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The 6 Vintage Zebco 202 Reel and Slingshot Fishing Combo

I am sure that many have been waiting for this review and I am finally ready to present it to you. Today we will talk about the legendary Zebco 202 fishing reels. I have long wanted to try this model in action and finally, it happened! And finally, I can share with you my impressions, and also tell you about the technical features of the Zebco 202 reel. Let’s start!

About Brand Zebco

The Zebco brand has a long history, dating back to 1932 in the US state of Oklahoma. At the time, the company was producing electric bombs for oil drilling. In 1947, one of the company’s experts came up with the idea of making fishing reels that were designed to minimize backlash. In 1949, the first such coil came off the assembly line of the enterprise. All over the country, Zebco stores have drawn crowds of fishing enthusiasts. Developing its range, in 1959 the company introduced the first reel model, which was specially designed for young anglers. A year later, the company’s experts presented sets of reel and rod, which are perfectly balanced with each other.

The company’s financial success is reflected in the fact that Zebco became the first fishing brand to be advertised on American television. Constantly expanding its assortment, the company introduced to the market more and more advanced reel models, as well as rods and other fishing tackle. The legendary vintage Zebco 202 reel was released in 1961 and won the love of fishermen from all over the country!

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Zebco 202 Spincast Fishing Reel, Size 30 Reel, Right-Hand Retrieve, Durable All-Metal Gears, Stainless Steel Pick-up Pin, Pre-Spooled with 10-Pound Zebco Fishing Line, Black, Clam PackagingZebcoBuy on Amazon
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Zebco 202 Reel Review In Brief

Zebco 202 is a spin cast fishing reel. It’s easy and all-purpose pre-spooled with a 10-pound test monofilament fishing line. It’s suitable for catching panfish trout, walleye and bass but not for you big heavy fish like big pikes or Muskies. The specs on it 2.8 to 1 gear ratio that translates to about 15 inches per handle turn. This reel has all-metal gears with a no-tangle design. It has an anti-reverse quick set. It has a capacity for a hundred and ten yards of 10 mono line. So as for me, Zebco 202 is an iconic reel. And for many of you, this is a good device for fishing on regular basis or if you are new to fishing this is what you can start using right now. The reel fits perfectly in the holder.

The body is not very large, but rather convex. The total weight (including the stock line) is 190 grams. Basically, everything on the outside is made of plastic. Visually done somewhere on a four on a five-point system. Still, 202 is Zebko’s cheapest series. The front cover is made of plastic. The opening of the hole is metal, well processed. Plastic knob. Steel plate handle. It can only be installed on the right. This is a disadvantage for those who are used to reeling with the left hand. There is a clutch wheel on the side of the barrel. There’s even a bait loop! Metal gears. So, to release the line you just push the button. Release and the line come out easily. Then turn the handle and you can start reeling the line back in. This process makes a little sound.

Zebco 202 Fishing Reel

1# Zebco 202KBK Prespooled Clam Spincast Reel

Zebco 202KBK CP 202 2.8:1 Prespooled Clam Spincast Reel

View on Amazon

This reel is ideal for use in fresh water and for fishing small species (trout, mojarras, etc.). If you are just starting fishing, then you should take a closer look at this model. Its use is intuitive. Of course, this model is also suitable for those who have long been fond of fishing. Its design and functions are ideal for everyday use. This reel comes Pre-spooled with a 10-lb mono line. This device has a sturdy ABS frame and a sturdy front cover.

The construction withstands the harsh conditions of use and thus makes this reel durable to use. This model provides fast retrieval at 15 inches per handle turn thanks to its 2.8: 1 gear ratio and the ball-bearing drive system. Line play is reduced by QuickSet multi-stop anti-reverse. This model is also equipped with a hook holder. All in all, it is the perfect model for beginners, children, and those looking for a reel for everyday use.

  • Bite alert audible clicker

  • High-quality materials

  • It makes a slightly unpleasant sound when reeling

2# Zebco 202K-BULK 202 Spincast Reel

Zebco 202K-BULK 202 Spincast Reel 2.8:1 Retrieve

View on Amazon

This reel is a must-have for every fisherman in his arsenal! This is a high-strength model which has an ABS plastic body. It will withstand any conditions of use without sacrificing performance. This model was originally spooled with 70-yards of a 10-pound premium line. I love that this reel has a built-in hook holder. This reel weighs only 6.2 ounces and has a 2.8: 1 gear ratio. This device also features metal helical gears, a 20-point stainless steel pickup system, and an adjustable spring-loaded front drag.

