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Speargun Reel

In this article, we will talk about a speargun reel, a mysterious accessory for many young fishermen who are wondering if this is good to install or not. After reading the review, you will have a clear idea of which speargun reel line to purchase. Let’s get started!

Our Top List 13 Best Speargun Reels & Line

I have 13 best fishing reels for spearfishing guns for you. I have conducted a review and chose these models for you as they have the best characteristics. Read to make the right choice.

Cressi Fishing Reel, Black, 130 ft | 40 mCressiBuy on Amazon
Speargun Reel - Pro Series (Flat Mount, 30 Meter)MAKO SpeargunsBuy on Amazon
Mares Spiro Reel - 65 mmMaresBuy on Amazon
BEUCHAT Pacific 100 Speargun Reel with Adjustable Brake 100m for SpearfishingBEUCHATBuy on Amazon
Spearfishing Speargun Reels Spear Gun Reel Horizontal Reel Fishing Wire Reel for Spearfishing Universal Speargun ReelTbestBuy on Amazon
JBL Wooden Speargun Line ReelJBLBuy on Amazon
JBL Spearguns Spearfishing Profile Line Reel for Metal or Wood Spearguns, for Fishing, Diving, Heavy Duty Compact Design, Low Profile, Includes Mounting Base and Anchor ScrewsJBLBuy on Amazon
Hammerhead Remora Reels (Red Line, 50m)Hammerhead SpeargunsBuy on Amazon
Ermes Sub Leonardo Speargun Reel for Spearfishing (93M)Ermes SubBuy on Amazon
Rob Allen Vecta 50M Composite Speargun ReelRob AllenBuy on Amazon
Riffe Low-PRO Horizontal Reel (125 ft. x 600 lb. Spectra Line) - Flat MountRiffeBuy on Amazon
Koah RSC 60m Reel Spearfishing Reel | Spearfishing Reel | Reel for SpearfishingKoahBuy on Amazon
Pelengas Speargun Reels Plastik (Black-White)PelengasBuy on Amazon

1# Cressi Fishing Reels for Spearfishing Gun

Cressi Fishing Reels for Spearfishing Gun

View on Amazon

This reel didn’t just appear first on my list. I was surprised how well it is done and most importantly it works. It is made of durable material that speaks of its durability. Plastic is able to withstand various strokes. I have heard from fishers who are more experienced than I did in spearfishing that this thing has never failed them. This reel is able to add lines to your weapon to save it and your life. This reel is equipped with a Star knob which allows you to adjust the grip for any tension. It is the perfect reel for your Cressi speargun. In this device, you will find a vertical mount that provides little resistance.

  • Adjustable handle

  • Ensures your safety

  • Smooth clutch system

  • I didn’t like the screws. They are cheaply made

2# MAKO Spearguns Speargun Reel – Pro Series

MAKO Spearguns Speargun Reel - Pro Series

View on Amazon

I can say with confidence that you will be happy with this purchase. This reel has been rated by the finickiest anglers I know. After I purchased this device myself, I was convinced of this. This reel has practically no flaws, which surprised me very much. First, I want to note the material of this reel. It is made of plastic and stainless steel. You must understand that this product will last you a lot of time. This thing isn’t afraid of corrosion and rust. I was delighted with the quick on and off function.

I have the ability to quickly and easily remove or put on a device without any problems. You can install it on a speargun from any material. I have an aluminum speargun and it works fine. And I want to note that the speargun line reel provides an incredibly soft winding line. Speargun reel with a line length of 30 to 100 meters is available to you. You can choose it with a base plate for a rounded bottom. This is what you need for railguns and with a flat bottom. Choose this type for wooden spearguns.

  • The reel can be quickly removed without tools

  • Smooth winding

  • Available in different sizes

  • I was surprised that it is easy to scratch

3# Mares Spiro Reel

Mares Spiro Reel

View on Amazon

A new vertical version of the tested Spiro drums. This model 87mm reel is designed for the Mares Phantom speargun. When used with the new speargun, users can thread the line in a special guide located under the gun barrel. If you are looking for a strong and durable product, then you don’t need to go further. All you need is in this fishing reel for a spearfishing gun. I was struck by how this works and I’m sure you will have the same emotions.

  • Affordable for many

  • Durable material

  • Not for all spearguns

4# BEUCHAT Pacific 100 Speargun Reel

BEUCHAT Pacific 100 Speargun Reel

View on Amazon

Excellent reel option with large line capacity. It has a soft grip for your convenience. Thanks to the mechanisms that are made of stainless steel, the reel is protected from corrosion and rust. You can adjust the brake.

