How To Use Powerbait For Trout Fishing

Sergio Smirnoff

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Powerbait For Trout Fishing


If you love fishing for trout as much as I do, then you should read this article. One of the most famous trout lures in lakes is the power bait. In my opinion and experience, this is one of the best trout baits currently available. Power Bait revolutionized trout fishing when it was invented and launched a few years ago! PowerBait hooks trout faster than any other bait. Over the years I’ve been fishing, I’ve realized that with the help of power bait and the right technique, you can easily catch trout every time you cast. Here I will tell you – how to use power-bait to catch trout.

About Berkley Fishing

Berkley PowerBait

Berkley is an American leader in fishing tackle. Professional fishermen from all over the world choose this company and trust in Berkley’s quality. This brand produces the most catchy soft baits. The most popular series is the Berkley Powerbait. The line includes powerful attractants that are effective and can be combined with almost any bait from different manufacturers.

But the most famous is the Berkley Powerbait silicone-based baits, which initially contain an attractant. In this case, when the twister is immersed in water, an aroma that can lure any fish is dispersed around it. Therefore, fish such as eel, trout, catfish, and salmon will catch this smell from a great distance. These silicone baits not only lure the fish but also prevent it from leaving. That is, having an attractive smell and taste, the bait differs in that it is soft. And the fish, as it were, relish it, which gives the fisherman enough time to hook it.

What Is PowerBait?

Berkley Powerbait Natural Trout Bait

Even many experienced fishermen may have difficulty answering this question. In fact, everything is simple. PowerBait is a plasticine-like bait made of oil-based resin and PVC. This material is very soft and dough-like in structure.

In the production of soft baits, the company’s experts focus on the use of various attractants that give an attractive taste and aroma. Some Berkley lures are sold in special packaging with an attractant. This allows you to preserve the taste and smell attractive to the predator for a long time. Berkley’s wide range of soft lures is available in a variety of colors to please even the most demanding anglers.

Perfectly thought-out shapes, a variety of colors, and sizes make Berkley silicone lures the best for our waters. The Berkley Company produces exclusively edible rubber. When it gets into the water, Berkley silicone baits exude a special aroma, if the fish captures your bait, it will not let it go, as it will feel a tempting attractant.

How Do Rig Power Bait?

How Do Rig Power Bait

Here I would like to give you some useful advice. Always use the thin base fishing line. In my opinion, nothing more than a 0.20mm mainline is absolutely unnecessary. This is necessary since power bait is mainly used for fishing rainbow trout, other salmon like sea trout are less interested in this bait. One reason for this is that rainbow trout are mainly sourced from fish farms and used in other food sources than their relatives.

That is why this line is better than others because rainbow trout have relatively good eyesight. If the line is too thick, fish can see it underwater and are less likely to bite. Likewise, the by-catch of larger predatory fish is extremely unlikely. So make sure the color of your line is transparent or water-adapted if possible, or that the diameter when fishing for trout does not exceed 0.20 mm.

The best way to fish with the Powerbait is as follows:

  • At the end of the mainline, thread a small cord (5-10 grams). Now you attach a small swivel to the main-line, which stops the leash before it reaches the hook.
  • Ideally, a rubber bead should be installed between them, which slows down the blows of the reins to the spinal node when it is thrown out.
  • On the other side of the barrel swivel, which should be a carabiner, you attach a pre-assembled leash with hooks of the optimum size for trout, that is, approximately 8 to 10.
  • It does not matter if the leash is pre-assembled, the size of the hook is critical. Of course, the leash should be thinner than the mainline, so that in the case of suspensions, the entire assembly is not lost.

How to Use a Powerbait for Catching Trout?

How to Use Powerbait for Catching Trout

As I mentioned in the previous section, trout have reasonably good eyesight. She can see your rod underwater. That is why you should not use a very heavy rod and line. You also need to choose the right place where you are going to fish. Another feature is that power bait is more successful in calm waters such as lakes than in rivers. I also advise you to fish at the right time. Check the weather in advance.

