueness and quality of its products, it is constantly among the top three. And some of its developments are awarded the highest awards. For example, Okuma “Andros” multiplier reel model at the EFTTEX exhibition was recognized as the best in the “new” category. This bait reel award confirmed the reality of the firm’s serious plans.

What Are the Best Okuma Fishing Reels on the Market?

If you often go fishing and want to buy a reel that allows you to fish properly, I recommend that you compare the characteristics of these devices a little more before comparing products so that you can make the most appropriate decision.

The reels have a special system that helps you easily pull up the fish that you catch while fishing. If you have experience in this area, you will know that after these animals catch a hook, they move with force, trying to free themselves. These constant movements and the pressure they exert make it difficult to remove them from the water.

In this sense, the reel will help you drag them to yourself without much effort. This type of product has a bearing system that allows you to smoothly carry out the drag and drop process. Of course, these parts must be made of durable materials that prevent wear because some manufacturers make them of stainless steel, which is stable and not subject to corrosion.

Some models include an anti-reverse bearing, this helps prevent the drum from moving backward due to the pressure exerted on it, and also helps you perform the drag and drop process correctly.

In addition to this, I should note that fishing reels must maintain a good level of stability during operation, which is why manufacturers include stabilization systems in these products. As for the design, the drums must have a lever with an ergonomic grip. The idea is to keep it comfortable and secure.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it is important to choose a reel of a good brand, and Okuma is one of the most outstanding in the production of this type of product, as it uses the latest advances in materials and fishing technologies. Therefore, in this article, I have provided you with a list of characteristics of some Okuma fishing reels, and now it will be easier for you to make a choice.


The success of the company lies in the daily hard work of its employees. Many of them are passionate fishermen who themselves experience the product and try to bring it to perfection. Their proximity to fishing allows the company to produce Okuma products, the purchase of which is most suitable for practicing fishers. The company has a reputation as a manufacturer for which quality and reliability are the top priority of its products.

The technical equipment of its plants is on par with other well-known companies. One of the most important components of the demand for the company’s products is its value. According to reviews, Okuma is the only company on the market for fishing products, which, thanks to the volume of products and numerous sales offices around the world, allows you to keep prices at an attractive level for consumers. Therefore, by choosing the Okuma fishing reel, you will provide yourself with reliable and high-quality equipment at an affordable price!

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