AB Biller 42 Special Speargun 2023

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AB Biller 42 Special Speargun

AB Biller 42 Special Speargun

If one of your friends or acquaintances of fishermen uses a speargun, then there is a high probability that it will be a spear from AB Biller. Today I have prepared for you an interesting review of the AB Biller mahogany speargun. So if you recently thought about taking a gun for spearfishing, scroll down and we will discuss this speargun, its main advantages, and why this AB Biller is so good.

Why Should I Buy The AB Biller Speargun?

There is not a single product in the world that will meet all the requirements and needs of the consumer. Today I will present the most versatile speargun for most hunters from AB Biller, which has proven itself as the foremost speargun on the market today.

AB Biller 42 Wood Mahogany Speargun

I made a few highlights for you, which are in this speargun so that you understand that we are talking about a really high-quality model. The main advantages of this speargun:

  • Reliable brand and high-quality workmanship of all units.
  • The stainless steel trigger is unsurpassed in reliability and smoothness.
  • The speargun body material, made of high-quality mahogany, is durable and easy to maneuver underwater.
  • Neutral buoyancy absorbs 80% of shot noise.
  • An excellent speargun for hunting trophy fish. Do not forget that many fish such as tuna, marlin, barracuda, jurel, pajerrey, pez espada, peto, anjova, bluefish, serra, and others can develop pulling forces up to 10 times their own weight.
  • High shooting accuracy.
  • An excellent speargun for all spearfishing conditions for freedivers and scuba divers.
  • Open muzzle with lock for easy top loading.
  • The muzzle, grip, and butt are made of high-strength plastic.
  • Easy to operate with one hand: both right and left.
  • The long butt and the shape of the body provide additional comfort when swimming and hunting.
  • Affordable price for such equipment.
  • Size range: 24″ range – 6 feet (1.8 meters) range, 32″ range – 8 feet (2.4 meters) range, 36″ range – 9 feet (2.7 meters) range, 42″ range – 10 feet (3 meters) range, 48″ range – 12 feet (3.7 meters) range.

What You Need to Know Before Buying the Speargun

The first thing to do to start hunting underwater is to buy a license. In Spain on the Canary Islands, it takes little time and is easy to register. But everything may depend on the laws and restrictions of the region or state. I have the following mechanism. You have to go to a pharmacy and buy a “Certificado Medico Oficial” for 3 euros.

Certificado Medico Oficial

Then with this form, I go to the doctor’s therapist. He checks me and conducts a medical examination, then fills out a Certificate, puts his signature and stamp for 20 euros. With this document, I then need to go to a fishing store and through it order the License itself for 40 euros for 3 years. Without a license for spearfishing, your speargun will be useless, and if you still decide to hunt without a license, then you face a fine or worse punishment. So take care of it, it really doesn’t take too long.

License for Spearfishing


AB Biller 42 Wood Mahogany Speargun – Detailed Review

AB Biller 42 Wood Mahogany Speargun

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I have several different underwater spearguns. From the first lines, I will say right away – the AB Biller Wood Mahogany Special Speargun 42 is an excellent choice for both a beginner and an experienced hunter. Almost all functions and materials are thought out.


The cost of a speargun from AB Biller depends on the length of the gun you want to buy. In this review, I’ll show you a 42-inch model. This guy cost me $330. You can choose any of the 5 available lengths, AB Biller is constantly replenishing its stocks and a spear of any length is easy to find on almost any online platform. I must say right away that the gun is worth its money, you will be convinced of this as soon as we start talking about its characteristics.

Package & Shipping

If you order a spear through an online store, then most likely you will receive AB Biller in a regular cardboard box, as I had. It weighs a little more than the speargun itself because there is a lot of filler inside, which protects the gun during transportation.

Package AB Biller 42 Special Speargun

Outside of the box, the gun is packed in a regular zip-lock bag, which does not allow water and air to pass through. In general, I liked the packaging, it is quite safe. But the kit didn’t include a protective case and a spare arrow, which made me a little upset.

