Goture Fishing Rod Review 2023

Sergio Smirnoff

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Goture Fishing Rods

Choosing a fishing rod is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Goture knows what anglers want in their rods and therefore creates high-quality Goture Fishing Rods. In this article, I invite you to find out more about this brand and its products. This is a fairly young company that appeared on the market in November 2013. She won the love of fishermen for her high-quality fishing products at an affordable price.

Goture puts its customers first and listens to their wishes. As a result, they improve their products every day and produce more and more reliable fishing rods and reels. They also manufacture fishing lures and all the necessary tools for successful fishing.

The 11 Best Goture Portable Fishing Rods [Casting & Spinning]

Fishing Rods Spinning Travel Fishing Pole Pack case Portable 4 Sections ulLight Weight Carbon Fiber Poles M Power Medium Action 7ftGotureBuy on Amazon
Goture Telescopic Spinning Rod,Telescopic Spinning Rod and Reel Combo 2000 3000 4000 Reel,24T Carbon Fiber Portable Travel Fishing Pole Kit 6FT/7FT/8FT9FT/10FT/12FTGotureBuy on Amazon
Goture Telescopic Tenkara Fishing Rod Collapsible Crappie Rods 1 Piece Portable Hand Fishing Poles Carbon Fiber Telescoping Stream Ultralight Inshore Carp Bamboo Pole Bass Trout 12 15 18 20 21 24FtGotureBuy on Amazon
Goture Fishing Rod Bundle|Travel Fishing Rods 4Pcs and 4 PCS Spinning/Casting RodGotureBuy on Amazon
Goture Surf Spinning Fishing Rod - 4 Piece Graphite Fishing Rod Portable Carbon Fiber Travel Surf Rod - 9ft Surf RodGotureBuy on Amazon
Goture Trout Fishing Pole 9FT Medium Heavy Power 4 Pieces Portable Spinning Fishing Rod with Rod CaseGotureBuy on Amazon
Goture Surf Fihing Rod Long Casting 2 Piece Fishing Rod M Power Fast Action 30 Ton Carbon Fiber Portable Spincast Rods Sic Guide 7GotureBuy on Amazon
Goture Travel Spinning Fishing Rods Fishing Pole Pack case Portable 3 Piece Weight Carbon Fiber Poles M Power Medium Action 7ft 7GotureBuy on Amazon
Goture Fly Fishing Rod - 9ft 4 Piece Fly Rod with Carrying Case for Freshwater Saltwater - Travel Fly Fishing Rod for Walleye Bass Salmon Trout - Carbon Rod with Chromed Guides - 8wt Fly RodGotureBuy on Amazon
Goture 4 Piece 9 Feet Graphite Fly Fishing Rod, Travel Fly Fishing Rod Freshwater Saltwater,Ceramics Guides 30T Carbon Fiber Blanks Smooth Chromed Stainless Steel Snake Guides (Size:5WT)GotureBuy on Amazon
Goture Telescopic Spinning Rod,Telescopic Spinning Rod and Reel Combo 2000 3000 4000 Reel,24T Carbon Fiber Portable Travel Fishing Pole Kit 6FT/7FT/8FT9FT/10FT/12FTGotureBuy on Amazon

All Goture products undergo rigorous testing before they reach your hands. They are tested by experienced anglers in various conditions. With reasonable prices, every fisherman can afford to purchase Goture Fishing Rods.

1# Goture Travel Fishing Rods – Amazon’s Choice

Goture Travel Fishing Rods

View on Amazon

This is a four-piece spinning rod for your successful fishing. It’s made with a 30-ton carbon matrix, has a responsive monolithic tip and fast action. The rod has a great balance between strength and sensitivity. It has 7 + 1 ceramic insert guides that provide maximum casting performance. Due to its 4-piece design, it is compact when folded and is suitable as a travel spinning rod for car travel and air travel. For convenience, it comes in a soft branded case.

  • Anti-corrosion guides

  • High sensitivity

  • The rod is excellent, I only found the flaw in the case. It has a bad zipper

2# Goture Telescopic Fishing Rod&Reel

Goture Telescopic Fishing Rod

View on Amazon

The telescopic spinning rod has Braiding X Carbon fiber braiding technology for increased strength and reliability. The blank provides excellent casting range and power play characteristics without the risk of rod breakage. The rod has an extended grip made of carbon fiber. The rod comes with a reel. Your reel will be firmly fixed thanks to the Metal Reel Seat. The reel will not wobble during casting thanks to Double insurance. The rod is intended for fishing on large rivers and lakes, even with saltwater.

