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Carrying fishing tackles can be tough and tiring. Instead of carrying fishing rods, fishing reels, coolers, tackle, and sand, many anglers opt for fishing carts. Designed specifically for surfing on beaches or docks, they are designed to navigate uneven surfaces such as sand without dragging your wheels. A good fishing cart comes with rod holders and other useful features and can hold a decent weight.

If you want to find the best fishing cart but don’t have time to go through tons of reviews, my shopping guide will do it all for you. Here are two Berkley fishing carts. They are all durable, waterproof and can handle the terrain on the beach. Take a look at these high-quality fishing trolleys and avoid carrying heavy gear on your next fishing trip.

Berkley Brand

Berkley (USA) produces rods, fishing lines, and various lures, as well as accessories for fishing. The main credo of the company is innovative developments. It is difficult to count all the patented achievements of the company! The key to Berkley’s success, according to founder Bedell Berkley, is a team of passionate fishing professionals with tremendous creativity. It is thanks to this that the company constantly replenishes its range of fishing equipment with new products.

In the 1960s, Berkley entered the rod market and soon expanded to the global market. Soft bait production began in the 1980s. And from the 1990s to the present day, there has been a significant improvement in all Berkley products. From the outset, Berkley has invested significant resources in the research and development of new products, this strategy has resulted in a huge number of innovative products including Berkley fishing carts.

Today, the house of Bedell Berkley’s father, where Berkley began its journey, belongs to Bedell’s son Tom. Tom Berkley bought out his grandfather’s house and organized a museum – a kind of monument to the founder of the company, which is rightfully the pride of America.

Why Buy Berkley Fishing Cart?

Do you have a lot of fishing equipment? Fishing in hard-to-reach places? Tired of running to your car every time? Then you just need to buy a trolley for more convenient fishing, for transporting fishing bags, boats. Founded in America, Berkley actively promotes its products around the world. There are many tackles, accessories of this brand on the market today. Despite the wide range, all Berkley products have one thing in common – high quality and affordable price. Thanks to this, the fishing cart of this company is one of the most demanded in the world market.

Our Selection 2 Berkley Jumbo Heavy-Duty Fishing Cart

1# Berkley Fishing Sportsman’s Cart

Berkley Fishing Sportsman's Carts

View on Amazon

This cart is for transporting fishing gear. If you are fond of fishing, or you like to get out on vacation and you have a lot of things that need to be moved to the desired destination, then this transport system is ideal for your needs. This model features inflatable wheels with good flotation in all conditions. The cart is lightweight, but very strong, quickly unfolds and folds. The convenient telescopic handle allows you to roll this cart with ease.

This model is small in size, which makes it easy to transport. When creating this model, the manufacturer relied on functionality and ergonomics. The cart is equipped with a wide-profile wheel. This arrangement will allow you to easily overcome difficult terrain, protecting your gear and equipment from unwanted shaking. This model has a comfortable seat where you can sit to rest or while fishing.

  • Wide wheels for any surface

  • Comfortable ergonomic handle, height adjustable

  • Robust steel frame

  • Stable on uneven ground

  • 2 detachable rod holders

  • Compact design

  • Rod holders can loosen over time

2# Berkley Fishing Cart Grey

Berkley Fishing Cart

View on Bassproshops

Transport fishing cart with bag, extremely comfortable and durable. The cart is useful for transporting fishing tackle and equipment to places where there is no car access, but a lot of equipment needs to be moved over long distances. You can place a large number of things on it and deliver them to the fishing place at one time without much physical effort. Two side and front supports are made in the form of arcs and are folded, stands with wheels and handles are removable, rear supports are folding, telescopic.

These practical and rational design solutions allow you to seriously reduce the transport dimensions when transporting the cart in the car to the fishing place. The frame, wheel stands, support arches, handle are made of a square profile, which increases the strength of all structural parts. The wheels are tubeless and can be easily removed from the struts if maintenance is required. The bag is removable, made of durable material that can be easily removed and washed well.

