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Headlamp for Fishing

Top 16 Best Headlamps: Reviewed & Compared for Night Fishing

Vont Spark LED Headlamp4

Many fishermen prefer to fish at night. The time when it is really quiet and peaceful. Most people choose nighttime because it is a great way to relax after a hard day’s work. But night fishing will be in vain if you do not have a night lamp. What is it for? The fisherman needs to see what is happening on the water.


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And I advise you to choose a headlamp for fishing. Your hands will be free and the lamp will not interfere with your movements, but you will have light. There are a lot of them, so the choice is not easy to make. I have found 16 high-quality lamps for you. I did it to save you time. I will tell you about the best lamps and about their pros and cons. And after reading the article, it will be easier for you to make a choice.

fishing with a lantern at night

We present to you best pick headlamp for fishing – editor’s choice

1# Vont Spark LED Headlamp Flashlight Super Bright Head Lamp – #1 Best Seller in Headlamps

Vont Spark LED Headlamp

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When it comes to finding the best headlamp for fishing, the Spark Headlamp from Vont is second to none in the market. Performance-wise, the Spark Headlamp gives you around 200 lumens of illumination from its proprietary LED lights, that’s enough to light up, up to 100 meters of surroundings ahead of you, whether you’re on the water or on the road on your way to your fishing trip. And with its one-touch control button, you can easily toggle through its various modes (low/medium/high/strobe or SOS) depending on the level of brightness you need for your activity.

Vont Spark LED Headlamp2

Built with military-grade materials, the Vont Spark Headlamp has passed stringent tests and evaluations to prove that it’s water and drop resistant—again, making it the ideal headlamp to use not only for your fishing expeditions but also for other outdoor and night activities, where it can be used even under extreme pressure and weather conditions.

Vont Spark LED Headlamp3

The Vont Spark Headlamp also comes with an adjustable strap precision designed with a sturdy stretch so you have both your hands free to go about your activities without having to worry about your headlight loosening up every now and then.

Reliable and Extreme

Top all that with the lifetime quality promise that the Vont Spark Headlamp carries, as with all the other innovations from Vont’s product line, it should be no surprise why this monster of a headlamp has consistently stayed as one of Amazon’s best-selling headlamps.

  • Ultra Bright & Long-Lasting

  • Easy 7 Light Mode Toggle

  • Ergonomic 45° Tilt

  • Waterproof, Drop-Resistant & Portable

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Flashlight supplied without detailed instructions

Comfortable and Functional

2# Cobiz Headlamp Flashlight USB Rechargeable

Cobiz Headlamp Flashlight USB Rechargeable

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It is not by chance that I begin my review with this model. It is in great demand among fishermen and not only. People write mostly positive reviews about this model. This lamp has a very good battery. You don’t have to worry about charging all night. Most lights have one color mode. This headlamp is provided for different purposes. You can adjust the light as you need or want.

The lamp has 4 light settings. If you need a clear focused color, choose low lighting settings. If you want the lamp to shine widely and intensely, then choose a medium or high mode. What other advantages does this model have?

Of course, it’s water-resistant. Not all fishermen fish on the shore. Some people prefer to do it in the middle of the sea or ocean. And so it is important that the lamp works even if water gets in. The headband is adjustable. Therefore, you do not need to find out whether you fit the size or not before buying this headlamp.

  • Good battery. Works up to 8 hours

  • Brightness selection

  • Waterproof

  • It’s hard to find the switch when the lamp is on your head

various forms of headlights

3# Luxolite LED Headlamp Flashlight with Red Led Light

Luxolite LED Headlamp Flashlight

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If you think that this lamp can only be used for fishing, then you are mistaken. It can be used while running or if you need to find something in a dark attic. It is very light. Weighs 3 ounces. It will not cause you any discomfort. So the material is very soft. Its headband is adjustable. If you plan to buy a headlamp for different purposes and people, then this is what you need.

Thanks to the adjustment of the headband, it can be used by both adults and children. You can choose white or red light. You can set any brightness you need. This is done using two buttons. Even if it starts to rain while fishing, the lamp will continue to shine. This is all thanks to its water resistance. This headlamp will be a great helper during night fishing and not only.