  • Resists corrosion

  • Easy to install

  • After one fall to the floor, I noticed a scratch

5# Tbest Spearfishing Speargun Reels

Tbest Spearfishing Speargun Reels

View on Amazon

When choosing such equipment convenience and reliability of use are important for me. In this best speargun reel line, I found the characteristics I need. This reel is equipped with a folding handle. This is very convenient while using the device. If you use a wooden speargun, then this reel is what you need. It is specifically designed for use on this type of gun. You can neatly wrap the wire thanks to a sliding mechanism.

  • Reel tension can be adjusted

  • Smooth wire winding available

  • Easy to install

  • I wouldn’t say that this is one of the most durable speargun reel

6# JBL Wooden Speargun Line Reel

JBL Wooden Speargun Line Reel

View on Amazon

This is a low profile horizontal reel for your speargun. This device will not cause you trouble with the mount on the gun. It is very simple. You will get wooden screws with which you can install on your speargun in a matter of minutes. I tested many horizontal reels and honestly I can say that this one proved to be one of the best.

  • Easy to mount

  • It has small holes so that your fingers don’t get there

  • Sturdy construction

  • Appearance wears out over time

7# JBL Spearfishing Profile Line Reel for Metal or Wood Spearguns

JBL Spearfishing Profile Line Reel for Metal or Wood Spearguns

View on Amazon

This reel is designed to be attached to standard rails. However, if you want to get this device for your wooden or metal speargun, then this is possible thanks to the adapter that comes with the reel.

  • It has a low profile

  • It has metal inserts

  • With adapter

  • It seemed to me not as durable as other models

8# Hammerhead Remora Reels

Hammerhead Remora Reels

View on Amazon

If you look at the reel with horizontal mounting, then I would advise you not to pass by this model. It has really smooth braking. If you have a wood or rail speargun, then this reel will suit them.

  • Light spool

  • Comes with a red line

  • Reliable

  • In my opinion, there are no visible flaws

9# Ermes Sub Leonardo Speargun Reel for Spearfishing

Ermes Sub Leonardo Speargun Reel for Spearfishing

View on Amazon

Your hunt will be safer and more efficient. Now letting the fish go is not as easy as before. This reel works exclusively for pelagic fish. This spearfishing gear is equipped with a special winding system, which allows you to get the maximum line length.

  • Especially for pelagic fish

  • Quick winding

  • Heavy enough

10# Rob Allen Vecta 50M Composite Speargun Reel

Rob Allen Vecta 50M Composite Speargun Reel

View on Amazon

I can call the speargun reel one of the best for a wooden speargun. This product isn’t intended for single use. Thanks to its material, the device will last you a lot of time. Stainless steel is what you need for things that are designed for use in seawater.

  • It has one rotary handle

  • Lightweight

  • Durable material

  • There are difficulties in installation

11# Riffe Low Profile Horizontal Reel

Riffe Low Profile Horizontal Reel

View on Amazon

This is a horizontal reel that is distinguished by its high quality. I can’t call this model cheap, but it’s definitely worth the money. It comes with a 125 lb line. In addition, it is made of high-quality materials that have repeatedly proved their superiority in practice. The thing is made of fiberglass nylon and heat-treated aluminum parts. And also in this device, I liked the fact that it has a clutch with 4 positions.

  • Good maneuverability

  • Semi-automatic reel

  • Goes along with the line

  • Fairly expensive option

12# Koah RSC 60m Reel Spearfishing Reel

Koah RSC 60m Reel Spearfishing Reel

View on Amazon

I have already used Koah products and I can say that I was satisfied. Therefore, during the testing of this 60-meter reel, I was sure that it wouldn’t upset me. And so it happened. The first thing I want to note is the smooth braking of the reel. It really works as it should. It is equipped with a convenient handle that doesn’t slip.

  • Doesn’t allow slippage

  • Soft grip

  • Easy line loading

  • As for me, too primitive design

13# Pelengas Speargun Reels

Pelengas Speargun Reels

View on Amazon

If, when choosing fishing equipment, not only technical characteristics but also the beauty of the product are important to you, then this reel is for you. This isn’t only able to facilitate and improve your spearfishing, but also to please your eye. The reel is available in two variations. You can choose black and white or black and orange colors. The speargun reel is incredibly lightweight and made of durable plastic. This material will withstand any test in its path.

  • Spearfishing gear weight not felt

  • Comfortable brake

  • Good price

  • I experienced difficulties during the installation

Do You Need a Speargun Line Reel?

The need for a reel is obvious. This device will simplify most of the monotonous hunting processes. In addition, thanks to this accessory, the fisherman can count on the safety of the speargun itself in difficult situations. In the most unforeseen circumstances, such equipment can even save the life of an underwater hunter.

