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Pen Fishing Rod

You can call them mini, pocket, portable, or whatever you want, but pen fishing rods have enjoyed tremendous success. These are compact models that you can always carry with you. They are made with good quality materials and attention to detail. Experienced fishermen use them very rarely, mostly beginner fishermen are interested in information about them. But this is not at all a signal that a pen fishing rod is suitable only for beginners.

Our Selection 10 Best Pen Fishing Rods

Lixada Pen Fishing Rod Reel Combo Set Premium Mini Pocket Collapsible Fishing Pole Kit Telescopic Fishing Rod + Spinning Reel Combo Kit 1M / 1.4M / 1.8M / 2.1MLixadaBuy on Amazon
Jatzde LIXIANGNAN Mini Portable Pocket Fish Rod Pen Aluminum Alloy Fishing Rod Pole Reel Combos (Black * 2)JatzdeBuy on Amazon
Lixada Pen Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Set Mini Telescopic Pocket Fishing Rod Spinning Reel Fishing Line Soft Lures Baits Jig Hooks (Black-2, 1.5m)LixadaBuy on Amazon
HERCHR Mini Pocket Fishing Rod and Reel Combos, Collapsible Portable Aluminum Fishing Pen for Ice Fly Fishing Sea Saltwater FreshwaterHERCHRBuy on Amazon
Pen Fishing Pole 39 Inch Mini Pocket Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Travel Fishing Rod Set - Pocket Fishing Rod Pole + Reel Aluminum Alloy + Fishing Line + Soft Lures Set + 7 in 1 Safety WhistleHappyOutdoorBuy on Amazon
Yogayet Mini Pocket Ice Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Set Aluminum Alloy Pen Fishing Pole 38'' Sea Saltwater Freshwater Kit BlackYogayetBuy on Amazon

In this article, I will try to tell you about the features and qualities that such rods have. And also show you the 10 best models in my opinion!

1# Lixada Pen Fishing Rod Reel Combo Set

Lixada Pen Fishing Rod

View on Amazon

If you value beauty and practicality as much as I do, then you will surely like this model. This is a high-quality model with a stylish design. The accessory is made of aluminum alloy, therefore it is a lightweight and durable tool. The rod is sold with a reel, which in this case is made of a brass alloy. It is a compact model that offers many advantages. When closed, it takes up very little space and can be placed in a backpack or in a storage pocket. Thanks to its low weight, your hand will not strain during fishing. The idea of ​​a cap making the barrel look like a big handle is very good.

  • The reel comes with a line

  • Lightweight. It only weighs 9.8 ounces

  • It feels very plastic enough

2# G Ganen Fishing Rod Pen Great Gift

G Ganen Fishing Rod Pen

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If you are on a budget, then I advise you to pay attention to this model. Despite its excellent price, you get superior quality and durability. This rod has served me for many years and during this time I had no problems with it. This model looks attractive thanks to its white body. The stem is made of aluminum alloy which makes the accessory very lightweight. Put it in your jacket pocket and head to the river!

  • The coil has resistance control

  • Easy to use

  • The reel seems unstable during use due to lack of line guide

3# MultiOutools Pen Fishing Pole

MultiOutools Pen Fishing Pole

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I bought this model for my little son. This was his first fishing rod. I can say that this is the perfect gift for a child. Your kid will fall in love with fishing. The advantage of this model is that it comes with a reel and weighs only 60 grams. It is made of aluminum alloy and fits easily into a pocket or backpack. The child will not tip over during casting and his hands will not get tired of holding the equipment.

  • It is available in several colors.

  • It resists corrosion

  • Despite its high strength, the model is not designed for big fish

4# LIXIANGNAN Mini Portable Pocket Fish Rod Pen

LIXIANGNAN Pocket Fish Rod

View on Amazon

The current handle size fishing rod design allows you to fish anywhere, anytime. Put the accessory in your bag and take it out at a convenient moment. Thanks to its lightweight and compact design, there is no problem to take the accessory with you. The rod is made of high strength aluminum alloy. The coil is made of brass. It has a front and reverses ratchet and resistance control.

  • High strength

  • The design makes it great for traveling

  • This is only suitable for small fish

5# PiscatorZone Pen Fishing Pole

PiscatorZone Pen Fishing Pole

View on Amazon

A modest and very small rod is inexpensive. This is not a toy or entertainment for children, but a real portable fishing rod, pocket size and in the shape of a pen. Of course, it is not suitable for catching large fish, but you can get a small and medium catch! The accessory is made of aluminum alloy and fiberglass. In addition to the fishing rod, there is also a reel, small but functional. For a rod of this size, the construction is strong and very low cost. If you are one of those fishermen who always want to have a rod in their car, in case you suddenly find a place to throw a hook, consider this model.

