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Eagle Claw Reels

Eagle Claw Reels – Top Eagle Class Fishing Reels Review

In this article, we will talk about another company that manufactures high-end fishing equipment – the Eagle Claw. It’s a trusted American manufacturer that has been on the market for over 90 years.

Eagle Claw reels and rods are famous all over the world and can be seen every year at tournaments such as ICAST or FLW Fishing. Eagle Claw reels are used by many professionals: Brent Chapman, Chad Pipkens, Chris Lane, Chris Noffsinger, Chris Zaldain, Fletcher Shryock, and 18 other aces who win various fishing competitions every year.

About Eagle Claw

The company began in the early 1920s when its founder, Drew McGill, spotted an eagle flying by while fishing. He thought about the shape of an eagle’s claw hook that could be used effectively in fishing. Almost 100 years later, Eagle Claw is one of the most recognizable brands in the United States.

What Does Eagle Claw Make?

Today, Eagle Claw manufactures almost all types of fishing gear such as hooks, swivels, weights and sinkers, hooks, jigs and lures, tools and accessories, lines and leaders, branded clothing, tents and shelters, fishing rods, and of course, reels. We’ll talk about the last ones now.

Top 11 Best Fishing Reels From Eagle Claw Reviews

Eagle Claw In Line Ice ReelEagle ClawBuy on Amazon
Eagle Claw ECBR20 Blue River Spinning Reel, 20 Reel Size, 5.2: 1 Gear Ratio, 5 Bearings, Left HandEagle ClawBuy on Amazon
Eagle Claw GUN-10 Gunnison Spinning Reel, Size 10, 4.9: 1 Gear Ratio, 7+1 BearingsEagle ClawBuy on Amazon
Eagle Claw GUN-30 Gunnison Spinning Reel, Size: 30, 5.1: Gear Ratio, 7+1 BearingsEagle ClawBuy on Amazon
90° Double Round Bend ST PointEagle ClawBuy on Amazon
90° Double Round Bend ST PointEagle ClawBuy on Amazon
Eagle Claw Skeet Reese Bait Caster 6.3:1 3+1BB WMSRP63RHEagle ClawBuy on Amazon
Eagle Claw Skeet Reese Victory Pro Carbon 2000 Spin ReelEagle ClawBuy on Amazon
Eagle Claw Inline Ice Fishing Reel, BlackEagle ClawBuy on Amazon
Eagle Claw PK56TS Pack-It Spin Combo Telescopic Rod (1 Piece), Yellow, 5-Feet 6-InchEagle ClawBuy on Amazon
Eagle Claw Pack-It Spin Cast Combo Telescopic (1 Pc), One Size, Yellow, Right (PK56TSC)Eagle ClawBuy on Amazon

So, we present to you 11 of the best reels from the Eagle Claw. Each of them, regardless of the type, is of high quality, performance, and price. Let’s begin!

1# Eagle Claw In-Line Ice Reel – Best Inline Fishing Reel

Eagle Claw In-Line Ice Reel

View on Amazon

We put this reel first because it ranks as one of the more affordable ice fishing reels available. On average, the price for a good ice reel starts at $50, for this model Amazon offers a fair price of $28.

But low price doesn’t mean low quality. The reel is made of durable nylon and has a graphite spool. The body of the handle is made of aluminum, but there are non-slip grips at the ends, so it’s very comfortable to hold them in your hands. The most unique feature of this reel is the gear ratio. It’s 2.6:1. This ensures that you can stop the jig fairly quickly and fish at great depths. This is what prompted me at one time to buy this reel because the rest of the ice models had only 1:1.

Another nice feature is the free spool. This is very convenient because you don’t need to manually release the line. The reel even allows you to adjust the tension of the free spool and regardless of the weight, your lures will sink smoothly to depth. Good reels have a lot of bearings. This reel is no exception as it has 4+1 bearings. Each one is well lubricated inside and runs very smoothly. The strong and smooth Teflon drag makes this reel ideal for open water trolling fishing. Eagle Claw also has a clicker to help you trolling even more.

  • High gear ratio

  • Free spool

  • Teflon drag

  • Great for trolling

  • Acceptable price

  • Spool tension can be adjusted

  • The plastic spool guard is fragile

  • Free spool button sometimes coming off

Thus, this reel is a versatile tool for ice fishing and trolling with a large gear ratio and an affordable price. Of the minuses, I can only note that the plastic protection of the reel can break if you use it carelessly.