  • Lightweight

  • Great for kids

  • Many users dislike the red color of the reel

3# Zebco Quantum, 202 Freshwater Spincast Reel

Zebco Quantum 202 Freshwater Spincast Reel

View on Amazon

This is a classic device for anglers of all skill levels. Also, if you are looking for a reel for your child, I advise you to pay special attention to this model. This product has an ergonomic design, a comfortable grip, and superior performance. You can easily find the setting that’s right for you thanks to the Quickset anti-reverse and dial-adjustable drag. This device is ideal for trout and zander fishing. This model has a 2.8: 1 gear ratio and a 15” retrieval speed.

  • For fishermen of all levels

  • Patented no-tangle design

  • It is suitable for freshwater use only

Zebco 202 Slingshot Fishing Combo

4# Quantum Zebco 202 Slingshot Spincast Combo – Amazon’s Choice

Quantum Zebco 202 Slingshot Spincast Combo

View on Amazon

Everyone who is looking for a real Spincast Combo will love the model from the renowned manufacturer Zebco forever. This straight, slender, and sensitive blank is best suited for light lures and sets new standards in pricing for this premium segment. Visually bright, made in blue, the blank is very pleasant to work with and more than once will give you pleasure when fishing. The rod consists of two parts and is made of fiber-glass. It has moderate-fast action and medium-light power. The reel is distinguished by its lightness and high strength. It has a 2.8: 1 gear ratio, Right-Hand Retrieve, Dial-Adjustable Drag, and Patented No-Tangle Design. It also has a QuickSet Anti-Reverse to prevent the handle from moving backward. All in all, this is the perfect combo for both beginners and professionals.

  • Great price

  • Stylish color

  • Fragile tip

5# Zebco 202 Spincast Combo Tackle Kit – Amazon’s Choice

Zebco 202 Spincast Combo Tackle Kit

View on Amazon

This set consists of a two-piece rod and a high-quality Zebco 202 reel. The rod has a built-in hook holder, a durable reel seat that has a reliable EVA handle, and a twist lock. The reel is equipped with a stainless steel pick-up pin. This material is distinguished by its strength, high corrosion resistance. This material does not wear out over time and thus prolongs the useful life of the reel.

  • Dial-adjustable drag

  • Lightness and versatility

  • The reel is not suitable for left-handers

6# Zebco 202 Spincast Reels and 2-Piece Fishing Rod Combos

Zebco 202 Spincast Reel and Rod Combo

View on Amazon

This set includes two fishing rods with a 202 and a 404 power combo at once, as well as fishing reels. The blank is made of high-quality fiberglass which provides strength and durability. The rods are equipped with a Twist-Lock reel seat and a hook holder. This set is what you need for trout, pike perch, panfish, perch, and more. The reel has all-metal gears which ensure long service life. It also has Built-in Bite Alert technology. This allows you to recognize that a fish is on your hook with a beep.

  • It is suitable for catching many types of fish

  • Durable and lightweight rod material

  • The reel may seize during casts

What Is a Fishing Reel?

The reel frees the line for casting so you can catch a wide variety of fish. In addition, the fishing reel is equipped with a handle to control the rod. Another component of the fishing reel is the adjustable brake. Its task is to give the fish a little space so that it gets tired over time. One of the first fishing reels was a basic reel. However, their use was very cumbersome compared to modern dough-product products. Because of this, today you can find many Zebco 202 reels that you can test thoroughly.

How Does a Fishing Reel Work?

The function of the fishing reel is pretty simple. The reel attaches to the fishing rod within reach. There is a cord inside the coil. Now you can unwind the line with the fishing reel or rewind it by turning the handle. One of the main components is the reel seat. This connects the coil to the stem. The crank, which is also available as a double crank on some models after practical testing, has a handle. Turn on the handle and start winding the reel. The backstop switch ensures that the cord does not unwind in an uncontrolled manner if you turn it back. A high-quality braking system should not be missing from the comparison winners list. The resistance system gives the fish a certain amount of escape and ensures that they get tired. The bow lever opens when casting so the line can be unrolled. Some models also have a push-button system.


