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Accurate Reels

ACCURATE FISHING – Home of the Best Saltwater Fishing Reels

To enjoy fishing, you need a rod, which in turn must be equipped with a reel that will allow you to turn and extract the line. In this article, I want to tell you about a brand that offers powerful models in the market. In 1990, one family launched a revolutionary series of fishing reels. And already in 1997, the brand Accurate launches TwinDrag® fishing reels. The brand later expanded its line of fishing reels to include 7 blue-water models as well as 8 light-tackle models. All models have become popular with fishermen who are fond of sea fishing.

About History Accurate Fishing

Accurate brand entered the market in 1990 in Los Angeles, California. It was a division of the Accurate Grinding and Manufacturing Corporation. It all started in 1950 when Michael DeMarco invented the technology for jet turbine engine components. In 1997, the sons of Michael’s son-in-law came up with an idea that turned the business around. One of the sons – Douglas, asked why there were drags on only one side of the spool. After this question, 3 years later, the first reel with TwinDrag technology appeared. This reel was Platinum ATD. And already closer to 2000, the brothers released the complete Platinum ATD series. And in the early 2000s, the Boss line of reels was developed.

Already in 2007, Boss reels were improved and Boss Extreme reels were introduced. After that, such series as Dauntless and the Fury appeared on the market. The new Valiant reel series hit the market in 2015. This series is distinguished by its excellent power and lightweight. This innovation was very popular with fishermen from all over the world and made fishing even more enjoyable. More recently, in 2018, Accurate delighted its fans with a completely different reel: the star drag. The brothers were the first to create the TwinStarDrag reel in the form of the Tern series.

Why a Twin Drag?

Prior to the development of the TwinDrag system, the reel had resistances on only one side of it. This is the same if the car had brakes only on the wheels on one side. This leads to erratic pressure and will also ruin the brakes prematurely. Single-drag reels are no different from this. When the pressure is even on both sides of the reel, the load on the bearings and spool is equally distributed.

TwinDrag reels have less pressure on each side of the spool and thus provide precise drag settings. At the same time, decreasing drag fluctuation. TwinDrag reels are ready to use immediately after unpacking. You don’t need to configure or assembly them. You can set resistance from 1 lb. to lock-down. These reels have smooth and even drag pressure without heat build-up that can harm the fish.

Our Top List Best Accurate Reels – Editor’s Choice

Accurate Platinum Twindrag ATD 50W Reel - Silver - Right HandedAccurateBuy on Amazon
Accurate Boss Dauntless DX2-500 Reel - Silver/BlackAccurateBuy on Amazon
Accurate Valiant BV2-400-B Black Conventional ReelAccurateBuy on Amazon
Accurate Valiant BV-500N Reel - Right-HandedAccurateBuy on Amazon
Accurate Valiant BV2-500-B Black Conventional ReelAccurateBuy on Amazon
Accurate Boss Fury FX-400X Reel - Right-Hand - Silver/GoldAccurateBuy on Amazon
Accurate Boss Valiant 600 Narrow - BV-600N-B BlackAccurateBuy on Amazon
Accurate Boss Valiant 1000 2 Speed Silver/BlueAccurateBuy on Amazon
Accurate FX2-500N Boss Fury 2-Speed Conventional Reel RHAccurateBuy on Amazon
Accurate Tern Star Drag TX-600AccurateBuy on Amazon
Accurate Tern TX-400XL Star Drag ReelAccurateBuy on Amazon

1# Coil Series – ATD Platinum TwinDrag

Accurate ATD Platinum TWINDRAG Conventional Reel

Accurate ATD Platinum TWINDRAG Conventional Reel

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ATD Platinum TwinDrag® is the flagship series of the Precision line. This reel is designed with the Accurate TwinDrag® feature for more powerful and smoother fish retrieval. The larger ATD models can handle over 100 pounds of resistance when pulling out the bluefin and marlin giant tunas. They withstand loads of this resistance due to the uniform pressure applied to both sides of the reel with two synchronized dogs for maximum stopping power. These reels will provide you with smooth and consistent drag throughout the fight with fish with minimal launch inertia. If you want to get the most out of your coarse fishing, the ATD is the best choice for you. This reel consists of 7 bearings and 17-4 gears. They are made of stainless steel. This makes the reel resistant to corrosion and rust.

