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Thanks to the invention of the fishing planer, fishermen were able to increase the feeding area of baits several times and got a wide field for experiments. In this article, we will talk with you about what fishing planer boards are and how they work. Stay with me not to miss the chance to find out more about this and find the perfect fishing planer for yourself.

The 13 Best Fishing Planer – Editor’s Choice

I myself often encounter such a problem that I can’t choose one of the huge offers on the market. Therefore, I myself began to test the products that interest me and tell you about it. This time I was attracted to a fishing planer and I could not pass by. Now you don’t need to spend hours in online stores and read reviews. I did it for you and selected 13 of the best planer boards for fishing.

Sea Striker SSP1 PlanerSea StrikerBuy on Amazon
Krazywolf Planer Board (P009),Includes Spring Flag System,Left&Right L8 xW3,Pair,YellowKrazywolfBuy on Amazon
Old Salty 4 PlanerOld SaltyBuy on Amazon
Sea Striker SSP3 PlanerSea StrikerBuy on Amazon
Sea Striker Planers | Fishing Planer with Stainless Steel Blade with Large Brass Ring, SilverSea StrikerBuy on Amazon
Sea Strike SSP3BLK Planer Black Powder Coated Sz3Sea StrikerBuy on Amazon
The Tackle Room Planer Bridle Kit with Leader and Planer | Wahoo Fishing | Offshore (#12)The Tackle RoomBuy on Amazon
Sea Striker HS8-KIT High Speed Planer KitSea StrikerBuy on Amazon
Clarkspoon Planer Kit with Leader, Leader Storage, Spoon (#2 Planer Kit w/ #0 Silver Spoon)ClarkspoonBuy on Amazon
Old Salty 8P High Speed PlanerOld SaltyBuy on Amazon
The Tackle Room Handline Planer Kit | Manual Downrigger | Hand Reel (#32 Planer)The Tackle RoomBuy on Amazon
Clarkspoon Fishing Planer - Diving Planer - Multiple Sizes Size 1-5-12'ClarkspoonBuy on Amazon
Old Salty 2 PlanerOld SaltyBuy on Amazon

1# Sea Striker SSP1 Planer – Amazon’s Choice

Sea Striker SSP1 Planer

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In my opinion, this planer deserves the first place on this list. This is in great demand among fishermen who are keen on trolling fishing. It not only has a reasonable price but also is of high quality. This equipment is able to lower your bait to a sufficiently large depth. It is at an angle of 45 degrees. You will see a planer on the surface of the water as soon as the fish is on your hook. This is a compact device measuring 10 inches. It is made of stainless steel and is therefore great for long-term use in water. Such material resists corrosion and rust.

2# Krazywolf Planer Board – Amazon’s Choice

Krazywolf Planer Board

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This is an ideal planer in the shape of a boat that has excellent buoyancy. You will get a pair. Namely the left and right sides. Also available in a choice of two sizes 8 and 10 inches. In addition to the excellent price, the planer is distinguished by its durability and high efficiency. You can use this equipment with any type of fishing line. It comes with warning flags, clamps, a wrench, springs, and keel weight.

3# Old Salty 4 Planer – Amazon’s Choice

Old Salty 4 Planer

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This is one of the highest quality fishing planer boards you can find on the market today. You can immerse it to a sufficiently large depth due to its size. This will surely return to the surface after a bite by a fish. Stainless steel ensures the durability of use.

4# Sea Striker SSP3 Planer

Sea Striker SSP3 Planer

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This is fishing equipment that every fisherman needs who is keen on trolling fishing needs. After using it, you will notice how the effectiveness of your fishing has increased. It allows you to immerse your bait to great depths. You do not need to use a heavy sinker. Don’t be afraid to use it in seawater. The planer is made of durable materials such as metal and stainless steel.

5# Sea Striker SSP2 Planer

Sea Striker SSP2 Planer

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It does not matter whether you are a beginner or already a professional, this is a necessary accessory during your fishing. You will increase your chances of a great catch. Just lower the planer to the depth you need and when the fish is on the hook, the equipment will return back to the surface.

6# Sea Strike SSP3BLK Planer

Sea Strike SSP3BLK Planer

View on Amazon

This works great while lowering your bait to a depth. The manufacturer offers you a durable fishing device at an affordable price knowing that trolling fishing is an expensive pleasure. It comes in one size and has a dark color. Blades are made of stainless steel. It will move at an angle of 45 degrees.

