Shimano Beastmaster 9000 Review 2023

Sergio Smirnoff

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Shimano Beastmaster

Shimano Beastmaster 9000 is a fishing reel from Shimano that delivers exceptional performance for both first-time and experienced anglers alike. The sleek design looks great, but it’s the performance that’s really impressive. With a wide spool capacity of 330 yards of 50lb power pro braid, this next-generation gear has been designed to take your fishing to the next level. It offers an easy one-hand lever drag as well as Mizuki precision bearings throughout the body and drags which will maximize retrieves without worrying about durability or speed. Match it with any rod within your skill level to find out what true satisfaction feels like when you finally land the big fish!

Shimano manufactures the best fishing gear in the industry. The Beastmaster 9000 is a revolutionary new reel that improves line balance, sensitivity, and centrifugal braking power compared to any of our competitors’ products. We also include our renowned Rapidfire level wind system, which drastically reduces twisting while casting and retrieving, for effortless control over spool length at all times. Fly fishermen worldwide have been craving a reel with these features – Shimano delivers!

Shimano Beastmaster 9000 is their newest line of products that is sure to not disappoint with its lightweight features and durability. They come in 5 different colors too!

Shimano BeastMaster 9000 – Shimano Fishing Electric Reel

Are you still desperately looking for an ideal electric fishing reel for exploring truly deep waters allowing you to acquire enormous and extremely strong ocean monsters? Unfortunately, most anglers are never satisfied with the quality of their electric reels. We understand your pain. But here’s good news for you — now you finally got into the right place.

Shimano Beast Master 9000

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Let us introduce you to Shimano BeastMaster 9000 — the absolute number one amongst electric fishing reels. A pinnacle of evolution amongst electric reels we’d say. This universal gadget is an ultimate champion of any kind of fishing including deep dropping, kite fishing, or swordfishing in the daytime. The reel is always up to the highest expectations of professional anglers as well as true fishing lovers and even beginners. This reel can do almost anything. A must-have for any serious fisherman. Small and functional — powerful and smooth.

Not only it looks like a mini-spaceship, it actually performs magic during the fishing process. Why? Let’s go and have a more deep look.

What do the Anglers Expect of an Absolutely Reliable Electric Reel and Never Get in Full?

First, we need to fully rely on the reel solidity. We need an extreme level of reel torque power and excellent heat dissipation during a fierce battle against baddest ocean monsters from the deep. Unfortunately, most modern electric reels do not demonstrate all these qualities in full. As a result now, and then we miss our Big Fish that seemed to be in hand.

Shimano BeastMaster 9000 just makes you free of any doubts, not to mention problems with your equipment. It gives you absolute confidence and strength. You can even successfully fight against the biggest and most horrific monsters from the depths, of course, if you intend to.

The main features of Shimano BeastMaster 9000:

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Extra powerful brushless motor
  • 50% reduction of drag heat
  • 55 lbs of therm-adjustable drag power
  • Incredible torque
  • Maximum winding strength of 250 lbs
  • 10% more winding power
  • Full 3.1:1 gear ratio
  • LCD screen with an English menu

And the above-listed features are not fully comprehensive. Let us explain to you more.

Legendary Shimano Brand

Shimano Inc. was established in 1921. And since that time the company has been one of the world’s leading producers of fishing tackles as well as rowing equipment and bicycle components. Everybody knows the famous quality of Shimano’s bicycle braking systems and motors, but the avid anglers also are passionate about their fishing tackles like reels, rods (let’s recall cult Shimano Forcemaster rods), lines, and more. Shimano Adachi Co. Ltd producing fishing tackles was established in 1971. Its distribution web covers over 40 countries, including Japan, Australia, the USA, and Europe.

Why Shimano Electric Fishing Reels

You may wonder what is the advantage of an electric reel over the regular one. There are several main reasons:

  • You can sufficiently increase the time you can fish manually
  • Electric reels can quickly pull up fish from the bottom
  • It’s much easier to hold the enormous fish dragging the line
  • Electric reel just ideally winds the line

First, if you reel in line by hand, you just may get tired by the time you catch a huge fish. Work smarter, not harder, that’s a good old saying. If you use an electric reel, you can save you all energy for when there’s finally a fish at the end of the line.

Second, you may give up before the large fish does and risk losing your catch. The smart electric reel will control the whole process: hold the fish, controls the length of the trolling line, and regulates drag power. You’ll only have to enjoy yourself. Last, but not least, with an electric reel, you will definitely have more chances to get more fish. And certainly, get much more fun. And this is an important part of your fishing adventure, isn’t it?

