Best Inshore Fishing Rods 2023

Sergio Smirnoff

Hello, my name is Sergio Smirnof, and my goal with FishReeler is to provide a valuable resource for anglers of all levels, from beginners to experienced veterans. I hope that my passion for fishing and dedication to the sport shines through in the content I create and inspires others to get out on the water and catch some fish!

Inshore Fishing Rods

For every angler, of course, not only the catch is important, but also the process of fishing itself. Many anglers prefer inshore fishing. For a big catch and comfortable fishing, you need the right inshore fishing rods.

Our Compilation 11 Best Inshore Saltwater Spinning Rods

KastKing Resolute Fishing Rods, Spinning Rod 6ft -Ultra Light - M Fast-2pcsKastKingBuy on Amazon
Cadence CR7 Spinning Rod, Fishing Rod with 40 Ton Carbon,Fuji Reel Seat,Durable Stainless Steel Guides with SiC Inserts,Full Assortment of Lengths, Actions for Spinning ReelsCadenceBuy on Amazon
St. Croix Rods Avid Series Inshore Spinning RodSt. Croix RodsBuy on Amazon
St. Croix Rods Avid Series Inshore Casting RodSt. Croix RodsBuy on Amazon
Fiblink Inshore Fishing Rod 2 Piece Saltwater Spinning Rod Portable Travel Carbon Fiber Fishing Pole(7' 15-30lbs Blue)FiblinkBuy on Amazon
Hurricane Calico Jack Inshore Spinning Rod, 7'6" - MediumHurricaneBuy on Amazon
TFO 7 foot Inshore Spinning Angler Fishing Rod, Fuji Guides, Medium Light PowerTFOBuy on Amazon
Gloomis Fishing E6X 902S Xf Inshore [12760-01]G. LoomisBuy on Amazon
KastKing Crixus Fishing Rods, Spinning Rod 7ft 6in-Medium Heavy - Fast-2pcsKastKingBuy on Amazon
Okuma Nomad Xpress Inshore Rod 3pc 7ft Spin Med HvyOKUMABuy on Amazon
PENN® Battalion™ Inshore SpinningPENNBuy on Amazon

I dedicated this article to the topic of inshore fishing and wrote a guide to choosing the best inshore saltwater fishing rods. But before moving on to the selection guide, let’s take a look at an overview of the 11 best fishing rods for inshore fishing.

1# KastKing Resolute Fishing Rods

KastKing Resolute Fishing Rods

View on Amazon

KastKing designed this rod especially for those who want the best rod performance at an affordable price. From my own experience, I can say that this is one of the best fishing rods for inshore fishing. I didn’t have any problems with him. It features IM7 carbon blanks which are responsible for the high sensitivity and durability of the product. You will be able to use this accessory for many years without losing performance.

It is available in 4’6 to 7’6 lengths. You can catch all freshwater fish thanks to KastKing’s Power Transition System. It is equipped with an innovative MicroWave Air Guide that increases casting range and accuracy. You can use all types of lines. It has SuperPolymer handles that are slip-resistant and allow you to control your rod in all weather conditions.

  • Two-piece reel seats

  • It has a trigger for increased control

  • I have not found any visible flaws

2# Cadence CR7 Spinning Rod

Cadence CR7 Spinning Rod

View on Amazon

The Cadence CR7 rod offers high-quality fittings, a striking, memorable design, an ergonomic handle, and fast action. This model is made from 40-ton graphite, which is a durable material. It also provides excellent sensitivity. Stainless steel rails with SiC inserts. They provide smooth casts, reduce line friction, and resist corrosion. It is a durable model that stands up to any challenge. The accessory is equipped with a Fuji reel seat and the handles are made of cork and EVA. Ideal for zander, perch, and trout fishing.

  • It has 2 handle configurations

  • Affordable price

  • This model has a rather fragile tip

3# St Croix Avid Inshore Salt Water Spinning Rod

St Croix Avid Inshore Spinning Rod

View on Amazon

Lightweight, sensitive, and very reliable spinning rods. The ergonomic shape and premium cork on the handle ensures that the angler never gets tired even after fishing all day. The blanks are made of advanced high modulus SC-III graphite for maximum strength and sensitivity. The model is equipped with a Fuji DPS reel seat with a smoke guard that securely fixes the reel.