  • High elasticity

  • Lightweight

  • Too thin

3# Goture Telescopic Ultralight Tenkara Fishing Rod

Goture Telescopic Tenkara Fishing Rod

View on Amazon

Lightweight, versatile, and very pleasant to use Tenkar fishing rod. Perfect for both beginners and experienced lovers of this type of fishing. The rod has been specially designed for delicate fishing where the sensitivity of the tackle and precise control of the line is essential. The length of the rod will allow you to comfortably use it both when wading and from a boat. For high strength and rigidity, the rod is made of carbon fiber with a special inner reinforcement. You can easily take this equipment with you thanks to the closed length design.

  • Durable

  • Convenient for precise casting

  • Too weak

4# Goture Fishing Rod Bundle Travel Fishing Rods

Goture Fishing Rod

View on Amazon

This is the perfect rod to take with you on your travels. It is convenient to carry it by car or plane. In addition to the convenient design, a special case is available to you that makes it easier to transport your gear. The blank is made of a 24 + 30T carbon layer for high performance and strength. Thanks to stainless steel guides, the accessory resists corrosion and ensures smooth operation. And also the SiC insert provides wear resistance and resists oxidation.

  • Anti-slip EVA Grip

  • The line does not get stuck in the guides

  • I could not identify any shortcomings

5# Goture Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

Goture Surf Fishing Rod

View on Amazon

This is the best Goture surf spinning fishing rod. It is made of carbon fiber for high strength and sensitivity. The guides are specially made of stainless steel so that the accessory does not corrode and lasts as long as possible. Vibration is transmitted from the line through the guides to your hand and thus provides high sensitivity. Non-slip grip provides a comfortable grip.

  • Increased sensitivity

  • High-quality guides

  • Fragile

6# Goture Travel Rod

Goture Travel Rod

View on Amazon

This is high-quality fishing equipment that will give you a lot of emotions, and most importantly, a big catch. You get increased sensitivity thanks to the 24 + 30T carbon blank and multi-angle wrapping technology. The guides ensure the durability of use thanks to their material. They are made of stainless steel. And the SiC insert prevents rapid wear and provides high impact resistance.

  • The line does not get stuck

  • Easy assembly of the rod

  • The weak tip of the rod may break under heavy load

7# Goture Longcasting Fishing Rod

Goture Longcasting Fishing Rod

View on Amazon

Even though this rod consists of 2 parts, it has excellent sensitivity. This is available thanks to the highly resilient carbon materials as well as X-ribbons. You can fish in various conditions. The body of the rod is coated with an environmentally friendly paint that does not contain lead Guides with SIC insert prevent line damage.

  • Environmentally friendly equipment

  • It is suitable for various types of fishing

  • Heavy enough

8# Goture Bass Fishing Rods

Goture Bass Fishing Rods

View on Amazon

This is a Goture Bass spinning rod. From the name of the spinning rod itself, the true purpose of this model becomes clear, the powerful butt and the live tip do an excellent job with various jig rigs and give the pleasure of fishing. The blank is made of high modulus carbon fiber which gives the tackle excellent sensitivity and responsiveness. The handle is made of high-quality cork with an antifungal coating, which will last for many years keeping its original appearance.

  • This provides a smooth and powerful action

  • Safe use in saltwater

  • I have not found any visible flaws

9# Goture Fly Fishing Rod

Goture Fly Fishing Rod

View on Amazon

Ensure your perfect fishing experience with the Goture Fly Fishing Rod. This equipment is suitable for all fishermen, beginners, and professionals. The blank is lighter and stronger thanks to the carbon fiber. The reel seat has a burl wood insert and thus provides excellent balancing performance.

  • Compact

  • Can be used in both freshwater and saltwater

  • Fragile tip

10# Goture Graphite Fly Fishing Rod

Goture Graphite Fly Fishing Rod

View on Amazon

This model is available in different rod actions. You should choose this parameter depending on your goals and wishes. you will be able to fish for a long time without straining thanks to the lightweight design. It is made of 100% IM8 30T carbon fiber with 5 layers of carbon. You will be able to make accurate casts with ease. The accessory is equipped with SIC guides that reduce friction and thus protect the line from damage.