7# The Tackle Room Planer Bridle Kit

The Tackle Room Planer Bridle Kit

View on Amazon

You will get not just a fishing planer, but also a planer bridle, a planer bridle rigging kit, and a 100′ of 150′ Momoi leader. This is the necessary equipment for high-quality trolling fishing. You need this kit if you are looking for an easy way to place your bait at the desired depth.

8# Sea Striker HS8-KIT High-Speed Planer Kit

Sea Striker HS8-KIT High Speed Planer Kit

View on Amazon

Enjoy trolling fishing with optional fishing equipment such as a planer. It allows you to fish your fishing at 18 mph. Attach the sea striker planer to the terminal and this will move in its own line. The advantage of this equipment is that you do not need to get it every time. And this fishing device allows you to fight the fish to the end on your own.

9# Clarkspoon Planer Kit with Leader & Leader Storage & Spoon

Clarkspoon Planer Kit

View on Amazon

This kit is what you need to immediately start fishing. This is especially suitable for coastal trolling. You will receive a planer and a spoon. It comes in silver color and is ideal for saltwater. Enjoy fishing with this fishing kit!

10# Old Salty 8P High-Speed Planer

Old Salty 8P High Speed Planer

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This planer is known by many anglers who know a lot about fishing equipment. This is suitable for both beginners and advanced fishermen. This does a great job of lowering your bait as deep as possible. And you will appreciate its price for such high quality.

11# The Tackle Room Handline Planer Kit

The Tackle Room Handline Planer Kit

View on Amazon

Give yourself the opportunity to lower your bait to a great depth in the sea. Durable material guarantees you the durability of using this product. To increase the shelf life, it is advisable to rinse the planer under running water after use in saltwater. In addition, you will get a nylon rope in the kit.

12# Clarkspoon CP1 HD Diving Planer Fishing Line

Clarkspoon CP1 HD Diving Planer Fishing Line

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This is another piece of equipment that deserves your attention. It is made in silver and comes in size 1. It is lightweight and does not take up much space in your bag. It lowers the bait to an excellent depth and returns back after a fish bite.

13# Old Salty 2 Planer

Old Salty 2 Planer

View on Amazon

A knowledgeable fisherman will definitely be happy to get such a planer board. The excellent quality and high efficiency of this equipment showed many fishermen what the ideal trolling fishing is. This will last you for many years thanks to the stainless material.

Types of Fishing Planers

There are planers, which are also called boats or mini-planer. An independent boat is a conventional design equipped with a bright flag. After biting or hooking, the fishing line is released from the device, and the boat goes into free navigation. Therefore, after landing, the fisherman must go in search of his assistant. There are also fishing planers, which can consist of 2-3 blades equipped with floats, or have a wide base with a loaded keel. On such a device snap-ins from several spinning rods easily fit. The planer is mounted on a separate cord, which is attached to the mast or rack with a reel. Usually, two devices are used (from both sides) for the stability of the boat.

What is the maximum number of spinning rods that can be used on a single boat?

You can use up to 5 pieces on each side at a time. In this case, all planers can be the same. It is even desirable.

What bait is better to use with a planer?

An ideal bait for a fishing planer trolling is a medium-sized wobbler with a small depth of its own. Such a bait has minimal resistance in the water, and the planer works better. Oscillating trolling lures also perform well. You can even use silicone baits with a small load. Fishing with a planer on turntables isn’t recommended. It should be borne in mind that the greater the resistance of the bait in the water, the worse the planer works when fishing with trolling.

What is better to use when fishing trolling – fishing line or cord?

The fishing line is always better. Using the fishing line reduces the number of empty planer clip triggers. On the wave, an inextensible cord often breaks itself out of the clip, and you will have to recharge the fishing planer board every time in this case. The line is more stretchable and extinguishes jerks from a wave. In addition, the cord cuts through the plastic clip. If you still use a cord while fishing with trolling, you must additionally purchase metal clips.

How is this fishing planer wave resistant?

Wave resistant enough. If at all you can fish trolling in this wave, then it will work with the planer boards.


Trolling is a fairly expensive form of fishing. Therefore, if you decide to fish in this way, then the choice of fishing equipment should be approached even more responsibly than ever. This review has everything in order not to be mistaken and to choose a really high-quality product. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments. Enjoy you.

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