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How to Keep & Store Fresh Caught Your Fish Fresh

Caught fish must be kept alive and fresh as long as possible. For this, it is necessary to replenish the fisherman’s equipment with an important attribute such as a floating fish basket. This is a device for storing caught fish during fishing. Live caught fish are put in a fish basket and, while fishing, lower it to a shallow depth. Read on how to choose the right fish basket.

The 13 Picks Best Fish Baskets to Keep the Catch Fresh

There are different types of fish baskets. It isn’t an easy task to choose such fishing equipment due to the diversity on the market. However, you can make a decision quickly enough after reading this review. I will share with you the 13 best fish baskets below.

Eagle Claw Floating Fish Basket 19X30Eagle ClawBuy on Amazon
South Bend Floating Wire Fish BasketSouthBendBuy on Amazon
KUFA Floatable Galvanized Steel Wire Fish Basket with Float (Medium(13.5"x18"H))KUFA SportsBuy on Amazon
CFOOD Wire Fish Baskets,Fishing Baskets Collapsible Fishing Net Cage Fishing Accessories (17.3" × 9.8")CFOODBuy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon
HURRICANE HUR-77A Flex/Flting Mesh Chum BagHurricaneBuy on Amazon
Livewell Buddy Fish Friendly Non-Invasive Fishing Cull System, SingleAngler's BestBuy on Amazon
mouhike Fishing Net Mesh Fish Trap Collapsible Fish Cage/Fishing Keep Net/Fishing Basket for Keeping Lures Crayfish Crab Fishes Smelt Minnows Shrimps Lobsters, Foldable Fishing Mesh TrapmouhikeBuy on Amazon
Wilove 5 Layers Fishing Net Trap Fish Basket Collapsible Portable Fish Cage Fishing Keep Net for Crayfish, Crab, Fishes, Fishing Accessories Tool,140cm x 30cm (55.1 x 11.8in)WiloveBuy on Amazon
KUFA Clam Bag Diving bag FSA-1KUFA SportsBuy on Amazon
ForEverlast Net Bag 5 gallon NB-5, Lime GreenForeverlast Inc.Buy on Amazon
5001227 Joy Fish Heavy Duty Fish Basket - OrangeLee FisherBuy on Amazon
Berkley® Rattan CreelBerkleyBuy on Amazon
HOUSWOUKER Fish Basket Fishing Net Fish Basket Fishing Cage Fishing Basket Collapsible (17.3" × 9.8")HOUSWOUKERBuy on Amazon
Willow Creel with Web StrapStone CreekBuy on Amazon
MeterMall 5-Layer Floating Wire Basket High Capacity Collapsible Fish Net Cage for Fishing Pore SectionMeterMallBuy on Amazon

1# Eagle Claw Fish Basket

Eagle Claw Fish Basket

View on Amazon

Such a fish basket is suitable for fishermen with any fishing experience. You will appreciate this basket thanks to its opening lid. This allows you to distribute the catch evenly. The floating fish basket is easy to take and store. You can carry it thanks to a convenient handle. It may flatten. This provides ease of storage.

Eagle Claw

  • Robust construction

  • Easy to wash

  • May scratch hands

2# South Bend Floating Wire Fish Basket

South Bend Floating Wire Fish Basket

View on Amazon

You will have no difficulties using this basket. In addition, it is a durable product due to its chrome finish. This prevents corrosion and rust. A sturdy handle makes it easy to carry the basket.

  • Equipped with top and bottom spring-loaded trap doors

  • Reliable material

  • Difficult to use at sea

3# KUFA Floatable Galvanized Steel Wire Fish Basket

KUFA Floatable Galvanized Steel Wire Fish Basket

View on Amazon

This fishing basket meets all the requirements of the best basket. This indicates its durability and reliability of use. The basket is perfectly kept on water thanks to the top cover of the float. You can easily get your catch at the expense of the bottom gate.

  • Easy to carry

  • Compact size

  • Not so easy to wash

4# CFOOD Wire Fish Baskets

CFOOD Wire Fish Baskets

View on Amazon

If you want a truly durable product, then choose this basket from high-carbon steel wire. Such material resists rust and protects against corrosion. The fish will not be able to get out of the basket and will remain long fresh. You can get it using the upper and lower doors.

  • Easy to get fish

  • Withstand heavyweight

  • It looks a little bigger in the photo

5# Toygogo Floating Wire Basket

Toygogo Floating Wire Basket

View on Amazon

Your fish will definitely not run away. The basket is equipped with 14 pieces of sponge floating buoyancy balls. This also allows the basket to be floating, which will not sink. The circles will not twist due to the double wire design.

