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Shimano Trevala Spinning Rod TVS66MH Medium-Heavy

Any fisherman knows how important it is in his arsenal to have good spinning rods and baits to return with a rich catch. Shimano rods have attracted the attention of fans of the sport for many years now, and the Japanese company has produced high-quality products with enviable performance that have proven themselves to be successful tools in a variety of fishing conditions. They can be safely advised to all beginners, advanced fishing enthusiasts, and professionals. Today we will talk about Shimano Trevala jigging rods. These rods have excellent features that provide an excellent fishing experience.

Shimano rods are at the forefront of all rod manufacturers. Shimano produces fishing rods designed by professionals. All fashion trends for fishing rods are taken into account. Shimano specialists work with sports anglers and general fishing enthusiasts to know exactly what they want. And if there are shortcomings or inconveniences, then immediately eliminate them. In tandem, they create the best in their characteristics new Shimano rods. Shimano rods differ in their action. Each model of fishing rods is fully tested so that no defects appear on sale. The manufacturer guarantees a long service life.

Shimano Trevala Jigging Rods

In this review, I will tell you about both the Shimano Trevala spinning rod and the casting model of this rod. These rods have been specially designed for those anglers who prefer a butterfly or vertical jigging. These rods are distinguished by their small diameter due to the patented C4S design which offers many advantages. Firstly, this design reduces the overall weight of the rod, and secondly, it provides a high-strength hoop. In addition, the rod has excellent sensitivity. This suggests that you will feel every bite of a predator.

The Shimano Trevala jigging rod also has Fuji Alconite rings. They provide excellent performance and reduce line drag. The model is equipped with a high-quality reel keeper that holds your reel in the place where it is most convenient for you. Enjoy fishing with a customized EVA split-grip handle. As already mentioned, Shimano Trevala can be either a spinning rod or a casting rod. Your choice will depend on your preference. Spinning rods in this series are available in sizes from 6’3 to 6’6″. Casting rods available in 6’3” size.


The advantages include high strength. This is influenced by the reinforced plug connection. It also has:

  • No backlash
  • Wear-resistant joint assembly
  • Durable
  • Quality material
  • Innovative technologies
  • Resistant to different stages of fishing
  • Short back handle
  • Fuji guides
  • Fuji reel seat


Disadvantages include pricing. Despite the fact that it justifies itself, many fishermen don’t appreciate their high price range.

Shimano Trevala Specifications:

  • C4S Blank Construction
  • Fuji Alconite Guides
  • Fuji Reel Seat
  • Custom Shaped Handles with Split Grip
  • EVA handles for comfort


C4S Blank Construction. This design is designed to reduce overall weight. This way you can focus on fighting the fish instead of thinking about your tackle. In addition, the design provides a small diameter for increased sensitivity without loss of quality.

Fuji Alconite Guides. Alconite is a material that, when inserted into the guides, will reduce the drag of the fishing line. It also adds smoothness to performance.

Fuji Reel Seat. This reel seat is loved by all anglers. It is able to keep your reel in place under all conditions of use.

Custom Shaped Handles with Split Grip. This ensures maximum comfort thanks to the non-standard shape. This is a very comfortable grip during long jigging.

EVA handles. The handles are designed to prevent hand fatigue during long fishing trips. The EVA material allows you to grip securely even in rain or wet hands.

Our Selection 2 Best Shimano Trevala Spinning Rods– Editor’s Choice

1# SHIMANO Trevala Casting Rod

SHIMANO Trevala Casting Rod

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The Shimano brand has created an excellent TC4 design. A high carbon steel butt joint connects to the TC4 tip section. It provides high sensitivity, but the overall weight of the rod is reduced.  In tandem with baitcasting reels, the Shimano Trevala jigging rod will be the perfect option for both jig fishing and fishing with heavy wobblers and jerk baits. And, of course, when fishing from a boat, the compactness and short length of the rod is an indisputable advantage. Distinctive properties of the series are modern design, high sensitivity, endurance, and power, which are achieved primarily due to the latest technology. The blank is equipped with light guide rings, the supports of which are shaped to prevent overlaps. A comfortable and ergonomic handle with EVA coating allows you to fish out trophy specimens with maximum comfort.

SHIMANO Trevala Rod

  • Lightweight with increased sensitivity.

  • Fast recovery speed.

  • Comfortable handle.

  • The rod lacks power

2# Shimano Trevala PX Spinning Saltwater Jigging Pop Fishing Rods

Shimano Trevala PX Spinning Rod

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The Shimano Trevala Spinning Jig Rod has been designed with the best Japanese jigging concepts. A very powerful and lightweight rod designed for high-speed jigging with a high gear ratio reel. An entry-level rod with excellent value for money. A modern, lightweight, and elegant spinning rod with a fast action for fishing with jig lures. The highly modular durable graphite and the glued-in one-piece tip perfectly respond to the most careful bites, which are perfectly transferred to the “hand” and are visually clearly visible. Excellent combination of price and quality. Blank has Hi-Power X reinforcing technology. This prevents twists when fighting a large predator. In addition, the blank has a crisp sharper that is designed for jig maneuvers. You will be able to use the braided line thanks to the SeaGuide zirconia guides. Comfortable fishing thanks to the EVA handle grip.

Shimano Trevala Saltwater Rod

  • Besides jigging, the rod can be used for various offshore techniques.

  • Lightweight and durable construction.

  • The durable reel seat.

  • It can be expensive for novice fishermen.

