Best Boots For Ice Fishing 2022

Our Selection Best Shoes For Winter Fishing

The first question that came to my mind when I found out that there are special boots for ice fishing is “Why do I need these boots at all? I am quite comfortable in my everyday winter shoes and I do not even freeze if my feet are dry.”

How wrong I was because specialized winter fishing shoes are just something. It keeps your feet from freezing even if you wet your socks, saves you from slipping on ice, rain and snow, and is very warm. In this article, we’ll show you the best ice fishing winter shoes to keep your feet safe. Let’s start!

Top 5 Ice Fishing Boots Review

Guide Gear Monolithic Extreme Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots, 2,400-gram Thinsulate Ultra, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, 10.5D (Medium)Guide GearBuy on Amazon
Muck Boot Women's Arctic Ice Mid Rubber Black/Pink Boots, 8 USMuck BootBuy on Amazon
Norfin Klondaik - Winter Boots for Fishing, Hunting and Hiking - Anti Slip - Retractable ice Cleats for Added Safety and Protection - Made of EVA Material - Removable Insole (12)NorfinBuy on Amazon
Muck Woody Max Rubber Insulated Men's Hunting BootsMuck BootBuy on Amazon
Muck Boots Arctic Pro Bark - Men's 11.0, Women's 12.0 B(M) USMuck BootBuy on Amazon

As with any fishing equipment we’ve reviewed, there are thousands of different boots to suit every size and taste. We have selected for you 5 of the best versatile, reliable, and attractive prices.

1# Guide Gear Monolithic Waterproof Hunting Boots – Our Best Choice

Guide Gear Waterproof Hunting Boots

View on Amazon

One of the best options for ice fishing thanks to its anti-slip sole and incredible thermal insulation. These boots have an 8mm barrier over the outsole to keep you warm from the cold. Plus, they’re pretty tall by themselves, which gives you extra protection from the cold.

Outside, the boots are lined with rubber overlays, which makes them stronger and more durable. Inside, there is a heater over the entire surface, which even at -30 saved me from frost. The boots are perfectly protected from snow thanks to the dense and high lacing. At the same time, moisture from the inside evaporates quite well. The only negative is the rather flimsy iron loops between the laces. But so far, none of them came off, although I have been using these boots for the third year.

Last but not least, there are lugs on the sole that prevent me from sliding in these boots even on bare ice. The manufacturer claims they also work well on oily surfaces, but I’ve only tested them on ice.

  • Quite high

  • 8mm lining over sole

  • Well protected against slipping

  • High snow lacing

  • Good moisture wicking

  • Flimsy iron lace loops

  • Hard to find in size 10

2# Muck Boot Arctic Ice – Best Pick For Women

Muck Boot Arctic Ice Women

View on Amazon

It is a great choice for women and men with feet size 11 or smaller. Their most important advantage is their large width. If you are constantly having difficulty finding boots that do not press on the sides of your leg, then this is probably your choice.

They are perfectly protected from water and do not get wet even if you step into a puddle up to the ankle. They also do a great job with snow. High lugs on the outsole keep you from gliding on ice and provide excellent traction.

They are very comfortable to put on, as the boots have a soft upper part. These are very warm shoes and you will feel comfortable at temperatures of -20 and -30. The only thing users complain about is that the boots chafe their shins. But this is an optional minus because my foot is not very sensitive and I am quite comfortable in these boots and I have not seen any rubbing. But if you have sensitive feet, we recommend wearing warm socks to make it more comfortable to wear boots.

  • Excellent moisture protection

  • Available in many sizes

  • Keeps you warm very well

  • Convenient to put on

  • Outsole lugs provide excellent slip resistance

  • Can rub the shin

  • 11 is the maximum size for these boots

3# Norfin Klondaik Fishing WInter Boots – Best Non-Slip Pick

Norfin Klondaik Fishing WInter Boots

View on Amazon

If you frequently fall and slide on the ice, then this option is likely to be the best for you. Norfin is a Latvian manufacturer that makes excellent winter clothing and footwear. And these boots are no exception. Their main feature is that they have heels with removable spikes. With them, you can forget about sliding on ice or snow.

Besides, a high 10mm outsole and triple insole are integrated here, which together provide almost perfect thermal insulation. This is one of the warmest boots that I can wear even at -40 and not freeze. A polyester outer layer wicks moisture away from the insole and keeps your feet dry.

The only negative that many users complain about is the size mismatch. So we recommend ordering a model one size or one and a half larger so that the shoes fit well and do not put pressure on your foot.

  • Extra high sole and triple insole for excellent warmth keeping

  • Removable heel spikes that 100% prevent slipping on ice and snow

  • Stylish design

  • Good moisture wicking

  • Do not always correspond to the size according to the table, may be small

4# Muck Boot Woody Max Rubber Boots – Best Versatile Pick

Muck Boot Woody Max Rubber Boots

View on Amazon

Another model from Muck Boot, but now for men and in a huge number of sizes from 5 to 15. This is perhaps one of the most versatile choices that are suitable for fishing, hunting, or regular walks in the woods. And not only in winter, but also in cold spring or autumn. It is not cold in boots at -20-25 and at the same time, it is not hot at higher temperatures.

The sole is elastic and fits well to the foot, but not too high, so if it weren’t for the fleece lining, the foot would be cold already at -30. But thanks to the lining, the boots perform well. They are almost entirely made of rubber on the outside, so you don’t have to worry about getting your feet wet at the most inopportune moment.

