Fishing QuestionsWhat is the best bait for fishing?
Freddy asked 4 months ago
Staff replied 4 months ago

There is no single answer to this question as different baits work better in different situations. The best bait for fishing depends on the type of fish being lured. However, some of the most popular baits for fishing include worms, minnows, crayfish, and insects.

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Alex – ProFisherman Staff answered 4 months ago

Fishing with live bait is preferable because it feels natural to the fish and produces a better action. If you are going fishing, try to find earthworms or maggots from rotten meat in a really good bait shop for example. Fishing with artificial lures is also an option, but they don’t produce as much excitement for catching fish. Fish love live bait!

Fish do not give a damn about lures that cost more than five dollars. In fact, there’s nothing that beats live worms when it comes down to catching trout on a fly rod. Exceptions include pike and large saltwater species such as giant trevally and barracuda where the use of living or dead baits respectively can be most effective. Fishing with metal lures is the best way to catch large predatory fish such as tuna and marlin, but your hook-ups will be less frequent than with live bait.

Freddy answered 4 months ago
Yes, I think there is no one bait that works best for all types of fishing. However, some baits are better suited for certain situations than others. For example, live bait (such as worms, minnows, or crickets) is usually most effective when fishing in a river or lake, while artificial lures (such as spoons, jigs, or crankbaits) are more popular for use in salt water.

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