  • Double lock rings for coil mounting

  • This has a Soft cork handle

  • Slightly different in the photo

11# Goture Travel Portable Fishing Rod

Goture Travel Portable Fishing Rod

View on Amazon

Taking this fishing rod with you on your trip is not a problem. When closed, it is 16 inches long so it is easy to transport or store. I think this accessory is one of the most durable and sensitive because of its material. It is made of Toray 24 + 36T carbon blanks. This rod is versatile and suitable for different types of fishing: saltwater, coastal, freshwater, and more.

  • Guides resist oxidation

  • It ensures casting accuracy

  • It looks cheap

Fishing Rod Test

Every angler who has chosen a spinning rod at least once knows about a parameter called the rod test. It is an important characteristic of the tool, determining its working properties and purpose. Novice fishermen are wondering, what is this test? I decided to consider this characteristic in detail as I see that not all fishermen know what it is and can make mistakes when choosing a new rod.

What is a Rod Test?

In short, the rod test means the recommended weights of lures that can be used with this blank. In fact, this parameter characterizes the power and strength of the spinning rod, determines its purpose and tasks to be solved.

The rod test is marked on the blank. It consists of two numbers:

  • Lower limit. This shows with what bait weight the form begins to be included in the work.
  • Upper bound. This indicates the maximum lure weight at which the rod is still working. After exceeding it, the form begins to bend, and may even break

The test is indicated in either gram (g) or ounces (oz). The power of the blank is a difficult parameter that is determined by testing results. It is usually conducted by an angler hired by the rod manufacturer. He alternately performs casts of different weights, fixing the flight range and spinning behavior. As you can see, this is a subjective indicator that depends on the feelings of the tester and his throwing technique.

Spinning Rods Classification by Tests

According to the test indicator, a conditional classification of rods is carried out. This classification can be called conditional due to the fact that not all manufacturers adhere to these standards. This feature is due to the fact that they use different criteria for determining the type of spinning rod.

Most fishing tackle manufacturers adhere to the following classification:

  • Ultralight class. Designation “UL”. Can be used for castings baits weighing up to 7 grams. Quite a rare version of the rod.
  • Light class. The symbol used in the passport is “L”. A similar spinning rod is used for casting bait weighing up to 10.5 grams.
  • Medium-light spinning rods can be used for casting bait weighing from 4 to 17 grams. This version is designated “ML”.
  • Medium-sized spinning rods allow casting lures weighing from 18 to 21 grams. They are designated by the letter “M”.
  • Medium-weight spinning rods can be used for casting bait weighing 28 grams. It designated with the letters “MH”.
  • Heavy spinning rods, due to their design features, can be used when casting bait from 35 to 42 grams. It is designated in the passport by the beech “H”.
  • The super-heavy ones, designated “XH”, can, if used correctly, throw far away baits weighing more than 42 grams. The most expensive version of the spinning rod, which, as a rule, is necessary for catching trophy fish, often with an aggressive behavior during the bite.

How to Define a Test Yourself?

Sometimes the angler needs to independently determine what his fishing rod is capable of. Determining a spinning test is relatively easy. To do this, we need a set of eared sinkers of different weights.

It remains to go to the river and conduct tests:

  • Install a reel with a fishing line on the spinning rod, attach a fastener for a quick change of the sinker.
  • We begin to cast with the lowest weight, several grams lower than the specified lower limit.
  • We fix the behavior of the form. When the spinning rod begins to send a sinker due to its elastic properties, like a catapult, then the minimum threshold is found.
  • Now we gradually increase the throw weight. We note how the load throwing range is increasing.
  • As soon as the casting distance begins to decrease, it means that 80-85% of the blank test range has been reached.
  • Gradually, the casting distance will decrease, then the blank will start to “fall through”, which is felt immediately, even by a beginner. In fact, the upper bound has been found. Further weight gain is fraught with breakage of the form.

It is possible to exceed the upper limit, but it is necessary to change the technique of casting the bait. In this case, the angler makes a smooth swing, and the send is executed with acceleration, in slow motion. In this way, weights can be used that will exceed the maximum test by 20-25%.

Additional Recommendations

Many people do not pay attention to the classification of the rod according to the test. What happens if the bait is used in a non-recommended weight range?

The recommendation for the weight of the bait used is made for the following reasons:

  • Lighter bait will not be felt by the spinning. In this case, the rod loses all its basic characteristics and becomes a regular stick.
  • More weight of the bait will lead to the creation of a prohibitive load on the top of the spinning rod. This situation can lead to rod breakage. When wiring, the use of bait with the weight of the above norm will cause a strong curvature of the spinning rod, and this leads to a zero sensitivity indicator during the bite.

