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Caperlan 300 50 lb Game Trolling Rod

It is very important to know! If there is a Decathlon store near you and you need a rod for the boat, then this model is for you – CAPERLAN GAME 300 Trolling Rod 50lbs.

Caperlan 300 Game Trolling Rod 50 lb Review

Caperlan is the only fishing company that produces some of its rods with a 3D printer. The fishermen designers who thought this product up are really smart—can you believe they sell 50 lbs casting weight? They also made it more comfortable to use by putting this rod’s grip near the reel seat. It’s rumored many people will streamline their fishing sessions if they try out these new rods, which come fitted with an ergonomic grip and cut-resistant mechanism at the tip.

Caperlan 300 50 lb Game Trolling Rod

Trolling rod is perfect for fishing enthusiasts who can’t stand to reel in a fish that doesn’t put up much of a fight. With the rod’s sensitivity, you know when you’re about to get hooked into something big and powerful, this rod has plenty of it! It’s stiff enough to wrestle with even the most powerful game fish and measures only less than 11 ft so it’s easy for you to cast out and maneuver during your next big catch. Not stopping at just strength and flexibility, we took every consideration into making this rod comfortable so whether or not your lines come tight against some prey, it won’t leave you with sore hands afterward. This Caperlan fishing equipment has an ergonomic grip.

Features Caperlan 300 Trolling Rod

Features Caperlan 300 Trolling Rod

This pivot is a fishing rod that has been designed to handle the larger fish in the ocean. It’s perfect for catching tuna, marlin, and other large game fish. This rod is made from high-quality materials and will last you a lifetime of fishing trips. If you’re looking for a trolling rod that can help generate more catches, then this is it!

When you are fishing for heavy games, the Caperlan 300 is the perfect tool. After spending weeks on research and purchasing a number of different trolling rods, I can confidently say that this one provides everything needed to catch big fish. This rod has an excellent design which makes it easy to use all day long without fatiguing your hands or arms. This isn’t surprising since its construction was carefully thought out with user experience in mind – something I’ve come to expect from French brand Caperlan!

Construction Caperlan 300 Game Trolling Rod

Construction Caperlan 300 Game Trolling Rod

Caperlan 300 Rod is a fishing rod designed for game fishing. The rod has an extra fast action and length of 9’6”. It has an EVA handle with a rubber butt cap and EVA foam on the foregrip. There is also a line holder on the foregrip to hold the line in place while you are using it.

Fishing Rod comes with stainless steel guides that are high quality and durable. The reel seat is made from aluminum alloy which is sturdy and corrosion-resistant. The rod is made from IM-70 blanks which are light yet strong enough for trolling.

Best Caperlan 300 Fishing Rod for Every Budget

Budget Rod Caperlan 300 Rod


Rod is a great quality fishing rod with good value at an affordable price that can be used in many situations depending on what you want to achieve while fishing. It’s suitable for larger fish species such as marlin or tuna but you can also use it when saltwater fishing smaller game fishes like barracuda if using lighter lures. When the weight of your lure exceeds 12 ounces this rod will serve its purpose well since it has a fast action so it won’t bend too easily under pressure even with heavier weights which end up making the lure act slower.

That is a great choice for anyone wanting to purchase a fishing rod especially if you are looking for one in the medium price range. It has good quality and all of its features work well which makes it worth buying. You can use this rod in many types of situations when saltwater fishing or even freshwater depending on what species you want to catch.

The reason why I recommend this product is because overall it’s high performance at an affordable price point that won’t break your bank account but still provide excellent value making it perfect for beginners who don’t know yet exactly what they’re looking for while not being too pricey either so more experienced anglers would enjoy using this type of fishing rod.

Versatility Caperlan 300 Rod

Versatility Caperlan 300 Rod

This fishing rod is perfect for deep-sea game fishing which requires a durable yet lightweight and strong material due to the harsh environment in which these fish live. The short length of this fishing pole makes it very versatile when trolling around rocks or other hazards since you don’t have to worry about hitting your equipment on them with every move you make.

When using the Caperlan 300 50 lb Game Trolling Rod for trolling it can be paired with a Shimano Stradic FK 4000 which is an excellent choice when searching for good quality fishing gear to use in combination with your rods such as reels or other equipment that would complement each other well and not tire out quickly but instead last for years providing you with great service time after time without having issues.


If you’re looking for a high-quality fishing rod that will help improve your chances of catching more fish, the Caperlan 300 is an excellent choice. With its lightweight and durable construction, it makes reeling in large games easily without putting too much stress on your arm or back. The built-in hook keeper ensures that hooks are safely stored away when not being used to catch fish while the adjustable cork handle provides optimum comfort when casting this strong but flexible rod into deep waters. Whether you’re new to fishing or have been doing it for years, we recommend giving the Caperlan 300 a try!

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7 months ago

I use this rod – CAPERLAN GAME Trolling Rod. In my opinion, it’s heavy, but it feels the bite and vibration well. Equipped it with a powerful spinning reel. No regrets. Budget and reliable in operation. All the rings are in place, none are broken, even the roller at the end of the rod.

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CAPERLAN GAME 300 Trolling Rod 50lbs