  • High performance is provided by graphite fiber

  • High salt protection

  • You must be very careful when transporting this

4# St. Croix Avid Inshore Saltwater Casting Fishing Rod

St. Croix Avid Inshore Fishing Rod

View on Amazon

This is a high-quality Casting Fishing Rod. It is designed for long-distance casting while inshore fishing. It is made of graphite fiber which ensures reliable use. This material gives the rod sensitivity and high strength. This model has an excellent length of 7 feet. It has fast action and H power. The accessory is equipped with a titanium hook-keeper. The model has been thoroughly tested for corrosion resistance. You will be able to fish for a long time without hand fatigue thanks to the premium cork handle.

  • It is suitable for use in both salt and freshwater

  • Fuji guides for durability

  • This model may not suit everyone due to its high price

5# Fiblink Inshore Fishing Rod

Fiblink Inshore Fishing Rod

View on Amazon

This sensitive rod will give you a lot of emotions and a great catch! It features a carbon fiber construction which makes this product durable and responsive. This material is ideal for saltwater use. You will be able to control your rod in all conditions thanks to its construction and material. It is made from premium EVA and has durable polymer grips. The model is equipped with stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts. This reduces friction between the line and prevents them from getting stuck in the guides.

  • Slip-resistant hand

  • Extreme Exposure smooth reel seat

  • Many users have noted that this has a rather bulky design

6# Hurricane Calico Jack Inshore Spinning Rod

Hurricane Calico Jack Inshore Spinning Rod

View on Amazon

You will find this rod on all of the best saltwater inshore fishing rod lists. It features IM7 graphite billets that provide high sensitivity and unmatched product strength. The model is equipped with a Fuji reel seat that holds your reel securely in place. You can catch all kinds of fish that live in the seawater. This is ideal for bass, tarpon, and more. You can safely catch these types of fish and not be afraid that the rod will break.

  • It has a fast action

  • Reliable hook keeper

  • It has substandard eye rings

7# TFO Inshore Spinning Fishing Rod

TFO Inshore Spinning Fishing Rod

View on Amazon

This product has been developed using the latest materials that reduce weight while maintaining a unique combination of aggressive power and strength. All this combined gives the rod incredible performance at a surprisingly low price. The rod has a fast action and performs best on long casts. Fuji corrosion control guides with Fazlite inserts are built to withstand the harshest fishing conditions while maximizing weight savings. They provide outstanding reliability in both fresh and saltwater fishing.

  • Medium Light power

  • Attractive design

  • The reel seat is not of the highest quality

8# G. Loomis E6X Inshore Inshore Fishing Rod

G. Loomis E6X Inshore Fishing Rod

View on Amazon

This model is made of high modulus graphite and equipped with high-quality guides with SIC inserts. An ergonomic spaced handle is installed on the spinning rods, thanks to which the product fits perfectly into the hand, becoming its continuation. Overall rod balancing allows you to fish all day without getting tired. At the height of such indicators as sensitivity and strength.

  • Lightweight

  • Stainless steel guides

  • Expensive enough

9# KastKing Crixus Fishing Rods

KastKing Crixus Fishing Rods

View on Amazon

This is a high-quality rod that is made from IM6 carbon blanks. Accessories are available 5 ‘to 7’6” in length. It is ideal for inshore fishing as it resists corrosion and salt. The handle is made of SuperPolymer. This material is durable, slip-resistant, and provides comfort in a variety of conditions. This model has robust stainless steel guides with zirconium oxide rings. This allows you to make long and smooth casts.

  • It has two parts

  • Easy to transport and store

  • The handle seemed too short to me

10# Okuma Nomad Xpress Inshore Rod

Okuma Nomad Xpress Inshore Rod

View on Amazon

Okuma specialists create their art for those who seek to make the most of their experience and defining situation. This is one of the best spinning rods you can find for inshore fishing. It is 7 feet long and has a graphite construction. It is a portable and ultralight rod. You can fish up to 20 pounds without worrying about your rod warping or breaking. The location of the guide rings and their shape reduces the chance of braided cord tangling.