  • Material resistant to corrosion and abrasion

  • Soft-touch handle

  • If you start pulling a large fish, the model may break in half

6# Jatzde LIXIANGNAN Mini Portable Pocket Fish Rod Pen

Jatzde LIXIANGNAN Pocket Fish Rod Pen

View on Amazon

Suitable for use on small boats, the rod has a pen design and fits easily into a backpack or bag. It comes with a practical and functional reel and is easy to attach between the 2 slots in the rod body. In terms of materials, the product is made partly aluminum alloy, partly carbon fiber. It offers good resistance and flexibility to make you enjoy successful fishing.

  • The reel has great drag control

  • Lightweight body

  • Poor tip sensitivity

7# Lixada Pen Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Set

Lixada Pen Fishing Rod

View on Amazon

This is a miniature unit made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which looks like a slightly elongated felt-tip pen. The mini fishing rod even fits in your pocket, you can also store it in the glove compartment of your car. Of course, you won’t catch catfish with such a small unit, but you can definitely catch a fish weighing up to 2 kg. Just imagine the shock of those around you, who will see you catch fish one by one with a small pen! It is very easy to use such a rod. And for your convenience, there is a special line clamp on the upper end of the rod. To adjust the severity of the move, you can use the special wheel on the side. The mini reel is switchable, which is convenient for both right-handed anglers and left-handed ones.

  • It comes with a tackle box

  • The reel has an anti-reverse system

  • It can be easily scratched due to poor quality coating

8# HERCHR Aluminum Alloy Fishing Pole

HERCHR Fishing Pole

View on Amazon

This is a high-quality fishing rod that can be deployed and assembled within a minute. The rod comes with a reel. The coil, surprisingly, has a pleasant performance and convenience, which is quite rare for such a small size. The fishing rod is made of high strength aluminum alloy. The accessory can support the maximum weight of the caught fish up to 2 kg. There is a line clamp on the top and a handle on the side for adjusting the braking force.

  • Brake force adjustments

  • Can be used in both freshwater and saltwater

  • It looks cheap

9# HappyOutdoor Pen Fishing Pole

HappyOutdoor Pen Fishing Pole

View on Amazon

This folding model is made of plastic and aluminum alloy. When unfolded it reaches a length of 39 inches. The lightweight body allows you to place this model in a pocket, backpack, or glove compartment of your car. In addition, you can fish for as long as you like. Your hands will not be overstrained and tired. Besides the reel, you will also receive a tackle box, a 7 in 1 safety whistle, and a fishing line.

  • Available in 6 colors

  • High reliability of the use

  • It has a weak reel seat

10# YOGAYET Mini Pocket Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

YOGAYET Pocket Fishing Rod

View on Amazon

This is a high-quality accessory made of aluminum alloy and fiberglass. This material is resistant to any deformation, impact, and corrosion. Use this model when you cannot take your regular rod. This is an easy option that does not require serious usage skills. You will also receive a fishing reel, nylon line, and tackle box.

  • Can be used in saltwater

  • Portable design

  • The reel can move from side to side

Who Can Use Pen Fishing Rod?

All! Of course, they will not become the first choice of those who may already consider themselves experienced fishermen, but this does not mean that they cannot be chosen by professionals. Less experienced ones and those who want to dive into the world of fishing see great aesthetic value in these rods. In short, there are those who consider themselves passionate collectors and look for the most beautiful fountain pens every day, and those who love fishing are looking for the smallest fishing rods to take with them and use in places where you can relax for a few hours outdoors.

These poles are also very popular with those who just want to try fishing but are still not sure if they will enjoy the activity or not. You will spend a little money and be able to make your first casts with this type of rod. By the way, have you ever thought that a small fishing rod can be the perfect gift for a passionate collector, or that it can be a great fishing rod for kids?

Advantages and Disadvantages

A tangible and the most important advantage of such a rod is its compactness. You can always carry it with you on a hike or just take it to nature. Simply put it in your pants or suit pocket. Thus, you can always have fishing tackle with you. These rods are just made for hiking. Also, an equally significant advantage is the versatility of the rod. Thanks to the length of 1 meter, the compact fishing rod can be used for winter fishing, as well as for summer fishing from a boat, from the shore, a pier.