  • Available in many sizes

  • Despite the simplicity, they retain heat well

  • Perfectly wicks away and repels moisture

  • Not very high sole

  • Only 1 design

5# Muck Boot Arctic Pro Hunting Boot – Best Pick For Severe Frosts

Muck Boot Arctic Pro Hunting Boot

View on Amazon

This model is very similar to the previous one but designed for colder and harsher conditions. It has a higher sole and a thicker fleece lining. Because of this, the boots are quite heavy and I personally am not used to that weight. But on the other hand, this is offset by incredible warmth even at -50 degrees and excellent moisture removal.

The boots are fully insulated so you don’t have to worry about getting your foot wet in deep snow or a puddle. Also, there are more bulging lugs on the outsole that prevent the boots from sliding on the ice. If the previous version was universal and suitable for a standard winter at -20 and cold autumn, then these strictly winter boots.

  • Available in many sizes

  • Despite the simplicity, they retain heat well

  • Perfectly wicks away and repels moisture

  • Heavy

  • The leg is hot at not very low temperatures

How To Choose Best Boots For Ice Fishing – Buyer’s Guide

As I said, there are so many different fishing boots available on the market right now. And they are all different. Therefore, it is very important to select parameters by which you can determine how well the boots fit the conditions of ice fishing, and whether they do at all. Fortunately, I already did it for you, so now we just have to analyze each item separately.

Water Protection

Wet feet in freezing temperatures will not allow you to sit by the water even for a couple of hours. Therefore, one of the most important parameters in ice fishing boots is waterproof. We recommend that you choose boots from a material that is 100% waterproof. Most often, it is rubber or neoprene. If you often go into puddles or deep snow, then choose boots that have a layer of rubber or neoprene that is high enough or even fills the entire height of the boot.


Even if you have completely waterproof boots, but they are very thin, you will freeze even with completely dry feet. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the shoes are warm enough inside. Boots with Thinsulate are a classic and very warm choice, but if your boots are lined with fleece or neoprene, then you will feel quite warm too.

Ground Grip

Ice and snow are rather slippery, and in winter, almost everything on the reservoir is covered with a thick layer of ice. Therefore, the boots have to withstand the slippery ice well and grip the surface well. It’s good if your boots have at least mm lugs on the outsole that provide good traction on the ground and prevent you from slipping and falling on bare ice. It’s even better if the heel is equipped with studs, which will give you extra support. Then you will not slip almost 100%.


The height of the boot, and in particular the sole, is also very important. The further your foot is from the cold ground, the warmer it remains. It is important to choose boots for winter fishing with a fairly high sole of at least 1cm and 1-2 linings. The height of the boot itself is also important. Since the taller boot will protect you from snow and slush when you step on them. But on the other hand, it will be more difficult for you to move in them through the snowdrifts. So everything here is purely individual.


In most cases, the better the boot is protected from the cold, the heavier it is. Since the manufacturer equips the boot with rubber, a large number of linings, a thick and heavy sole to protect it from the cold. If you have a long and hard day of walking through the snowdrifts to get to the reservoir, then it is better to choose high, but lightweight boots. And bring a pair of warmer, heavier boots with you so that your feet don’t get too tired as you get to the water. And if you get by car directly to the lake and after 5 minutes are already sitting by the hole, then you can take the heavier version.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Fishing Boots

Many people often have questions about the necessity and advisability of buying and wearing special shoes for winter fishing. So we decided to collect all these questions in one section and answer all of them at once. You will find them below.

Do I need special ice fishing shoes?
Of course, you can wear your regular shoes when fishing if you are comfortable and comfortable in them. But do not forget that ice fishing means sitting for several hours in freezing temperatures and slippery ice. And ordinary shoes often fail to cope with such conditions. Therefore, a pair of ice fishing boots can save your feet from cold and dampness and allow you to enjoy your fishing in warmth and comfort.
Do the ice spikes on the boots really work?
Some boots come with icy heel spikes. They significantly improve traction and prevent slipping. Therefore, yes, they do work, but this is not the most obligatory attribute for boots. It is enough if they have lugs on the sole that prevent slipping. And the thorns are just an additional measure to save you from slippery ice.
What are the best winter boots for ice fishing?
If I were picking the best ice fishing shoe from the entire list, it would be the Guide Gear Monolithic Waterproof Hunting Boots. They are very durable, well protected from cold and moisture, and have a high-quality non-slip sole.
What are the warmest ice fishing boots?
If we talk about the warmest boots for winter fishing, then this is the Muck Boot Arctic Pro Hunting Boot. They have the best cold protection, thick sole, and warm lining. But they are also the heaviest on the entire list.
How to keep your feet warm when ice fishing?
Well, first of all, buy a pair of quality, cold-resistant ice fishing shoes. Make sure they are comfortable and comfortable when wearing thick warm socks. On very cold days, you can even wear two pairs of socks. I always take an extra pair of socks with me when I go fishing in case it gets too cold or if I somehow get my feet wet so that I can change socks at any time and stay safe.

Summing Up

A good pair of boots will keep you comfortable, warm, and healthy, even on the coldest winter fishing trip.

Dress warmly enough to go fishing and spend several hours by the water. Also, do not forget about gloves, a scarf, and other equipment that you will need for ice fishing.

Have a nice fishing!

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