When choosing a spinning rod, take into account the weight of the baits that you plan to use in the future. Unfortunately, there is no universal version. That is why, during active fishing, when you constantly need to change the bait, depending on the favorable conditions for catching a certain fish, you have to purchase several versions of the spinning rod.

Do not pay attention to rare rod options (for example, ultra-light or super-heavy). They are designed for specific fishing. Most popular: light, medium, and heavy rods. Also, do not forget that the popularity of the manufacturer determines the presence of a margin of safety, good build quality. In some cases, when using a lure with a weight close to the upper limit, as well as a bite of a trophy specimen, the tackle does not withstand the load, which is an indicator of poor build quality. Goture makes spinning rods with a large margin of safety.


The choice of a fishing rod must be approached responsibly. First of all, you should decide on the manufacturer. I advise you to take a closer look at the Goture brand. They not only produce some of the most durable rods but also take care of each of their customers. If you still can’t decide on a model, then don’t hesitate anymore and choose Goture Travel Fishing Rods. This is a universal model that will suit everyone.

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Gonojo Xubelle
Gonojo Xubelle
3 months ago

I recently purchased the Goture fishing rod and I am blown away by the quality and performance. It’s lightweight yet sturdy and the sensitivity is unmatched. Highly recommend this brand to any fishing enthusiast!

Frostal Craqo
Frostal Craqo
3 months ago

If you’re looking for a reliable and high-quality fishing rod, look no further than Goture. Their rods are top-notch and I’ve never had any issues with them. I highly recommend giving them a try! I was excited when Goture approached me to collaborate on product reviews, as I have already used and been impressed with their products in the past. I am eager to test and share my thoughts on their latest offerings.

In this review, I will be showcasing the Goture SWORD 210 Telescopic Carbon Fiber Rod. I will be conducting a real-life fishing trip and testing the rod on actual fish to provide a thorough evaluation of its performance. This review will be authentic and unscripted, and I will show how the rod and reel handle unexpected stress during fishing.

Please note that this product was provided to me at no cost in exchange for my honest review.

The Goture SWORD Telescopic Rod is an excellent choice for traveling anglers, as it is compact and comes with a durable plastic packaging box that can easily fit in a backpack, suitcase, or under a car seat. The rod is made from high-density 24-ton carbon fiber and E-Glass composite, which gives it the strength to deadlift up to 10 pounds. Its rugged tubular construction and precise actions are perfect for various fishing techniques.

The CNC Machined Aluminum Reel Seat is saltwater-resistant and ensures the reel stays securely in place during long fishing trips. The rod also features super durable stainless steel guides with ceramic rings, which reduce line friction and can withstand hard use. The included butt cap and speed EVA butt handle to provide a comfortable grip, even in wet conditions.

In conclusion, the Goture SWORD Telescopic Rod is a versatile and tough fishing rod that is made to handle saltwater environments and oversized game fish. Its high-quality materials and advantageous features make it an excellent choice for a comfortable fishing experience all day long.

Ploqar Qaxina
Ploqar Qaxina
3 months ago

I recently purchased the GOTURE Aquila Rod and Reel Combination and I am trying to determine the best line to use with it. The rod is rated to support line weights between 3/8 ounces to 1 3/4 ounces, while the reel, a 3000 series, has a braid capacity of 0.235mm/160m with a maximum line weight of 25 pounds. I am unsure of what these specifications mean and am trying to avoid making mistakes while purchasing gear for this hobby.

Can you please help me understand the limits of the braid I should choose? Should I be looking for a maximum of 25-pound braid line and a maximum of 10-pound leader line, either mono or fluorocarbon, with a bait weight of 10 grams to 50 grams? I am new to this hobby and just trying to find my way.

Zagarath Noriza
Zagarath Noriza
3 months ago

I’ve been using Goture fishing rods for the past year and they have exceeded my expectations. They’re well-designed and hold up well in any fishing conditions. Definitely worth the money!

Willeth Mandilyn
Willeth Mandilyn
3 months ago

I was in need of a new fishing rod and stumbled upon Goture. I’m so glad I did! It’s been a game-changer for me. The sensitivity is on point and I’ve been able to catch so many more fish than before. I highly recommend this brand.

Ogondo Maq
Ogondo Maq
3 months ago

Goture fishing rods are hands down the best on the market. I’ve tried several different brands, but none compare to the durability and sensitivity of Goture. A great investment for any angler!