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Rapala Tackle Bag

Fishing rods, reels, lures, hooks: how many things you should take with you when you go fishing. The more experienced you are, the more you understand how much they affect the final result. Among the most common mistakes beginners make is the assumption that there is enough talent to catch well.

Of course, this is important, especially in certain situations. But the fishing tackle bag you own is of equal, if not more, importance. I will tell you about Rapala Tackle Bags, which are famous for their capacity, affordable prices, and durability.

About the Rapala Brand

Finnish brand for the production of equipment for sport and amateur fishing. The founder of the company is Lauri Rapala, an avid fisherman who spent a lot of time with a rod in his hands before starting the production of fishing tackle. In the arsenal of the Rapala brand, there is a story about how huge popularity came to them.

The fact is that in 1962, in one of the issues of Life magazine, an advertisement for Rapala baits was placed. In the same issue, a detailed material about the most popular woman of that time, Marilyn Monroe, was posted. The magazine’s circulation exceeded 3 million copies, and the Rapala brand was inundated with orders for baits.

Why Should You Choose Rapala?

It is the most famous fishing brand in general and in terms of baits. However, this does not mean that they don’t make good fishing bags, quite the opposite. Their overall dominance in this sector has allowed them for decades to be able to invest in the research and development of the rest of the products they need to operate, and indeed Rapala tackle bags are quite outstanding. The brand operates in 140 countries, has exclusive products, and innovative patents for many modern products, always being the benchmark.

Our Top List 7 Best Rapala Fishing Tackle Bags

Rapala Lure Box LargeRapalaBuy on Amazon
Rapala Jungle Hip Pack, Green/YellowRapalaBuy on Amazon
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228600 Rapala Soft-Sided 30 Rod BagRapalaBuy on Amazon
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Rapala Lure Wrap, Medium - 3 per PackRapalaBuy on Amazon

#1 Rapala Rap-Shack Ice Series Tackle Storage Bag

Rapala Rap-Shack Ice Series Tackle Storage Bag

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Do you love fishing and everything connected with it? Likely you always take a lot of fishing equipment with you for successful fishing. Most likely, you have come across the fact that your usual backpack is not enough to hold all the equipment. You need this Rapala Rap-Shack Ice Series Tackle Storage Bag that has plenty of room for big and small fishing gear. You can customize all the pockets yourself depending on your goals. The bag has zippered pockets as well as pockets for your personal belongings.

In addition, the bag is equipped with gear holders and drink holders. The fishing bag also has rod hooks for easy transport. Rapala uses sturdy material for the durability of the bag. It won’t wear out and won’t be afraid of rain or snow.

#2 Stomach Bag Green/Yellow

Stomach Bag Green/Yellow

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If you are looking for a small but roomy Rapala fishing tackle bag, then this is what you need. It is easy to carry and the weight is hardly felt. You can hang it on your stomach and have quick access to all your tackle. The strap can be adjusted to fit you comfortably. You will feel comfortable with the Ventilated 3D mesh in the back. The bag has several zippered sections and side mesh pockets. The bag can also be carried in hand thanks to the convenient handle. It is equipped with a fixing belt for the stomach, this allows you to fish in a standing position or move along the shore, changing fishing places

#3 Rapala 46012-2 Tackle Bag 2

Rapala 46012-2 Tackle Bag 2

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It’s conveniently contains fishing equipment, food provisions for rest, personal belongings, a phone, keys, and a bunch of other necessary items for this fishing bag. It does not fade, does not lose its shape, does not tear, and will serve for many years, fully recouping its cost. The new Rapala bag is the perfect gift for any angler or outdoor enthusiast. The color of the bag is the most presentable and aesthetic, and the design of the product will be appreciated even by experienced anglers. This bag has a large and roomy main compartment and additional small pockets for the convenient location of small equipment.

In addition, you will find a spacious, convenient front pocket. The Rapala fishing tackle bag is made of a special type of fabric, which is not afraid of aggressive natural influences: a sharp temperature drop, heavy rain, direct sunlight; the contents of the bag will not get wet and will not be damaged in the most extreme weather. Comfortable transportation and carrying thanks to the wide, adjustable shoulder strap.