Most professional and sport anglers know that winding lines a hundred times a day is tiresome at the most. During sport fishing in harsh conditions and places, the length of trolling lines can be really long. When you hook a fish that moves towards the boat, you need to reel in the line at a breakneck speed. And electric fishing reels can actually help with this matter.

Electric reels also give you add extra space for maneuvers: you can measure the length of line released from the reel. This helps correct the length of lines trolling behind your boat.

Fishing Reels Types

There are four main types of electric fishing reels:

  • Spincast
  • Baitcasting
  • Spinning
  • Fly reels

The spincast reels are the simplest units, so we can say even a kid can manage them. All the essential parts of the reel are protected by the cover. All you need to do is just press down on the thumb button on the back during your forward cast. The only flaw of such a reel is that its construction requires high precision.

It’s well known that it’s very difficult to control bait casters. So baitcasting reels are made mostly for precision, but not for easy casting. Such reels are normally used with heavier lines and lures. Needful to say you should be a pretty experienced angler to use them.

The spinning reels are the most popular units amongst anglers of any level. Their superior open design provides extraordinary usability and precision. The main aim of the fly reels is to draw and store the fly line. Actually, the drag of the reel serves an important function for fighting the big fish. Unlike most other reels, the fly reel makes no sense during the cast.

3 main Essential Advantages of Shimano BeastMaster 9000

Shimano BeastMaster 9000 has at least three main advantages over other electric reels of its class:

  • Superior durability
  • Extra heat dissipation
  • Incredible torque power

Why Shimano BeastMaster 9000 Easily Beats All the Competitors

So let’s see why Shimano BeastMaster 9000 beats all its competitors with confidence. And simply has no analogs at the market. At least at present.

  • Extremely lightweight

Normally the reels with such high power levels and characteristics are extremely heavy and cumbersome. But not Shimano BeastMaster. You won’t believe it, but it weighs only 52.4 oz. Just think of it. Incredible.

Thanks to its minimal weight the reel easily maneuvers around your fishing boat. You take nearly no effort to manage it.

  • Equipped with upgraded to 10% more powerful Gigamax brushless motor

Shimano BeastMaster reel is particularly famous for its GigaMax brushless motor. That’s the heart of this perfect gadget, and it’s absolutely sturdy and reliable. You can be absolutely sure that the GigaMax motor won’t overheat nor burn out. And it features an incredible power, 10% more than its well-known and celebrated predecessor.

Upgraded Gigamax motor has an incredible amount of power together with genuinely cosmic speed. With such enormous speed and power, you can be absolutely sure that your catch will never be eaten by sharks. Do you remember a sad story of Hemingway’s Old Man with his Big Fish? Keep calm, you’ll never get in his shoes.

  • Thermo adjust drag that provides a 50% heat reduction and Heat Free System II allowing to release heat to through the side vents

It’s a well-known fact that overheating is the most serious flaw of all electric reels, especially ones with great drag and torque. But Shimano BeastMaster is equipped with Thermo to adjust drag that ensures 50% heat reduction. It’s additionally enhanced with Heat Free System II allowing all the extra heat to disappear through the side ventilation holes inside the reel’s side plates.

  • 10% more winding power and 55 lbs of cross carbon drag

Featuring 10% winding power than its predecessor and 55 lbs cross carbon drag Shimano BeastMaster 9000 fights the harshest and strongest monsters from the very deep waters.

  • Incredible torque of planetary gear system, with a maximum winding strength of 250 lbs

The planetary gear system produces fabulous torque, with a winding strength of 250 lbs supported by up to 55 lbs of drag force.

  • 12/2/2 S-ARB double-shielded ball-bearing system

The unique S A-RB bearings are corrosion-treated completely the same as Shimano’s A-RB Bearings. Plus, the shields on both sides of the bearings are added in order to reduce the submission of dirt, salt, or other foreign substances inhibiting their rotation. The double-shielded ball bearing system ensures consistently smooth performance.

  • Full 3.1:1 gear ratio

A full 3.1:1 gear ratio provides Shimano Beastmaster 9000 pulling in 35″ of lines per crank, that allows each and every monster fish be headed really rapidly toward the boat.

  • Audible e-Exciting Drag Sound electronic technology

The reel makes an audible drag sound instead of a mechanical clicker, ensuring the angler better feedback when a fish fights and makes a run.

  • LCD screen with an English menu

It’s extremely easy to handle the reel using an LCD screen communicating with you in English. You can set up any mode and control the whole process without any effort.