2# Eagle Claw ECBR20 Spinning Reel – Best Spinning Reel

Eagle Claw ECBR20 Spinning Reel

View on Amazon

Spinning reel winner – Eagle Claw ECBR20 is distinguished by its reliability and low price. There are 5+1 bearings inside. Yes, for a spinning reel, this is not the best number, but they’re perfectly lubricated and run smoothly. The least common thing I’ve seen users experience is bearing breakage in this reel. Although the reel is made of graphite and is very light, it does a great job with heavy loads. But the drag system also helps with this. It’s quite powerful and corrosion-resistant.

The gear ratio is ideal for me – 5.2:1. Not too fast, not too slow. For such fish as trout, perch, pike, or even bass, it’s perfect. The spool and the handle of the reel are made of aluminum, the handle is additionally equipped with a non-slip EVA knob, quite large, the knob is convenient to hold with your fingers. Of the minuses, I’ll only note that the number of bearings could be increased by 1-2. It’s also quite difficult to find a right-handed version.

  • Smooth line retrieval

  • Drag resistance to corrosion

  • Lightweight

  • Good gear ratio

  • More bearings could be made

  • It’s hard to find an option for the right hand

Overall, the reel is a great workhorse for anglers looking for good performance for little money.

3# Eagle Claw GUN-10 Spinning Reel – Best Value For Money Spinning Reel

Eagle Claw GUN-10 Spinning Reel

View on Amazon

Another spinning killer is the Eagle-Claw-ECBR20, but this one has significant differences from the previous model. Firstly, the number of bearings has increased to 7+1, so you’ll feel a rather smooth rotation of mechanisms, without squeaks and backlashes. But the gear ratio, on the contrary, fell slightly to 4.9:1. It copes well with predators in lakes and rivers, but in larger bodies of water and depths, it still loses to the previous reel from Eagle Claw.

The side plates and rotor are made of ultra-strong graphite, and the reel resists constant use well. After several months of constant use, it retains in original appearance. The spool and handle are made of aluminum. At the end of the handle, there’s a knob that doesn’t slip even if your hands are wet. But since it has the shape of a drop, sometimes it slipped out of my hands when they were in fish slime.

  • Resistant to corrosion

  • Long handle

  • Smooth running thanks to bearings

  • Precise brakes

  • Knob sometimes slips out of hand

  • Suffers when you have to get a heavy predator from the depth

A reel that costs less than $50 and has such good performance is quite rare on the market. A great model for the money.

4# Eagle Claw GUN-30 Spinning Reel – Best Spinning Reel For Beginners

Eagle Claw GUN-30 Spinning Reel

View on Amazon

If you’re a beginner this fishing reel is a perfect option to start with. The model has lightweight, so you can start with a catching of small and medium-size fish, such as bass and walleye. It has a classic compact design of a spinning reel. The dragging process became smooth because of implemented oil felt impregnated drag washers with great ratio. This spinning reel will remain in good condition for long years thanks to 8 ball bearings. But the model might be not the best option for those who prefer catching big species of fish, as it’s not strong enough. Plus, such a model is only suitable for fishing in freshwater, you can’t use it in the sea or ocean.

  • Easy to operate

  • Impregnated gears

  • 8 smooth ball bearings

  • Durable

  • Handles saltwater poorly

  • Works hard with heavy fish

5# Eagle Claw Cimarron 5 BB Spinning Reel – Best Budget Reel

Eagle Claw Cimarron 5 BB Spinning Reel

View on Amazon

If you’re looking for an affordable fishing reel of good quality, the solution is found. There are 5 ball bearing spinning reel that has very loyal price and practical ultra-light design. You can rely on its consistently high performance in outdoor sports. Doesn’t matter how experienced you are in fishing this spinning reel will help to catch a lot of fish. A smooth operation is guaranteed and it’s almost impossible to break this fishing reel. Even if you fish with it all day long, you won’t be tired. The size of the fish you can hunt with this reel is medium (tiger trout, rainbows). This model has a small minus: sometimes the bail closes too tight and you have to help with the other hand.

  • Ultra-light

  • High performance

  • Compact

  • Tight bail

6# Eagle Claw Black Eagle Fly Fishing Reel

Eagle Claw Black Eagle Fly Fishing Reel

View on Amazon

For those who already have an extensive collection of fishing equipment, there’s an innovative Black Eagle fly reel. The large arbor design of the reel is great because it reduces the need for backing, and makes a quick retrieve. A good one to start with, and an optimal reel to keep as a backup. The material used for an arbor is aluminum and has right and left side retrievers. Just one thing about this reel is that the paint Eagle Claw decided to use on the reel does not stick to the metal very well, and cosmetic marks might develop quite soon.

