Omer Cayman GI Camu 75 Speargun Review 2023

Omer Cayman Camu Speargun

The most important and useful thing to know! This underwater gun (75 cm) is an ideal purchase for beginner hunters only. Compact, simple, and reliable. More for learning and first experience.

There are not many spearguns in the world that can match the Omer Cayman GI Camu. I have wanted to get this gun for a long time and today I am going to share my thoughts with you. Because this gun impressed me a lot.

Power is not the main thing that makes it so impressive. This is also accuracy and shot, which each time flies out with a force equal to a more powerful gun. But this is only 75 cm.

This speargun is serious enough to catch a lot of fish every day, yet easy to use and compact enough to be used by anyone, even a novice angler. The Omer Cayman is the premium model that we will review in this article.

Omer Cayman – Product Overview

The new model’s barrel has an integrated rail that helps keep the shot trajectory straight, eliminating barrel kinks and side clutter. This system has three fundamental advantages: the speargun remains stable during firing, even when multiple rubber bands are used. The possibility of accidental “slipping” of the underwater gun is excluded.

The recoil characteristic of classic open-muzzle spear guns is practically absent from this model. This prevents energy loss and gives the speargun more power. The speargun is no longer subject to lateral vibrations when exiting the barrel. As a result, the gun has more power and accuracy than comparable spearguns. The increased barrel volume ensures an optimal balance of the gun even with a 7mm spear and when using double rubber bands. The gun is streamlined and maneuverable regardless of length. The camouflage version differs from the usual unique 3D color of the barrel, applied using a special high-temperature technology.

The camouflage version also has an ergonomic grip. The thickness of the aluminum barrel wall is 1.2 mm for models up to 95 cm and 1.5 mm for longer spearguns. This ensures the best balance and rigidity of the barrel. The integrated guide allows the use of spears up to 7 mm thick. The spear inserted into the rail does not need additional fixation. During the shot, the rubber bands run strictly parallel to the barrel and do not rub against it. The new design of the close muzzle allows for the use of one or two rubber bands.

The Omer Cayman GI Speargun – Detailed Review

This speargun is slightly different from similar models. So it will take you some time to get used to it. But believe me, all the surprises and inconveniences at the first stage will justify themselves later.

I have a 75cm Omer Cayman GI speargun and I must say I’m very impressed. It is much easier to maneuver and lighter underwater, but still has the same accuracy as 100-115 cm spearguns. Because of this, the price of this gun is above average, but in return, you get a very high range, accuracy, and lightness.

Besides, this model is quite versatile. The track on the top fits all shafts up to 6.5mm, which also reduces whiplash during the shot. What I especially like is the very low recoil even when using heavy-duty or dual bands. The design of this model evenly distributes energy throughout the body and only part of the recoil from the shot reaches the shooter.

The Price

The price of this speargun will vary depending on the length you want to buy. The Cayman 75 is the third-longest speargun, only 50 cm and 60 cm shorter than the model. Therefore, they are inexpensive compared to longer models.

Key Features

  • Anatomical handle.
  • Sensitive trigger.
  • Reel seat.
  • Classic Cayman handles with an all-metal trigger mechanism.
  • Convenient small fuse.

The Handle

Handle Omer Cayman GI Camu 75

Cayman handles can withstand enormous stresses as they are made entirely of stainless steel. The grip angle is comfortable and ergonomic despite the high handle position. Options are available for both left and right hands. I like that the handle is made in bright white light. Thanks to this, it is very easy for me to search for a gun underwater, even in conditions of low transparency. The only thing that bothered me was the size of the loading area. But you can easily get used to it or replace it if you want.


Personally, I find it convenient to use the spears that come with the kit. But many of my friends say that they often bend or they lose fish, especially large ones with spears in the kit. Therefore, if you like to hunt bigger fish, then I advise you to change spears.

The Muzzle

Muzzle Omer Cayman GI Camu Speargun

Everything here is like a traditional gun. The muzzle is closed, equipped with 16 mm rubber bands. But they are very tight and hard to reload. I couldn’t use them. Therefore, I recommend that you immediately change them to thinner elastic bands. You can also put a second ring tape here up to 16mm. Thanks to the high handle, guide, and built-in stabilizer, recoil is minimal even with loaded double rubber bands. Most of the time you won’t even feel the recoil in your hand.

The Barrel

Barrel Omer Cayman Speargun

The 75 cm model is made of anodized aluminum, but at the final stage of production, the manufacturer also puts a guide on the entire length of the barrel, which makes shooting much easier. This speargun feels very solid when I shoot, and there is no “shaft whip” that makes my spear fly higher than the target like other spearguns.

There is a handy safety catch at the bottom of the handle that will save you from an unnecessary or accidental shot. There is also a place to attach a coil and quickly recharge it. But this speargun only work with special transparent or black lines, you can’t put a cord here. This design works well with fishing lines, as any line will slow down the arrow when fired.

How Does It Feel To Use?

This gun is incredible to use. I certainly expected it to be powerful after purchase, but not that much. The range of the Omer Cayman GI Camu is incredible. Even in the 75 cm version, it is quite capable of hitting large fish. This is what you need if you are looking for a short but powerful speargun. The barrel design balances the weight of the gun and will float alongside you in the water as soon as you fire.

In addition to speed and power, this speargun has incredible precision. Sure, loading this gun is quite exhausting for you, but that makes up for the power these tight bands give you. I also found that my arrow flies in a straight line after being fired, so I had to relearn to aim straight and not a little lower than I’m used to on other spearguns.

Omer Cayman Camu 75 Pros & Cons

Omer Cayman Camu 75 Speargun

  • Best for beginners and irreplaceable when traveling.