  • Manual mode

Shimano BeastMaster reel is additionally equipped with a manual mode, set up for kite fishing to easily pull the kite in and out.

  • Ultra-lightweight

  • Solid and reliable

  • 10% more powerful Gigamax brushless motor

  • 50% reduction of drag heat

  • 55-pounds of therm-adjustable drag power

  • Incredible torque of 249 lb

  • Maximum winding strength of 250 lbs

  • 10% more winding power

  • Holds up to 1870 yards of 50-lb or 940 yards of 100-lb braid

  • No binding

  • Aluminum clod forged clutch lever

  • Exciting drag sound

  • LCD screen with an English menu

  • Manual mode

  • Pretty expensive

  • Poor manual

FAQ About Shimano BeastMaster 9000

Does Shimano BeastMaster 9000 come with the power cord?
Yes, it does.
Is this the 2015 reel with oversized lever wind for passing through swivels when kite fishing?
The screen controls are not in English, but the manual is in English.
Are the screen controls and instruction manual in English?
Yes, right.
Is the display in English?
If you buy it from a Japanese seller it is not in English. Neither is the manual. We suggest that you spend some extra money and get it from this site, it’s an official American seller.
Is the display screen in English from this particular seller?
Yes, our display is in English.
Do the instructions come in English?
They do not come in English. We have an English version in PDF printable on our website.
Is Shimano BeastMaster 9000l right for swordfishing?
Yes, this reel would be sufficient for swords.
Does this reel have a jigging function?
Yes, it does.
How many pounds braided lines would be right for daytime swordfishing?
We would recommend 65 or 80 lbs of lines.


Shimano BeastMonster 9000 really does worth its price. It got the right name. This reel really is a beast. This reel can do absolutely anything you need. Great for any kind of fishing, from deep drop sword to bigeye tuna off the bottom. Ultra-light and super easy to fish. Requires very little draw on your boat batteries.

The Shimano Beastmaster 9000 features three significant capacities of an ideal electric reel: high durability, optimal heat dissipation, and huge torque power. The bearing shaft is sufficiently strengthened. And the durability of the Gigamax motor is considerably increased. Thermo Adjust Drag and Heat Free System I control enhance spare heat dissipation. I. With a high torque of 249 lb, the reel allows coping with any large catch in deep waters.

You just can not beat this reel for the money. A real must-have for any serious and professional avid angler. This smart and absolutely reliable gadget will be your best friend turning every ordinary fishing into an unforgettable adventure. Are you ready for the best experience of your life? Just order your Shimano BeastMonster 9000 and find yourself in the Fisher’s Wonder Land.

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Fabio Redclaw
Fabio Redclaw
3 months ago

The article seems to provide a comprehensive overview of the Shimano Forcemaster fishing reel. It covers various aspects of the reel, including its design, features, and performance, and offers useful insights into its benefits and drawbacks.

Highlights the reel’s smooth and powerful performance and emphasizes its usefulness for different types of fishing, such as jigging and bottom fishing. It also provides information about the reel’s durability, ease of use, and price point.

One potential area for improvement in the article could be providing more specific details about the reel’s specifications and how it compares to other similar products in the market. This would help readers make a more informed decision about whether the Shimano Forcemaster is the right reel for their needs.

Overall, the article seems like a helpful resource for anglers who are considering the Shimano Forcemaster as a potential fishing reel.

Medlar Slipperstout
Medlar Slipperstout
3 months ago

As an avid angler who relies heavily on fishing gear, I’ve found that the Shimano Forcemaster is a great fishing reel that has served me well over the years. However, I recently had an issue with one of my reels and needed to find a replacement part for it.

After doing some research, I found that the best approach was to go directly to the Shimano website and enter my reel model to check if they still have parts available for it. Unfortunately, I discovered that they didn’t have the specific part I needed in stock.

The next step I took was to search for the part on online marketplaces like eBay, where I was able to find a seller offering the exact part I needed for my reel.

One useful resource I found on the Shimano website was their listing of reel schematics, which provided the part number I needed for my reel. However, I did discover that they never offered a clamp for my particular reel model.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about Shimano’s customer support for their fishing reels. While I appreciate their product quality and design, I’ve had trouble finding parts for my reels in the past. As someone who services and repairs my own gear, this has been a frustrating experience and has even resulted in some of my Shimano reels being rendered unusable due to a lack of parts.