The mechanism of the return movement is able to prevent many unpleasant situations characteristic of fishing. For example, a fisherman fired an arrow into a fish but didn’t fully hit it. In such situations, the fish will begin to break out and strive to leave as deep as possible from the site of the lesion. If the fish is large, getting rid of it will not be difficult for it. In this case, the fisherman needs to throw the speargun, otherwise, it will be impossible to surface.

Such an outcome isn’t uncommon, because a fish that has received insufficient damage behaves the same in all cases, it often goes into crevices between the stones, where it gets stuck with a harpoon, and accordingly with a speargun, if it is without a reel.

Also, it isn’t uncommon when a fisherman misses a shot with a harpoon, after which the latter gets stuck in an obstacle or underwater clay. In this case, the speargun will also have to be thrown away, because removing the harpoon from an obstacle is an extremely laborious process.

Fishing Reels for Spearfishing Gun – Their Types

Their main difference is the type of line winding:

  • Horizontal (a line is wound on a spool in a horizontal plane)
  • Vertical (tench is wound on a spool in a vertical plane).

It is more convenient to work with vertical ones, but the handle is usually located either under the left or under the right hand, while horizontal reels have a winding handle located at the bottom, and it is convenient to work with it with either hand. The number of lines installed on the reel can be different, it depends on the size of the reel and the hunting conditions. I recommend installing at least ten meters long on a reel.

Pros And Cons Of Spearfishing Gear – Reels

The use of reels implies a number of advantages and disadvantages. Although the advantages of such a mechanism are obvious, it is still worth weighing the disadvantages before acquiring an expensive instance.


  • General balance disturbances
  • A speargun with a reel is more difficult to control
  • The device requires regular care

The advantages of the device are noticeably greater, in addition, the strengths of the mechanism overlap all its mistakes.


  • With the help of a reel, the impulses of the breaking fish can be leveled
  • The speargun doesn’t have to be thrown
  • It isn’t necessary to loosen the line fit
  • The most obvious plus is the safety of the speargun. The reel is able to save the angler an impressive amount and a lot of time.

Buying Recommendations

When buying such a thing, it is recommended to observe a number of general rules:

Size Affects Its Quality. Speaking of sizes, it is worth considering the length and thickness of the line. A certain reel is sharpened to specific dimensions, so the dimensions of a line for one instance cannot be installed in a model of a different configuration. It is worth considering that the size of the model is proportional to its weight, which means that it will affect the overall maneuverability of the speargun.

Body Material. This accessory exists in two variations: in metal and plastic. If the device is made of metal, the fisherman can count on the strength and reliability of the structure, but the cost of such a model will exceed the price of a plastic analog by an order of magnitude. The main aspect when choosing is the ergonomic design as a whole.

All elements of the speargun should function without problems, the reel shouldn’t interfere with the mechanics of the rest of the structure. If a plastic device fits better into the overall architecture of the speargun, you should give preference to it, even if the budget allows you to purchase a metal accessory.

The aspect of the material depends on the load on the implement. If a fisherman is used to hunting carefully, and his movements are measured, a plastic reel will be enough. In addition, plastic models have an advantage over metal, which is low weight. If the angler wants to get the maximum reliability from the device, he should pay attention to metal models, which will show an increased price tag for increased reliability.

An opportunity to establish a carbine instead of the shock-absorbing device. Many anglers dismantle the shock-absorbing device when installing the reel, and a carabiner is installed in its place. In this case, the reel will perform the cushioning function.

Spearfishing Features

Spearfishing is a very common sport among anglers looking for an exciting adrenaline rush. This includes swimming in places where the conditions are unpredictable, with many dives made in freediving and alternating with many specialized fishing strategies. Many psychological, as well as physical skills, are obviously necessary.

In other sports, there is always a “playing field”, where the characteristics are as they are, but spearfishing conditions vary greatly and, in addition, become unpredictable: date, time, season, currents, temperature, weather conditions, area and etc. Therefore, a fisherman engaged in underwater fishing should be able to adapt to any situation and do it well.

Since it can’t be otherwise, each fishing method has its own special type of fishing, but they are united by the fact that a good fisherman must have a high ability to adapt to the various conditions that can be found. It is also very good to distinguish between methods of spearfishing, where they can be changed and combined among themselves to achieve the best result.


The fishing reels for spearfishing gun is equipment, although not related to the category of necessary, but still important when it comes to productive spearfishing. This mechanism is indispensable if the angler intends to hunt trophy fish for a long time and scrupulously. In addition, it is rare when favorable conditions for hunting underwater are, so it will not be superfluous to reinsure the speargun with a reel, because it will allow you to save the gun even in difficult situations.

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