  • Provides long life

  • Ideal for fishing on the coast

  • Hard to carry

6# HURRICANE HUR-77A Flex Mesh Chum Bag

HURRICANE HUR-77A Flex Mesh Chum Bag

View on Amazon

If you are a lover of fishing in seawater, then this basket is what you need. Its design allows you to successfully use it in saltwater and at the same time serve you for many years. You will not harm the fish by storing it in this basket.

  • Attractive price

  • Ideal for seawater

  • Big enough

7# Angler’s Best Livewell Buddy Fishing Insert Stand-Alone Floating Livewell

Angler's Best Livewell Buddy Fishing Insert

View on Amazon

This is universal equipment that can be used for fishing both from a boat, canoe, kayak, and fishing from the shore. It is made of mesh material which is ideal for durable use.

  • For different fishing

  • Keeps fish fresh for long

  • It May seem small to someone

8# Mouhike Fishing Net Mesh Fish Trap Collapsible Fish Cage

Mouhike Fishing Net Mesh Fish Trap Collapsible Fish Cage

View on Amazon

The foldable design allows you easily to carry and store the basket. This is available because the mesh has 3 layers. Nylon is the ideal material for this type of equipment. It dries quickly, has no smell, and resists corrosion.

Mouhike Fishing Net Mesh Fish Trap

  • Suitable for storing not only fish but also other seafood

  • Doesn’t hurt the catch

  • Weak handle

9# Wilove 5 Layers Collapsible Fishing Basket

Wilove 5 Layers Collapsible Fishing Basket

View on Amazon

Increase your catch with this basket. You don’t need a lot of fishing experience to start using it. You only need to put the bait and wait until the fish gets inside. After that, your catch will not be able to get back. It is large in size but lightweight.

  • Easy to take out thanks to the lightning

  • Has a portable automatic telescopic trap for crab and shrimp

  • No handle

10# KUFA Clam Bag Diving bag FSA-1 – Amazon’s Choice

KUFA Clam Bag Diving bag FSA-1

View on Amazon

Do you need an affordable basket? Then take a look at this option, which in addition to a great price has a durable design. The basket allows you to keep fish fresh in the water and doesn’t give it a chance to escape. You can get the fish thanks to the wide top hole.

  • Mesh material

  • Double handle

  • Not the best choice for heavyweight

11# ForEverlast Net Bag 5 Gallon NB-5

ForEverlast Net Bag 5 Gallon NB-5

View on Amazon

This design isn’t the most often chosen, but nevertheless no less useful to use. The basket has flypaper, and also a wide convenient belt for carrying.

  • Convenient carry

  • Great size

  • Not so easy to get rid of the smell

12# Lee Fisher Joy Fish Heavy Duty Fish Basket – Amazon’s Choice

Lee Fisher Joy Fish Heavy Duty Fish Basket

View on Amazon

Not all fishermen love wire baskets. As an alternative, I suggest you take a look at this plastic model. It has a simple design and lightweight. This makes it easy to carry. This is also achieved by two convenient handles.

  • Large capacity

  • Equipped with two handles

  • Surprisingly, the product has no visible flaws

13# Berkley Rattan Creel

Berkley Rattan Creel

View on Amazon

This is a wicker basket that can be used to store your catch. You just need to carefully place the fish inside and take it with you. Thanks to the wicker design, the basket has excellent ventilation. The fish isn’t going anywhere thanks to its sturdy lid. In addition, you can quickly and easily take fish due to the mobility of the lid.

  • Adjustable strap

  • Easy access to your catch

  • Not suitable for the fish you want to release back

What Is A Fish Basket?

Vintage Fish Baskets

A fish basket is a device designed to hold and store fish during fishing. In order not to injure the scales and mucous layer of the fish, you need to minimize the contact time of the prey with your hands. However, the main purpose of the basket is to store the caught fish for as long as possible.

This is important in order to deliver the caught fish fresh, or just take a photo with the catch, and then let the live fish back into the water. Any fishing isn’t complete without a good device. They differ in shape, total length and width, the number of rings, and the distance between them, as well as the width of the cell.

Types of the Fish Basket

They differ in shape, total length and width, the number of rings, and the distance between them, as well as the width of the cell. Let’s understand everything in detail.


For the manufacture of baskets, metal and synthetic mesh fabrics are used:

Metal Mesh. Many models of modern fishing baskets have a rigid frame. These are rings of various shapes made of metal wire. The frame provides structural rigidity and creates suitable conditions for keeping fish. Such things are suitable for short-term fishing and storage of a small catch. If the fisherman wants to release the caught fish, then with such a basket it will be problematic, since fish can be injured on a metal net and will not survive in the water. As a rule, they are the most durable, they have easily washed off mucus, and are convenient when fishing from a boat.