  • Very lightweight and comfortable.

  • Can be used as a spare for the main gun.

  • Reliable, durable. Strong plastic.

  • Doesn’t give a return – it’s important to hit the target.

  • It is good to hunt with one powerful rubber band. If there are two bands, then you can achieve significant power.

  • A closed muzzle perfectly holds the spear during loading.

  • I could not use the standard rubber bands – they are very tight and require huge effort to charge.

  • Works only with special lines (transparent, black), not cords (kevlar, nylon, etc.) for connection with spear and gun.

  • To change the fishing line every 5 hunts, you need to buy a tool – a crimp and aluminum bushings.

  • Be sure to equip with a shock absorber otherwise the line breaks.

About The Brand

Omer started manufacturing spearguns back in the 70s for Italian spearfishing champions. But not by yourself. They partnered with Beretta which are manufacturers of firearms. Today, the brand has spun off from Beretta and is one of the world leaders in spearfishing, with Omer offering products for divers of all levels, from beginner to professional.

Omer Cayman Spearguns – FAQs

Many users often ask questions related to Omer Caiman spearguns. Below we have answered the most popular ones.

How are Omer Caiman spearguns different from other brands?

The main feature of the entire family of Cayman guns is the presence of the Omer Cayman branded handle. What makes this handle different is that it uses an all-metal trigger mechanism with a metal line ejector and design. If you take a closer look at the photographs, you will see that the handle is raised as far as possible relative to the barrel line. Accordingly, when you aim somewhere, your hand is parallel to the barrel. Recoil goes back, not down. This allows you to avoid the “flip” effect and direct the arrow exactly at the target.

Also, in Cayman spearguns, the mechanism that holds the rubber bands is all-mechanical. This means it has a much longer life than other spearguns. The line ejector in the Cayman spearguns is also metal.

How is the GI version of this speargun different from other models?
The main difference between the GI version and other models is the chute integrated into the barrel along the entire length. Thanks to this, the gun does not bend even under the two most powerful rubber bands. Also, the barrel of this speargun is made of higher quality Innex steel, and the grip on elastic bands is not wire, but articulated.
Why do you need a metal guide along the entire length of the barrel?
When you load your speargun, especially with long rubber bands, they put a lot of pressure on the ends of the speargun. Because of this, many guns flex down a little with it and when you shoot it straightens out sharply. And even if you aim very accurately, the gun sends your spear slightly below the trajectory along which you aimed. The guide allows you to avoid such situations and keep your spear straight at all times. Thanks to this, you will be able to hit the target accurately and much more often without misses.
Can I upgrade my Omer Cayman Sport to Cayman G.I?
Yes, almost all Cayman guns are easily modified and tuned. To upgrade your sport gun to G.I. you need to change the rubber bands to more powerful ones, stick a guide on the barrel, which Omer sells separately, and change the wire hook on the rubber bands to an articulated one. Instead of buying an articulated hold at the store, you can simply throw away your wire and replace it with a rope hold made from a material like Dyneema, which is now gaining popularity. Such a hold will easily perform the same tasks as an articulated one, but you will spend less money.
Is the Cayman GI 75 really good?
This is a great speargun that outperforms many flagships 110-120cm spearguns from other brands in terms of power and accuracy. You can easily customize it, change the rubber bands to make it more powerful, or attach a different rail for more accuracy. If you have enough money to buy yourself a GI 75 Kamo, then be sure that you will not regret the money spent even once. Because this gun will bring you much more fish, fun, and enjoyment!

Summing Up

All in all, this is a decent speargun. It feels a bit like a compound bow when you fire a shot and you get 2-3 times more power than you expected. I fired several shots in a row while fishing and didn’t feel the recoil like on other guns.

Underwater, it is incredibly light and maneuverable, the only thing you need to practice is to learn how to aim in a straight line, as this speargun is perfectly stabilized and does not let the spear go up or down. The gun works great with 16mm rubber bands as standard, but for most anglers, they are quite tight. So when you put lighter rubber bands on it, it feels incredibly light.

This gun will have a place in my boat due to its reliability, balance, lightness, and accuracy. I have never seen such a powerful gun with such a small barrel length. This is an excellent choice for every angler, regardless of their skills and experience. It will work well in the hands of a beginner as well as in the hands of an experienced diver. Have a nice fishing!

Sergio Smirnoff
Sergio Smirnoff
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Peter Davis
Peter Davis
7 months ago

When I bought the Omer Cayman 75 Speargun, I couldn’t charge it underwater either. Those pulls that came with it are short and stiff. But they give a powerful launch velocity to the arrow when fired. In order to use it, I studied the classic loading of these guns. It is necessary to place the butt of the gun strictly on the chest of the hunter. With this position, the speargun is easy enough to pull the rubber rods 2.5 or 3 times in length as it uses all the strength of the hands. Try it and you will succeed.

Product Name
Omer Cayman GI Camu 75 Speargun
Steve Harris
Steve Harris
7 months ago

Much of what is written I agree with. A lot of it is interesting. The plastic muzzle of this Omer Cayman Camu 75 Speargun has sharp edges. After the shot, the arrow and line attachment point (2mm) hits those edges and rub. I change the line every two hunts. This applies to all guns with a closed muzzle. Other than that, I am happy with my gun.

Product Name
Omer Cayman 75 Speargun
Charlie Scott
Charlie Scott
7 months ago

I have been using this underwater crossbow for three years now. I am happy. Very small and shoots well even at 10 meters depth. I got used to it. I upgraded: I put a powerful second rubber band with a wire attachment (V-shape Connector Wishbone ) instead of the complicated standard attachment of the metal bracket.

Product Name
Omer Cayman Speargun