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Don’t forget to take with you one of the most important and useful tools for ice fishing. To avoid freezing holes, use an ice fishing scoop. And also you can clean the hole so you can start fishing. You may need this tool to get the bait out of the bucket. My review will help you choose a quality scoop for ice fishing, and I will also tell you how to choose the right tool. Don’t waste your time on a long search for a tool! For this, I have selected the 10 best ice scoops for ice fishing. Read my review and choose!

TOP 10 Best Ice Fishing Scoops – Editor’s Choice

Convenient fishing with Ice Fishing Scoop

Lakco 700 Slush Skimmer 12”LakcoBuy on Amazon
Mega Scoop RetractableRapalaBuy on Amazon
Frabill Ice Scooper | Extra-Large Ladle For Scooping Out Ice While Ice FishingFRABILLBuy on Amazon
Berkley Ice Fishing ScoopBuy on Amazon
Celsius TS-3 Telescopic Skimmer 3'When Ext, Multi, One SizeCelsiusBuy on Amazon
HT Enterprise ESK-2 All Metal Skimmer 18 Handle 6 Cup, Multicolor, One SizeHT EnterpriseBuy on Amazon
VGEBY Ice Fishing Scoop Skimmer, Plastic Foldable Detachable Winter Ice Fishing ScoopVGEBYBuy on Amazon
Jiffy 1840-D Chipper Dipper 4.75-Inch Ladle with D-Icer ArmorJiffyBuy on Amazon
kaaka Multipurpose Portable Ice Fishing Scoop Colander Tool Wood Handle Slush Skimmer Household Outdoor Garden Helper ToolkaakaBuy on Amazon
Mega ScoopRapalaBuy on Amazon

1# Lakco 700 Slush Skimmer

Lakco 700 Slush Skimmer

View on Amazon

If you are looking for a quality scoop at a good price, then you have already found it. This is a good option for ice fishing. It does a good job of clearing the hole of slush and preparing the hole for fishing. But the functions of the tool don’t end there. You can check the thickness of the ice or measure fish with a tape measure. The handle is long enough so you don’t need to make much effort to clean the hole. You can even do this while sitting on a chair and not get up. The handle is sturdy. Also, this scoop is curved from above so you can easily hang it on a sled or bucket. This is for easy transportation. The red color of the tool makes it noticeable on the ice.

  • Bright noticeable color

  • Long handle

  • Curved construction

  • Good price

  • Measuring tape

  • I wish it was stronger

2# Rapala Retractable Mega Scoop

Rapala Retractable Mega Scoop

View on Amazon

This scoop is in great demand among fishermen. Its quality and functionality make it possible to clean the hole of slush and do it with convenience. I would like to note the handle of this tool. It extends up to 34 in size. This means you don’t have to bend over. Your back and arms will not hurt. When you don’t use the tool, push the handle back. It is convenient for storage. The scoop is folding. Moreover, it is lightweight.

  • Not heavy

  • Portable

  • Extendable handle

  • There is an adjustable wrist strap

  • In the photo, the scoop seems smaller than it is

3# Frabill Ice Deluxe Scooper

Frabill Ice Deluxe Scooper

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Most anglers value Frabill products. They have some of the best ice fishing tools. Therefore, there is no doubt about the quality of this scoop. It is made of durable plastic. It will not break at very cold temperatures. But if you choose a model from cheap plastic, then most likely the scoop will break. The handle is quite dense and thick. But it is made to be comfortable to hold. Even if you do it with thick gloves. Choose this scoop if you want to clear holes of large sizes starting with 8. You can clear the hole of ice without any problems thanks to a 3-foot handle. The producers also made sure that you can measure the thickness of the ice or the size of the fish. You can do this with a ruler.

  • Good grip length

  • Durable plastic

  • Suitable for use in bad weather conditions

  • Built-in ruler

  • Not suitable for small holes

4# Berkley Ice Fishing Scoop

Berkley Ice Fishing Scoop

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If you are a fishing enthusiast in harsh winter conditions, then you need a very durable product. It must withstand any frost and must cope with any thickness of the ice. The Berkley scoop can handle this all. It is done very well. The tool is made of stainless steel. This material can withstand any low temperatures, doesn’t crack, and doesn’t break. The ruler on the handle allows you to find out the size of the catch or measure the thickness of the ice. You will appreciate this product.

  • Can be used in severe weather conditions

  • The material is stainless steel

  • 15-inch ruler

  • Not suitable for holes less than 6

5# Celsius Telescopic EVA Handle TS-3 Ice Skimmer Extended

Celsius Telescopic TS-3 Ice Skimmer Extended

View on Amazon

This tool will serve you for many seasons. Pull out the handle and clean the hole without even getting up from your chair. Length allows you to do your job without a burden on your body. You no longer need to bend over! The scoop is completely metal therefore durable. It can be used at low temperatures. This product is responsible for its quality and is loved by many anglers.