#4 Rapala 46008-2 Shoulder Bag 2

Rapala 46008-2 Shoulder Bag 2

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Safe storage of fishing tackle is one of the ways to preserve its original functionality and effectiveness for a long time. The special Rapala Sportsman 12 Shoulder Bag, which is designed not only for storing angler’s equipment but can also be used as an everyday sports bag, will exclude possible cases of deformation. This bag is made from specialized waterproof fabric.

It is she who protects fragile equipment from deformation and prevents all contents from getting wet. The bag is compact and, thanks to a special PVC insert, makes it possible to carry wet things inside. If necessary, you can remove the PVC insert, dry it, and use the fishing bag at the next exit to the water. The bag allows you to place in it not only lures made of plastic and metal but also photo equipment, which will be reliably hidden from prying eyes and protected from external aggressive influences.

The absence of an unnecessary number of compartments and accumulators turns a typical, at first glance, angler’s bag into an economical and roomy option. The presented model will allow you to comfortably accommodate even large metal reels for spinning without the risk of possible damage. It easily accommodates documents, digital equipment, and especially valuable items of medium size. For ease of use and comfort, the bag is equipped with a wide shoulder strap.

#5 228600 Rapala Soft-Sided 30 Rod Bag

228600 Rapala Soft-Sided 30 Rod Bag

View on Amazon

This is a high-quality fishing bag for storing your fishing rods. It is an inexpensive way to store and carry. It is made of high-quality materials with soft side edges. The internal sleeves protect rods from breakage, scratches, or other defects. The bag is easy to carry. In addition to fishing rods, you will be able to carry bait, fishing lines. Thanks to the compacted material, it reliably keeps small and large tackles intact. Even when the angler prefers more aggressive conditions for the next fishing, there is no better bag for storing personal belongings and valuables.

The materials used are not susceptible to moisture, reliably protect the contents from moisture, are easy to clean, and dry quickly. The outer layer of the bag has enough density to protect the luggage from ultraviolet radiation. The product has reliable and durable seams that are almost not subject to abrasion.

#6 Rapala Unisex Adult Sportsman Waist Pack

Rapala Unisex Adult Sportsman Waist Pack

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This bag is designed for sports anglers. The internal volume allows stowing and transporting with comfort all the tackles necessary for catching trophies. High-quality fabrics and accessories ensure the durability and practicality of the product. The bag is made of durable synthetic fabric with a sufficient level of resistance to mechanical stress, resistant to friction, and does not fade. The flat bottom provides good stability on the floor. The large internal compartment can hold several boxes of lures and other accessories necessary for fishing.

Thanks to the removable PVC lining, you can carry your catch in it if necessary. After that, the lining is easily removed, washed, and dried so that there are no traces of wet and often dirty things. On the walls of the inner compartment, there are two insulated pockets with zippers for small things or any documents. The bag has two external patch pockets on the outside. A pocket with a zipper is provided on the back wall. The strap is adjustable to suit the physical characteristics of the wearer. Has sufficient width to maintain a stable position on the shoulder while moving. The belts and their anchorages are made of durable sling material with high tensile strength.

#7 Rapala Sling Bag

Rapala Sling Bag

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A revolutionary travel fishing bag. The front folds back to form a shelf. Two large compartments. Padded shoulder strap. On the strap, you will find a retractor, D-ring, zip pocket, and pliers pocket. The price for this high-quality and capacious bag is extremely low. By paying a small amount, you can become the owner of a practical and functional product that will remain a reliable assistant for a long time. The shoulder strap attachment easily holds the weight of a fully loaded bag. They maintain their integrity during prolonged and intensive use under heavyweight.

This may also interest you:

#8 Rapala Lure Wrap

Rapala Lure Wrap

View on Amazon

This is the necessary thing to keep your bait and wrap in place. This is a sewn-in hook that attaches to the rod holder. It is made from nylon which is durable and won’t wear out. This covers your hooks and lures. This allows you to eliminate confusion with a line or other rods, lures, and so on.

