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Fishreeler Staff asked 2 months ago

4 Ways to Hook Hard baits on the Hook
For fishing to be successful, you need to choose a natural fish live bait, be able to put it firmly on the hook, and inconspicuously hide inside its fishing hooks. It is important that when throwing the bait remains on the hook and has a natural look and smell, as in nature. Buy only quality bait or fish it yourself in a natural live environment. Here we publish specific tips on different ways to hook mussels.
Four basic ways to attach the bait:
1-Plateret, open the mussel and use a small knife to guide the entire mollusk through the bottom shell, we discard the empty shell, and sew the hook into the bottom mollusk along its nerves from the bottom to top, with that present some glaze. I use a #4 hook, the fish scratches the moll and slips inside on its own, it always comes out stuck in the nose. This is a suitable presentation for fishing with a buoy at the tip of the rod, the bait settles to the bottom and the buoy stays submerged an inch, but you see when it sticks and drags it, it is also used in the bottom lead fishing type, as it happens with the “a la blur” joint, but in this modality, which requires short casts, it is easy to take off.
2-Baulet, to open the mussel without separating the shells too much, I put a hook, in the upper nerve that connects the nerves of the two shells, passing it from one side to the other. I also use a small hook for this presentation, #2, sea bream sticking its nose in, and when the mollah is pulled, it sticks out on its own and comes out with a nail out of its nose, this presentation has given me very good results, in particular.
3-Ataud, open the mussel a little and insert a snap with two hooks, in this case, number 2, then close it with lycra, leaving the first hook without death and a little moly to make it smell, this presentation is designed to catch large sea bream, crush it and release the hooks.
4-Criansó (raised mussels), introduce the hook in this case number 2 on the opposite side from the one that opens, and take it out on the same side, leaving the death outside, this hooking method, which costs something to introduce the death, allows you to cast it a long-distance without opening, I usually use a two-hook rigging, with two Criansó, one on each hook, the sea bream medium-size places them both in the mouth.

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Martin Staff answered 2 months ago
Mussels can be attached to a fishing hook by threading the mussel’s byssus (a threadlike structure used for attachment) onto the hook. The mussel should first be rinsed and then dried. The byssus can then be gently teased out and passed over the hook until it secures itself on the barb. The mussel can then be secured in place with a small piece of wire or fishing line.

Christian answered 2 months ago
If you’re looking to attach a mussel to a fishing hook, there are a few things you’ll need to do. First, find a fresh mussel – either from the water or from a bait shop. Next, use a sharp knife to cut off the adductor muscle, which is what holds the two shells together. Once that’s done, simply thread the mussel onto the hook and you’re ready to go!

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