Fishing QuestionsCategory: Daiwa FAQHow to spool a Daiwa tatula?
Donnza D asked 5 months ago
How do you wind a Daiwa Tatula?

5 Answers
Martin Staff answered 5 months ago
There are a few things you need to do in order to spool a Daiwa Tatula:

1. You’ll need some monofilament line- make sure to get the right size based on your Tatula’s specifications.

2. Once you have your line, you’ll need to thread it through the guides on your rod. Start at the bottom and work your way up.

3. Once the line is threaded through the guides, it’s time to start adding lines to your reel. Begin by undoing the bail, then holding the line in your non-dominant hand while you use your dominant hand to crank the handle slowly and evenly.

4 continued cranking until the line is tight, then close the bail and give the handle a few more cranks to make sure everything is secure. And that’s it- you’ve now got a Tatula ready to fish with!

Alex – ProFisherman Staff answered 5 months ago
Assuming you have a Daiwa tatula spinning reel, the process for spooling it is actually quite simple. You will need some monofilament line, a spool of backing, and an empty spool (or something to wind the line onto).

1) Remove the spool cap from your Daiwa tatula and take off the old line.

2) Run the new line through all of the guides on your rod.

3) Tie a double overhand knot at the end of your new line and cut off any excess.

4) Attach your new line to the arbor of your empty spool using a Cross-referencing method or by tying it on with a Uni knot.

5) Fill your spool with backing, leaving enough room for your new line.

6) Once your spool is full of backing, start winding on your new line. Hold the line against the lip of the spool as you wind to prevent tangles.

7) Continue winding until your spool is full, then cut the line and tie a double overhand knot.

8) Put the spool back on your reel and replace the spool cap.

And that’s it! You’ve now successfully spooled your Daiwa Tatula spinning reel.

Carlos answered 5 months ago
Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to spool a Daiwa Tatula:

1. First, remove the spool from the reel. To do this, unscrew the drag cap located at the top of the reel, and then gently pull the spool out.

2. Next, tie your fishing line onto the arbor of the spool. Be sure to use a Palomar knot or similar strong knot; you don’t want your line coming undone while you’re fishing!

3. Once your line is tied on, start filling up the spool with the line. Daiwa suggests using a spinning reel filler tool to make this process go more smoothly, but you can also just use your fingers.

4. Once the spool is full, cut the excess line and then screw the drag cap back on.

5. Finally, put the spool back in the reel and you’re all set!

There you have it- a quick and easy guide to spooling a Daiwa Tatula spinning reel. With this reel, you’ll be ready to tackle any fishing adventure that comes your way.

Bernard answered 5 months ago
There are a few ways to wind a Daiwa Tatula. One way is to hold the spool in your left hand and wrap the line around your fingers. Then, take the line in your right hand and wrap it around the line that’s wrapped around your fingers. Bring the lineup over the spool and make sure it’s tight before you start fishing.

Another way to wind a Daiwa Tatula is to hold the spool in your left hand and use your right hand to hold onto the line. Wrap the line around the spool, making sure it’s tight, and make sure you have enough room on the spool before you start fishing.

Lastly, you can use a Tatula Winder to wind your Daiwa Tatula. This is a tool that’s specifically designed for winding fishing reels, and it will make the process go more quickly and smoothly.

No matter which method you choose, be sure to keep an eye on the line as you’re fishing so that you don’t run out!

Wilson answered 5 months ago
Daiwa’s Tatula is a workhorse of a reel, and winding it properly is crucial to its performance. Follow these steps and you’ll be sure to get the most out of your reel.

1. Open the bail by lifting up the bail wire. This will release the line from the spool.

2. Now, take hold of the line with your left hand and begin winding it around the spool in a clockwise direction. Be sure to keep tension on the line as you wind, or else it will become tangled.

3. Once you’ve wound enough line onto the spool, release the bail wire and allow it to snap shut. This will secure the line in place.

4. Finally, give the handle a few cranks to make sure everything is tight and secure. And that’s it- your Tatula is now ready to fish with!