This model allows you to carry accessories weighing up to 200 pounds. A distinctive feature of this model is that it has 6 removable rod holders, and is also able to accommodate 8-qt. cooler, bait bucket, chairs, and more. At the same time, you do not need to exert much effort to roll the Berkley fishing cart. This model greatly facilitates the work of the angler, makes it possible to deliver a large amount of cargo to the fishing site, and helps to keep the strength and nerves for the fishing session.

  • The handle is adjustable

  • Collapsible design

  • Convenient storage

  • Corrosion-resistant

  • Aluminum frame

  • Heavy-duty pneumatic wheels

  • Large capacity

  • An unpleasant odor may be present at the beginning

How To Choose a Fishing Cart – Buying Guide

Finding the best fishing cart is not that difficult, but there are a few details you should pay attention to when purchasing one. The cart you choose should be made of high-quality material. Smart functions such as rod holders make fishing more practical and convenient. Anyone who has been to the beach knows that walking on the sand can be difficult, especially when carrying large and heavy objects. The fishing cart will solve all these problems for you. However, let’s move on to the most important factors to consider when buying a fishing trolley:


Depending on whether you like to fish from the dock or directly from the shore, you will have to consider various factors when choosing the best cart. There are slight differences between the devices designed for the pier and the beach. One of the main differences is the wheels, and you will need wheels depending on the terrain you are in. Berkley fishing carts have wheels that are much more versatile. You can easily use them on any type of terrain and not face negative consequences.


A very important factor is the size of your fishing cart. Your equipment should match and you should consider installing a refrigerator. Be sure to check the specs of your fishing cart ahead of time to make sure the cooler is right for you. Size also matters whether you can transport it or not. If your fishing cart is too big to take with you, it will be difficult for you to get it ashore. Some fishing trolleys can be heavy as well. This is why lighter trolleys are preferred, but depending on the quality, the lighter trolley may not support that much weight in terms of equipment. Please check the weight of the device before purchasing. As for Berkley fishing carts, they are not heavy and easy to move, but at the same time, they can accommodate any fishing equipment.


The capacity of your fishing cart should also be one of the key factors to consider before purchasing. You should check if your fishing equipment does not exceed the capacity of the cart. For added comfort and safety, remember to leave 5-10 percent of their capacity empty.


The quality of the trolley design directly depends on the material. You should pay attention to the level and quality of the material your model is made of, as there are parts that can suffer from corrosion. Therefore, you should choose models with aluminum, stainless steel, or PVC parts as these have proven to be the most corrosion-resistant options that the trolleys are made of. Plus, the quality of the material is related to overall durability, so this is another reason why this should be one of your primary goals.

Ease of movement

Wheels come into play when it comes to mobility. The purpose of the fishing trolley is to make it easier to transport your belongings, so if your fishing trolley is difficult to lug around the sand, the whole point is lost. Consider wheels and handles when looking at fishing trolleys. Look for wheels that are specially designed for rough terrain so that they will not be damaged by grains of sand or other debris. Plus, having a good handle at the right height will save you time and effort when it comes to operating your fishing cart. As you might have guessed, Berkley fishing carts have wheels that can move around any terrain. Also, they have handles that are easy to use. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to roll the cart.


While shapes and colors shouldn’t matter when purchasing this accessory, there are other details to consider before making your final choice. The most important of these details is the design of the wheel. Correct wheel design will prevent the cart from getting stuck in sand and mud. More specifically, look for wheels for heavy loads. This is the easiest way to avoid mishaps, no matter where you use the fishing cart.


As you have seen, choosing the best fishing cart will save you a lot of time, energy, and money. Your gear needs to be safe throughout the day, and choosing the best model will not only give you that but also help you with comfort and practicality. The fishing cart you choose should have all the features you need. It should have more than enough room to hold and carry your fishing gear and should be easy to transport.