Your bait should be float. This is an important aspect. Make a Powerbait rig. And don’t forget to add synthetic bait to each hook. This is necessary to cover the hook. After that, you just need to throw it away and wait for it to sink. Then you need to rewind the slack very slowly. Wait until the line is fully learned. And then you need to place your rod where it will not move. It remains only to wait for the fish to bite. This simple technique will allow you to successfully fish for trout.

What Color PowerBait is Best for Trout?

Berkley PowerBait for Catching Trout

I have fished trout with the PowerBait many times. My lures were different colors and they gave different results. When it is raining or at dusk, prominent colors such as neon green, pink, or white give good results. Even when the water is cloudy, colorful lures have an edge. In particular, the UV active dough attracts fish-like magnets on a hook. Quite the opposite, on clear days or in clear water, the best catch can be done with natural flowers. Color combinations are good too. Trout perceives contrasts very well. The added glitter is meant to mimic the animals in the form of yet another fish in a shiny scaly dress. It is not yet clear why trout like to eat bait that smells like cheese or garlic.

How Often Should You Change PowerBait?

There is no specific answer here. However, based on my experience, I would advise you to do this often enough. Your bait can always shrink or go unnoticed. With frequent checking, you will have the opportunity to replace it and not waste your time. Also, when biting a fish, it is necessary to check whether all sets of hooks are in place.

Also, always check to see if the fish is off the bait after a missed hit. However, it happens that the fish does not bite, so do not rush to change the bait. Give the prey a maximum of 20 minutes more to get caught.

It happens that when checking your hook is always empty. This may be because the bait was initially incorrect or insufficiently secured. And thus fell when casting.

Where to Fish Powebait for Trout?

I envy you very much so that you can now find out the main places of the best trout fishing. I had to learn this for a fairly long period, learning from my mistakes.

Since trout loves clean and cool water, its main habitats are mountain rivers, mountain lakes, where only trout and possibly grayling are found, as well as in large lakes, where other fish species are found along with this fish. This is a very cautious and shy fish, so it is advisable to catch it in complete silence. She can be frightened off by a loud stranger voice or a silhouette of a person. In this case, she will try to go to quieter places where there are no such noises.

I highlight three places for myself where you can achieve the best results. First, there are dams. This place is especially popular with trout on hot summer days. As a rule, there is deep cold water in the area of dams. Large trout are found especially in these places.

The second place I prefer for trout fishing is the Long main Lake points. They have deep water where the fish feel safe.

And the third place is the ramps for boats. Trout are bred in these lakes.

When to Fish for Trout?

Trout can be caught throughout the year, and only the spawning season is an exception. Trout is a fish that prefers clean, cool water, which is why it can be found in mountain rivers, which are distinguished by their special purity of water. In the summer, when the water begins to warm up with the rising of the sun, the trout goes deep and waits for the sun to set and the water starts to cool again. Therefore, the best hours to fish for trout in the summer are evening, night and morning. Fishing trout during the day is a waste of time unless the weather favors it.

In the spring, it is better to fish for trout in the afternoon, and in the fall, it bites around the clock. She can only be caught in crystal clear water. If it becomes cloudy, the activity of this fish also decreases. As a rule, this is the end of May and the beginning of June. In summer, the activity of trout decreases due to the heat, but in autumn its activity increases again and it is hardly possible to be left without a catch.

Powerbait Trout Fishing Tips

Berkley Powerbait Floating Trout Pasta American Recipe

Above all, PowerBait has revolutionized bottom fishing with floating bait. Powerbait is denser than water so it floats. That is why it is necessary to use weight when fishing. Remember to keep the bait below the surface of the water.

I would also advise you not to use just one Powerbait color. Even after reading a hundred articles, only from your own experience, you will understand which color works best in a certain place and day. Therefore, if you have several colors with you, you can easily change them and thus understand which one suits you best.

Using the right amount of Powerbait is also important. You should use the amount that covers the triple hook.

Error When Fishing With Powerbait

One mistake many who actively fish with power baits make is that they fish with a hook that is too big. I fish myself with a 20 or 22 wooden hook. This makes the bait thinner, resulting in a livelier pass through the water. In my opinion, it is best to start with the shape of the tail. To do this, you need to take a small piece of bait and form a ball around the hook. Then fold it in your palms so that you get a wedge-shaped tail. Press lightly on the tip of the bait. This leads to the fact that he has a living movement in the water. The length of the formed bait should be 5-7 cm.