  • There is a choice of brightness

  • Lightweight

  • Durable

  • The battery may fail quickly

various types of fishing with a headlamp at night

4# Optimal Ventures LED 802100 Broadbeam LED Headlamp

Optimal Ventures LED 802100 Broadbeam LED Headlamp

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For the most part, headlamps look bulky enough, even if they don’t weigh much. Many people don’t like it. If you are one of these people, then you should like this model. The design of this lamp is compact. And most importantly, this lamp is affordable. For this price, the quality exceeds all expectations. Buyers note that this headlamp is comfortable to wear. Especially the fact that it is adjustable. You can buy one lamp, and your whole family can use it. The lighting is 210 degrees. Illuminates a large space. The lamp has three modes of operation. Low, high, and off. This is the lantern you are looking for!

  • Affordable

  • three working modes

  • Wide lighting

  • Comes without batteries

types of light beam from the head lamp

5# VITCHELO V800 Headlamp Flashlight with White and Red LED Lights

VITCHELO V800 Headlamp

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You will fall in love with this lamp. White and red light is what really attracts buyers in this headlamp. Red light is perfect when you need to turn on the light sharply in the dark. Thanks to this color, you do not blind your eyes. During fishing, this is especially necessary. I would like to note that the red light has a flashing mode.

This is great when you want to give some kind of signal. For example, to show a passing car that you are going to. White light has several brightness levels. So you can adjust it from the least bright to the brightest. And there are two different buttons for these two lights. It’s convenient. No need to switch in search of what you need.  The headlamp has a great battery. Capable of working up to 120 hours at low brightness.

  • Powerful battery

  • Resistant to water

  • Convenient buttons for turning on the light

  • Many note that after six months the lamp breaks

various forms of headlights

6# Soft Digits Headlamp Flashlight USB Rechargeable Headlight

Soft Digits Headlamp

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If you like to fish at night, you know how light is needed. And it is also important that it does not occupy your hands. This headlamp was invented for this purpose. It will not cause you any problems. But it is worth warning that its size is quite large. It shines so brightly that even a plane flying over you may think that this is the place of its landing. The lamp has 4 light functions. Bright, medium, low, and flash. You can switch between them with a single button. The lamp has a USB rechargeable battery. It works for a long time. This allows you not to worry about the fact that the device may stop lighting at the most inopportune moment.

  • Rechargeable

  • The choice of light mode

  • Large enough

convenient to catch at night with a flashlight on your head

7# QS Rechargeable Headlamp Hard Hat Light – Amazon’s Choice

QS Rechargeable Headlamp Hard Hat Light

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A headlamp is a great thing to spend the night fishing. It is important that you feel comfortable. Therefore, the manufacturers of this lamp took care of the quality of the belts. They hold up perfectly on your head. They don’t pinch or fall off. The batteries last a long time. There is a USB charging cable. The led does not consume much energy. But it shines brightly. You have the option to choose the light mode. The price corresponds to the quality.

  • Soft material

  • Economical

  • 3 modes of light

  • The problem is that the plug from the USB cable is not suitable for all outlets

simple and light night lights

8# EverBrite 2-Pack Headlamp Flashlight – Amazon’s Choice

EverBrite 2-Pack Headlamp

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The construction of this lamp is designed so that you can comfortably wear it on your head. You can adjust as you need. Suitable for any head size. Therefore, it can be used by both adults and children. Review of the light 90 degrees. You don’t miss anything out of sight. You can use the lamp not only during fishing but also for other purposes. And this is especially easy to do when there is a choice of light brightness. You have the ability to adjust the light in different ways. Make it dim or too bright. 4 levels of light. Powerful batteries allow you to use the lamp for up to 5 hours.

  • Adjustable

  • Powerful headlights

  • I didn’t find them

best selling night headlights

9# Lighting EVER LED Headlamp Flashlight – Amazon’s Choice

Lighting EVER LED Headlamp

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Use this headlamp not only for fishing but also for reading, walking the dog, or other things. 3 modes of white light and red light are available to you. The red light may flash. Very light. Weighs just 3.2 ounces. You won’t even feel like that you have something on your head. It is not terrible if water gets on it, but it is recommended not to completely immerse it in water. Nice price. I think the lamp works great for its price.

  • Light

  • The red light can work up to 10 hours

  • You need to tighten the straps well so that the lamp does not fly off your head

tightly fixed headlights

10# Elmchee Rechargeable Headlamp 6 LED 8 Modes 18650 USB – Amazon’s Choice

Elmchee Rechargeable Headlamp

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If you are looking for a light version of the lamp, then this model will not work for you.  But the size justifies itself. It shines very brightly. It illuminates well even at a long distance. Convenient to use. No need to take out the batteries to charge them. This can be done with a USB wire. They work long hours. I can forget about recharging for the next 8 hours.

