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Although tip-up fishing used to be considered quite lazy, now tip-up is an extremely useful tool for every angler. If you want to try several depths, lures, and catch a fairly large number of fish, then the tip-up is a tool that will definitely come in handy. In this article, we’ll talk about the best tip-ups you can find on the market.

Top 15 Best Tip-Up Lights For Ice Fishing Reviews

Beaver Dam Ice Fishing Rail Tip-Up in Original Clear Wood Finish - Legendary Ice Fishing Tip-Up Built to Last a Lifetime (BDTP-CL)Beaver Dam Ice FishingBuy on Amazon
Frabill 1664 Classic Tip-Up Wooden BoxedFRABILLBuy on Amazon
Frabill Pro Thermal Original Tip-Up, Multi, One Size (1660)FRABILLBuy on Amazon
Jaw Jacker Automatic Ice Fishing Hook Setter and Rod HolderJaw JackerBuy on Amazon
HT Enterprise PPT-500 Predator Pro Thermal Hole Cover Tip Up Hi-Viz Green W/500 Ft Spool and Built in Tackle Box, Multicolor, One SizeHT EnterpriseBuy on Amazon
Beaver Dam Rail Tip-Up Jolly Roger Pirate-Themed Fishing - Legendary Ice Fishing Tip-Up Built to Last a Lifetime (BDTP-JR)Beaver Dam Ice FishingBuy on Amazon
BroCraft Ice Fishing Tip-Ups / Ice Fishing Rod Holder / Ice Fishing Tip Down / Ice Fishing RiggerBrocraftBuy on Amazon
Eagle Claw Economy Plastic Tip-Up, OrangeEagle ClawBuy on Amazon
HT Enterprise Polar Tip-Up with 200 Yard SpoolHT EnterpriseBuy on Amazon
Big RED Ice Fishing Tip Down-Tip Up- Sensitive to The Slightest Fish Bites- Used for Both Larger Reels and Heavier Line as Well as Smaller Reels and Lighter Line.Bullnose ProductsBuy on Amazon
SF Ice Fishing Tip-Up 1 PackSFBuy on Amazon
Krazywolf Auto Strike Kickback Ice Fishing Hook Setter and Rod Holder Tip UpKrazywolfBuy on Amazon
Celsius Easy to Clip/10 CE-UT-2PK Up-Tip Integrated Hole-Cover/2 PackCelsiusBuy on Amazon
Innovative Tip Down - Your Next All-in-One Ice Fishing Set Up - Ice Fishing Rod, Pole, Reel, Combo, Case, Line, Gear, Lures, Kit, Tackle, Pack, Hole, Sled, Shelter, Shanty, Tool, Bait, Grubs, BootsInnovative Tip DownBuy on Amazon
CLAM 8840 Arctic Warrior Tip UpCLAMBuy on Amazon

Let’s take a look at 15 of the best ice fishing tip-ups we’ve found for you!

1# Beaver Dam Ice Fishing Rail Tip-Up Clear Wood – Editor’s Choice

Beaver Dam Ice Fishing Rail Tip-Up Clear Wood

View on Amazon

Beaver Dam is a legendary series of tip-ups that you can be 100% sure of. Unsurprisingly, they ranked #1 on our list. Even now, you can find anglers who have been fishing with this tip-up since the ’80s and ’90s! This tip-up has a 23-inch diameter pine base, aluminum bearings, and a stainless steel cylinder. They are well sealed and will serve you for many years. Beaver Dam says the tip-up has a capacity of 150 feet but doesn’t say which test or line type they mean. But in general, after the tests carried out, we can say that there is more than enough space for any ice line.

This model has a very smooth, downward-facing spool. They are soldered, but this is not a huge drawback as you do not need to remove them for additional lubrication. Excellent quality flag rises to a height of 17.5 inches. If we talk about shortcomings, then here we have only 2 complaints. The first is a trip bar that has only 1 set. While experienced users know that it can be rotated, beginners may have problems with it. The second is a bait clip, which has a structure that is difficult to work with when the tackle is attached to the line.

  • Excellent quality

  • Smooth spool

  • Quality flag

  • Durable

  • Heavier than plastic models

  • Expensive

  • One trip position

  • Hard to use a clip with tackle attached

2# Frabill Ice Fishing Wood Tip-Up – Easy To Use Pick

Frabill Ice Fishing Wood Tip-Up

View on Amazon

Frabill, like Beaver Dam, is also made of pine. You don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking the plastic base. But remember that it will weigh much more than its plastic counterparts. However, because it is made of excellent materials and performs well on ice, it is a great alternative to expensive competitors. The spool in this model is very painful and smooth. The clamp is very easy to work with and the double setting makes it easy to adjust the trip bar. Although the quality advantage goes to Beaver Dam, the Frabill model stays close. A 17.5-inch flag is also installed here. It may not be as durable as the Beaver Dam model, but it is much cheaper and easier to use.