Shipping AB Biller 42 Special Speargun

Easy and Fast to Load

One of the advantages of this speargun is that it is easy and fast to load. The line is attached to a special spring behind the arrowhead, has no interference with the shot, and therefore wears out less than on standard European designs. But the Kevlar line gets a little tangled after the shot. So you need to be careful, otherwise, you have to fiddle with the knots after each shot.

Easy and Fast to Load

The Trigger

AB Biller claims the trigger is incredibly reliable and smooth as it is made of high-quality stainless steel. The steel here is really high quality, I have no doubt about that. But what I really would be afraid of is a lot of pressure on the mechanism. Since this unit is not designed for the massive amount of strength you would normally expect from a long gun, it can break if you overload it too much.

Trigger AB Biller 42 Special Speargun

The Handle & Ergonomics

The handle is made of hard plastic and has a protective section for your fingers. It is very durable and of high quality. But in ergonomics, it could be much better. There are no finger grooves to hold the gun more firmly. Besides, the handle is almost perpendicular to the gun. It doesn’t allow the hand to relax. Many pistol grips have a slight tilt in spear guns and this makes them many times more comfortable and ergonomic. 

The Butt

The butt is equipped with a rubber stop, which reduces pain when charging. You still feel recoil when fired, but the rubber softens it a lot. But this does not cause discomfort or any painful sensations, so you will quickly get used to this recoil. Besides, it is quite wide, with a comfortable fossa, and fits well against the shoulder or knee. 

The Tip

AB Biller put here a hardened stainless steel Double Barb Rockpoint with an additional stop for two hooks. The tip is made of very good spring steel, has two barbs, a swivel joint, and a safety cap. This is a very high-quality and comfortable tip.

Tip AB Biller 42 Special Speargun

The Shaft

The AB Biller lance has a heavy-duty 5/16 inch stainless steel shaft. Supplied with threaded shafts, so the bits can be changed instantly if you like. There are shafts on which an additional power range can be placed to increase power, speed, or distance. Three notches for three rods allow for maximum shot power.

The Straps

The speargun has two 9/16” rubber lines. All-natural rubber slings with stainless steel wishbones. Comfortable and easy to use.

Straps AB Biller 42 Special Speargun

The Wood

As I said, the speargun is made of mahogany. It is cut by hand. There is also a small indentation on the top. It improves the accuracy of your shots and absorbs 80% of the noise that the gun makes. Best of all, the tree’s neutral buoyancy makes it easy to track the fish.

Speargun is Made of Mahogany

The Spear

The arrow is robust and has a double petal tip for a secure grip on the fish. In the case of one petal, there is a position where it does not open and the fish can come off.

Spear AB Biller 42 Special Speargun

When carrying, the petals are fixed with a ring. It is not only compact but also safe, you do not risk injuring yourself with petals or a tip, accidentally dropping a spear.

Closed Tip

The retaining ring is made of durable metal and holds the petals securely when folded.

Open Tip

The Muzzle

The muzzle has an open shape and a retainer for easy top loading. It is made of hard plastic and makes it easy to aim the spear directly at the fish. Very convenient and practical to use.

Muzzle AB Biller 42 Special Speargun

Cons of the AB Biller Wood Mahogany Speargun 

No speargun is perfect. Therefore, in this model, I found some disadvantages, which for someone may seem insignificant, but for someone decisive. In any case, there are not so many of them here, but they exist:

  • Initial firing resistance due to the front spring.
  • Slightly heavy arrow (rod) on land and requires strong rubbers.
  • A tench made from kevlar gets a little confused after being shot. Needs accuracy.
  • A long stock requires long arms and makes it partly difficult to prepare the speargun for firing.
  • Supplied without protective cover and spare spear.

How to Use It

Well, I went through all the technical specifications of the gun, now let’s talk about how to use it correctly.


Preparation AB Biller 42 Special Speargun

The speargun is already equipped with a shock absorber and a line out of the box, so you do not have to additionally install them. To finally load the gun, it is enough to tie the line to a special spring with a simple knot. It is not necessary to use metal crimps and polymer lines. Kevlar or tench made of Dynema-material with a diameter of 2 mm is suitable. You can see how I did it in the photo below.