  • Reliability

  • Durability

  • Unpretentious in operation

  • It is well cleared of dirt, fish scales, and mucus

  • Convenient to use when fishing from a boat

  • Not compact enough

  • Fish can be injured on the net

Fish Basket for Fish with Artificial Mesh. It’s made of synthetic fibers that have both soft and hard frames and are great for shore fishing. The design allows you to use them even in shallow water since it will still be deep enough for the comfortable storage of fish. To operate such baskets is much more comfortable. In addition, the material, which can be an artificial thread or fishing line, doesn’t injure the fish. If necessary, the fish can be released at the end of fishing.

  • Compactness

  • The fish isn’t injured

  • Large selection of lengths and sizes

  • Fragility

  • It’s harder to wash off the smell

Length. The issue of selecting the length of the cage is no less important than the material from which it is made. This parameter is selected based on the fishing conditions, the potential size of the catch, and the total amount of catch. Fish baskets are available in sizes from 40 cm to 5 meters. For many situations, when fishing from the shore, a 2-3-meter-long basket will fit. On a gentle beach with convenient access to the water, this will be enough. These are models for fishing with a feeder and float tackle. When fishing is carried out from a steep coast or large individuals will prevail in catches, it is advisable to choose a basket of the greatest possible length. When fishing from a boat, the size of the device is small. Depending on the potential size of production, the optimal length will be 50–80 cm, in some cases 1 meter is allowed.

The Form. They are divided into round and rectangular. Round rings are convenient for fishing from a boat or a bridge when the basket plunges vertically. Rectangular are easier to keep in a stable position on the shore during a wave, during the current, or in the wind, when the basket constantly carries and twists.

Cell Width. The main generally accepted rule is that the smaller the cell, the better. Modern high-tech production achieves the joining of plastic threads without knot formation, and the manufactured net injures fishless. However, don’t forget that too small a cell (for example, 2 mm) limits the access to oxygen. Therefore, it is recommended to use a fish basket with a cell of 10 mm or more. In addition, some fishing nets have a special ring of fine mesh, located above the bottom of the device. In addition to creating a shadow over the basket, such an insert illusory protects and saves fish from additional stress.

Rings. Traditional round rings meet many fishermen’s needs, but other designs have their own advantages. For example, the square design is more reliable at the bottom. At shallow depths, when part of the basket hangs above water, the square section has a slightly larger volume than the round section, and their nominal width is the same. In addition, a square form is more convenient to fold in a bag or car trunk. The universal diameter of the rings is considered to be a length of 35 cm. They should be installed from each other at a distance of at least 30 cm.

How to Install a Fish Basket?

When installing a basket, two points must be considered. The first is that to carry out all the necessary manipulations related to catching the fish and removing it from the hook, the basket should be installed as conveniently as possible. The second task is to minimize the stress effect on the caught fish, as well as keep it fresh for as long as possible.

These two tasks are often mutually exclusive. The ideal position for the fish is when the throat of the basket is parallel to the shore and the rest of it is extended to a lowering depth. When lowering, the fish immediately enters the water and doesn’t touch the walls of the cage. At the same time, it gets maximum living space.

However, in this case, the fisherman doesn’t feel very convenient. He constantly has to bend down, sticking his elbow into the basket, and also making sure that the fish doesn’t jump out of it, etc. And when installing a long fish basket, the fisherman, on the contrary, just unclench his hand, and the fish will be in it without additional movements.

However, in this case, the fish will fly a couple of meters in the air, hit the walls of the construction, get scratched, and fall into the water with all its might. The fish basket should be installed in this position, providing comfortable conditions for both the fisherman and the fish. Set the basket depending on which hand you use when lowering the fish into it. Most use the left hand so the basket is on the left side. The distance to the device shouldn’t be too great so that you don’t have to get up or reach for it.

How to Put a Catch in the Fish Basket?

Caught fish should be gently released into the water, from the hand. In no case, it should be thrown. When fishing on a high bank, bend down and reduce the distance to the water. Over the entire length of the installed basket, no stones, sticks, twigs, or other objects injuring the fish should be found.

How to Care for a Fish Basket?

The most correct way is to pull the basket out of the water, spread it out the entire length, and rinse it under good clear water pressure. But it is unlikely that you will have clear water when fishing. Therefore, having returned home, immediately flush your basket. After that dry it. It isn’t recommended to use various cleaning products to remove odors. In addition to the damage to the material, this can poison the fish on the next fishing trip. Only clean running water and sun.


Fish basket is an integral element of the equipment of modern anglers. It is designed to preserve the caught fish throughout the fishing. I have told you everything you need to know about this fishing equipment to make the right choice.

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