Fortunately, you now have all the information you need, so choosing this accessory should no longer be a daunting task for you. Berkley is a brand trusted by fishermen from all over the world. Its fishing carts are of high quality, ergonomic and reliable. If you can’t decide which of the two models to choose, then no doubt choose 2# Berkley Fishing Cart.

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Azami Branchwine
Azami Branchwine
3 months ago

The article on the Berkley Fishing Cart by Fishreeler is a comprehensive review of this product. The writer has done a great job of providing a detailed description of the cart, including its features and benefits. The article also includes several photos that help readers get a good idea of the cart’s size and design.

Spector Meadowatch
Spector Meadowatch
3 months ago

One of the standout features of the Berkley Fishing Cart is its large capacity. With the ability to hold up to 200 pounds of gear, this cart is ideal for anglers who need to transport a lot of equipment to and from the fishing spot. The article also mentions the cart’s durable construction, which is important for anglers who plan on using it frequently.

Deodar Seedgage
Deodar Seedgage
3 months ago

The article is well-written and informative. It provides readers with a detailed overview of the Berkley Fishing Cart and its features, making it a useful resource for anyone who is in the market for a new fishing cart.

I purchased the Berkley Collapsible Wheeled Fishing Cart and it came fully assembled except for the lining, which was easy to attach with Velcro around the frame. The pole holders were also easy to attach with slots on the back that slid over a bolt and locked in place. The handle was also a breeze to put on, with three adjustable lengths and two pins to insert.

The plastic rims and big tires were easy to attach, but I noticed that they might get deformed in hot weather. I plan on getting smaller tires for my pier fishing needs. Folding the cart is not too difficult, but the handle and pole holders need to be removed each time. The side rails, back table, and bottom also fold down to make the frame flat.

The liner is made of tough material with a place for a bucket and a sturdy table for cutting bait with a slot to hold a knife. So far, I have no complaints and find it much better than using a wagon. To unfold, simply pull a pin to unlock and attach the pole holders and handle. If you have a truck, you won’t need to break it down each time. Overall, I highly recommend the Berkley Collapsible Wheeled Fishing Cart for all your fishing needs.

Deodar Seedgage
Deodar Seedgage
3 months ago

The writer also provides a helpful breakdown of the cart’s different components, including the wheels, handle, and storage compartments. This information is useful for readers who are trying to decide if the Berkley Fishing Cart is the right choice for their needs.

I received my new Berkley jumbo fishing cart, and I must say that the Chinese company that made it went to great lengths to ensure that it arrived in good condition. The packaging included plenty of foam and plastic bags, which made me feel confident that the product was well-protected during shipping. Although the powder-coated aluminum frame arrived with a small scrape, it wasn’t enough to bother me too much.

The assembly instructions for the aluminum frame were fairly clear and easy to follow. However, there were no instructions for the canvas material, but it was pretty easy to figure out. As for the tires, I must agree with other reviews that they have a strong chemical scent. But, I’ve noticed that the odor slowly dissipates over time. The cart has been sitting in my garage for about a week, and the smell has almost disappeared. Also, I haven’t filled the tires with air yet, but surprisingly they seem to hold their shape well.

I used the cart to carry a couple of pine bark chip bags, and it worked without any issues. Just remember to secure the spring-loaded bright silver knurled locking bolt, or the cart may collapse as it did on my lawn. The size of the cart is large, but once the pulling handle is removed, it becomes manageable. The large tires look like they will work well on the sand.

One downside is that the rod holders will not hold 12-foot surf rods securely as they are not deep enough. I am considering cutting off the bottom of the rod holders so that my surf rods will sit deeper in the holder. The bait-cutting shelf is small, but it locks in place, and the bait holder can be used to hold a drink. Overall, it seems to be a well-thought-out product, and the frame appears to be strong enough for the job. I’m looking forward to testing it out on the beach and will write a separate review after using it for an extended period.