  • High quality

  • Smooth spool

  • Great flag

  • Dual setting

  • Easy to use

  • Heavier than plastic models

3# Frabill Pro Thermal Tip-Up – Best Freeze-Proof Pick

Frabill Pro Thermal Tip-Up

View on Amazon

Frabill Pro solves the problem of water freezing even in the most severe frost. With around a 10” base, this tip-up with an insulated thick layer of expanded polystyrene protects the water in the hole from freezing no matter how low the temperature. Besides, this tip-up has a compartment at the top so that you can put small things like bobbers, hooks, etc. Although the winding is not as smooth as the previous two models, you can rest assured that the Frabill Pro can operate in conditions that could freeze the water and ruin your fishing. With a double trigger bar, you can customize this model for both large and small fish. Also in this model, it is very easy to work with a bait clip.

  • Removable spool for easy cleaning and lubrication

  • Dual trigger

  • Saves water from freezing

  • Great bait clip

  • Has a short flag

  • May fall into a hole over 10 inches and freeze on the sides

4# Jaw Jacker Automatic Ice Fishing Hook & Rod Holder – Best Rod Tip-Up

Jaw Jacker Automatic Ice Fishing Hook Rod Holder

View on Amazon

This tip-up uses your daughter to fish. The Jaw Jacker adjusts based on the length of your rod and how much you want to pull the hook. This model quite easily catches fish bites and works almost immediately. Alternatively, you can adjust the hook tension by turning the nut. The Jaw Jacker is made of durable plastic and can be folded. So you won’t have any problems with heavyweight or transportation. There are more than 10 of these in a 5-gallon bucket. The only drawback that we can point out is that the included loops are quite rigid, which your line can catch. We recommend that you put your loops on for more convenience.

  • Easy to use

  • Sensitive

  • Very compact and easy to carry

  • Rigid loops

5# HT Predator Pro Thermal Tip-Up No Freeze – Best Durable Pick

HT Predator Pro Thermal Tip-Up No Freeze

View on Amazon

If you’re worried about freezing your holes while fishing, the HT Predator Pro is worth a look. These isolated tip-ups are designed so that you can go fishing regardless of weather conditions. The plastic base is 12 “in diameter and will handle any hole up to 10” very well. Of course, this tip-up is capable of more, but then it can accidentally fall into the water and freeze on the sides. Built into the upper part is a small box for tackle, hooks, and leaders. Besides, a light stick holder is installed here, which provides an additional indication at night. HT took care of storage and transportation too. The flag rod is telescopic and snaps into place on the base. This allows you to stack up to a half dozen tips in a 5-gallon bucket.

  • Quite compact

  • Flag glowing in the dark

  • Keeps the ice hole from freezing

  • Hard to use for beginners

6# Beaver Dam Rail Tip-Up Jolly Roger Pirate Tip-Up

Beaver Dam Rail Tip-Up Jolly Roger Pirate

View on Amazon

Few can beat Beaver Dam in the quality of the tip-ups they produce. This model is distinguished not only by excellent quality but also by a stylish design in a pirate style. Beaver Dam has a reliable trigger and flag trip mechanism, which allows it to work for a very long time and efficiently even at very low temperatures. The installed spool is very smooth and has a simple loop for quick setup. Each Beaver Dam model is handmade. Therefore, the construction of this tip-up is very durable and reliable, but a little expensive.

  • Easy to adjust and use

  • High quality

  • Durable

  • Expensive

7# Brocraft Ice Fishing Tip-Up Rod Holder

Brocraft Ice Fishing Tip-Up Rod Holder

View on Amazon

A great tip-up and rod holder that will turn your ice combo into a trap. This unit is quite versatile and allows you to fish with multiple rod and reel combinations at the same time. The manufacturer tried to make this tip-up as compact and efficient as possible. With a foldable flag and handy base, you can carry up to half a dozen of these in a 5-gallon bucket.

  • Allows you to work with several combo reels and rods

  • Excellent foldable flag

  • The base could be better quality

8# Eagle Claw Economy Plastic Orange Tip-Up

Eagle Claw Economy Plastic Orange Tip-Up

View on Amazon

Eagle Claw makes not only great reels and rods but also tip-ups to make your fishing much more comfortable. Constructions such as this are much more popular on the east coast because they are designed to handle larger fish and heavier snow. The extensions are made of durable plastic. Of course, they will not serve you as long as brass or copper, but with a heavy load they cope quite well and they will be enough for 1-2 seasons.

