Kali Kunnan Mix Master Surfcasting Rod Review

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Kali Kunnan Mix Master Surfcasting Rod

I’m doing a review of a unique Kali Kunnan Mixmaster rod, which is needed for fishing predatory fish in certain conditions. Such a design is hard to find a replacement. Recently I was fishing Sierra for live bait, using a float and my proprietary rig, on a rocky high bank.

Kali Kunnan Surfcasting MixMaster Rod Review

The fish took a bite, I hooked it, I brought it to shore, let it take a breath of air, and it went limp, I started pulling it to shore and the rod broke. The weight of the fish was about 3 kilograms. To prevent this from happening, I quickly bought such a rod.

Selection Parameters

  • The length of the rod is 4.5 meters – this length is necessary for high rocks in conditions of large waves.
  • Test from 100 to 250 grams – these characteristics speak not only about the strength of the rod but also allow you to throw the bait plus float to 50 meters.
  • Designs – telescope. It is convenient to transport such a heavy rod and quickly assemble it for fishing.
  • A well-known and reliable brand Kali Kunnanthe manufacturer for me.


The Kali Kunnan Mixmaster Rod is a telescopic surf rod with an HQ carbon blade and a good line, making it a very versatile rod.

Ideal for anglers making casts from the beach, in the harbor, or from the breakwater.

The Kali Kunnan Mixmaster Rod has a folding starter ring for more compact folding and a fluorescent orange tip for a better view of the bait.

Equipped with a metal screw terminal with shock absorber, graphite and metal screw spool holder, hard ceramic rings, and chrome frame.

Model 450 Features

Kali Kunnan Rod Surfcasting Mix Master

  • Sections 4
  • Action 100-250g
  • 135cm folded
  • Length 4.50m
  • Weight 610g

Kali Kunnan Mixmaster Telescopic Surf Rod with HQ carbon blank and good action that makes it a very versatile rod. Ideal for casting anglers, either from the beach, harbor or breakwater. Foldable exit ring for more compact folding. Fluor orange painted tip for better visualization of the tip:

  • Carbon
  • Plastic screw terminal with shock absorber
  • Graphite and metal screw-on reel seat
  • Hard ceramics, chrome-plated frame, hinged tip
  • P.E. case

For the convenience of fishing, I suggest buying a rod holder in the rocks and sand. Holding such a heavy rod, waiting for a bite of predatory fish, is not comfortable for the fisherman. As soon as the float starts to twitch, you need to take the rod in your hands and make a hook. Such a powerful tool will help you confidently pull the fish out, remembering to keep a constant tension between you and the fish. Any loosening of the line can cause the fish to get off the hook.

This fishing line requires a reel with a capacity of 10,000 and a reel of 0.45 mm line up to 200 meters. I suggest, for example, my version: Shimano Exage 10000 FC Reel

Kali Kunnan Surfcasting MixMaster Rod

A cold-forged aluminum reel that has AR-C linear control and Varispeed linear padding. This site makes an ideal model for the beach or shore. It features 4 shielded stainless steel ball bearings and a roller bearing, and a multi-disc front friction system for the smooth, progressive operation that inspires confidence when catching tough fighting fish.

The AR-C Spool is a patented reel design with an angled edge for optimal casting. This design allows the line to leave the reel with less friction and less spooling, resulting in longer, more accurate casts. Quality line laying is the most important feature of accurate, long, accurate casting. Perfect parallel line laying and improved fishing accuracy.

This model is the perfect size for heavy-duty spinning, freshwater trolling, and saltwater bottom fishing.

Dyna-Balance: reduces reel wobble and provides ultra-smooth operation

Power Roller: significantly reduces line twists during retrieval and is a great advantage when using thin mono and braid.

Super Stopper II: with the reel set in anti-reverse mode, you will find zero backlashes on the handle.

AR-C reel: V-edge reel design that ensures the line comes off the reel in smaller loops for further and more accurate casting.

Varispeed: Good quality line laying. Shimano’s revolutionary Varispeed system consists of two specially designed gears. One is oval shaped and the other a wonderful square shape!

Body material: XT-7
Weight: 595 g

How to Catch?

  • At home, we bait the fish.
  • We freeze it and wrap it in aluminum foil.
  • On the shore, we connect this device to the fishing tackle.
  • Relax the force of rotation of the reel to minimum values (the reel should easily rotate and release the line).
  • Set the diving depth up to 4 meters with the help of stoppers.
  • Turn on the light on the float.
  • Throw it as far as possible and wait for a fish bite.

Once the float begins to sink into the water and appear characteristic circles of light, wait for the fish to pull the line and the coil will give the characteristic crackle. At this point, sharply hook up and begin to fish out. Do not give slack line, keep constant tension.

Once the fish is one meter from the shore it is necessary to give her a breath of air, and she immediately weakens. The final operation is to take the fish out of the water with a net or other hooks. A possible option in shallow water is to pull the fish to the shore during the arrival of the wave, which gives less effort. That’s all.

The secret of successful fishing is in the design of the fishing tackle:

  • A float with a built-in battery-powered light.

Fishing float with a firefly

  • Fish baiting device.

Equipment for Live Fish

Live Fish Attachment System

  • Block with a sinker.

Block with sinker

It is desirable to catch predatory fish on a fishing line, not a braided cord. It cushions and tears less on jerks. The effort should be calculated by the formula fish weight should be multiplied by 8 and you get the load and resistance of the fish. I wish you all a good fishing trip.

Fishing Trophy Sierra

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