Why Use a Fishing Tackle Bag?

One of the most obvious reasons is, of course, the abundance of accessories needed to continue fishing. Of course, this also depends on the type of fishing you are practicing. For example, if you do spinning (or similar options), you need a lot of accessories to do that, just think of the dozens of baits you bring with you, spare spools, carabiners, and so on.
To keep from going crazy, you need a way to keep all this gear in order while you fish. In these cases, it is very important to have a fishing tackle bag. Not enough? Here are other reasons. This makes it easier for you to get around when fishing.

If you go fishing for a few days, you absolutely need a way to keep all your gear in order. You have the option to store your baits in secure compartments to avoid damage to your clothing and equipment. As you can see, the fishing tackle bag when fishing is essential.

How To Choose The Best Best Fishing Bag?


The first thing to do is to understand what type of fishing you have. Thus, you can assess whether you need a large fishing tackle bag, a medium-sized, or a small bag.

Here are some tips:

  • Make sure the bag is large enough to accommodate all the tackle you need.
  • Make sure it has different types of pockets to accommodate any accessory.
  • It’s also great when there are plastic boxes built specifically to accommodate different sizes of bait.

Comfortable shoulder straps

If you are doing dynamic fishing such as spinning and therefore need to constantly move, comfort becomes an element that you cannot refuse. The shoulder straps of the fishing tackle bag, if available, play an important role.

Here are some tips:

  • Make sure the Rapala fishing tackle bag is made of breathable material so you don’t sweat on contact with your skin.
  • The wider the distance between the straps, the better the weight will be distributed over the shoulders.


It’s unavoidable. Sooner or later, it happens to everyone. What I’m talking about? To be at the mercy of weather and water. In these cases, it is vital to have a bag that can properly protect the equipment. And this is also the main reason why a regular backpack isn’t suitable for fishing. In addition to this, the waterproof backpack will save not only your tackle but any sandwiches and snacks you take with you on your fishing trip.


In this activity, we are constantly exposed to bad weather and atmospheric factors. This is why it’s important to focus on quality over low cost. The poor-quality fishing bag has very low strength. Several exits and you can say goodbye to your investments. A quality Rapala fishing bag, on the other hand, costs you a little more but can last for years without wearing it out. So, in the long run, it saves you money. Now, you know how to choose a fishing tackle bag that’s right for you.


Fishing is kind of an adventure. There is a lot to do in order to carry out this activity comfortably, so fishing bags are essential. Rapala is the brand you can trust for choosing a fishing tackle bag.

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Deodar Thunderbreak
Deodar Thunderbreak
2 months ago

I purchased an army surplus backpack for a lengthy camping trip and later repurposed it as a tackle bag. To organize my gear, I use three small tackle boxes: one for hard plastics, one for soft plastics, and another for live bait tackle. These boxes measure about 8 by 4 inches and are stored in an old cast net case, making them easy to carry around. I also keep my knives, clippers, hook grabbers, water bottles, and other items in separate compartments.

However, I don’t bring a backpack with me when kayaking or fishing. Instead, I take out the box of tackle boxes and other items that I don’t mind losing and attach them to a milk crate that I rigged up in the back of my kayak using keychain clips.

When it comes to buying gear, I suggest finding a middle ground between quality and cost. Walmart products tend to break quickly and need replacing, so personally, I would not purchase the item featured in the article. Before I got my backpack, I used a canvas grocery sack and/or a 5-gallon bucket to haul my gear around.

Stylos Nectarbridge
Stylos Nectarbridge
2 months ago

The bag in the picture is absolutely amazing! I love how it can be easily pulled to the front and either of the main compartments can be unzipped to leave a horizontal lure box in front of you. It’s so convenient for lure anglers like me who are always on the move and need to change lures frequently. The other pocket is surprisingly spacious as well.

Rapala has several different versions of this bag, but I got the limited edition one which looks exactly like the one in the picture. It also has a loop behind the shoulder where I can put my folding landing net for quick access. I highly recommend this bag – it’s super convenient and looks great too!

