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The kayaks are made of thin material for optimal performance on the water. Since the material is very thin, it can deform during storage. Proper storage of the kayak and proper care of it will allow you to preserve the original parameters of the material and design as much as possible so that you will be happy to ride on your favorite boat for more than one season! Best kayak storage will help you with proper storage.

Our Selection 14 Best Kayak Storage Rack

Kayak Storage Hooks – Wall Mount Garage Hangers with 125 lb Capacity for Kayaks or Paddleboards by Rad Sportz, OrangeRAD SportzBuy on Amazon
Goplus Freestanding Kayak Storage Rack, Heavy Duty Dual Kayak Rack, Height Adjustable Kayak Stand Carrier for Kayaks SUP Paddle Boards and Canoes, Perfect for Indoor, Outdoor, Garage, Max Load 175 LbsGoplusBuy on Amazon
Kayak Storage Rack – Freestanding, 175 Weight Capacity Dual Stand for 2 Kayaks or Paddleboards – Indoor Outdoor Organization by Rad Sportz,BlackRAD SportzBuy on Amazon
StoreYourBoard G-Kayak Indoor Wall Storage Rack, Adjustable Levels, Holds 4 Kayaks up to 100 lbs Each (Indoor)StoreYourBoardBuy on Amazon
StoreYourBoard Kayak Ceiling Storage Hoist, Hi Lift Home and Garage Hanging Organizer Pulley Rack, ProStoreYourBoardBuy on Amazon
Kayak Hoist Set – Overhead Pulley System with 125 lb Capacity for Kayaks, Canoes, Bikes, or Ladder Storage by Rad Sportz (2 Pack)RAD SportzBuy on Amazon
RaxGo Freestanding Kayak Storage Rack, Heavy Duty Storage for Two-Kayak, SUP, Canoe & Paddleboard for Indoor, Outdoor, Garage, Shed, or Dock, Adjustable HeightRaxGoBuy on Amazon
SPECSTAR Kayak Stand 2 Pack Canoe Standing Rack Folding Freestanding Canoe Storage Stands with TPE Padding for Indoor and Outdoor 110 LbsSPECSTARBuy on Amazon
RAD Sportz Kayak Storage Rack – Two 53 1/8-in Freestanding Kayak Stands with Dual Arms and Adjustable Straps - Holds 2 Canoes, SUP, PaddleboardsRAD SportzBuy on Amazon
VIVOHOME Kayak Hoist Lift Pulley System for Overhead Garage Storage Canoe Bicycle Ceiling Hoist Hanging System 125lbs Pack of 2VIVOHOMEBuy on Amazon
GREAT WORKING TOOLS Kayak Rack - Double Kayak Stand, Heavy Duty Paddleboard and Kayak Accessories, Freestanding or Floor Mount Kayak Storage, Holds 175 lbs.GREAT WORKING TOOLSBuy on Amazon
Best Marine Kayak Storage Rack. 2 Wall Mount Hooks for Kayaks, SUP Paddle Board & Surfboard. Kayak Hanger Racks & Straps. Indoor/Outdoor Cradles for Garage. Kayak Accessories with 100lb CapacityBest Marine and OutdoorsBuy on Amazon
Extreme Max 3004.0204 Kayak/Canoe/Bike/Ladder Hoist & Lift for Storage in Shop or Garage - 120 lb. CapacityExtreme MaxBuy on Amazon
7.8-18ft Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover-Storage Dust Cover UV Protection Sunblock Shield for Fishing Boat /Kayak / Canoe 7 Sizes [Choose Color] (Dark Blue(Upgraded), Suitable for 12.3-13.5ft Kayak)GYMTOPBuy on Amazon

In this section, you will find the best products to help you store your kayak.

1# Rad Sportz Kayak Storage Hooks

Rad Sportz Kayak Storage Hooks

View on Amazon

If you have a garage or shed, then you can hang your kayak on the wall or ceiling. This will save a lot of space. With these hangers, you can hang your kayak on the wall without any problem. They are made of durable powder-coated steel that resists corrosion and rust. They are capable of supporting up to 125 pounds. Overhead garage storage kayak accessory hook won’t damage your kayak thanks to the foam padding.

  • It doesn’t scratch the kayak

  • Minimum build

  • Not long enough for some kayaks

2# Goplus Freestanding Kayak Rack

Goplus Freestanding Kayak Rack

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This best kayak storage rack is suitable for storing two kayaks. If you love kayaking with the whole family, then this rack is what you need to store them. This stand is equipped with two hooks that can be adjusted in height. This high-quality kayak storage rack is freestanding thanks to its material. It is made of durable steel and has a powder-coated finish that protects against corrosion and rust. This rack can hold up to 175 pounds.