  • 8 modes

  • Waterproof

  • USB cord

  • The lamp may heat up. Be careful

lights on the head with great light

11# MsForce Headlamp Brightest Providing Original Bright 1080 Lumens

MsForce Headlamp

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I am sure that this lamp will exceed all your expectations. The bandage is wide and fits snugly to the head. However, it is still regulated. The headlamp illuminates over long distances. You can see what is happening far away from you. But you can also adjust the light so that it shines less. The device can withstand rain, cold or unbearable heat.

  • It comes with a USB cable, charger, carry bag and guide

  • Comfortable for the head

  • It looks big enough

12# MsForce Ultimate LED Headlamp Bright 1200 Lumens Comfort

MsForce Ultimate LED Headlamp

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This lamp is capable of illuminating at close and far distances. It can even work 180 degrees at maximum illumination. The battery can work all night. Buyers note that they like that the batteries are on the back of the head. This balances the weight. Great lamp for your night fishing!

  • The lamp is charged using a USB wire

  • 5 modes

  • Easy to remove batteries

  • Big

the most fashionable night fishing lights

13# Flowmist Headlamp Brightest 21 LED 9 Modes Work Headlamp – Amazon’s Choice

Flowmist Headlamp

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This flashlight is what you need for comfortable fishing. The headlight has 21 led lamps. And there is also a red light that can illuminate for 500 meters. The bandages themselves are of excellent quality. They sit tight on the head. They will not subside and you will not be nervous. It is possible to find out the power of the battery using the switch. It can be used during rain or extreme heat.

  • Suitable for all weather conditions

  • 9 modes

  • The batteries are not powerful

14# Lighting EVER LED Rechargeable Headlamp Flashlights – Amazon’s Choice

Lighting EVER LED Rechargeable Headlamp

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You will get 3 lamps. Their advantage is that they are light. Their weight is only 2.86 ounces. At the same time, they sit perfectly on your head. You won’t even feel a lamp on your head. It shines white and red light. White light has 3 brightness levels, and red light has 2. You can use it continuously for 30 hours. After 4 hours of charging, you can use the lamp again.

  • Lightweight

  • You will get 3 lamps

  • 5 light modes

  • Not to be found

15# EverBrite 5-Pack LED Headlamp Flashlight

EverBrite 5-Pack LED Headlamp

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An indispensable device during night fishing. With this lamp, you can even see what is happening far away from you. The ray of light has a range of 20 meters. You can choose from 4 lighting modes. Or choose 2 or 4 lamps at the same time. It depends on your goals. The light has a view of up to 90 degrees. The headlamp will be convenient for any head. It has a great design that adapts to any size.

  • Illuminates at a long distance

  • Lightweight

  • Bright lights

  • Batteries quickly stop working

16# BRIGENIUS Rechargeable Headlamp 13000 Lumen 8 Modes

BRIGENIUS Rechargeable Headlamp 13000

View on Amazon

If you have ever encountered such a problem as dim lighting of the lamp even with new batteries, then you should like this model. This lamp has 7 LEDs that shine brightly. You can use both white and red light. And at the same time, you can choose between 8 light modes. This is convenient and suitable for all purposes of using the lamp. The headlamp has a solid construction. If she falls to the ground, nothing will happen to her. It also resists water. It won’t stop working if water gets on it.

  • Works in all weather conditions

  • Convenient light control buttons

  • Quite bulky


How many lumens do you need for night fishing?
There is no exact answer to this question. It is worth noting that the price of the lamp will depend on the number of lumens. The more lumens, the more expensive the lamp is. But you will need a lamp with 40 lumens. And pay attention that the more lumens, the faster the battery wear out. Therefore, only through trial and error, you can understand how much you will be enough lumens.
What are the highest lumens for headlights?
Fishing lamps can increase up to 6000 lumens plus.


As you have noticed all the headlamps in my article are worthy of your attention. When choosing a model, think about what is most important to you. Pay attention to the light modes, water resistance, light types, brightness.  Based on these characteristics and your goals, choose a lamp. Therefore, I advise you to re-read the review again.

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