Shimano Brand Information

Shimano is a well-known and megapopular brand in the global fishing market. It is recognized by all professional and advanced fishing enthusiasts. Its products are renowned for their reliability, durability, thoughtful performance, and balance. To achieve high-quality fishing rods, the company makes every effort. Each technological process is thought out to the smallest detail, there is continuous control over compliance with all requirements. After manufacturing, the rods are tested, and only after positive results they get to the fishing market.

Established in 1921, the bicycle equipment workshop did not immediately master the production of the legendary spinning reels and carbon rods. The idea to develop a new market segment for itself came to the heir to the Shimano empire, Shozo Shimano. Legend has it that he was motivated to do this by concern for the health of the company’s employees, who spent little time in the fresh air. True or fiction, it is not known for certain.

But it is absolutely certain that in 1971 the company, using its rich experience in the production of gears and bearings for bicycles, began to produce reels for fishing. A little later, a wider range of products for fishing was mastered: rods, clothing, equipment, lures. To date, Shimano has offices and production facilities on all continents in more than 40 countries. Fishing equipment accounts for 20% of the total volume of products manufactured by the concern.

The company has a flexible policy, being sensitive to trends in the design of equipment for recreational and sport fishing. The time-tested and recognized models are regularly improved and updated. Unsuccessful samples are immediately removed from production. The company is actively associated with other manufacturers of fishing equipment. The most productive was cooperation with another recognized leader in the production of fishing goods such as Rapala.

Design and Specifications of Shimano Rods

Shimano is constantly developing and improving its rods. The updated material of the form is able to maximize its capabilities. Namely, have a strong sensitivity. The specific gravity of the blank has become even less, but the strength has only increased. This was achieved by reducing the weight of the resin components of the carbon composition. The percentage of resin in the blank is minimized. It was Shimano who managed to solve the problem of high weight. Hi-Power X technology is also used. Complex work with a complex technical process. Here, the blank is wrapped with cross-linked carbon web tapes. This makes the rods more responsive, the weight is lighter and the structure is stronger.

Externally, Shimano rods feature superior design with premium fittings. Fuji guides with silicon carbide inserts from SiC Ring. They are solid rings, but lightweight. Do not overheat when rubbed during use. Ring frames (support) are made of titanium. The material has high strength and low weight. The reel seat is designed for baitcasting reels. The reel seat is made of high modulus carbon fibre from our own brand. It has an ergonomic shape, provides control over the wiring. The spaced handle is comfortable to hold in the hand. If it involves long fences, then it is better to use it with two hands. Material is EVA from high-quality cork.


The manufacturer Shimano has been producing fishing tackle for half a century, and during this time it has managed to earn the trust and recognition of its consumers. The products of the Japanese brand have gained immense popularity all over the world, its logo is recognizable everywhere. Thanks to high-quality spinning, everyone has a chance to fish out a large tuna or a predatory fish that they have been hunting for a long time. As the owner of this brand of tackle, I can say that they never fail, and I return home with a whole bucket of catch, and this is the most important thing. Shimano Trevala Jigging Rods are the best thing that can happen to you. I hope you are convinced of this after reading my review!

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Rax Claythorpe
Rax Claythorpe
3 months ago

I highly recommend the Shimano Trevala for any serious angler looking for a high-performance jigging rod. The Shimano Trevala can be used for various fishing styles beyond just jigging. It can also be utilized for live baiting, pitching bait, and even as a specialized sabiki setup. It is important to note that jigging can be harsh on spinning reels, so it is recommended to use a high-quality reel such as a Saragosa.

Moreover, having a spinning setup could be beneficial for those who are not familiar with using a conventional reel, as it can eliminate the risk of backlashes. Additionally, jigging with a conventional reel requires the use of the left arm to jig and the right hand to reel. 

On the other hand, jigging with a spinning reel requires the opposite, with the right arm being used for jigging and the left hand for reeling. For this reason, it may be a good idea to have both types of setups so that neither arm becomes exhausted from jigging all day.

Guinon Blacknox
Guinon Blacknox
3 months ago

The build quality of the Trevala is impressive, it can withstand even the toughest fishing conditions. I was able to reel in big fish with ease thanks to the rod’s excellent balance and weight distribution. The handle and grip of the rod are very comfortable, making it easy to fish for hours without any hand fatigue.

Decius Darktrack
Decius Darktrack
3 months ago

Shimano Trevala is a top-notch jigging rod, perfect for deep-sea fishing. The sensitivity and power it provides are unmatched.

Rhammen Buckthorn
Rhammen Buckthorn
3 months ago

The rod’s sensitivity and versatility make it the perfect choice for targeting various species of fish. I love the lightweight design and comfortable grip, it makes a long day on the water much more enjoyable.

Vulmer Brackenwood
Vulmer Brackenwood
3 months ago

The Trevala has a strong backbone, yet still allows for a smooth and powerful jigging motion. This rod is a must-have for any serious angler looking for a high-quality jigging setup.

Piaster Woolmore
Piaster Woolmore
3 months ago

The Trevala has a strong backbone, yet still allows for a smooth and powerful jigging motion. This rod is a must-have for any serious angler looking for a high-quality jigging setup.

Balthazar Gracehollow
Balthazar Gracehollow
3 months ago

The Shimano Trevala is a top-performing jigging rod that has exceeded my expectations. The rod’s sensitivity and versatility make it the perfect choice for targeting various species of fish. I love the lightweight design and comfortable grip, it makes a long day on the water much more enjoyable.