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Every fisherman is almost constantly in search of a new quality tackle. Today I want to tell you about the Okiaya brand. This is a relatively young brand that has already won recognition from fishermen from all over the world. Especially the products of this brand will be of interest to fishermen who are fond of fishing from a boat. Continue reading the Okiaya rods and reels review.

About Brand Okiaya

The Okiaya brand has appeared on the fishing market relatively recently but has already loudly announced its serious intentions. This brand was founded in 2010 by Christopher Christian. The main specialization of the company is offshore fishing tackles. The first step of the company was the release of the 30-80lb pole now know as the “Mack Daddy”. The next stage was the release of other fishing rods, reels, and lures. In addition, the Okiaya brand produces various fishing accessories. Whatever tackle the angler is fishing with, he will inevitably need various small accessories, the Okiaya company is constantly expanding its range of these important “little things“.

Okiaya is renowned all over the world for its highest quality lures. the Okiaya Saltwater Trolling Fishing Lure 9 ″ Wahoo Tuna Marlin Dolphin King Rigged blue has a well-deserved reputation not only among amateurs but also among professional athletes. Fishing company Okiaya develops all of its lures using the latest technical developments, which are mostly considered exclusive. Okiaya professional craftsmen constantly conduct scientific research to introduce the most advanced technologies in the manufacture of baits.

With the help of Okiaya lures, athletes have won first place in various fishing competitions many times. Amateur anglers also appreciated the quality and catching power of the lures, because their quality is at such a height that it does not require special skill and any intricate postings. Even just picking up this bait, you will understand that such a bait is obliged to catch. But fishermen really appreciate it after the first fishing trip. This is real quality and catchy.

Okiaya Rod Reviews

For successful fishing, you need to get a reliable and high-quality fishing rod. The rod must be suitable for the type of fishing and lure you choose. In addition to correctly determining the right type of fishing rod, you need to correctly determine the budget and choose the rod that would most suit the angler for the price. Many fishing enthusiasts are trying to buy inexpensive rods because they consider the upcoming costs for lures and equipment too high. However, a reasonable balance must be struck between economy and rod price, as cheap fishing rods have a shorter lifespan. Manufacturer Okiaya specializes in the production of offshore fishing rods. The brand has a wide range of fishing rods at various price levels. From inexpensive fishing rods to professional fishing rod lines suitable for experienced hobbyists and sportsmen. Quality and reliability are inherent in all Okiaya fishing rods. A wide range of fishing rods allows you to save time and gives you the opportunity to choose.

Our Selection 4 Okiaya Bent Butt Fishing Rod Reviews

The Okiaya rods are powerful offshore boat fishing rods designed for the Big Game series of reels. They feature a flexible tip and powerful butt, ideal for steep fishing with jigs and soft lures. Blanks perfectly work for catching cod, pollock, and halibut. The blank’s reinforced winding makes the rods extremely durable and provides the reliability you need in tough saltwater fishing conditions.

Top 4 Best Okiaya Rods

1# OKIAYA 5’6ft COMPOSIT Mack Daddy 30-80LB Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod

OKIAYA Mack Daddy Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod

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High-quality rods for offshore fishing, trolling, surfing and power fishing for large fish, also used with great success in carp and catfish fishing. Medium-heavy action will allow you to make effective hooks, and work with large wobblers and other lures, and the design using CNC alloys gives the rod lightness and strength. High-quality fittings, a large number of quality rings on reinforced stainless steel legs, reliable and powerful screw aluminum reel seat.

  • Lasting

  • Excellent sensitivity

  • The reel seat doesn’t tighten



View on Okiaya

The universal spinning of Okiaya can be used for various types of fishing, both for sea fishing and ordinary fishing on rivers and lakes. Very light by weight one-piece Okiaya Alfinum long bent butt will be the best helper when catching a larger fish, such as crucian. These Okiaya fishing rods have 5 Pacific Bay black and gold eliminator wind on roller guides. The material and the design of the spinning give advantages in the force of coming both at sea and in fresh reservoirs.

  • Not heavy by weight

  • Super strong model

  • Difficult to transport



View on Okiaya

This is the perfect rod for marine fishing. If you want to catch marlin or tuna, then this rod is what you need! Quality materials allowed minimal weight, high power and flexibility. Pac Bay Rod Tip reacts perfectly when fishing from a boat on the bottom tackle of cunning and cautious roach. The design and arrangement of the rings on the rod allow you to use any type of reels and fishing rods. A convenient APLS blue alloy reel seat and a decided tight EVA coated handle create additional comforts for fishermen.

  • Nano-carbon for strength

  • Sensitive tip

  • You need to be careful when transporting


OKIAYA Black Venom Deep Drop

View on Okiaya

This is an excellent rod with a removable aluminum bent butt. If you are looking for a rod that is suitable for underwater fishing with your electric coil, then this is what you need! This rod is also great for catching large fish. This model is equipped with Fuji silicone carbide Sic guides and has stainless steel bearings that provide smooth operation.

  • Excellent length

  • Aluminium reel seats

  • I found no visible flaws

Okiaya Offshore Fishing Reels

Sea fishing reels differ from other reels in large size. All Okiaya marine reels have anti-corrosion design details since seawater is considered an aggressive environment that can spoil the tackle not only externally, but also clog the internal mechanism with salts, therefore, sea fishing reels are very tight. Okiaya offshore reels are endowed with a powerful mechanism, as fishing is often carried out in extreme weather conditions, with high waves and strong winds. Since marine life is often heavy, the power and thrust of the offshore reel justify their characteristics, because large predators are often encountered that exceed the recommended weight mark.

