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If you have been fishing for a long time, then you probably know how important high-quality equipment is in this occupation. It is not worth saving on fishing tackle. Knowledgeable fishermen prefer a worldwide brand because they are confident in their quality. Today we will talk about the well-known company Shimano, and more specifically about its Shimano Spheros SW fishing reel.

Shimano is the #1 fishing equipment manufacturer. Shimano fishing gear is in demand all over the world. They are reliable, functional, and durable. If you are in search of a spinning reel right now, then be sure to read this Shimano Spheros SW review.

Shimano Spheros SW 3000 4000 Saltwater Spinning Reel Review

Shimano Spheros Saltwater Spinning Reel

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The Shimano Spheros SW fishing reel is the largest, most powerful model of the entire line. The reel debuted 18 years, and the manufacturer singled out power sea fishing as the target operating conditions, as indicated by the letters SW (saltwater). The reel is also suitable for power fishing scenarios in freshwaters: catching a trophy predator, power feeder fishing.

The new Spheros SW reel is Shimano’s entry-level saltwater spinning reel. It has many of the features found in more expensive models, such as an X-Ship gear system for maximum power and efficiency, a hybrid body, and cross carbon drag.

Spheros SW in sizes C3000-3000-4000 is a new reel in the line of spinning reels for SW.

It has been specially designed for coastal casting: the reel features a robust HAGANE and X-SHIP transmission, an aluminum HAGANE body, Cross Carbon brake discs, and CORE PROTECT technology. This makes the reel extremely robust and reliable.

The Spheros SW is the first dedicated SW reel that is available in smaller sizes at a very affordable price.


Hagane Gear – High-strength cold-forged aluminum drive. The Hagane drive is produced using Shimano cold forging technology and does not require any additional processing. This ensures smooth operation, strength, and a lightness of construction. Shimano uses state-of-the-art technology to create incredibly smooth-running, lightness, and the amazing power in reels that you feel right away and want to use the reel again and again. The pinion surface is designed in great detail using a special 3D design program and then formed using Shimano cold forging technology. The strength and grip of forged metal continue to represent the core concept of Shimano reels.

XShip is a combination of parts that work together to create much more efficiency. By placing the drive gear closer to the centerline of the large diameter drive gear, more power is transferred from the handle to the rotor. The drive gear is also supported by two ARB roller bearings. This creates more resilience.

Hagane Body – High rigidity metal body. The HAGANE Body is made of high rigidity aluminum or magnesium alloy. This ensures the body is rigid and shock-resistant, eliminating deformation under heavy loads. As a result, the internal mechanism is more efficient.

CoreProtect – This provides less stress on the angler and maximum protection. There are main areas that need protection:

  • This is the most critical area when it comes to finding the balance between resistance and performance. It was possible to achieve excellent water resistance without losing the lightness and smoothness of rotation. That is, in this area, water is prevented from entering the mechanisms.
  • The main body is protected by a series of 12 different surface-coated seals with the new STELLA after 2014, the production of such a sealed structure, which ensures water-tightness and no need for maintenance, continues. The sealed design does not require regular lubrication of the mechanism.

ARC Spool – Shimano AR-C spools patented spool with angled spool lip. The design allows the line to feed the spool with less friction and in smaller rings, resulting in longer, more accurate casts. Proven by testing, AR-C spools reduce sag and wind knots when using braided lines. AR-C spools are now standard on nearly all Shimano reels.

S ARB – Shimano A-RB Bearings – Corrosion-resistant ball bearings with additional shielding for increased protection from sand, salt and dust. S A-RB bearings are used in reels designed for saltwater service.

Cold Forged Aluminum – These spools are cold-forged from aluminum alloys. This material creates a lightweight spool with an increased structural hardness that is more resistant to wear and tear.

DynaBalance – Dynamic balance reduces swing during pulling by counterbalancing the rotor for increased sensitivity and smoothness. By using computer balancing, Shimano engineers were able to redistribute the rotor weight so that vibration was virtually zero.

Floating Shaft II – The main frictional assembly in the spool is the spool and pinion joint. Shimano’s designers overcame this by reducing the contact patch, and also introduced bearings on both sides of the shaft into the design, which significantly increased the durability of the mechanism.

Hagane Gear – The HAGANE Gear is cold-forged, with no additional machining. Delivers durability, strength, lightness, and power to the heart of the reel.

Power Roller – The special grooved design of the Shimano Power Roller greatly reduces twisting and is a great use case.

X Aero Wrap II is a winding system that uses a preset worm gear for optimal line lay and speed. This provides excellent uniform placement to reduce energy loss during casting. X Aero Wrap II is considered one of the best systems in the world.

Waterproof Drag – By using special protective pads, the brake is protected from water ingress for a more durable action.

Main Characteristics

The rigid Hagane Body has an offset center of gravity (G Free Body), which relieves hand fatigue during long fishing trips.

Cold forged 4.8: 1 gear ratio, X-Ship, endless screw and 7 bearings (6 of which are S A-RC) provide a smooth ride.

To protect the mechanism from water, including seawater, as well as dirt, the CoreProtect system is used.

The reels are equipped with perforated metal spools AR-C Spool, which, due to the beveled side, allow you to make longer casts.

The front friction brake, protected from water by a special pad, can withstand 11 kg.

Powerful aluminum handle with large ball knob.

  • Uncompromising strength

  • Suitable for saltwater

  • Fine adjustment of the brake

  • Oversized Linear Roller

  • Designed for any saltwater challenge

  • Core project

  • The reel body is not all-metal


Spheros – Shimano’s saltwater resistant stationary reel series includes a wide range of convenient bank spinning reels up to 20,000 large models with 18kg braking force that can be used to tackle particularly strong predators such as fishing for record halibut or powerful predators in tropical regions. The Paladin gear system creates rollers that are resistant to saltwater but not highly resistant to rolling. The G Free Body concept also suppresses damaging gear vibrations, so it runs very smoothly. Thanks to the large line roller, you can easily fish with thicker lines. It doesn’t matter if mono or braided line.

The materials and technology used in the Shimano Spheros SW are designed for durability and comfort. Features especially appreciated by Shimano anglers. The body and gearbox are from the Hagane concept. A quality feature you can rely on. Sealed brakes ensure trouble-free operation even under heavy loads. With this all-aluminum marine stationary reel, you get a fully equipped saltwater fishing reel with cutting-edge technology and amazing value for money.

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