  • Large frame

  • Fast extraction

  • Made from durable aluminum

  • Paint doesn’t adhere well to metal

7# Eagle Claw Skeet Reese Baitcasting Reel

Eagle Claw Skeet Reese Baitcasting Reel

View on Amazon

For professional fishermen and those who like catching a lot of fish, this right-handed reel will be a great find. Such a fishing tool designed to be strong and to operate for a long time. Once you open the box you’d love how it looks like! This reel has quite a small size, weighs only 7,7 oz. The unique characteristic is the accurate magnetic casting control. There’s one more beneficial feature: EVA handles for comfort. With this reel, fishing is simple and enjoyable. If you are left-handed then this fishing reel is unfortunately not for you. This model has a handle only from the right side. Apart from it, your fishing with the Skeet Reese should be pleasant.

  • Weighs a little

  • Nice EVA handles that don’t slip

  • Robust rotor and side plates

  • No left-handed version

8# Eagle Claw WMSRVPC2000S Carbon Spinning Reel

Eagle Claw WMSRVPC2000S Carbon Spinning Reel

View on Amazon

Dreaming about a consciously successful fishing session full of victories, but don’t have a powerful reel? With Skeet Reese Victory Pro you can enjoy the favorite outdoor sport. This spinning reel made of titanium and has 7 ball bearings. If you prefer to use the handle to close the bail, you’ll find that it works very easily and smoothly. This reel can be an amazing gift to your friend, relative, or colleague. It’s easy in use, so even if your kids are ready to try fishing, this tool will be effortless to get first catches. There might be only one issue: such a long handle is a bit uncomfortable at first. A few casts and the sensation goes away. It takes time to get used to it.

  • The body is made of durable titanium alloy

  • The bracket is easily closed by the handle

  • Casts smoothly

  • Extra-long handle

9# Eagle Claw In-Line Ice Fishing Reel

Eagle Claw In-Line Ice Fishing Reel

View on Amazon

Excellent ice reel from Eagle Claw. Made of durable material, it’ll become your faithful companion on the ice. Like all Eagle Claw Inline reels, this model has a Teflon drag and spool tension adjustment. It has a free spool. The only time you should use a hand is the tiniest ice jigs. Most times you need to rest a finger on the side of the spool to slow it down. The only drawback with this reel is that you can’t move the handle to the other side of the reel. So, you’ll have to be content with the option for only one hand.

  • The material perfectly resists frost

  • Has a spool tension adjustment

  • Powerful Teflon drag

  • Can’t remove the handle

10# Eagle Claw Combo Spinning Reel & Rod PK56TS

Eagle Claw Combo Spinning Reel & Rod PK56TS

View on Amazon

No need for long preparation for fishing if you just take the Pack-It combo from Eagle Claw. It’s compact, so you can store it in your car or take it with you to a beach. You don’t need special knowledge or skills for using this rod-reel combo. It’s made from fiberglass and has a rubber handle and aluminum spool. If you care about the rod, it should give years of service and help you to catch a lot of fish (copes great with trout, crappie, bass). But be careful and don’t put any heavy stuff on the rod and don’t try to catch solid size fish, because the rod is not strong enough for big pressures.

  • The handle of the rod is very nice and does not slip

  • Powerful reel with smooth casting

  • Compact and fits into a backpack

  • The rod is not designed for high pressures

11# Eagle Claw Combo Spincast Reel & Rod Yellow

Eagle Claw Combo Spincast Reel & Rod Yellow

View on Amazon

Another great combo, but for anglers who prefer spincast reels over spinning reels. We have the same fiberglass rod with nice rubber grips and a 5’6″ length. When folded, it’s very compact and will fit into any bag or backpack. The reel has pretty good performance and power. The gear ratio is 3.3:1, which is good for a spin-cast reel. The reel comes with an 8 lb. line, but I recommend you put your own line. In general, the combo works well in open water and small rivers. For the price, this is a great combo for novice fishermen.

  • Compact

  • Good gear ratio and drag reels

  • Soft rod grips

  • Lightweight combo

  • The rod is bad for heavy loads

  • The established line is rather poor


We’ve brought you 11 of the best reels from Eagle Slav. While compiling the list, we selected reels of different types and price ranges so that every angler could find something for himself. We hope our guide has been useful to you. Share this article on social networks, tell your friends, and… Have a nice fishing!

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