Fishing QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow to tie a uni knot fishing?
George Phillips asked 3 weeks ago
What is a uni-knot in fishing?

3 Answers
Alex – ProFisherman Staff answered 3 weeks ago
Fishing knot uni knot and double uni knot are one of the best knots. Little trauma to the line and reliable knot should be known by every fisherman. You can use it to tie a swivel on the line, hook, wobbler, or sinker, and can even make the first knot on the reel for winding a new line. Other fishing knots to know are Palomar knot, uni knot, FG knot, blood knot, Albright knot, snell knot, double uni knot, clinch knot, Trilene knot, improved clinch knot, loop knot, Yucatan knot.


Martin Staff answered 3 weeks ago
Watch this video and you’ll be knitting the uni knot correctly in two minutes. I recommend it and consider it one of the top 10 best fishing knots. I use it a lot myself.


Carlos answered 3 weeks ago
If the fishing hook has an ear, which can be put through the line, then the most convenient knot for attaching it to the leash is a knot Uni. Properly tying the hook is the most important step in assembling your tackle. Catching a fish and missing it because of a loose hook is very frustrating.


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