Zebco is the brand you can trust for your fishing tackle selection. In this article, I introduced you to the Zebco 202 reels which are available on the market at a great price and have excellent performance. I hope my review will help you make the right choice and you can purchase a cool fishing reel for new fishing experiments. Separately, I would like to highlight this model 1# Zebco 202KBK Prespooled Clam Spincast Reel.

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Bertran Cottonfield
Bertran Cottonfield
3 months ago

Don’t wait any longer to get your hands on this popular reel from Zebco. Check it out today to see why everyone loves it!

I have to agree that Zebco reels are great! I’ve been using them for years and have caught some impressive fish with them, including a 20lb catfish. They’re especially great for beginners and I even taught my kids how to fish using a Zebco. You really don’t need an expensive setup to enjoy fishing, and the Zebco proves that.

Redrick Grovery
Redrick Grovery
3 months ago

If you’re looking to maximize your fishing experience without breaking the bank, look no further than the Zebco 202 Reel.

When targeting panfish, I love using a Zebco 202 paired with crappie nibbles to get the school feeding and excited. After getting the panfish biting, I switch to a bass rig to see if any larger fish are ready to take the bait. More often than not, I’m able to reel in a lunker or two with this method. It just goes to show that you don’t need a fancy or expensive setup to have success on the water!

Venolio Wychplot
Venolio Wychplot
3 months ago

The Zebco 202 Reel is the perfect choice for beginners and experienced anglers alike! With its reliable design and budget-friendly price, you can’t go wrong.

As someone who primarily uses spinning reels, I recently added a couple of old Zebco 202s to my collection after finding them at a closing flea market for just $3 each. After cleaning them up and getting them in working order, I’m excited to give them a try on my next fishing trip. With my experience using Zebco 33s, I have high hopes for these older models.

3 months ago

Experienced anglers will love the advanced features of this popular reel from Zebco. Get your hands on it and see why everyone loves it so much!

I have a collection of vintage Zebco reels including four old gold label 33s, two 202s, two 404s, and an 888 saltwater reel. The quality of the vintage reels is noticeably superior to the newer models which are mostly made of plastic and strip out easily. Nevertheless, the newer reels serve a purpose as backup rods for guests or for children who are just starting out.

Mespil Silvamora
Mespil Silvamora
3 months ago

If I had to choose between a Zebco 33 and Lew’s Speed cast, I would go with the 33. However, I do like having one or two spin cast reels for other people to use. Occasionally, I enjoy using my Lew’s Speed cast because I feel the drag is less “sticky” than some of the Zebco reels I have used in the past.

The Zebco202Reel is a great option for those just getting started with fishing! It’s easy to use, reliable, and budget-friendly.

3 months ago

The way I see it, good is as good does. It’s all about what you make of it. If you use a Zebco reel and like it, then it’s good, isn’t it?

From a materialistic standpoint, Zebco reels are considered cheap. They are spincast reels with a button on the back, making them easy for children to use and economical to purchase (some combos come with lures, hooks, and floats for around $25).

In my opinion, starting with a spincast reel is a good way to begin fishing, but spin reels and rods can also be purchased for a similar price point. If you can learn to cast with a spinning reel, that is even better. I know some people may disagree with me, but I view spincast reels as spinning reels with training wheels. They are easy to manage and cast.

The composition of spin-cast reels, however, is not what I would call high-quality. There’s a bell housing located under the “bullet” shaped top where the line comes out. That bell housing has grooves to catch the line and reel in/cast out. I believe that bell can be abrasive to the line. Braid does not work well there, and mono/fluoro is much more abrasive-resistant, but I still don’t like the idea.

Brialen Maplethorne
Brialen Maplethorne
3 months ago

The Zebco 202 Spincast Combo is a fantastic choice for anyone who loves medium-light freshwater fishing. This combo is well-designed and built around the classic 202 Spincast Reel from Zebco, which features patented no-tangle design, durable all-metal gears, QuickSet™ anti-reverse, an easy-to-set dial-adjustable drag, and a convenient Built-in Hook Keeper™. 

It’s a perfect setup for both beginners and experienced anglers alike and comes with a high-quality 2-piece Z-Glass rod with ceramic guides and a comfortable EVA handle. The overall design is user-friendly and makes for an enjoyable fishing experience. The Zebco 202 Spincast Combo is the ideal choice for any angler looking for an affordable, reliable, and effective rod-and-reel setup.

Finally, you can have an enjoyable fishing experience without breaking the bank. Check out the Zebco 202 Reel today!