  • High-quality guides

  • This comes with a waterproof travel bag

  • The reel seat can be unscrewed

11# PENN Battalion Inshore Spinning

PENN Battalion Inshore Spinning

View on Amazon

Penn Battalion is one of the most reliable inshore fishing rods known today. The one-piece rod blank is made using high-quality carbon and composite materials, ideal for fishing large marine fish such as tuna, cod. The model features high power, excellent sensitivity, and low weight. It has a Fuji reel seat and Fuji Aluminum Oxide Guides. The handle is made of EVA material. The sensitivity of the blank is so high that it is able to instantly transmit the fish bite.

  • One-piece carbon blank

  • High-grade EVA handle

  • Weak hook holder

What is Inshore Fishing?

Inshore fishing is the most common way to fish in freshwater and on the seashore. From the shore, you can catch almost any fish that lives in the reservoir. Because most freshwater fish come to the shore. This is the kind of fishing that sports fishing enthusiasts usually practice when they want to try their luck at sea and get away from the rocks or the beaches. In general, this is always associated with small boats and the most traditional methods.

What is an Inshore Rod?

This is a rod specially designed for shallow water fishing. These models are generally suitable for catching fish under 20 pounds. This is because only small and medium-sized fish live in shallow waters. In appearance, such an accessory practically does not differ from a freshwater fishing rod. They are 5 to 8 feet long. But most anglers choose 6’6 or 7 ‘models. The main difference between these rods and freshwater rods is their high protection against corrosion and salt. If you decide to take your freshwater rod with you on the inshore, be prepared to throw it in the trash soon. The salt will eat away at the material on your tackle.

What is the Best Size rod for Inshore Fishing?

If you find a person who will give you an exact answer to this question, then know that he is lying to you. There is no one size fits all. First of all, you should start with your height and physique. You need to be sure that you are comfortable fishing and that you have sufficient maneuverability to fish effectively. However, as I wrote above, many anglers prefer 6’6 and 7’ft lengths. This length allows you to cast at long distances and catch medium-sized fish. If you are looking for a tackle for your child, then you should choose a 5-foot rod.

There is one truth. The longer the rod, the further you can cast. But they won’t be super accurate. By choosing a short rod, you can make accurate casts, but over short distances.

Shopping Guide – Saltwater Fishing Rod


This characteristic is also called rod weight. It can be H (Heavy), MH (Medium-Heavy), M (Medium), ML (Medium Light), L (Light), to UL (Ultralight). This parameter shows how stiff the rod is. Also, this characteristic shows whether the accessory is resistant to bending. If you choose a low-power rod, the model will be more responsive. If you choose an accessory with high power, then it will be more powerful. The first option should be chosen for catching small fish with live bait. The second option is worth purchasing if you are going to fish large fish.


First, the shape of the bending under load depends on the action. But that’s not the point. The shape of the bend is only an external sign by which one can judge the action of the rod. The range and accuracy of casting the bait, the smoothness of the wiring, the sensitivity when biting, the effectiveness of the hooking, and the shock absorption when playing, depending on the action. Rods can be slow, medium, medium-fast, and fast action. Slow action bends the rod along its entire length. In general, the faster the action, the greater the bend.

Line and Bait Weight

Each rod has a specific allowable line and lures weight. You can find this value next to the reel. To increase these values ​​are not recommended as the effectiveness of your rod will be reduced.


The guides must be made of quality materials. While pulling the fish, the guides take a high strain. And so the friction between the line and the guide becomes high. Poor quality guides will cause line wear. Also, poor line guides can lead to line tangles.


Depending on the material used, all rods can be divided into the following groups: fiberglass, carbon, and the third group are composite rods. It is a mixture of fiberglass and carbon fiber. The use of different materials, of course, affects the quality and characteristics of the rods, and each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

Fiberglass rods are a fairly common type of rods. They are in demand due to their low cost, unpretentiousness in maintenance and operation. Fiberglass rods easily withstand transportation. The fiberglass rod does not require too careful and careful handling, which is undoubtedly a big plus. They are very flexible and can handle heavy loads, but the payoff is low sensitivity and relatively high rod weight.

Carbon is considered the more modern and better material for making a rod. Carbon products are lighter than their fiberglass counterparts. Also, the advantages of carbon include good sensitivity and sufficient strength. Such a rod should be transported and stored in a rigid tube, and when using it, avoid accidental strikes against stones or other tackle, as this may damage the rod. It should also be remembered that carbon is an excellent conductor of electricity, so you should refrain from fishing with such a rod in a thunderstorm.