Bralou Squiremead
Bralou Squiremead
3 months ago

I purchased the Berkley Collapsible Wheeled Fishing Cart and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with its versatility. I use it not just for fishing but also as my go-to beach cart. It has enough space to hold my 48qt cooler, my raft compressor, bucket for rubbish, floats, chair, and pretty much anything else I could need for a day at the beach. The best part is that it travels easily across loose sand even when fully packed, so no worries about getting stuck in the sand.

The one thing I did notice is that the size of this cart is quite large, which could be a pro or con depending on your storage situation. When collapsed with the handle attached, it measures about 6.5 ft in length. It fits perfectly in my pickup, but if you have a smaller vehicle, you may have difficulty fitting the large version of this cart in your trunk.

The frame of the cart is incredibly light and most of the weight comes from the wheels. I’m even considering reinforcing some areas prone to failures such as the pivot points and the axle area with some 1″ aluminum square tubes. The frame diameter is .9″ which means a 1″ with .05″ thickness stock that can be picked up at nearly any hardware store should slide over it nicely.

The only thing I wish was different about this cart is the placement of the axle. With a 48qt cooler to the rear and a bucket to the front, it is quite prone to tipping backward. To counter this, I’ve placed the power bank compressor I take with me on the far front handle area, even in front of the fabric, and it now balances out much better. Overall, I’m quite happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone in need of a sturdy and versatile beach cart.

Tholides Juniper
Tholides Juniper
3 months ago

I purchased the Berkley Collapsible Wheeled Fishing Cart and I’m loving it. I used to carry all my fishing gear and accessories by hand, but not anymore. The size of the cart is just perfect for me. I usually carry up to 4 fishing rods, plastic lure boxes, a small cooler, a handbag, and a jacket, and the cart handles everything with ease. Additionally, you can place extra gear on top of the cart like sand spike rod holders or a cooler.

What I particularly like about this cart is that you can access its contents easily by unzipping the side without having to dig from the top. This is especially useful when the cart is fully loaded. Another added bonus is that you can also use it as a seat.

One downside to note is that when the cart is fully loaded, lifting it over a curb onto the sidewalk may cause the handle to come apart from the pressure latched holding it in place. Therefore, I have to help the cart up by pulling it from underneath. 

Also, the plastic rod holders are not very sturdy and may break off if they get wedged in a tight space in your trunk or if you hit something on the walk to the beach. One of mine broke off, and I had to adapt a repair. However, I’m trying to get a replacement from Berkley. Overall, I’m very pleased with this cart, and it’s a winner in my book.

Mortimus Winterwalk
Mortimus Winterwalk
3 months ago

I absolutely love this little beach Berkley Collapsible Fishing Cart. It is the perfect size for my needs, holding both of my fishing poles, tackle box, and a thermos, plus additional space at the bottom for towels, snacks, and other beach essentials. I really appreciate how compact it is and how the top can be flipped upside down to provide cup holders or even serve as a seat. The front zipper is also a great feature, allowing easy access to items without having to remove the lid.

The only downside is that the handle is not secure enough when pulling it upstairs. I have had the handle slide right out on me when attempting to pull it upstairs, so I end up having to carry the whole cart instead. Overall, I think this cart is a great value for its price, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone in need of a compact and efficient beach cart.

Deodar Dangerose
Deodar Dangerose
3 months ago

I’ve been using the Berkley Fishing Cart for a few months now and I wanted to share my experience with it. We needed a cart that would collapse down for easy storage in our Florida condo and also be sturdy enough for our frequent beach trips. This cart seemed like it would meet both of our needs.

The assembly was easy and we have used it at least 20 times now. We’ve taken it to the beach for surf fishing and it has held up really well. The wheels have rolled smoothly in the ocean water and it holds a lot of gear. We’ve even bungee-corded our chairs and other items to the top and walked a significant distance to the beach without any problems.

