Fishing First Aid Kit 2023

Fishing First Aid Kit

Recent decades have been marked by a sharp increase in the number of accidents, injuries in everyday life, large-scale disasters of a natural and technogenic nature, and now the time has come for a terrible epidemic of coronavirus in the world.

To date, an effective vaccine against the pandemic “coronavirus” is not yet available. It is necessary to take medications to increase immunity and such remedies as Ginger, Honey, and Curcuma. They are strong antiseptics. And of course, personal protection: thorough washing of hands, gargling, and nose, maximum isolation from surrounding people, compliance with all general rules and hygiene rules.

Life shows that no one in the world is safe from such problems today. Very often in difficult and unexpected situations, we have to reckon primarily on ourselves. But can any of us say with full confidence how to act in a given situation? After all, it is not knowledge that gives rise to self-doubt, which leads eyewitnesses of any incident into a state of prostration, inaction, and emotional shock. In some cases, the inaction of others or, even worse, illiterate actions in relation to a person in distress lead to death.

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What To Take With You For Fishing?

typical fisherman's medicine kits

The practice of rescue operations indicates that up to 70% of deaths due to various types of injuries and some acute conditions could be avoided if first aid was provided to the victims in a timely and correct manner. Given that fishing, like many other types of outdoor activities, refers to entertainment associated with increased danger. According to statistics, health problems while staying at ponds and while fishing can most often be associated with the following situations:

  • Overheating (heatstroke in the hot season);
  • Subcooling (hypothermia, freezing);
  • Injuries (bruises, cuts, punctures, abrasions, fractures, dislocations of the joints);
  • Burns (hot oil, boiling water, open fire, sunburn of the skin);
  • Food poisoning (vomiting, diarrhea, temperature).

convenient first-aid kits

What To Have in a Medicine Cabinet When Fishing

You can, of course, purchase a ready-made first-aid kit for a motorist or tourist in a store. As practice shows, it is more reliable to assemble it yourself. This does not take much time, and most of the components are usually always in the home medicine cabinet. And two more advantages of self-preparation of a fisherman’s first-aid kit: you will remember what funds are in the composition of your first-aid kit and have a guarantee that the medications are not expired.

So, be sure to take with us for fishing in a waterproof container:

  • Ammonia (bring cotton wool to the nose when fainting).
  • Tincture of iodine (3-5%, better in ampoules, an excellent antiseptic).
  • Aspirin (namely, acetyl-salicylic acid in tablets, antipyretic, and analgesic).
  • Analgin (tablets, for headache, general pain medication).
  • Besalol (tablets reduce cramping, pain medication).
  • A styptic tourniquet (will allow temporarily, no more than 1.5-2 hours, to block an artery or vein in the event of a severe cut).
  • Adhesive plaster (for fixing dressings or splint during fracture).
  • Medical alcohol (antiseptic for external use).
  • Bandages (wide and narrow, simple and sterile in packaging).
  • Bags for cooling with bruises (2-3 pcs.).
  • Medical cotton wool (~ 100 g).
  • Elastic bandage (1-2 pcs.).
  • Rubber bandage (1-2 pcs.).
  • A bactericidal patch (a set of different cuts, for applying to small abrasions and cuts, temporarily).
  • Safety pin (5 pieces are convenient for fixing dressings).
  • Pantocide (tablets for disinfecting water, 1 tablet is used for 0.5-0.7 liters of water, withstand 15 minutes).
  • Panthenol (an aerosol for external use, it has anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, antimicrobial effects – it is indispensable for treating wounds with a large surface: burns, abrasions).
  • Validol (tablets, has a calming effect on the central nervous system, has a vasodilating effect, is used for pain in the heart (angina pectoris), neurosis, hysteria, as an antiemetic for sea and airborne diseases, 1 tablet under the tongue).
  • Nitroglycerin (tablets, used for severe pain in the heart that does not go away after taking Validol, 1 tablet under the tongue).
  • Valocordin or Corvalol (medicine, used for pain in the heart, increased irritability, insomnia, neurosis, 20 drops in a small amount of water).
  • Caffeine (pills, stimulates the respiratory and vasomotor centers, enhances the work of the heart muscle. It is used for shock, weakness of the heart, poisoning, and spasms of the brain vessels, 1 tablet per reception).
  • Activated charcoal (tablets, with diarrhea, flatulence, acute food poisoning, 1-6 tablets).

It is advisable to always keep such a simple set of medicines while fishing. Health problems that arise during the trip should be addressed with a qualified doctor. You will be able to arrange first aid for yourself or your injured comrade immediately after the incident.

popular first aid kits

That is why a small, compact, and properly assembled first-aid kit of a fisherman is a very necessary thing. It will not replace you with a full-fledged medical kit for long and long hiking trips and fishing expeditions. She will avoid many inconveniences and troubles.

I think some fishermen will think: well, what a first-aid kit, why carry an extra load with you, if only two steps to the house, to people, and mobile communication is at hand. Nature is beautiful. An abundance of colors, aromas of herbs and flowers, birdsong, and cicadas. Summer, warmth, life boils all around. I would also strongly recommend not to forget to put in a backpack, a good repellent from mosquitoes and other blood-sucking reptiles, and thoroughly treat the clothing before ticks with a tick remover.

A Few Words About The Packaging of the First-Aid Kit and The Storage of Medicines

When fishing, I try not to take “medications in a glass package” with me, preferring plastic, or it is advisable to wrap the glass with tape or tape. This, in which case, will serve as additional protection and protect the glass packaging, as well as protect you from splinters, if it does break. Do not stuff drugs and packs into a mini medicine cabinet – a lot. Only the most necessary and in small quantities should be taken. The main thing is that all medicines are labeled, i.e. the name, expiration date is easy to read.

The packaging itself of the first-aid kit, of course, should be light, as well as tight enough to protect the medicine from moisture and dust. The case is durable and moderately hard, not brittle. Fasteners and zippers are reliable. Access to medicines is free. And a little detail from personal experience. In order not to lose and easy to find my first-aid kit in nature, I would like to draw your attention to the color of the package. I think bright red or orange packaging is the most.

Those suffering from chronic diseases will certainly take with them the medicines prescribed by the attending physician. The first-aid kit must be stored away from fire, protected from shock, and from direct sunlight. It is very important to be able to properly pack a first-aid kit. All medicines should be isolated from each other and well fixed. The first-aid kit needs to be stored so that at any time it would be possible to use it without delay. Health to you and that you do not have to use your first-aid kit.

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