Okiaya reels have a sturdy and impact-resistant sealed body since most casts are performed not only for long but also for power. The mechanism of the offshore reel is as powerful as possible and has a high power pull since when catching large trophies during high waves or storms up to 4 points, the reel must cope. The spool of the offshore reel accommodates enough line, at least three hundred meters or more. Since fishing in seawater often takes place from a boat or yacht, the principle of fishing line footage is very important, because fishing mainly takes place at a depth of more than 100 meters.

Also, the internal mechanism of the offshore reel is equipped with special layers of impregnation between the parts, which protect them from the ingress of salts and premature breakdown of the mechanism. Since you catch large trophies with offshore reels, their mechanism is equipped with bearings and gear wheels. These reels are also used in bottom fishing, in hunting for catfish, carp, and silver carp, in freshwaters, they are very convenient for playing fish out of hard-to-reach places and using them in extreme weather conditions, performing precise ultra-long casts.

Types and Specifications of Offshore Fishing Reels

There are three types of offshore fishing reels, each of which is designed for specific fishing conditions. Types of offshore reels:

  • Spinning Offshore Reels. The reels are suitable for shoreline and surf fishing. The reels have match spools in their design. Front friction brake on offshore reels. Spinning reels are inferior in power to multipliers, but have excellent characteristics for long-distance casts across the surf. Since the offshore spinning reel has a low profile and wider diameter, it is much easier to run off the line during casting.
  • Baitcasting Offshore Reels. They are used during catching in the sea on boats or yachts. Since the baitcasting reels are designed for catching large trophies, their mechanism has high power characteristics, and the larger the reel in size, the larger the fish it will take out of the sea. Also, these reels are equipped with a line release meter, which is very convenient at great depths.
  • Electric Offshore Reels. Electric reels are great for catching the most trophy fish at the deepest depths. Electric reels have a special display that reflects the depth of the reservoir. In terms of power characteristics, these are very powerful reels, they have the highest power indicators. Electric Offshore Reels are equipped with an ultra-sensitive bite signal, which is transmitted to remote control or telephone, even if the angler is in another part of the boat. Fishing with an electric reel does not take much time and effort, it easily pulls fish out of the reservoir and makes hooking in a timely manner.

Top 2 Best Okiaya Reels

5# OKIAYA PRO-NATIONAL 80W-II 2 Speeds Big Game Reel


View on Okiaya

Reliable universal reel, intended for long and trouble-free operation with excellent price/performance ratio. The well-known design principle is based on a high-strength, solid aluminium case for maximum deformation protection. This model has 4 ABEC stainless steel ball bearings that are necessary for smooth operation.

  • Drag Feature

  • Two-way breaking system

  • A little heavy

6# OKIAYA AXIS-L30 2 Speed Dual Drag Big Game Reel

OKIAYA AXIS-L30 Big Game Reel

View on Okiaya

The Okiaya Axis-L30 reel is invented as universal and multifunctional. The model is made of heavy-duty carbon. The spool is made from aviation aluminum. This model has full protection from saltwater.

  • 6 ball bearings for smooth operation

  • Max Drag 58 pounds

  • The handle can slide


Fishing From the Boat Versus Fishing From the Shore?
Every fisherman starts fishing from the shore, and this is a tried and tested standard method for hunting many large fish species as well as some predatory fish. However, if you are more experienced with fishing, you will find that for some bodies of water, a boat is simply the best option. You can use the boat to fish in certain places that are difficult to reach from the shore and change your position much faster. This allows you to quickly change your strategy, which often means packing and unpacking all equipment when fishing from the shore. This takes up a lot of the time you’ve already spent retrieving the new build on the boat. Especially on large lakes, it is very easy and cheap to rent a boat and use it to navigate the lake. Many boat rentals even offer fish finders so you can track fish in the lake perfectly.
In What Waters Is Boat Fishing Most Effective?
Okay, the answer seems to be found quickly: “Of course, on the lake!” But not all lakes are the same, and with some bodies of water, it is not worth using a boat. For example, if you have a quarry pond, you are better off leaving the boat at home, as this type of lake often has a very poor structure. Here the fish mostly come close to the shore and are easy to catch there. Even with a fast flow of water, fishing from a boat is not the best choice, since the current simply requires stability from the angler. Casting a rod from the shore is much more controlled here than from a boat.

But where is the use of the boat now? The answer is big lakes! Here you can meet many predators in open water bodies inaccessible from the shore. Because of the waves caused by other boats or the wind, a boat is essential for safe fishing. Well, structured lakes are ideal for boat fishing. Predatory fish are especially fond of roaming the edges, underwater valleys that can only be reached by boat. Such structures are easy to find with a sonar. In addition, there are water bodies that are very difficult to fish from the shore, as it is steep or heavily overgrown.

What Kind of Fish Can You Fish From A Boat?
In general, it is impossible to make a statement for all fish as to whether they are more on the shore or in the deeper part of the lake. This varies with the temperature of the water, the oxygen content of the water, and the time of year. The spawning period of some fish species is especially important here. For example, after the spawning season (note the closed season), large pike stand right near the shore, but as soon as it gets colder, they move to deeper areas of the water. The two types of fish most commonly caught from a boat are whitefish and lake trout. In some lakes, fishing for lake trout is especially successful.


The Okiaya brand is a great one that specializes in the production of powerful fishing rods, reels, and various accessories for boat fishing. The best rod in my opinion is the 1# OKIAYA 5’6ft COMPOSIT Mack Daddy 30-80LB Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod. If you are looking for a powerful reel the 5# OKIAYA PRO-NATIONAL 80W-II 2 Speeds Big Game Reel is definitely worth the pick.

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