Composite materials are a kind of compromise, as a result of which you can get a rod with good performance and at an affordable price. The composite is carbon fiber reinforced with fiberglass. The material obtained in this way provides the rods with medium rigidity, good casting distance, medium fragility, and moderate cost. Thanks to these qualities, composite rods are widely used today.


I hope my review will help you choose the best saltwater inshore fishing rod and enjoy your fishing comfortably. I always return home in a good mood and with a big catch. If you are still undecided about the choice, then I advise you to take a look at the KastKing Resolute Fishing Rods model.

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Kato Lighthaven
Kato Lighthaven
2 months ago

As an avid angler who frequently fishes inshore, I recently had the opportunity to try out the Inshore KastKing Resolute Fishing Rod, and I was impressed with its performance and features.

First and foremost, KastKing Resolute Fishing Rod is designed to handle the unique challenges of fishing inshore. It’s built with a lightweight yet strong blank made from high-quality graphite, which allows for excellent sensitivity and responsiveness. This is especially important when fishing for smaller species that require finesse and precision.

One of the standout features of this rod is its versatility. It can be used with a variety of different lures and techniques, including topwater, jigging, and live bait. This makes it a great option for anglers who want a single rod that can handle a variety of fishing scenarios.

Another key feature of the KastKing Resolute Rod is its durable construction. The rod is designed to withstand the harsh saltwater environment, with corrosion-resistant guides and a reel seat that won’t rust or corrode over time. This is especially important when fishing inshore, where saltwater exposure can quickly take its toll on your gear.

The rod also features a comfortable handle that provides a secure grip, even when wet. The handle is typically made from high-density EVA foam, which is lightweight and provides good shock absorption, reducing hand fatigue during long fishing sessions.

Product Name
KastKing Resolute Fishing Rod
Cornutio Crabback
Cornutio Crabback
2 months ago

As an avid angler who enjoys fishing from a kayak, I wanted to share my thoughts on the gear I use. I typically use 3000-sized reels with a 7ft to 7’6″ rod. When fishing from a kayak, it’s important to have lightweight gear, and I’ve found that a Daiwa Fuego on a toadfish rod is a great option that won’t break the bank.

That being said, my favorite rods are from Bull Bay. While they are a bit more expensive, they come with a lifetime warranty, which gives me peace of mind. I’ve paired one of these rods with an Osprey reel, and it has completely changed the way I fish.

Overall, if you’re looking for gear to use while fishing from a kayak, I would recommend going for something lightweight and easy to handle. The Daiwa Fuego on a toadfish rod is a great budget-friendly option, but if you’re willing to invest a bit more, Bull Bay rods with an Osprey reel are a fantastic combination.

Camilo Oakshine
Camilo Oakshine
2 months ago

Hey there, fellow anglers! I recently had a great experience with the Wright & McGill Blair Wiggins rods. I paired the rod with a W&M Sabalos reel, and it has been an excellent combination for inshore fishing. The Blair Wiggins rods are priced at $99.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods, which is a steal for the quality you get.

I actually copied one of Blair Wiggins’ rigs from his show, Addictive Fishing, and it has been the best combo I’ve ever used for catching trout, reds, and snook inshore. The rods come in a variety of lengths ranging from 6’9″ to 8′ and have actions ranging from light-medium to heavy-fast.

Varbation Herringash
Varbation Herringash
2 months ago

As someone who primarily fishes for bass, reds, and trout on the east coast of Florida, the Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod is my go-to choice. I’ve used a couple of other Ugly Stiks in the past, but I’m not entirely sure which models they were.

Personally, I prefer medium-heavy rods because they provide a stiffer hook set for catching reds. Additionally, I exclusively use artificial lures, which may affect your decision in choosing a rod.

When it comes to reels, I’m a loyal fan of Penn reels. In particular, I highly recommend the Penn Battle II combo, which can be purchased for under $120. I personally own the original Penn Battle reel and have only had minor issues with it, which were later resolved with the Battle II model. In my opinion, it is the best inshore reel and/or combo you can get for the price.

Overall, I highly recommend the Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod and the Penn Battle II combo for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable setup for inshore fishing. 