Despite its simple construction, the rod has very good flexibility. The elasticity of the slow-action rod allows you to effortlessly play middle fish. You can buy a compact fishing rod quite cheaply, the price for such products is low compared to other spinning rods. Despite the low price, the rod of famous manufacturers can envy the quality of the product.

Due to their low price and high quality, compact fishing rods can be the best gift for a man who is fond of fishing. If you do not know what to present to your friend or loved one, then a pen fishing rod is what you need. Despite all the advantages, this model has several disadvantages. The main drawback is the lack of fishing lines and equipment in the delivery set. And also such a rod cannot be used for competitions, and even more so for sea fishing.

A Quick Guide to Choosing a Pen Fishing Rod

To choose the best model, you must first of all clearly understand what type of fishing you prefer, and based on this, choose a fishing rod. But let’s better explain this point with an example. Your friend has a two-meter boat and invites you to go fishing in the middle of the sea. You can’t imagine a 3.5m rod. For obvious reasons, you need a much smaller version. There are many examples. However, you just need to know that there are rods suitable for river fishing, others from the seashore, and still others on the high seas, and so on.

In terms of materials, such rods can be made from fiberglass, carbon fiber, or aluminum alloy. Fiberglass is more durable than carbon fiber but weighs more. They are also poorly adapted to artificial baits. Carbon fiber rods tend to be more sensitive to prey bites, but it should be said that on average they are more expensive.

Pen fishing rod can be used with 4 types of fishing reels. The spinning reel is one of the most common models due to its open design. You can use a spin-cast reel. This type is usually chosen by beginners as you can extend the line using the button on the back. Baitcast reels are chosen by experienced fishermen who are able to control the spool. And the last option is less popular with anglers. The fly reel has a simple design.


Based on my product analysis, I think the best model is the 1# Lixada Pen Fishing Rod Reel Combo Set. This is a lightweight spinning reel for beginners, kids, and fishing travelers.

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Drustel Toxaz
Drustel Toxaz
2 months ago

As a fishing enthusiast, I can say that Penn is a fantastic brand. Personally, I have used several different brands such as Abu Garcia and Lews, but I must say that Penn stands out among them. I have been using my Penn Battle for a few years now, and despite the abuse, it has gone through (my girlfriend even accidentally dunked it a few times), it still works perfectly well. Therefore, I can confidently say that the Penn Defiance is also a great reel that can get the job done when it comes to catching big fish.

It is important to note that the Defiance is a conventional reel. If you are a beginner, you may want to do some research on how to properly cast this type of reel. Otherwise, you may be in for a frustrating experience of untangling bird’s nests from your reel. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube and other resources available that can teach you how to cast a bait caster reel. Essentially, you need to learn how to place brakes on the reel by thumbing the spool just before it hits the water.

Lastly, I would like to offer a bit of advice to beginners: don’t get discouraged if you don’t catch any fish right away. Fishing takes patience, and it may take some time before you reel in your first catch. But trust me, when that moment comes, it will be worth all the effort you put in. So, congratulations on your first rod and reel, and welcome to the addiction that is fishing!

Lechor Azucilyn
Lechor Azucilyn
2 months ago

If you’re in the market for a high-quality fishing rod, you should definitely consider purchasing a Penn brand rod. Penn has been a leading brand in the fishing industry for over 80 years, and their reputation for producing durable and reliable equipment is well-deserved.

One of the reasons why Penn rods stand out is their attention to detail when it comes to design and construction. Penn uses only the best materials and components to create rods that are lightweight yet strong enough to handle even the toughest fish. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, Penn has a range of rods that will suit your needs and budget.

Another great thing about Penn rods is their versatility. Whether you’re fishing in freshwater or saltwater, Penn rods can handle it all. They offer a range of rods designed for specific fishing techniques such as spinning, baitcasting, and trolling. So, no matter what type of fish you’re targeting or where you’re fishing, Penn has a rod that will get the job done.

In addition to their exceptional quality and versatility, Penn rods also come with a warranty that covers any defects in materials or workmanship. This means that if anything goes wrong with your rod, you can rest assured that Penn will make it right.

Overall, investing in a Penn fishing rod is a smart choice for any angler. With their reputation for quality, attention to detail, and versatility, you can’t go wrong with a Penn rod. So, if you want to take your fishing game to the next level, consider purchasing a Penn fishing rod today.