Types of Fishing Rigs 2023

Sergio Smirnoff

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The 14 Best Different Types of Fishing Rigs – Editor’s Choice

TOP 14 Fishing Rigs

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AIRKOUL Wire Trace Leader 2 Arm Fishing Rigs

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YOTO Fishing Rig

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JSHANMEI Fishing Rig

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ZW Homenland Fishing Rig

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Shaddock Fishing Rigs

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9# Scotank Fishing Leader Wire Tooth Proof 7 Lures Rig

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10# Booms Fishing CRR Carolina Ready Rig

Booms Fishing Ready Rig

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VIPMOON Wire Trace Leader Fishing Rigs

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13# Senyu Wire Trace Leader 1-5 Arms Fishing Rigs

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14# TOMTO 12PCS/24PCS Wire Trace Leader 2 Arm/3Arm Fishing Rigs

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TOP 3 Fishing Rig Bag & Organizer

15# BW Sports Storage Tackle Wallet

BW Sports Storage Tackle Wallet

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16# KastKing Bait Storage Bag

KastKing Bait Storage Bag

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17# Boone Just Rigs Bag

Boone Just Rigs Bag

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TOP 5 Fishing Rig Holder & Storage

18# Plano Snell Rig Holder Inside Stowaway

Plano Snell Rig Holder

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19# Lindy Rigger for Walleye Fishing Kit Box

Lindy Rigger Fishing Kit

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20# Carlson Tackle Buddy Spinner Holder

Carlson Tackle Buddy Spinner Holder

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21# Inhaler Tackle Tamer 12 Snell Holder

Inhaler Tackle Tamer

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22# Toasis Fishing Leader line Holder

Toasis Fishing Leader line Holder

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Sergio Smirnoff
Sergio Smirnoff
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10 months ago

It was a pleasure to read your article. I agree with you that you presented fishing tackle plus boxes to carry it and make it as easy to use as possible. I’ve tried doing fishing rigs without swivels, balls, and rings, at the expense of complicated knots and connections.

As a result, the fishing line was broken both when the fish bite and during constant casting. The fishing line, even very thick (0.8 mm), was chafing and breaking. I lost a lot of fish, and now I use a lot of different devices, especially when there are a lot of hooks and fishing in deep water. Thanks!

Product Name
Types of Fishing Rigs
10 months ago

Yes, it’s easier to buy ready-made tackle and fish without problems. If you make it yourself, it takes a lot of time, you need a certain experience, and plus a large set of components and parts. Order online and forget about the difficulties. Prices for the manufacture of such devices are paltry.

Product Name
Fishing Reels
Carlon Goldhaven
Carlon Goldhaven
3 months ago

Hey there, thanks for sharing such a great and basic bass fishing presentation! As a beginner in the sport, I found your instructions very helpful.

I went out and picked up some Zoom Tickworms in Green-Pumpkin color, along with some 3/0 Offset Worm Hooks and 1/8oz and 1/4oz lead worm weights. Following your advice, I watched a few videos on how to tie on a Texas Rig and then tried it out on the bank.

I spent some time observing the water and shoreline, looking for anything that seemed “different” like a rock, tree, or patch of weeds. I cast my lure out past these objects and slowly dragged it back towards me using the rod tip. I tried to feel the bottom and move the lure in small increments, stopping to reel in the slack.

When I felt a “tick” or “bump” on the line or noticed the line had gone slack, I knew a bass had grabbed my worm. Excitedly, I set the hook and reeled in my catch!

Although my rod wasn’t ideal for bottom fishing, I was able to get some feedback and feel for what was happening beneath the surface. I can see how this basic presentation is the foundation for more advanced techniques in bass fishing.

Rance Pearlwort
Rance Pearlwort
3 months ago

Hi there, I’m a beginner in the world of fishing and I’ve been experimenting with different techniques to find what works best for me.

Initially, I tried the Texas rig using the exposed method which was easy to tie and fun to use. However, I found that I was missing a lot of hook sets and also experiencing gut hooks which made the catch and release difficult.

Then I discovered the drop shot technique, which is harder to tie, but allows for more precision when fishing a specific spot. I found it to be pretty effective and much easier to set the hook. However, I did have issues with the line breaking frequently from the hook or fish rubbing against it.

Currently, I’m using specific drop shot hooks that have a swivel above and below, making it much easier to tie correctly and less prone to breaking. I feel a little like I’m cheating, but I’m happy with the results.

Overall, I’m learning that fishing involves a lot of trial and error to find what works best for me. I’m looking forward to continuing to learn and improve my skills. Any advice or corrections are welcome!

Deodar Broomwhin
Deodar Broomwhin
3 months ago

Hello fellow anglers, if I had to choose only one presentation for a day on my favorite body of water, it would definitely be the drop-shot rig. This rig has proven to be very versatile for me and has helped me catch fish in various conditions.

However, I must admit that there are many other rigs out there that can be equally effective depending on the situation. In fact, I encourage you to try out different rigs and find what works best for you. To get you started, I have compiled a list of some popular rigs that I know of:

  • Texas Rig
  • Carolina Rig
  • Shaky Head
  • Neko Rig
  • Jika Rig
  • Ned Rig
  • Wacky Rig
  • Rage Rig
  • Mojo/Splitshot Rig
  • i Motion Rig
  • Double Fluke/Donkey Rig

Keep in mind that some of these rigs are not necessarily considered “rigs” but are simply different ways of hooking a bait. I hope this list inspires you to try out some new rigs this year and see what works best for you. Happy fishing!