Galiban Herringash
Galiban Herringash
2 months ago

Hey there, fellow anglers! I wanted to share my experience with the Okuma Safina Pro 35 combo, which is my daily driver for fishing. I picked it up on Amazon for under $40, and have seen it as low as $32. It’s a great combo that has served me well, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable and reliable option.

One tip I have is to make sure to rinse the combo thoroughly after each use, as proper maintenance can help extend its lifespan.

My girlfriend, on the other hand, prefers the Penn Fierce 40, which is a bit pricier at around $80 (if you can find it on the shelf, that is). The newer Fierce 2 model is more expensive for unknown reasons. However, like with the Okuma combo, cleaning is key to ensuring the reel lasts a long time.

While I prefer the lighter feel of the Okuma, there’s no denying the results we’ve both achieved with these combos. We’ve brought in some big, strong fish using 50lb Sufix 832 line, and these reels have held up well.

Laburnium Catbolt
Laburnium Catbolt
2 months ago

When it comes to my go-to rods, I have two favorites that I always bring with me on my fishing trips – the Duckett Salt Series and Shimano GLF, both in medium-fast action.

I really enjoy using the Duckett Salt Series because of its exceptional build quality. The real seat, blank finish, and wraps are all top-notch and set a high standard for what I expect in a nicer rod. While my friend has the Duckett Inshore Series, I still prefer the Salt Series for its superior features.

As for the Shimano GLF, it’s a great bang for your buck option. I’ve read that some guides even use them for their outfits. I’ve managed to find them on sale for around $80 near me, making them an affordable yet reliable choice for any angler.

Ector Summerfyre
Ector Summerfyre
2 months ago

I’ve found that achieving a casting distance of 70 to 90 feet is quite easy to do with a 6′ or 7′ rod. In fact, I can consistently reach around 50-60 yards with a properly balanced 9′ or 10′ rod.

To achieve accurate distance casting, it’s important to have a well-designed guide train. You want your line to leave the stripper guide straight and without oscillation. This will greatly improve your casting distance and accuracy.

One rod that I highly recommend for inshore light-duty fishing is the CTS Baymaster. Its 10ft length makes it perfect for casting, and it handles with ease. This rod is built on a good blank and is a dream to cast. You can whip it or load it up slowly and still achieve great results.

So, if you’re looking to improve your casting distance and accuracy, focus on your guide train and consider investing in a high-quality rod like the CTS Baymaster. It’ll be a game-changer for your fishing experience.

Oways Starcross
Oways Starcross
2 months ago

The Banax Legend Seabass and Banax Legend Seabass Nano are excellent options for those looking for premium rods with top-quality blanks. With the right size, 9″6, or 10″, these rods can easily handle 3/4 ounce or 1-ounce casting, respectively. 

While they may be a bit pricey, they are comparable in quality to the enthusiast rods of their competitors, which often cost several hundred dollars more.

For those looking for American-made options, I would recommend taking a look at Steelseries rods from Sct Croix and GLoomis, such as the Sct Croix Avid or Legend series. 

These rods come in 9-10″ sizes and are well-suited for shore casting with the right power. The steelhead rods are more “tip-oriented,” which is ideal for standing in a river where you don’t have much space for big swings. However, for coastal casting, a more regular-fast rod may be more appropriate. Nonetheless, the steelhead rods still perform exceptionally well for this purpose.

Egyon Tawnyfellow
Egyon Tawnyfellow
2 months ago

The Ugly Stik brand does offer two-piece rods. However, I recently switched over to Daiwa Japan and I highly recommend their Lureist rods as great two-piece options for only $50. What really sets a rod apart for me are the Fuji guides and reel seats. 

If possible, try to find a rod with Fuji guides, as they are much easier on your line, especially if you use a braided line as I do.

For years, I exclusively used Ugly Stik rods and they last forever. If you’re on a budget, the Ugly Stik Elite is typically priced under $100 and the GX2 is even cheaper and also comes in a two-piece configuration.

Mikel Clockish
Mikel Clockish
2 months ago

The St. Croix Triumph is my go-to rod at the $100 price point. Although it’s listed as a freshwater rod, I have three that I use for inshore fishing and they work great. 

I also really enjoyed the feel of the Shimano Talavera Inshore when I was last shopping for a rod but ended up purchasing another Triumph. I’m excited to see what recommendations others have since I am in need of a new casting rod myself.