Bent Butt Rods 2023

Bent Butt Rods

Sea fishing is significantly different from the usual one, starting from the object of fishing and ending with the selection of tackle. The diversity of marine inhabitants makes fishing a fascinating and exciting activity. Fishing in seawater requires certain skills and even professional fishermen can fail. For this fishing, you will need a high-quality bent butt fishing rod and generous action, as this will be the point of association of two significant opposing forces. The first force is the movement of the boat at high speed, the second is large predators that stretch to the other side to escape from the hook. Such pressure deserves special caution when choosing one or more rods.

Our Top List 10 Best Bent Butt Fishing Rods

I suggest you consider the best 10 bent butt fishing rods that can help you in this difficult process. Find out about their pros and cons to have a clear idea of ​​which suits you best.

Daiwa TANACOM DENDOH Style RODS, Sections= 2, Line Wt.= 60-150DaiwaBuy on Amazon
OKIAYA Venom Pro The Blade Deep Drop Bent Butt Pac Bay Roller Rod 80-160LBOKIAYABuy on Amazon
Penn International VI Trolling (1 Piece) 6' 80-130 Pound Test Fishing RodPENNBuy on Amazon
Fiblink Bent Butt Fishing Rod 2-Piece Trolling Rod Saltwater Offshore Big Game Roller Rod Conventional Boat Fishing Pole (Length: 6'-Bent Butt (Orange))…FiblinkBuy on Amazon
EatMyTackle 160-200 lb. Bent Butt Dredge Rod, Swing Tip | Blue Marlin Tournament Edition (5'4")EAT MY TACKLEBuy on Amazon
EAT MY TACKLE 2 Bent Butt Offshore Fishing Rods 100-120 lb. ClassEAT MY TACKLEBuy on Amazon
EatMyTackle Deep Drop Trolling Rod | Blue Marlin Tournament Edition (3pc. Swing Tip, 160-200lbs)EAT MY TACKLEBuy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon
Fiblink Bent Butt Fishing Rod 2-Piece Saltwater Offshore Trolling Rod Big Game Roller Rod Conventional Boat Fishing Pole (Length: 7')FiblinkBuy on Amazon
Daiwa TANACOM DENDOH Style RODS, Sections= 2, Line Wt.= 40-100DaiwaBuy on Amazon

1# Daiwa TNB66HF-DD Tancom Dendoh Casting Rod

Daiwa TNB66HF-DD Tancom Dendoh Casting Rod

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Daiwa is one of the best fishing equipment manufacturers you can trust in your choice of a fishing rod. The brand specially designed this bent butt fishing rod that can handle any huge fish and leave your catch with you. The fishing rod has an incredibly elastic blank that controls the fish. The ring guide is made of aluminum oxide, which indicates strength and durability.

  • Robust construction
  • Durable grip
  • Elastic blank
  • Not cheap

2# OKIAYA Venom Pro The Blade Deep Drop Bent Butt

OKIAYA Venom Pro The Blade Deep Drop Bent Butt

View on Amazon

If you want to catch a huge fish with success, then you definitely need this fishing rod with a bent butt. Its design makes it easy to cope with the resistance of sharks, tuna, and more. This is what you need for trolling fishing. The fishing rod has excellent sensitivity and super smooth rollers. A convenient handle allows you not to feel discomfort.

  • EVA styrofoam handle
  • High sensitivity to bites
  • It could be a little longer

3# Penn International VI Trolling Fishing Rod

Penn International VI Trolling Fishing Rod

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For trolling fishing, the rod must be strong. This model is exactly that. This is what you need to catch large fish in depth. It has a bent handle that provides added stability. Smooth operation is ensured by excellent roller guides.

  • Tubular glass blank construction
  • Anti-slip handle
  • Good sensitivity
  • Slightly different in the photo

4# Fiblink Bent Butt Fishing Rod 2-Piece Trolling Rod

Fiblink Bent Butt Fishing Rod 2-Piece Trolling Rod

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In this fishing rod, I really like its composite blank of solid E-glass and graphite. This gives excellent traction power. Roller guides are made of stainless steel so you can use this fishing rod in saltwater without any doubt. The bent butt is made of aluminum alloy that gives you a guarantee of durability.

  • Lightweight
  • No rotation
  • Wear-resistant
  • Hands can slide on the handle

5# EatMyTackle Bent Butt Dredge Rod Swing Tip

EatMyTackle Bent Butt Dredge Rod Swing Tip

View on Amazon

I present to you a fishing rod of class 160 – 200 pounds. It is made of durable material such as the finest high-carbon composite billet. The design minimizes the appearance of lateral twists. The length of the bent butt is 5’4 “.

  • Good fishing rod length
  • No side twisting
  • Ideal for deep dropping
  • Stiff enough

6# EAT MY TACKLE 2 Bent Butt Offshore Fishing Rods

EAT MY TACKLE 2 Bent Butt Offshore Fishing Rods

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These two fishing rods in the kit are what you need for effective boat fishing. They go into a weight class of 100-120 pounds. They withstand strong winds due to their robust construction. Sensitive tip and attractive design.

  • Stainless steel roller guides
  • 2 pieces at a great price
  • Provides minimal twisting
  • I didn’t find the flaws

7# EatMyTackle Deep Drop Trolling Rod

EatMyTackle Deep Drop Trolling Rod

View on Amazon

This is an interesting fishing rod that not only looks attractive but also good at its process. This company produces really high-quality fishing tackle and this fishing rod is no exception. They took into account all the factors that this fishing rod worked perfectly for large fish. Both bent and straight butts are available to you. It is worth the money.

