Cressi Cherokee Speargun 90 Review 2023

Spear Gun Cressi

Most important and useful! The most versatile and well-known underwater hunting gun. If in doubt, buy this underwater crossbow. Positive reviews from most buyers on the forums!

Cressi Cherokee Speargun 90 Review

If you are looking for a speargun for hunting from one of the highest quality and best speargun manufacturers, then Cressi is an excellent choice. In this article, we review the excellent Cressi Cherokee Speargun 90.

The Cherokee is an excellent speargun that will suit almost any spear hunter. Precision, the convenience of reloading, reliability, and pleasant weight – all this Cressi combined in its Cherokee gun.

What is Cressi Cherokee Speargun 90?

Cressi Cherokee is one of the most popular Cressi models. Many anglers know this company mainly for this gun. The Cressi Cherokee speargun is available in three versions – Fast, Ocean and Open. We will analyze with you only the Open version since it is the most versatile and popular among anglers.

Cressi Cherokee Open Spear Gun – Product Description

The Cressi Cherokee Open features a quality butt for excellent handling and durability while maintaining the durability and comfort that Cressi is renowned for. There is also a reinforced barrel that stays strong and reliable every dive without slowing you down in the water or adding friction. Besides, the Open model has space for two straps in the muzzle and a built-in rubber insert, which will greatly facilitate your loading.

Top Benefits of Cressi Cherokee Open Speargun 90

Cressi spearguns have a rather high price tag, so one of the main advantages of the Cherokee Open is its price – on the market, it almost always costs about $170 or less for the smallest length of 75 cm. A model with a length of 90 cm costs about $ 220-280.

Muzzle & Rubber Bands

Cressi Cherokee EXO Sling Speargun 90

The muzzle of this speargun is perhaps one of the most technologically advanced solutions from Cressi. It is shaped like a cobra’s head, which makes this design very cool, but that is not the most important thing. First of all, this design allows you to soften the angle of inclination of the elastic bands for proper operation. Simply put, your rubber bands do not undergo unnecessary tension and always maintain the correct angle and direction for the most accurate and effective shot.

The muzzle material is also made in the form of cobra scales, but in fact, it is 30% nylon filled with fiberglass.

Muzzle Cressi Cherokee Speargun 90

It is designed for double rubber bands and is equipped with a magnetic spear lock. Why is this lock needed? Very simple – its design holds the spear in place when it is set in place by two magnets in a waterproof chamber. This allows you to get the fastest reload speed and eliminate the disadvantages of conventional mechanical systems.

The muzzle comes with one S45 rubber band with an elongation coefficient of 300-320%, a diameter of 18mm, and 42 Shore points. You can add a second rubber band or replace it with a G20. The Wishbone here is a Dyneema line with a diameter of 1 mm. The line passage at the barrel is of quite a good size and is made of durable stainless steel.

The Barrel

Barrel Cressi Cherokee Speargun

The barrel is a 28mm tube with a camouflage coating. It is made of stainless steel. The Cressi Cherokee shaft guide is integrated. This means that, unlike other spearguns, the barrel is reinforced and provides a more accurate shot with low friction. Thanks to the thick walls, the lower part of the barrel are extremely reinforced, which increases the resistance and accuracy of the shot.

Besides, the joint between the handle and the barrel is protected by double rings on both sides. This is necessary for maximum air volume in the barrel and better buoyancy.

Handle, Trigger and Release Mechanism

Handle, Trigger and Release Mechanism Cressi Cherokee Speargun

The handle, like the muzzle, is made of PA66 30% nylon, glass-filled. But the release mechanism Cressi installed a completely new one. It is a stainless steel movement with unique self-lubricating elements to minimize friction and wear. Cressi tried to balance the responsiveness of the trigger and resistance to accidental release, even with the powerful double rubber bands fitted. The line holder can be installed on the left or right. Made of stainless steel, like the whole mechanism.

In loading, you are also assisted by two small wings located on the side. They do not interfere with the nylon and also clear the aiming line of it. The rear of the grip comes with a nice detachable stock, available in two versions.

The safety lever in the Cressi Cherokee is on the side, on both sides. It is small, but the owner can easily feel it and tell exactly if the fuse is on or off.

Cressi also fitted this model with a special angle for better shot accuracy. The entire area of the handle, where the diver’s hand rests, is covered with RubberSoft material, which prevents slipping and slipping.

Besides, the handle has an anatomically symmetrical shape and fits very comfortably to the hand. There is a line positioning hole at the bottom of the handle, which is very convenient. But there is no mount for the coil. There is a short rubberized stock at the back of the grip.

The Shaft

The shaft is standard here. 6.5mm hardened stainless steel serrated plate.

Best Features of Cressi Cherokee Ocean Speargun 90

Versatility. The Cressi Cherokee Open is one of the most versatile spearguns in the line. With it, you can hunt both pelagic and bottom fish.

Powerful shaft. The 6.5mm shaft allows you to develop enough power for long shots and large fish in caves.

Brace and trigger. The oversized trigger guard and barrel-lined hook minimize inertia when firing.

Trigger mechanism. The stainless steel trigger and Teflon inserts minimize friction and make the speargun reliable and durable.

Barrel. Hydroformed aluminum barrel, 28 mm diameter, with shaft guide. Fully sealed barrel.

Cressi Cherokee Fast Speargun 90 Pros and Cons

Cressi Cherokee Open Speargun

  • Universal spear gun

  • Durable and reliable

  • A distant and powerful shot

  • Very comfortable trigger and trigger

  • Almost zero recoils when firedFast loading

  • Ultralight trigger and trigger

  • Unlock side rail with automatic return

  • Round elastic included

  • The price is still high relative to other spearguns

My Experience Using Cressi Cherokee Open Speargun 90

When I took this speargun in my hands, it seemed extremely light to me. It gives you a tremendous opportunity to maneuver even in shallow water among the waves next to the rocks. I think that if there were a 6.25 mm shaft, it would be the lightest and most powerful speargun in my ranking.