We can fit a big cooler, bait bucket, 2 tackle boxes, 2 chairs, and 2 fishing pole holders on this cart with bungees. I’ve seen some reviews mentioning a tire smell, but I didn’t find it to be too bad. Overall, I highly recommend this cart. If you’re in the market for a collapsible fishing cart that can handle a lot of gear and is easy to store, this one is working perfectly for us.

Wynthaer Catbolt
Wynthaer Catbolt
3 months ago

If you’re a fishing enthusiast like me, you know how difficult it can be to transport all your gear to your fishing spot. That’s why I highly recommend the Berkley Jumbo Fishing Cart. With a weight capacity of 200 pounds, this cart can hold all of your fishing equipment, including a tackle bag, a 72-quart cooler, a bait bucket, chairs, rods, and more. It has durable fabric liners that keep your gear safely in place, while eight removable rod holders keep your rods secure.

The cart also has hook and loop straps that help prevent larger items, like chairs, from shifting during transportation. It even has internal storage for a cutting board, bait cup, and knife storage, so all your important tools are easily accessible.

The Berkley Jumbo Fishing Cart is also easy to pack away when not in use, thanks to its collapsible design. The lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame with an electrostatic finish is designed for regular use and is perfect for fishing on a beach, off a pier, or around a lake, pond, or river. The heavy-duty wheels ensure reliable transportation over uneven terrain.

Overall, this fishing trolley is the perfect solution for transporting your fishing gear to your desired location. The Berkley Jumbo Fishing Cart measures 54 by 25.5 by 13 inches when fully collapsed with tires attached, and the inside frame measures 44.5 by 17.75 by 9.5 inches. Don’t hesitate to invest in this excellent product for a more enjoyable fishing experience.

Calex Cattlecreek
Calex Cattlecreek
3 months ago

As an avid fisherman, I highly recommend the Berkley Fishing Cart for all your fishing gear transportation needs. This cart has an innovative design that allows it to fold into a compact size, making it easy to store and transport to your preferred fishing spot. It can efficiently transport up to 200 pounds of fishing gear, and it features eight removable rod holders and a durable fabric liner to keep all your equipment secure.

The cart also comes with a compact cutting board, bait bucket, and knife storage for added convenience. The adjustable handle and corrosion-resistant aluminum frame with an electrostatic finish make it easy to use and durable enough to last through regular use. 

Its heavy-duty pneumatic wheels ensure easy transportation over uneven terrain, while the durable hook & loop straps keep chairs or surf spikes secure during transport. The cart can store a tackle bag, 72-quart cooler, bait bucket, chairs, surf spikes, and more.

When fully collapsed with the tires still attached, the dimensions are 44 x 25.5 x 13, while the inside frame measures 34.5 x 16 x 9.5. Whether you’re fishing on the beach, off a pier, or around a lake, pond, or river, the Berkley Fishing Cart is the perfect solution for managing and transporting all your fishing gear efficiently.

Liatris Stemlock
Liatris Stemlock
3 months ago

The Berkley Fishing Cart is the perfect solution for transporting all your fishing gear with ease. As an avid fisherman, I love using this cart on the beach, pier, or by the lake. With its collapsible design, I can pack it away quickly into a compact size for easy storage and transport to my favorite fishing spot.

The cart can carry up to 200 lbs. of fishing gear, including a tackle bag, 48-qt. cooler, bait bucket, chairs, and surf spikes. It has a durable fabric liner that securely holds all my gear in place and six removable rod holders that keep my rods safe and secure during transportation.

The corrosion-resistant aluminum frame with an electrostatic finish and heavy-duty pneumatic wheels make this cart sturdy and reliable, even over rough terrain. I also love the adjustable handle that makes it easy to move around.

The compact cutting board with storage for bait buckets and knives is a great feature that makes it easy to keep everything organized. Plus, the durable hook-and-loop straps securely hold chairs or surf spikes in place during transport.

I highly recommend the Berkley Fishing Cart to any angler looking for a reliable and convenient way to transport their fishing gear. The cart measures 44″H x 25.5″W x 13″D and is the perfect size for my needs.