  • It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • UV protection

  • Bad instruction

3# Rad Sportz Kayak Storage Rack – Amazon’s Choice

Rad Sportz Kayak Storage Rack

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This outdoor kayak storage rack can store up to two kayaks. This is a compact stand that doesn’t take up much space in your garage. It is a durable accessory as it is powder-coated, which is not only resistant to corrosion, but also to UV light. This model can carry up to 175 pounds.

  • Durable

  • High protection against damage

  • Difficult to assemble

4# StoreYourBoard Kayak Storage Rack – Amazon’s Choice

StoreYourBoard Kayak Storage Rack

View on Amazon

If everyone in your family is fond of kayaking, then you probably need this kayak storage rack. She is capable of storing four kayaks at a time. This rack is suitable for various types of kayaks thanks to the adjustable levels. Each level has a lifting capacity of 100 pounds. All in all, this rack can hold up to 400 pounds. Your kayaks will always be in place without damage thanks to the felt padding.

  • Large lifting capacity

  • Easy adjustment to suit the size of the kayaks

  • Some users claim that they could not fit four kayaks, but only three

5# StoreYourBoard Kayak Ceiling Storage Hoist – Amazon’s Choice

StoreYourBoard Kayak Ceiling Storage Hoist

View on Amazon

With this mount, you can mount your kayak either on the wall or on the ceiling. Thanks to the adjustable straps, everyone can place their kayak. You can adjust them to suit the width and length of your kayak. You can easily assemble and install this rack using the included instructions and mounting hardware.

  • Easy to assemble

  • It fits almost all models

  • The ceiling must be high enough for you to install this kayak storage

6# Rad Sportz Kayak Hoist Set

Rad Sportz Kayak Hoist Set

View on Amazon

If you are short on garage space but need to store your kayak somewhere, then Rad Sportz has a solution for you. This storage hoist is perfect for storing your kayak on the ceiling. It’s convenient, safe and you save a lot of space in your garage or shed. This system can handle up to 125 pounds and is therefore suitable for almost any kayak. The hooks are rubber-coated to prevent damage to your equipment.

This set is suitable for hanging two kayaks from the ceiling. However, you can hang not only the kayak but also kayaks, bicycles, or canoes. This accessory uses a pulley system with a safety locking mechanism. This allows you to easily lift your equipment and store it without damage.

  • Excellent lifting capacity

  • Reliable hooks

  • Rubber coated hooks

  • Safe storage

  • It’s hard to hang a kayak

  • The instructions do not tell you how to install it

7# RaxGo Freestanding Kayak Rack – Amazon’s Choice

RaxGo Freestanding Kayak Rack

View on Amazon

This freestanding rack is perfect for storing your kayak. You don’t have to hang your equipment from a wall or ceiling. This rack can hold up to 175 pounds. It is made of stainless steel and has a powder coating that resists corrosion. For added security, the base of the stand can be attached to the floor for greater stability.

  • Durable material

  • High stability

  • You may have assembly difficulties

8# SPECSTAR Folding Freestanding Kayak Rack

SPECSTAR Folding Freestanding Kayak Rack

View on Amazon

The best kayak storage rack is designed for horizontal storage. This model is made of aluminum, polyester, and flexible TPE plastic. These materials are distinguished by their high quality, wear resistance, and also durable. The strap can handle up to 100 pounds. The stands hold up to 220 pounds. These stands are also suitable for placement on the beach. They weigh only 5.3 pounds so they are easy to carry.

  • Lightweight

  • Wide use

  • For some users, these racks were too short

9# RAD Sportz Double Kayak Storage Rack

RAD Sportz Double Kayak Storage Rack

View on Amazon

This free-standing kayak storage rack plan lets you store two kayaks upright. This saves space. Due to its high strength, the rack can be used both indoors and outdoors. The maximum lifting capacity is 200 lbs.

  • Easy to install

  • Safe for your equipment

  • Overpriced

10# VIVOHOME Heavy Duty Ceiling Mount Kayak Canoe Garage Storage

VIVOHOME Ceiling Mount Kayak Canoe Garage Storage

View on Amazon

This system has hooks that are made of heavy-duty rubber-coated iron. This ensures safety for your equipment. It will not be scratched or otherwise damaged in any way. You don’t have to worry about your kayak falling from the ceiling. This system has nylon ropes that are tear-resistant. You can easily hang your equipment thanks to the innovative pulley system.

11# Great Working Tools Kayak Rack

Great Working Tools Kayak Rack

View on Amazon

This j hook kayak storage is suitable for storing two kayaks at the same time. This stand can hold up to 175 pounds and is designed for long-lasting use. This metal stand is powder-coated to resist rust and corrosion. This model is suitable for a variety of equipment thanks to the adjustable stand. It is adjustable from four to six feet.