2# Coil Series – Dauntless

The Dauntless is an Accurate’s Flagship reel. This lightweight and durable reel features a stainless steel ARB bearing and twin synced dogs for maximum stopping power. Accurate’s patented TwinDrag® delivers smooth and consistent drag.

Accurate Boss Dauntless DX2-500 Reel

Accurate Boss Dauntless DX2-500 Reel

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It’s one of the most practical reels on the market. It comes in black and silver. Its mechanism provides maximum braking power. Gear Ratio is 6: 1, 3: 1. Weight 24.3 oz. The advantage of this reel is the sleeved spool for increased castability.

3# Coil Series – Valiant

The Valiant series of fishing reels have become popular in a very short time due to their high quality and performance. Reels are designed with CVX® technology. The reels are distinguished by their curved design. Curved frames and side panels are lighter in weight, but the reel is stronger and more powerful. The coil is not only the lightest but also eliminates the occurrence of resistance fluctuations. This series of reels feature a free spool so you can put all your energy into fighting the fish.

Accurate Valiant BV2-400-B Black Conventional Reel

Accurate Valiant BV2-400-B Reel

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Accurate fishing reel with CVX technology and TwinDrag function. Thanks to the advanced lightweight design, you can fish for a long time without tired hands. The reel has an ARB which is made of stainless steel. You cannot be afraid of the early wear of materials. The reel is equipped with a patented DirecShift 2-speed mechanism.

Accurate Valiant BV-500N Reel Right-Handed

Accurate Valiant BV-500N Reel

View on Amazon

Now fishing will become easier and more enjoyable. Lightest reel with CVX technology. Anglers appreciate this reel not only for its lightweight but also for its stronger gear shaft. This allows for increased torque. The reel is also equipped with a sleeved spool, which increases castability.

Accurate Valiant BV2-500-B Black Conventional Reel

Accurate Valiant BV2-500-B Reel

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The stylish black reel will appeal to any angler who appreciates not only the performance but also the look of the reel. It is equipped with a comfortable grip for extended fishing. The reel weighs 16.3 ounces and has a 6: 1/3: 1 gear ratio. The coil has a maximum drag of 30.

4# Coil Series – Boss Extreme Reels

Boss Extreme reels are the brand’s first products. These reels are the first to be equipped with the TwinDrag® system. The reels of this series have been improved and are made from stronger, lighter materials, and also have a new design.

Accurate Boss Fury Single Speed Reel

Accurate Boss Fury Single Speed Reel

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This Fury series reel is made of durable materials and has a uniquely attractive design. The reel is equipped with four class 5 ABEC bearings in stainless steel. This allows the reel not to wear out ahead of time and, on the contrary, prolongs its useful life. It also has stainless steel gears. The reel is equipped with a double anti-reverse dawg system.

Accurate Boss Valiant 600 Narrow BV-600N-B

Accurate Boss Valiant 600 Narrow

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This reel is so light that it is hardly felt in the hands. Therefore, you can rest assured that you can extend your fishing hours. If you’ve never used an Accurate reel, you’ll be thrilled with the TwinDrag® feature. The materials are incredibly durable, allowing you to use the reel for many years.

Accurate Boss Valiant 1000 2 Speed

Accurate Boss Valiant 1000 Reel

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This reel provides over 40 pounds of drag and is also equipped with a TwinDrag feature. This ensures smoother as well as increased strength and reliability during use. The reel also features a larger grip for greater comfort. It also has a sleeved spool for good linearity. The reel is equipped with a DirecShift mechanism for instant engagement.