The first shots among the waves were not on target, but it’s amazing how easily and quickly the Cherokee Open reloads even in difficult conditions. I have to say the magnet built into the face helps a lot. The side fenders near the handle also help. The accuracy and speed of the shot at the Cressi Speargun 90 are surprisingly good. The only thing that let me down the first time was the amazing ease, because of which the arrow went a little higher than I expected. But you can quickly get used to it.

The most obvious benefit to me is the incredibly comfortable grip and the feeling that the hand alignment angle simply couldn’t be better when I fire the shot.

Cressi Cherokee Speargun 90 – FAQs

In this section, I have collected the most frequently asked questions that come to me from users who are going to buy or have already bought Cressi Cherokee Open.

What is the range of the Cressi Cherokee Speargun 90?
I have not tested the range on the 110 spearguns, but I can say that the 90 shoots 10-12 feet plus-minus foot with a 5 feet long spear. I used a second rubber band and a cord about 15 feet long.
Why does this speargun need a magnetic lock?
The magnetic lock makes it easy to reload the speargun. Two magnets in waterproof chambers hold the spear in place when you reload.
What size Cressi Cherokee Open should I choose?

There is no best size speargun, there are only recommendations for choosing depending on the purpose for which you intend to use your speargun. Below are some of them. If you are a beginner but want to start your diving journey with the Cressi Cherokee, then it is better to take a short 75 cm speargun. It is very easy to load, lightweight, so you only focus on finding fish and shooting. Loading and calibrating your speargun won’t bother you too much.

The universal size is 90 cm. With this length, you can use the speargun with either one or two rubber bands if you want more power. With this size, you can catch almost any type of tuna except for the largest. If you want the most powerful speargun, choose the 110cm Cressi Cherokee Open and load it with two rubber bands. It is quite heavy, but it will give you the most accurate and powerful shot you can.

What materials are the handle and release mechanism made of in the Cressi Cherokee?
The handle is made of 30% nylon with fiberglass. The release mechanism is 100% made of stainless steel and will serve you for many years to come.
What type of speargun is the Cressi Cherokee Open 90?

The entire Cherokee line is band-powered spearguns. These guns are very precise and powerful and do not rely on the physical strength of the diver. The principle of operation in these guns is like a slingshot. First, you pull the bands back and then release them with the trigger when you want to shoot with the spear. The only difference is that the rubber bands are much more powerful here, and instead of a stone, you use an arrow.

The first advantage of these guns over pneumatic ones is that they operate completely silently. Even with an unsuccessful shot, you will not frighten the fish and it will not wash away from you into another cave. But the most important thing about tape spearguns is that you can increase the power simply by adding more tape to the muzzle or swapping them out for more powerful ones. This makes them very easy and accessible for beginners. In addition, they do not require the same maintenance as air guns. This is why I love tape spearguns.

But such spearguns also have some disadvantages. The most important is the long reload time in contrast to the air rifle. This is especially true when using multiple rubber bands to increase power. They also have a thinner shaft that can bend under heavy load. The recoil of these guns is also much higher.

Nevertheless, many anglers love these spearguns and they remain a great choice for beginners.

Is Cressi Cherokee Speargun 90 good?

This versatile gun is perfect for hunting any type of fish — surface, bottom, and everything in between. It’s also compact enough to stow away on a boat or land. The Cressi Cherokee Open Speargun is a state-of-the-art speargun made in Italy. The Cherokee Open Speargun is easy to reload and shoot. The speargun has an open muzzle, which allows for faster spear positioning and faster reloading.

Speared fish is easier to catch on the surface using the Cherokee. The rubber material on the diving line helps control your line while diving deep. With a special rubber ferrule, this gun is long-lasting. Its open head allows for easy loading and cleaning.

The Cressi speargun is an easy-to-use, lightweight gun perfect for recreational spearfishing. It is composed of just a few main parts that are assembled with ease of use in mind. The frame has a durable polymer construction with an aluminum shaft holder and butt plate for optimum strength and balance.

Conclusion: Should you buy Cressi Cherokee Speargun 90 Oceanic?

The Cressi Cherokee Open speargun combines all of Cressi’s top-notch technical solutions. With this speargun, you get a stainless steel trigger, a comfortable, ergonomic, and practical handle, a reinforced barrel with an integrated shaft guide, and a compact muzzle with a magnetic lance lock.

In addition, the muzzle allows you to put two round powerful rubber bands here and as a result get a larger diameter shaft with a reinforced barrel, which will perfectly withstand high loads. Only Cressi Cherokee Ocean is more powerful, but it costs much more and is not as versatile. And this option is the best choice for large and small fish, which will sit comfortably in the hands of any diver.

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Willie Morgan
Willie Morgan
7 months ago

I agree that 90cm is the most universal length. It is very important to match the arm length of the spearfisher with the size of the speargun. To load longer crossbows, sometimes special devices are used if it is difficult for the fisherman to do it himself. Cressi brand is a guarantor of the quality of underwater equipment. Thank you for your publication!

Product Name
Cressi Cherokee Open Speargun 90
Nick Hill
Nick Hill
7 months ago

The Cressi Speargun Cherokee is a classic of modern diving equipment. The iron tube is the basis of this crossbow. The arrows made of hardened metal are durable even hard to sharpen tips. Handy magnet on the muzzle of the gun. Thank you.

Product Name
Cressi Speargun Cherokee