  • Firmly made
  • It Will last for many years
  • Suitable for many reels
  • Not for every budget

8# Xcaliber Marine PRO Tournament Series Saltwater TROLLING Rod

Xcaliber Marine PRO Tournament Series Saltwater TROLLING Rod

View on Amazon

This fishing rod comes with bent and straight butts. It is ideal for seawater fishing and trolling fishing. Clearance -rollers are made in such a way that they are suitable for any type of fishing line. Stainless steel is an excellent material for use in seawater.

  • Two types of butt
  • Great price
  • Easy to scratch

9# Fiblink Bent Butt Fishing Rod

Fiblink Bent Butt Fishing Rod

View on Amazon

You have the opportunity to get a high-quality bent butt fishing rod for trolling fishing at a great price. Just look at its solid construction. You will get good traction power. This is durable equipment that is made of solid fiberglass. You can prevent rotation due to the groove.

  • Sensitive tip
  • Corrosion protection
  • Excellent roller guides
  • Heavy enough

10# Daiwa TNB66MHF-DD Tancom Dendoh Casting Rod

Daiwa TNB66MHF-DD Tancom Dendoh Casting Rod

View on Amazon

This is an indispensable thing when fighting a huge fish like a shark. The design of the fishing rod allows you to watch out for your catch. The rod has a fairly powerful glatech blank construction. The bent rod has a sea-guide aluminum oxide ring guide and the material resists corrosion. This makes it durable for use in saltwater.

  • Comfortable grip
  • Reliable material
  • Need to get longer screws for the reel so that everything fits

What Are Bent Butt Rods for?

Such fishing rods are used when fishing in the open sea or ocean from a boat. They are designed to catch various large fish such as sharks, tuna, marlin, sailboats, and others. When a big fish pecks, there is a small chance that you can withstand the resistance of such a powerful fish. Therefore, a bent butt fishing rod is inserted into special brackets in the boat. This way you will not miss your fish. After all, human power isn’t enough to cope with such resistance of the fish. After the fish caught, the fisherman begins to exhaust it with the help of a boat. This is to make the fish tired and unable to resist so much. When the fish is already exhausted, the fisherman takes a fishing rod in his hands and inserts it into a special belt. After that, it starts to gently pull the fish. And the last step that remains to be done is to raise the fish to the boat with the help of a large scoop net.

Sea Fishing From a Boat

Sea fishing from a boat is quite different from freshwater. Fish with unique habits, another search for fishing places, and other equipment. So what should be the bent butt rod for such fishing? Let’s get it clear.


Bent butt rods are quite short. When fishing in a plumb load, when lifting the fish can be huge, and the shorter the rod, the greater the lever. And if you take into account the fishing conditions, then long forms can simply interfere in conditions of limited space. Therefore, rods up to 2.4 meters are most preferred, and the most popular are usually 160 to 210 centimeters long.


Given the enormous load on the blank during sea or ocean fishing, most rods are made of fiberglass or graphite composite. The lightness of the rod here is a completely minor advantage since most of the time the rod will be in the rack. The exception is only formed for fishing from kayaks and inflatable boats, for them the lightness of the material will be a significant factor:

  • Fiberglass is more durable, cheaper, and more reliable.
  • The carbon-based composite makes the rod significantly lighter, but still strong enough.
  • Carbon is notable for rigidity of cutting, lightness, and sensitivity, but it requires a careful attitude.


Since fishing rods don’t require casting distances, and fish are often quite large, most fishing rods have a Fast, ExFast, or progressive system. But with regard to the test, the lower limit isn’t limited, however, like the upper one. It all depends on the type of equipment, and the test can start from 50 grams, and end far beyond 2 kilograms. In most cases, the rod test is indicated not in grams, but in pounds, and doesn’t indicate the weight of the lure to be thrown, but the maximum possible load of the rod. For example, a test of 50 Lbs means that the rod can lift 22 kilograms, the reel and cord test should be added to this weight and divided by 3, this gives the relative possible weight of the fish available for fishing with this tackle.

Necessary Equipment for Sea Fishing

You need to have a bent butt fishing rod, a strong fishing line, a cord, a powerful reel, and a special bracket for the rod.


The reel is an important component in sea fishing. There are three types: inertial, inertialess, and multiplier. Knowing the characteristics of each of them, you can choose the right one:

  • Inertialess. The simplest open type, suitable for any fishing.
  • Inertial. Inexpensive devices with easy care, but without the braking mechanism of the fishing line, so this process will have to be done with a finger.
  • Multiplier. Expensive pleasure, but the highest quality. All reels of this type are designed for sea fishing. It doesn’t matter which reel for sea fishing you choose, the main thing is that it has a sturdy construction and high-quality fishing line laying.

Cords and Fishing Lines

The fishing line has special requirements. It should be as durable as possible against abrasion against stones, piers, shells, etc. The optimum fishing line for sea fishing should be from 05 to 0.9 mm in diameter and withstand a weight of at least 50 kg. Popular with marine anglers are fishing lines made of nylon, synthetic. Cords emit single and multi-strand options, as well as with a lead core. Choose a fishing line for sea fishing, based on the terrain, type of fish, and type of fishing.


If you want to achieve success in sea fishing and enjoy a large catch, then you need the right fishing equipment. You need a bent butt fishing rod first. In this review, I have told you a little more about them than you knew before. And I have shown the best models on the market. Now you have to make your choice!

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