  • Solid construction

  • Handle expands

  • Easy to use

  • The metal edges are sharp. Be careful

6# HT Enterprises Handle Metal Skimmer Cup

HT Enterprises Handle Metal Skimmer Cup

View on Amazon

At first glance, the design of the scoop seems too simple, but the design is very durable. The tool does its job perfectly. It will help you clean the hole without any difficulty. It can also be used to measure the length of your catch. This is a great thing for ice fishing.

  • Durable packaging

  • Sturdy tool

  • The ruler is available

  • Quickly removes slush from holes

  • Dim color

7# VGEBY Ice Skimmer Winter Ice Fishing Scoop

VGEBY Ice Skimmer Winter Ice Fishing Scoop

View on Amazon

This scoop has collected the best qualities. An important point when choosing such a thing is material. This tool is made of high-quality plastic. The material is strong enough and can be used for ice fishing. But I would not recommend using a thing at the lowest possible temperatures. A great advantage of this tool is its folding handle. You can fold it for easy storage or take it with you. Also, the handle is comfortable to hold. The material doesn’t slip and provides a reliable grip. The bright red color will help you not to lose the tool while fishing!

  • Comfortable non-slip handle

  • Durable in use

  • Folding design

  • Noticeable color

  • Not convenient to use for deep holes. It starts to fold

8# Jiffy 1840-D Chipper Dipper Ladle with D-Icer Armor

Jiffy 1840-D Chipper Dipper Ladle

View on Amazon

The ice fishing scoop must be strong and reliable. This tool is like that. It has a simple design and works as such a tool should. It is ideal for quickly clearing the hole of snow, slush, and ice. It is quite lightweight and portable. It withstands bad weather conditions, doesn’t crack or break. This is what you need!

  • Design great for quick slush removal

  • Convenient handle. Comfortable to hold even with thick gloves

  • Not heavy

  • Chisel may seem dull

9# Kaaka Multipurpose Portable Ice Fishing Scoop

Kaaka Multipurpose Portable Ice Fishing Scoop

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Make your shared fishing comfortable. With this scoop, you can quickly prepare the hole for fishing. Easy to use. The size allows you to transport the tool without effort and difficulty. The handle is made of wood and works well in the hand. It is comfortable and doesn’t cause tension in your arms and back.

  • Wood handle

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to use

  • Safe to use

  • The handle isn’t long

10# Rapala RMSC34 Mega Scoop

Rapala RMSC34 Mega Scoop

View on Amazon

Clear the hole from slush, and also measure the thickness of your ice! Immediately you can measure the length of the fish thanks to the ruler on the handle. An adjustable wrist strap allows you not to lose the tool and convenient to carry. A long handle allows you to clean the hole without bending and back pain. The scoop is durable and suitable for fishing at low temperatures.

  • It measures the length of catches

  • Adjustable lanyard

  • Sturdy construction

  • Not very convenient to use for a 6-inch hole

It would seem to choose a scoop is simple. If you know what to look for when choosing a tool, then so it is. I want to share with you important points that will help you make a choice.


As a rule, manufacturers choose durable materials for their products. So their scoops work well and serve their customers for many years. The best materials are stainless steel and heavy-duty polyethylene. Stainless steel is used for many tools that are used in the cold. Such material withstands low temperatures and doesn’t crack. It is strong and durable. They are certainly heavier than plastic things. But plastic can’t withstand cold conditions and the thing will break. But this material has its advantages. It is lightweight and portable. If you have a small budget, plastic will work well for you. But don’t forget that such material is prone to breaking at very low temperatures.

Homemade Ice Fishing Scoop


Portability is an important factor for almost all fishing tools. The fisherman has to carry a lot of equipment with him, so it is important that it is light. And also you can easily bring it with you. You need to try to find very heavy scoops for ice fishing. Most of them are lightweight and not bulky. But some models are even more versatile. You can fold the handle. You remove it if you don’t need them. Or you can extend the handle. If you need to put a scoop in a sled or bag, then look for models with folds.

Scoop Size

Don’t forget about this point. You need to know how tedious it can be to clear the hole of slush. It is difficult to keep in a comfortable position. Most likely you bend over and your back hurts. To avoid this, choose a scoop with a long handle. An ideal option would be a handle from 30 inches. And don’t neglect the diameter of your tool. It should not be too wide. Otherwise, you can’t install it in a 7-inch hole.


To make ice fishing comfortable, you will need a special scoop. It will help prepare the hole. You will quickly clear the hole of slush and ice. Some models also measure ice thickness. Choose any of my lists and you will not be mistaken!

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