Gorenzo Greenwield
Gorenzo Greenwield
3 months ago

Hey, fellow anglers! I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the differences between the Shimano 9000 Beastmaster Electric reel and the 9000A. I recently acquired two boxes of the same reel, with some slight cosmetic changes, but I’m not sure what the exact differences are between the two.

Shimano claims that the newer 9000 model has a 10% stronger motor and faster retrieve, but the statistics on the boxes are the same for power and retrieve. The only difference I can see is that the newer reel is slightly lighter and only operates on 12 volts, whereas the older model could operate on 12-24 volts.

I’m confused because the box for the reel that’s already spooled with braid, which I got in January 2020, shows that it’s compatible with 12-24 volts. On the other hand, the box for the un-spooled reel, which is the latest model from May 2020, only shows compatibility with 12 volts.

If anyone has any insight on the differences between these two reels, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

Rainier Greenglade
Rainier Greenglade
3 months ago

I completely agree that finding the perfect fishing reel can be a challenging task. That’s why I wanted to share my experience with the Shimano Beastmaster reel and why it’s the ideal choice for anglers looking to catch big gamefish.

I’ve used this fishing reel for various types of fishing, including kite fishing, marlin fishing, and deep bottom dropping, and it has never disappointed me. The combination of power, heat dissipation, and durability set this fishing reel apart from others in the market.

The Shimano Beastmaster reel looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, which gives me a boost of confidence during battles against fierce sea monsters. It’s an electric fishing reel that makes it easy to pull up fish from the deep sea, hold big fish, and wind the line with ease, which extends the time I can fish manually.

The 10% more powerful Gigamax brushless motor is an outstanding feature of this fishing reel. It has cosmic power and incredible speed, making it reliable for any fishing expedition. The fishing reel doesn’t overheat or burn out, and its cosmic speed means that sharks and other sea monsters will not eat your big catch.

Another aspect of this fishing reel that I love is its lightweight design. Weighing in at only 52.4 oz., it’s easy to use and carry around for several hours without getting tired. Overall, the Shimano Beastmaster reel is the best electric fishing reel on the market, and I highly recommend it to all anglers looking to catch big gamefish.

Dago Winterwall
Dago Winterwall
3 months ago

I totally agree that finding the ideal fishing reel can be overwhelming. That’s why I always look for reviews that can help me make a well-informed decision. In comparing the Shimano Beastmaster and Speedmaster, it’s important to note that the Beastmaster is a top-of-the-line electric reel that boasts of impressive features like high line capacity, a Gigamax brushless motor, and maximum drag. However, it’s significantly heavier than the Speedmaster.

On the other hand, the Speedmaster is a high-end conventional reel with impressive specifications. It’s not an electric reel like the Beastmaster, but it’s still a great option to consider if you’re looking for a high-performance conventional reel. It’s important to compare their features to determine which reel suits your fishing needs.

For me, the Shimano Beastmaster is a beast of a reel that I can’t walk past if I’m looking for an electric fishing reel. Its lightweight design, torque power, and heat dissipation features make it an ideal reel for deep-sea fishing.

Dendrus Applerock
Dendrus Applerock
3 months ago

I have been using the Shimano Beastmaster 9000 A electric reel with the Shimano Revolution Bent Butt and 80lb PowerPro for my deep-sea fishing expeditions. Let me tell you, this reel is an absolute game-changer! It is the result of years of expertise and development from Shimano, and it shows in its performance and features.

The Beastmaster 9000 A electric reel is incredibly powerful, with 25kg of drag power that can handle even the biggest deep-water species like Bass Groper, Blue-eye Trevalla, Gemfish, and Hapuka. The Gigamax (formerly Z9) technology ensures that pulling monsters from the depths is an effortless task.

One of the most impressive features of this electric fishing reel is the real-time information it provides about the depths you are fishing in. This allows you to make adjustments to the settings like retrieval speed and tension, ensuring that you can reel in your catch with ease.

Shimano has incorporated a direct drive level (DDL) winder that ensures the fishing line is gathered perfectly by the spool. The mechanical brake knob halts spool rotation and prevents any backlash from the rig as it drops.

The electronics of this reel are also top-notch, with an efficient 12-volt battery that powers the reel. However, in case of any power issues, the reel also has a power cord socket that is waterproof, reliable, and safe.

Overall, the Shimano Beastmaster 9000 A electric reel is a perfect combination of power, reliability, and efficiency, making it a must-have for any serious deep-sea angler.