Where the Eagle Claw really wins is visibility. The flag is raised 16 inches and the bright orange color will allow you to see it even in a heavy snowstorm. Eagle Claw offers you a drag that can withstand many heavy predators. It is also wind-resistant. But big dimensions come with great stability. Generally speaking, this model has two drawbacks – plastic construction and large dimensions, which are inconvenient to transport. Otherwise, it is a great choice for winter fishing.

  • Good visibility

  • Wind resistant

  • Excellent drag

  • Plastic short-lived construction

  • Big size

9# HT Enterprise Polar Tip-Up 200’ Spool

HT Enterprise Polar Tip-Up 200

View on Amazon

Of all the plastic-based nibs, the HT Enterprise is arguably one of the best. Built on a 17.5-inch base, it is one of the lightest new generation tip-ups. Its success is also attributed to its very smooth, high-capacity spool. HT offers two variants of spools with huge capacities – 200 and 500 yards. For this tip-up, 75 yards of 50lb line won’t be a problem and you rarely need more. The two-position trip bar provides easy and convenient adjustment, just like the bait clip. It doesn’t matter if you are catching a pliable perch or a tough pike, you will not be disappointed with this tip-up.

  • Smooth spool

  • High-quality construction

  • Well thought out bait clip and trip bar

  • Durable

  • Lightweight

  • Cheap

  • Short flag

10# Big Red Ice Fishing Tip-Up Sensitive

Big Red Ice Fishing Tip-Up Sensitive

View on Amazon

The tip-up is of a rather non-standard shape, but with excellent characteristics. This model is sensitive to even the smallest fish bites. Of all the tip-ups on our list, this one is the most sensitive. You can put on this tip-up both a heavy reel and line for heavy and persistent predators, or a light combo of reel and line.

  • Very sensitive

  • Universal

  • Lasting

  • Bulky

11# SF Tip-Up For Ice Fishing

SF Tip-Up For Ice Fishing

View on Amazon

Original tip-up made of high-quality handmade plastic. Despite the material, the quality and strength make it easy to trust this tip-up. The SF is completely protected from cold and wind and can meet all the needs of the winter angler. Smooth line feed, easy flag installation and adjustment, and durability make the SF a great choice.

  • Excellent frost protection

  • Smooth spool

  • High quality

  • Plastic is not as durable as other materials

12# Krazywolf Auto Strike Kickback Ice Fishing Tip-Up & Rod Holder

Krazywolf Auto Strike Kickback Ice Fishing Tip-Up

View on Amazon

Krazywolf Auto Strike is another great tip with a rod holder. It is made from solid wood with extra coating for durability. Convenient and easy adjustment allows you to service both light rods with reels and heavy ones. All seating surfaces are specially lubricated for very low temperatures.

  • Works great even at low temperatures

  • High-quality material

  • Suitable for light to heavy combos

  • Convenient and easy to adjust

  • Has no flag

13# Celsius CE-UT-2PK Ice Fishing Tip-Up

Celsius CE-UT-2PK Ice Fishing Tip-Up

View on Amazon

This wide, narrow design has many fans. It is very often cited as the best foundation on the market and it really has something to surprise you with. The installed reel is of high quality and very smooth operation, although it is not among the best models we reviewed. The reel is removable for cleaning and additional lubrication and holds up to 50 yards of 20 lb line, which is more than enough. Some users are having problems with the quality of the checkbox. Since the adhesive is quite weak, it can come loose in strong winds. Despite this problem, this tip-up is still a great buy for ice fishing.

  • Smooth, removable spool for cleaning and lubrication

  • Large spool capacity

  • Lightweight and durable

  • Easy to carry and store

  • Flag quality is poor

14# Innovative Tip Down All-In-One Ice Fishing Tip-Up

Innovative Tip Down All-In-One Ice Fishing Tip-Up

View on Amazon

This combo already includes a 3-piece ice fishing system. It includes a storage tube, rod, base for it, reel, and four rotating legs. The installation is very easy to adjust, easily slides up and down, but never slips. The included spool is capable of holding up to 100 feet of line, which will be enough for even the most demanding angler. You will have no problems with the storage and transportation of this unit, as the legs fold easily and allow you to place the unit in the tube.

