Fishing QuestionsWhy do you fish with live bait?
Hector asked 4 months ago
Lures VS Live bait – What is better?
Staff replied 4 months ago

Fishing with live bait might seem like the best option, especially if you are targeting particular species. Fishing with live bait can often be more successful than fishing with artificial or natural baits.

Put simply, fish will feed on whatever their preferred prey is found in abundance near the surface of the water. Therefore, inexperienced anglers may use lures that would attract prey that does not reflect their intended quarry’s diet. Fishing with live bait could at least enable equally skilled anglers to take advantage of other fishers’ success by either learning about their catch first hand or obtaining excellent specimens for sale should they themselves fail to catch any type of fish after a couple of hours of fishing.

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Alex – ProFisherman Staff answered 4 months ago
While lures and flies can be very effective, many people prefer to use live bait while fishing. There are a number of reasons for this preference. Fishing with live bait is thought by some to be more humane than using artificial lures or flies because less damage is done to the fish when they are quickly captured in a net rather than hooked through their mouth or jaw. Live bait also helps attract more species of fish, because most predatory fish will attack all sorts of food that falls onto the water’s surface.
Staff replied 4 months ago

There are many reasons why you might want to fish with live bait, but the most common one is that it simply works better than artificial bait. Fish are more likely to bite on a live worm or minnow than they are on a plastic lure, so if you’re looking to catch some fish, using live bait is your best bet.

Martin Staff answered 4 months ago
Fish like to eat other life and that’s why many anglers always fish with live bait. Fishing with live bait can be a challenge and you should learn how to properly fish with it before you go out on the water. Fishing for bass is an example of fishing using live bait since they commonly feed on insects, shrimps, or small mammals such as frogs.

Jimmy answered 4 months ago

Fishing with live bait is a very successful way to catch large numbers of fish in a limited amount of time. Fishing with live bait can be done from the shore, from a boat, or even from kayaks. Live bait fishing has been around for centuries and its still just as popular today.

Fishing with live bait is much more efficient than fishing with artificial baits like pop-ups, spinners, spoons, and jigs. Fishing with live bait increases the chances that you’ll hook into something by attracting fish because of the animal’s movements.

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