I actually use this bag for my lure work too, and I must say that it’s another excellent, well-thought-out piece of kit from Rapala. 

Nakoa Estrevan
Nakoa Estrevan
2 months ago

It’s a shame to hear that your zips are no longer functioning properly. I’ve had a similar issue with zips in the past and ended up modding my bag with Velcro as well. Even with this issue, I still believe that this is the best sling bag out there.

I also own a Snowbee sling bag, which has better storage, but it’s not as convenient to change lures as the Rapala bag. So, I only use it on hot summer days when I don’t need to carry as much gear.

However, I eventually decided to switch to a cheap rucksack with a strap attached, which allows me to carry a drink bottle, a couple of sandwiches, and a roll-up waterproof coat in addition to my fishing gear. The Rapala sling bag is still a great option, though, depending on how much gear you need to carry with you.

Gonzale Kingbirth
Gonzale Kingbirth
2 months ago

It’s okay to bring up an old topic. I’m currently deciding between the Rapala sling bag and the Shimano Lure case. My current bag causes back pain after a while, and it’s difficult to change lures without removing everything from the bag. Plus, it’s too easy to pack unnecessary items.

I’m opting for a lighter approach and will keep my Flattie rod and reel for some estuary work and light bait during the winter. For lure fishing, I want to make sure I’m properly equipped, so I’m starting with a good bag.

I’m wondering if the Shimano case is comfortable to wear compared to the Rapala bag, and does it really hold only eight lures? Also, I’m curious about the size of the front pocket and what can be stored there.

Decius Goldstocks
Decius Goldstocks
2 months ago

Thanks for sharing your honest review of the Rapala Sling Bag! It’s great to hear from someone who has put the bag through its paces and can speak to its durability and functionality.

You mentioned that the adjustable single shoulder strap is well-padded and comfortable, even after prolonged use. The clever storage pockets incorporated into the strap are also a nice touch and don’t pose any discomfort or rubbing issues.

One of the standout features of the bag seems to be its ease of use when accessing your lures or changing them out. Simply swinging the bag around and unzipping the case deploys the integral lure boxes in front of you, providing a safe and comfortable platform for changing lures, even when standing waist-deep in water.

It’s good to hear that the bag is solidly constructed with quality materials, including tough, waterproof 600D fabric and zips that have held up well even in saltwater environments. The various compartments and pockets provide ample storage space for spare reels, lines, spinners, and other gear.

You did mention a couple of minor issues, such as the spiral retractors for line clippers and the lack of a designated waterproof pocket for cameras, mobiles, or car keys. However, these don’t seem to detract from the overall functionality and usefulness of the bag.

Thanks again for your review and insights into the Rapala Sling Bag. It sounds like a great option for those looking for a comfortable, durable, and easy-to-use tackle bag for their fishing adventures.

Brevven Willowrider
Brevven Willowrider
2 months ago

As an angler who enjoys plugging for Bass, I can confidently say that the Rapala Sling Bag is an excellent choice for those who prefer a light and mobile approach to fishing. While it may not be suitable for those who want to bring everything but the kitchen sink, the bag’s compact design allows you to carry all the essentials for a successful day on the water.

One of the standout features of the bag is its adjustable single shoulder strap, which is well-padded and molds to your shoulder for maximum comfort. The clever storage pockets on the strap are also a nice touch, providing easy access to small items without adding any discomfort or bulk.

The integrated lure boxes are another standout feature of the bag, making it easy to swap and change lures quickly and safely, even when you’re waist-deep in water. The bag’s solid construction and tough, waterproof fabric also inspire confidence that it will hold up to the elements and last for years to come.

Of course, there are some limitations to the bag’s design. It doesn’t have space for larger items like a spare reel or a lunch, and there isn’t a designated waterproof pocket for electronics or other sensitive items. However, these limitations are outweighed by the bag’s overall usefulness and practicality for plugging.

In my opinion, the Rapala Sling Bag strikes an excellent balance between practicality and usefulness. It holds just the right amount of gear for a day of plugging, and at a price point that won’t break the bank, it’s a great value for the money.