  • A complete set to start

  • Easy adjustment

  • Capacious spool

  • Compact

  • Short-lived plastic construction

15# Clam Corporation 8840 Arctic Warrior Ice Tip-Up

Clam Corporation 8840 Arctic Warrior Ice Tip-Up

View on Amazon

Like other models, Clam Corporation offers its own tip-up model with the same quality as others. You can insert any reel and rod combo into this tip-up, it is quite versatile and will suit any angler. The trigger bar has 2 settings, which greatly simplifies the adjustment. The only problem is the flag’s rather dull color. In heavy snow, it will be very difficult to spot it. Nevertheless, this is a very high-quality model at an attractive price!

  • Quite versatile

  • High-quality basis

  • The convenient and easy-to-adjust actuation mechanism

  • Dim flag

What Qualities Should a Quality Tip-Up Have?

When choosing a tip-up, you need to pay attention to many characteristics that will allow your device to serve for a long time and efficiently. We have selected the most important ones for you:

  • Trip Bar. It is a simple mechanism to adjust the tip-up for heavy or light travel. The difference in trip bar setting allows the angler to tune the drop to light fish so that smaller species can easily activate the flag and anticipate the angler. Heavy settings are used to search for heavy predators or in conditions of strong wind, which can cause false triggering of the flag.
  • Wide, stable base. The tip-up base is also a very important factor that many people forget about. The wider it is, the more stable your tip-up will be. The longer, the more secure the tip-up will be over the hole and the snow.
  • Flag locker. The flag locker is another important tool for folding the flag and making your tip-up more compact and preventing line damage and tangles.
  • Hook holder. The hook holder, as you might have guessed by the name, keeps hooks and other attachments safe so they don’t get tangled or snagged with other gear during storage.
  • Bait Clip. The bait clip holds the line in one place under the tip-up so that the weight or movement of large lures does not cause false positives. It must be large and strong enough to hold the line effectively.
  • High-quality spool. The spool is one of the most important characteristics of a tip-up. It holds the line, hook, bait, and all your fishing in general. Quality plastic or stainless steel coils are always a good choice. The large spool size allows you to spool more lines and backing, so pay attention to the size too.

Fishing Types of Tip-Ups

Pro-Thermal Tip-up. These tip-ups cover your hole the entire diameter and prevent water from freezing, no matter how cold the temperature is. This form of tip-ups is a relatively recent invention that has already gained popularity. In addition to keeping your ice hole from freezing, this type of tip-up also blocks unpleasant sunlight that can scare the fish your baits are attracted to. Another feature of Pro-Thermal tip-ups is their compactness and lightness. The design allows these types to be cleaved in the form of discs. This allows many pieces to fit horizontally in a 5-gallon bucket.

Auto-Jigging Tip-Up. Until recently, all tip-ups were a “set and forget” system that kept your bait in the area where fish might accumulate. Auto-Jigging tip-up looks much more advantageous against the background of old systems. It allows you to actively raise and lower the line for hours. And it is powered by only two D-type batteries. Smart jigging activates the bait in the water, which attracts fish and mimics the movement of the bait.

Windlass Tip-Up. This is one of the most unique types of tip-ups in ice fishing. This design uses a small paddle that catches the wind and actively moves the bait up and down in the water. Even if the weather is calm, the windlass can provide excellent bait performance and attract a lot of fish. The V-frame fitted to these models makes them easy to remove from the ice. Also, these tip-ups have a folding design, which facilitates transportation.

Classic Hardwood Tip-Up. You are probably already familiar with this type. This is the most popular type of tip-up and has been in use for the last 50 years. The hardwood tip-up has everything you need to provide you with a catch, from a firm sole and a bright flag to a smooth and large spool that can sink many yards down.

Rod Tip-up. In fact, this is not even a completely separate type of tip-up, rather more a jig rod holder that holds the rod in a stable position right above the hole. These types are great for catching small, agile fish that bite very easily. It is always helpful to have multiple rod tip-ups because when it gets cold enough that you can’t handle the rod, this type of tip-up will save you.

10 Tips For Successful Tip-Up Fishing

To have a good catch when using tip-ups, there are simple rules to follow. We have written some of them for you:

  • Find the best fish spots and spread out.
  • Drill holes in the spots you find.
  • Put a good and solid line on the spool.
  • Measure the depth.
  • Choose the most suitable bait.
  • Adjust trigger sensitivity.
  • Always takes care of flags.
  • Move as fast as possible when you spot a flag standing.
  • Make sure the fish are still on the bait.
  • Set the hook slowly and pull the fish.


You can use tip-ups in different ways. Your fishing is not limited to just a few types of fish. You can catch almost any fish with a tip-up. Let’s take another look at the best ones:

Ice fishing is a great way to have a good time outdoors with friends or family, and tip-ups will make your fishing much more fun, successful and better. Have a nice fishing!

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