Loading AB Biller 42 Special Speargun

It is enough to insert the arrow into the muzzle (stock) until it stops and a characteristic loud click. A click will tell you that you have securely hooked on the arrow. At the same time, the line does not interfere and does not fray when fired, since it is located in the external location of the muzzle of the gun. The line is laid in 2 turns between two stops-brackets. This assembly makes it easy to hunt deeply underwater and at night. The speargun has very comfortable pulls, so you can easily find the right size, strength, and distance.


American or European Speargun - Which One To Choose?

The country of manufacture of the speargun greatly affects its appearance, design, and performance. Therefore, it is very important to decide on the type of gun so that it is convenient for you to use it.

Let’s start with European guns. They are very compact and therefore very easy to load and use in the water. You do not get tired while moving such a gun, because it is very lightweight. If you are going to catch small fish at close range, this is your future partner in the water. But if you want to go for a big fish, then you should forget about European spear guns.

American spearguns are usually thicker and heavier. Although they are inferior to the European ones in compactness, they are often more powerful and durable and can handle large and heavy fish. Sometimes they are noisier than their European counterparts, but some models perfectly absorb noise. AB Biller is just the representative of American guns. Nevertheless, it is quite versatile for hunting many medium-sized types of fish.

How To Properly Care For Your Speargun?

Although spearguns are not such complex devices, they all need to be cared for. (If, of course, you want it to serve you for a long time). Although the best advice here would be to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, there are a few general rules you can follow.

Cleaning. After each use, rinse the gun with fresh water, remove salt and sand and allow it to dry completely.

Ultraviolet. You need to stay away from ultraviolet radiation, as the elastic of the straps deteriorates much faster under the sun.

Wood. If you have a wooden speargun, do not use it in very hot rooms and do not leave it in the car under the sun. Wood is very sensitive to temperature and can warp, swell, or even crack.

Lubrication. If dirt or sand gets inside the trigger, disassemble it with the instruction manual and lubricate. Otherwise, you risk disabling it. If you want, you can lubricate the rubber too to keep it moist. But rubber is a fairly cheap material and it is easier to replace it if necessary.

Straps. If you are not spearfishing, you can remove the lines and store them in the refrigerator. This way they will last longer.

Powerful guns. If you are using a very powerful speargun, remember that it has a lot more rubber components than other spearguns. You need to additionally rinse it and store it in a dark and cool place when not in use. 

Final Words 

For the price, this is, if not the best, then at least one of the best spearguns of excellent quality. It is very easy to reload, very comfortable, has an excellent stock, body, and arrow. Throw in a little more ergonomics and you’re unlikely to find a better speargun.

If you periodically take care of the gun, lubricate it with oil, then it will serve you for many years. Yes, it’s not the cheapest speargun on my blog, but it’s worth every cent you put into it. If you are looking for something truly versatile, then the AB Biller mahogany speargun is what you need.

I hope my review was helpful to you. Have nice spearfishing!

First Trophy - Octopus

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28 days ago

I’ve been a fan of AB Biller knives for years, and the 42 Special is no exception. The craftsmanship is top-notch and the blade is razor-sharp. This is a must-have for any serious angler.

Product Name
AB Biller
28 days ago

I just purchased the AB Biller 42 Special and have been extremely happy with its performance. The craftsmanship is top-notch and it has quickly become my go-to spearfishing gun.

Product Name
AB Biller 42 Special
28 days ago

The power and accuracy of this gun are impressive. I’ve been able to easily take down larger fish with it, and the rubber sling really adds an extra punch.

28 days ago

The 42 Special is definitely on the pricier side, but in my opinion, it’s worth the investment. You won’t be disappointed with the quality and performance of this speargun.

28 days ago

Overall, I highly recommend the AB Biller 42 Special to any serious spearfisherman. It’s a reliable and powerful tool that will greatly improve your success in the water.

Product Name
AB Biller 42 Special
28 days ago

The AB Biller 42 Special is a high-quality, traditional spearfishing gun that is perfect for experienced spearfishers looking for a reliable and accurate tool. It is made with durable materials and has a sleek design that allows for easy handling and precise aiming. Overall, the AB Biller 42 Special is a top-performing spearfishing gun that is sure to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding spearfishers.

Product Name
AB Biller 42 Special