12# Best Marine Kayak Storage Racks

Great Working Tools Kayak Hoist Lift

View on Amazon

This Pulley System is designed to hold two kayaks. It allows you to store your equipment safely on the ceiling. You will be able to raise and lower your kayaks without any problems thanks to this system. You don’t need to call anyone for help to do this. The system is so easy to use that one person can handle it.

13# Extreme Max Kayak/Canoe/Bike/Ladder Hoist & Lift for Storage

Extreme Max Kayak Hoist Lift

View on Amazon

Hang your kayak with this hoist system. This will save space in your garage. Store bicycles, kayaks, canoes, etc., are best stored on the ceiling. One person can handle raising or lowering the kayak using this system.

14# GYMTOP Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover-Storage

GYMTOP Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover-Storage

View on Amazon

To store the kayak, it is not necessary to hang it from the ceiling or install it on the wall. You can also place it in a special protective case. This model is made of waterproof polyester. This material is highly durable, and also reflects the sun’s rays, so you can store the kayak even outdoors. This cover will protect your kayak from damage caused by wind, sun, dust, etc.

How to Store Your Kayak?

At the end of the season or with a planned long break, it would be best to place the kayak in a closed, dry room with an average, stable temperature, for example, in a garage, hangar or attic, etc. In the absence of another place, your city apartment is also suitable. Particular importance should be attached to the storage system of the vessel.

Not recommended:

  • Suspend the boat for a long time by the transport loops to avoid bending the hull.
  • Store the kayak on its side. This can deform one side of the case.
  • Kayaks with a pronounced keel should not be stored with an emphasis on the bottom, for the same reason, it may flatten.
  • Do not leave the boat in an upright position for a long time.

How to store your kayaks competently and ergonomically:

  • Storage horizontally on a special stand. This design ensures proper balance of pressure on the body.
  • An option for limited space is hanging from the ceiling with several wide straps that wrap the kayak under the bottom, at an equal distance. The more belts, the more evenly the load is distributed.

Preparing To Store Your Kayak

Decide where to store your kayak. You need a seat that has enough room for your kayak. Measure your kayak and storage space ahead of time to make sure your kayak will fit. Kayaks take up a lot of space and should not come into contact with other items during storage. It is best to store it indoors to keep it protected. You can store it in your garage, basement, shed, or any other enclosed space. Store it outdoors only as a last resort. If you will be storing your kayak for a long time and you have little space in your home, you can store your kayak professionally. Many kayak schools, kayak rentals, marinas, rowing clubs, or state beaches have kayak storage available.

Control the temperature in the warehouse. Make sure your kayak is not exposed to extreme heat or cold. Avoid temperatures below freezing or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.7 degrees Celsius). Your kayak mustn’t become brittle or damaged. The worst option is to store the kayak in direct sunlight. Heat will deform the plastic and discolor the surface. If you store your kayak in the garage, make sure it is in a dark place. Make sure you don’t store your kayak near a direct heat source.

Wash kayak. Use a mild all-purpose cleaner (such as diluted Castile soap) and a sponge to wipe down the kayak. Be sure to clean the inside and outside. There should be no dirt residue or residue. After cleaning with soap, rinse thoroughly with water so that no soap remains on the kayak.

Dry kayak. Although kayaks are designed to be used in the water, they are not designed to get wet all the time. The water will begin to erode the surface of the kayak. If you cover it and there is moisture inside, mold will grow on it. To dry the kayak, wipe it with a towel and drain the water from the hatch or drain plug.

Remove soft materials if stored outdoors. Any fabric or soft material from the kayak, such as the seat, should be removed for storage. This is especially important for outdoor storage. Store soft materials in a dry and not too cold place, such as a closet.

Cover kayak. Whether you are storing your kayak outside or inside, it is recommended that you use a carrying case. This will protect your kayak from external factors, dust and garage creatures. You can buy a special kayak cover, use a cockpit cover, or use a simple tarp and throw it over the kayak for extra protection. When using a tarp, it is best to create a space between the tarp and the kayak so that water or snow does not accumulate on the surface of the kayak (if it is outside) and so that any remaining moisture is not blocked inside the kayak.


In order for your kayak not to be damaged and to serve you for many more years, you need to store it properly. The best kayak storage systems will help you with this. In this review, I have shown you a large number of kayak storage hooks. I advise you to pay special attention to these models: 1# Rad Sportz Kayak Storage Hooks, 2# Goplus Freestanding Kayak Rack, and 3# Rad Sportz Kayak Storage Rack – Amazon’s Choice.

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