Fishing QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow to wrap a fishing pole present?
JerrySmitt asked 7 days ago

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Alex – ProFisherman Staff answered 7 days ago
Rods are the hardest to pack. They have the maximum length for a parcel. Also, the rod for shipping is a fragile object, the rings break, the thin parts. These are the most frequently asked questions. How do you pack rods? Will my rod get to me safely?
First, a rod is carefully checked before shipment for chips, scratches, knocks, the integrity of rings, serviceability of the reel holder, etc.
Second, after trying several types of packaging, we came up with the best option, in our opinion – specially made rigid cardboard tubes. Cardboard tubes come in different diameters and sizes.
It is necessary to pick up a tube of the necessary length and diameter for each rod, thereby reducing the size of the parcel and not transporting “air” and reducing delivery costs. Before you pack the rod in the tube, you should additionally wrap its ends in several layers of bubble wrap. Place the fishing rods and close with the lid. The last thing – we wrap the ends of the tube with scotch tape. Done.


Fishreeler Staff answered 7 days ago
Rod manufacturers pack their products first in cloth and then in a special tube. This is the safest way to transport them.


BarryW answered 7 days ago
It is desirable to wrap each element of the rod in polyethylene foam. Pack like a “sandwich”, in many layers. The rod may be thrown during transportation and it may lie under other parcels. Wrapping with duct tape is mandatory.

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