Powerbait Ice Fishing And Passive Fishing

During the winter months, passive fishing on the Powerbait can pay off as the water temperature does not make the fish particularly active. Usually, the bait should be 30-70 cm above the ground. Although this is called passive fishing, you should still be active until you find fish. After you have cast the rod, it doesn’t take more than 10-15 minutes to quietly pull out the bait 2-3 meters.

Do this until your bait is 3-5 meters from the lakeshore. Your next throw looks like this: throw a new line over the bait. Do this until something moves in the water. In winter, fish often remain in the same areas.

So, you know in which area to cast the bait. It is not for nothing that baits are classics of Danish trout lakes. Many fish were tricked into this bait during their last meal. A visit to the trout lake is now not only fishing but also enjoying nature and relaxation. However, we feel good when we fish to take home.

The Secret to the Catchy Powerbait

Some anglers believe that the effectiveness of the paste is not so great, but most often this is due to its incorrect use.

There are some subtleties when fishing for trout:

  • In no case should the paste be frozen, and in winter it is best to keep it near the body, otherwise, it may lose half of its qualities in the cold.
  • To prevent the Powerbait from disintegrating during the cast and in contact with the water surface, first press down well with your fingers.
  • The chances of a successful catch increase in proportion to the amount of bait (the more, the better, of course). Trout can eat an amount of food equal to one-third of their weight, so in this case, it is better not to save.


Using PowerBait is a great way to catch trout. I would advise you to fish for trout where you are most likely to succeed. I have described these places in this article. Today, on a trout lake, you practically won’t find an angler who doesn’t have at least two or three different colored power baits in his pocket. Meanwhile, the choice of Powerbait is huge.

Berkley is constantly expanding its range, you can find pastes from other manufacturers in stores. There are bright, dark, multi-colored, with sparkles and without, some smell like fish, others – garlic, granules, or cheese. I hope this article helped answer your question on how to use power bait.

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Pyrus Dodwort
Pyrus Dodwort
4 months ago

Very informative! I learned some new tips for rigging Powerbait and how to choose the right color for different fishing conditions. Is Powerbait dough effective in catching trout?

Lorcan Stonecrop
Lorcan Stonecrop
4 months ago
Reply to  Pyrus Dodwort

The Powerbait dough is known to be effective in catching trout. To use it, one can try using a sliding-style bait rig with a small treble hook, size #12 or #10. Start by making a ball with the dough and pressing the hook into it, then round and pinch off the excess so the ball just barely covers the hook. 

Use a decent sliding sinker or a full bubble and aim to cast it out to about 20 feet deep. Let the reel free spool as it sinks and then reel in slack so that the swivel is against the sinker. 

Pull about 8 inches of drag out so that the line isn’t tight but the sinker is still against the swivel, giving the fish 8 inches to run before feeling the hook.

The bait should float just above the weeds, with around an 18-inch leader being a good starting point, but in the summer, a 3-foot leader may be used. The garlic-flavored rainbow and corn are considered to be the best baits. 

It’s also recommended to bring a red hook out and plan to keep some fish or even smash the barbs down for catch-and-release fishing.

Sebast Winterbrook
Sebast Winterbrook
4 months ago
Reply to  Pyrus Dodwort

Stocked rainbow trout in lakes can be caught effectively using Powerbait dough. However, the success rate can vary depending on the day, as sometimes they may hit spinners and not touch the dough, and vice-versa. 

The author has had better luck with eggs, but this may be due to chance. Eggs are preferred as they do not slide off the hooks over time. If the fish are not biting the Powerbait, it is possible that there may be an issue with the presentation, such as depth, line weight, rigging, or dough size, and adjusting these factors can make a difference.

Sivad Wintervyre
Sivad Wintervyre
4 months ago

Great article! It’s a helpful guide for all trout fishing enthusiasts who are looking to improve their techniques with Powerbait. The author’s preferred method for fishing with trout worms or magnets is using a 10 lb braid with a barrel swivel, a split shot above it, and varying the leader length (4lb clear mono) with a trout magnet hook on the end. 