5# Coil Series – Fury

Accurate Fury 2 Speed Conventional Reel

Accurate Fury Conventional Reel

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These reels are in the low price range and are suitable for anglers on a budget, but they are powerful and have the same characteristics as the best Accurate reels. If you are looking for a good reel at an attractive price, then the Fury is the reel for you.

6# Coil Series – Tern

If you want smooth star drag, then this is a perfect choice. TwinStarDrag is designed so that you can have power over fish and put more pressure on it. The reel is equipped with a light yet strong frame thanks to CVX technology. This series of reels provides high strength, castability as well as smooth braking.

Accurate Tern Star Drag TX-600

Accurate Tern Star Drag TX-600

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This is the First Star Drag Reel made from aircraft-grade aluminum. This reel has an attractive design and high quality. It has high performance and power. It has a smooth drag and drop system and can handle just about anything.

Accurate Tern TX-400XL Star Drag Reel

Accurate Tern TX-400XL Star Drag Reel

View on Amazon

First Star Drag Reel with CVX design. The reel has an anti-reverse bearing, which is made of stainless steel for long-lasting use. The device has a braid capacity: 500/50 and a 6: 1 gear ratio. It also has a power knob.

7# Valiant Rods

In addition to reels, Accurate includes the Valiant line of rods. So that anglers have no questions about which rod to use on their Valiant reels, the company has introduced ideal rods for different reel sizes. This is the best deal on the market for those looking for a lightweight yet powerful rod to match their Valiant reels. The composite material from which they are made provides such lightness of rods. The Valiant Rods includes 12 models designed to fit BV-300 to BV-600.

Shopping Guide

Fishing is an activity that many people do and it requires having quality fishing equipment. In this article, you have met one of the best brands and their reels. However, I want to provide you with a guide to help you choose the reel that will suit your purpose if you are unsure of the choice:

  • Design. The peculiarity of this equipment is that the parts should be lightweight, which will ensure comfort while fishing. The weight of these products is determined by the manufacturing materials from which they are made. They will also show you how much a fishing reel costs. These devices are usually made of metal. In most cases, these include an anodized or graphite aluminum frame that tends to be lightweight. Likewise, the reel is made up of other parts that are also made of aluminum or stainless steel to make them more resistant to corrosion that water can cause.
  • The size. Fishing tackle is usually specific, so before making a purchase, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the moments that will lead to an effective choice. Reels are usually labeled with a nomenclature that can range from 1000 to 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000, 8000, and even 12000 or more. This number is intended to give you the reel size (most common fixed reel). In order to choose the size, you need to know what type of fishing will take place. Large models are recommended for surfing, bottom fishing, deep-sea fishing, carp fishing, among other methods because they require a lot of thread, so the reels must be large capacity. Now if you choose a spinning you can choose a smaller reel.
  • Bearings and Mechanism. An economical fishing reel is an alternative that will appeal to more than one user, but the price of this equipment usually varies depending on the number of bearings and braking system. These parts are responsible for making the equipment run more smoothly during operation, so the more bearings there are, the smoother the use will be. In addition, the braking mechanism is important. The brake must be precise and gradual.
  • Capacity, Design, and Ratio. On the market, you can find all kinds of fishing reel designs, from classic to modern, that are ergonomically designed for more fun. Likewise, they are available in a variety of colors, but apart from aesthetics, they must be functional and comfortable to ensure proper handling.

In addition, this equipment has a spool, the capacity of which will determine the amount of filament that can be stored in it. This characteristic varies depending on the reel and is usually represented by a number that determines the number of meters and the diameter of the wire. In addition, this ratio is another characteristic in these devices that assumes the speed of recovery and is usually represented by three numbers.


Accurate fishing reels are powerful, lightweight devices that suit fishermen with a variety of goals and preferences. The brand has released various series of reels that are currently available on the market. Therefore, everyone can find something suitable for themselves.

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