Tyalem Commonrose
Tyalem Commonrose
3 months ago

I recently had the opportunity to test out Shimano’s latest electric reel, the Forcemaster 9000, and I have to say it’s truly a “force to be reckoned with”. The reel is built using Shimano’s HAGANE design, which makes it a rigid body that results in efficient cranking power, and eliminates any flex in the frame.

This reel has a ton of features and is fully customizable, making it suitable for a wide variety of uses including deep dropping, kite fishing, teaser reels, and jigging. The Forcemaster is one of the most versatile electric reels on the market, and I’m sure there are many more ways anglers will discover to use its power and flexibility.

Another great feature of the reel is the manual crank handle, which is always there as a backup to the powerful 12-volt motor. The Forcemaster has “best in class” winding speed, winding strength, and drag capability, and also includes a level-wind system that takes the danger out of guiding braided lines with their flesh-parting properties.

I paired the Forcemaster 9000 with the Shimano Terez TZC-STH 2SC bent butt rod, which is rated “heavy and fast”, and spooled it with 980-yards of 80-pound Power Pro braid, which is perfect for the 50 to 100-pound rating. The rod is lightweight, making the whole outfit a breeze to move around.

After a quick review of the directions and quick start guide, I had enough information to know the basic functions of the reel. Although it can do so much more than I explored on the first trip, I mainly used it for deep-drop fishing for snapper and grouper but ended up finding more uses for it. In fact, I’ve thought of more ways to use it, and I look forward to trying them out soon. The Forcemaster 9000 is an incredible electric reel that is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market for a new reel.

Jedgar Dustbrace
Jedgar Dustbrace
3 months ago

Wow, I had the opportunity to use the Shimano Beastmaster 9000 Electric Reel and it did not disappoint! I started by using it for jigging for the grouper and the variable speed motor, controlled by a toggle switch on the top of the reel, making it easy to feather the power of the pull depending on the situation. The Cross Carbon Drag washers, engaged by the star drag, also made it easy to increase or back off the pressure on a fish.

I got to put the reel to the test pretty quickly when I hooked a large shark. The reel stopped and the overheat safety feature kicked in, but thankfully the manual option saved the day. As soon as the reel cooled down, the motor came back online and didn’t miss a beat while catching other big fish. I was so impressed with how well the reel held up against such a large and powerful adversary.

Overall, the Shimano Beastmaster 9000 Electric Reel is a great investment for any angler looking for a reliable, high-performing electric reel. It’s perfect for deep-dropping, kite fishing, teaser reels, or jigging, and I’m sure there are many more uses that I have yet to discover.

Oways Stonebreak
Oways Stonebreak
3 months ago

The Shimano Beastmaster 9000 Electric Reel for deep dropping with its line counter and auto line stop features, made dropping multiple circle hook rigs with a hefty 10-pound stick weight a breeze. The Terez rod paired with the reel had the perfect blend of flex and backbone, making it easy to detect and set the hook on bites 1500 feet down.

We caught a variety of deep-water snapper, but the real excitement came when a nice grouper took the bait and doubled the rod over. The motor on the Forcemaster never paused and the drag was smooth, making it easy to handle the fish’s surges. With the option to regulate the power sent to the motor with the “R” setting or keep the spool speed the same with the “S” setting, we had control over the reel’s performance.

After capturing a nice red grouper, we wondered how the reel would perform on a fish that kept pulling. We didn’t have to wait long to find out, as a move to deeper water resulted in hooking multiple amberjacks. These hard-fighting fish didn’t stand a chance against the Forcemaster, and we felt confident that we could take on any fish within reason. Overall, I highly recommend the Shimano Beastmaster 9000 Electric Reel for any deep-water fishing adventure.

Ansel Seedgage
Ansel Seedgage
3 months ago

Our recent fishing trip with the Shimano Forcemaster 9000 was an absolute blast! We were blown away by the reel’s capabilities and versatility in the different fisheries we targeted. From chasing snapper and grouper in deep waters to dreaming about daytime swordfishing and golden tilefish, we couldn’t wait to put the Forcemaster to the test.

During our trip, we also connected with a friend on Facebook who had a Shimano 9000 in the background of his photo with a nice golden tilefish. We gave him a call and were impressed with his story of how the electric reel saved the day on a recent charter trip. They were struggling to land fish due to pesky sharks, but once they broke out the electricity and dropped a live bait down, they landed their limit of four amberjacks without losing a single one to the sharks.

It’s important to note that while some anglers may not be into using electric reels, there’s a time and place when it can be the key to success. The Shimano Forcemaster 9000 is definitely up to the task, and we can’t wait to see how it performs in our future excursions.