The technique involves ticking the bait along the bottom and learning to distinguish a bite from a rock. If in doubt, the author suggests setting the hook, as the worst case, one may just need to retie. 

The author prefers the white body with a pink head or pink body with a white head for trout worms and has found that hook color doesn’t matter, although occasionally, other colors such as orange/white head have been successful, it’s rare compared to the white/pink.

Nakoa Redclaw
Nakoa Redclaw
4 months ago

This is a must-read for all trout fishers. I’m definitely trying some of the techniques mentioned in this article on my next fishing trip. Do Powerbait lures (e.g. Power eggs, Power worms, Powerbait nuggets) work as well for wild trout as they do for stocked trout?

Fencho Greenstocks
Fencho Greenstocks
4 months ago
Reply to  Nakoa Redclaw

Trout are known to be indiscriminate feeders, sometimes even sucking in small twigs. Power eggs, Power worms, and Powerbait Nuggets can be effective baits for catching trout, but their effectiveness also depends on various factors such as species, feeding habits, and water conditions. 

However, when using these baits with barbed hooks, there is a higher risk of causing harm to the fish by snagging their gills or gut. For this reason, some anglers opt to not use barbed hooks when fishing for wild, catch-and-release trout.

 Instead, they may prefer to use corn as bait, especially when fishing for stocked rainbows with the intention of keeping them for consumption.

Alaain Threshnut
Alaain Threshnut
4 months ago
Reply to  Nakoa Redclaw

Experience and expertise are key factors in successful trout fishing. While bait fishing may be easier, consistent hookups using a fly rod can be achieved with a deeper understanding and mastery of the sport. 

An angler who knows how to trout fish can explore streams with either a fly on a fly rod or a spinner on a spinning rod and still have the same level of success as a bait fisherman. Additionally, using a modified spinning setup, such as a fly rod with changed guides for spin-cast and a trigger spin reel, can enhance the experience of throwing spinners.

Tennox Blackgrove
Tennox Blackgrove
4 months ago

Great job on the article. The step-by-step instructions and tips on using Powerbait are very clear and easy to follow. Bait fishing can be uninteresting, but it’s worth mentioning that Powerbait does work. If you’re good at casting light lures, trying them out is recommended. Alternatives to bait fishing include using spinners, Trout Magnets, and small jerk baits like the 06-size Rapala X-rap.

For those who prefer using a bobber and bait, using weighted bombers is highly recommended. They are taller and have a small weight at the bottom, which allows for greater accuracy and distance when casting, especially in windy conditions. As someone who mostly fishes for bass, it’s recommended to seek advice from a dedicated trout fisherman for more specialized information.

Zarwyn Dustwood
Zarwyn Dustwood
4 months ago

I’ve been using Powerbait for years, but I never knew some of the secrets shared in this article. As a dedicated trout fisherman, I have a variety of techniques that work for me. These include using worms with a bobber, Powerbait about 3-4 feet off the bottom, small Jake’s lures, or my personal favorite, a half silver half blue Cast Master. I’ve also had success with small tube jigs in different colors.

Worms are my go-to bait, as trout have a natural affinity for them. During the evening, when trout often come to the surface to feed on bugs, matching the bugs with a fly can result in a high catch rate using a fly rod or a fly and bubble technique with a regular rod. I always carry my fly rod with me for a full day of fishing, as you never know when it may come in handy.

It’s worth noting that Powerbait is effective on stocked trout but may not work as well, if at all, on natural trout. Thanks for the insights!

Peyson Speedwell
Peyson Speedwell
4 months ago

As a bass fisherman, I sometimes take the kids for trout fishing. Powerbait proves to be effective and I often catch fish while others don’t. My secret is to use a small egg hook, light line, and sinker, and to use the least amount of bait needed to cover the hook – about the size of the tip of my finger. Unlike others, I don’t use heavy weights or big hooks and avoid using excessive bait. While catching on spinners is preferable, I still find Powerbait a reliable option.