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Lews Reels

Are you looking for a fishing reel? After intensive research and review of many products and brands, I can recommend Lews Reels. They convinced me of the price, features, and design. Let’s find out more about this brand and Best Lew’s fishing reels!

About Lews Brand

The history of the brand dates back to 1949. It was founded by Lew Childre. The brand is known for its high-class rods. The Childre family has completely changed the fishing world with its innovative products. However, the brand is owned by Lynn Reeves and Peak Rock Capital. The brand strives to create fishing equipment that is lighter, stronger, and faster.

Even though we know very little about this brand, it can compete with other high-quality fishing brands. Lew’s develops in various areas:

  • Innovation. This brand produces contemporary and unique products. And it has always been that way. For example, in 1973, the brand produced the Speed Spool with an innovative teardrop design. The brand has received an award at ICAST more than 5 times. For example, in 2019, Lews received an award at the ICAST exhibition “The best combination of rods and reels.”
  • Quality. Each employee of the company works on the quality of Lew’s products. Each time they release fishing equipment easier and faster than the previous one. The company also provides a 1-year warranty on its products. This suggests that the brand is confident in the quality of its fishing tackle.
  • Diversity. The brand produces various products for a wide selection. They are famous not only for their speed spool and speed stick but also for their magic carpet trolling motor, spinning handles, speed sticker worm hooks, and more.

Our Top List 10 Best Lews Reels

Lew's Mach I Baitcast SLP 7.5:1 Right Hand Baitcast ReelLew'sBuy on Amazon
Team Lew's Pro-Ti Speed Spool Baitcast Reel , Black, 110/12 - 30"Lew'sBuy on Amazon
Lew's Speed Cast 5.3:1 Right Hand Casting ReelLew'sBuy on Amazon
Lew's Wally Marshall Speed Shooter 100 5.0:1 Spinning ReelLew'sBuy on Amazon
Lews Fishing TLC2000 Custom Pro Speed Spin Spinning Reels, 6.2: 1 Gear Ratio, 11Ss+1Rb Bearings, 20 lb Max Drag, Ambidextrous, 160/8Lew'sBuy on Amazon
Lew's Mach Smash Spin 300 6.2:1 Spinning Reel, RedLew'sBuy on Amazon
Lew's Custom Inshore SLP 7.5:1 Right Hand BaitcastLew'sBuy on Amazon
Lew's Mach I 300 6.2:1 Spinning ReelLew'sBuy on Amazon
Lew's BB1 5.1:1 Right Hand Baitcast Reel Multi Stop Anti ReverseLew'sBuy on Amazon
Lew's Tournament Pro LFS Speed Spool 6.8:1 Left Hand Baitcast Reel, 120/12 - 28" LHLew'sBuy on Amazon

1# Lew’s Mach I Speed Spool

Lew's Mach I Speed Spool

View on Amazon

A bright reel that ensures reliable performance even under the most challenging conditions! The reel has a robust construction with a one-piece graphite frame and side plates. The reel is equipped with an 8 bearing system with stainless steel double shielded bearings and zero reverse one-way clutch. Durable Rulon drag system that delivers up to 15 pounds of drag. I love this reel for its bowed aluminum handle with LEW’S Combat Grip paddles. In this reel, you will find the Multi-Setting Brake (MSB). This is a unique, high-quality reel that you can get for great money!

  • It has high strength solid brass speed gears

  • It is equipped with a combat grip thumb bar

  • Attractive design

  • A bit heavy

2# Lews Fishing, Pro-Ti Speed Spool SLP Casting Reel

Lews Fishing, Pro-Ti Speed Spool SLP Casting Reel

View on Amazon

This is one of my all-time favorites Lew’s casting rail. The reel has an aluminum frame and side panels and a durable titanium coating. This means that the coil is of high quality and reliable in use. The reel is equipped with an adjustable 6-pin 27 position QuietCast® Adjustable Centrifugal Braking system (ACB). Maximum resistance up to 20 lbs. In addition to all this, the reel has a Double anodized bowed aluminum drag star with audible click adjustment. I can describe this reel in 3 words: lightness, accessibility, and versatility.

  • This has a U-shape 32mm spool

  • It has a bowed lightweight 95mm carbon fiber handle

  • Titanium-coated zirconia line guide

  • Can be scratched easily

3# Lew’s Fishing Lew’s Speed Cast SC600 Reels

Lew's Fishing Lew's Speed Cast SC600 Reels

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This is a new Lews reel that features an audible bait clicker. In this reel, you will appreciate its 6 pin centrifugal brake systems and Carbon fiber drag. It is a sleek and durable drum. The resistance system is controlled by its aluminum old. The reel body does not bend thanks to the anodized aluminum frame and side plates. The reel has Premium 5-bearing systems. You will also love the incredibly comfortable grip with the oversize EVA grip.

  • Robust construction

  • Comfortable grip

  • Affordable price

  • Slightly heavier than other models

4# Lew’s Fishing Wally Marshall Speed Shooter Spinning Reel WMSS100 Reels

Lew's Fishing Wally Marshall Speed Shooter Spinning Reel WMSS100 Reels

View on Amazon

This reel has a vibrant green and blue design that will inspire any angler. You will love the smoothness of this device thanks to the 4-bearing with zero reverse anti-reverse. The reel is equipped with a foldable handle. It can be adjusted for both right- and left-handers. The reel is distinguished by its Thin compact gearbox. The reel is equipped with a durable yet lightweight skeletal graphite rotor. This is an excellent reel in terms of price/performance ratio.

  • Adjustable handle

  • It has a double anodized ported aluminum spool

  • The aluminum bail for security when opening and closing

  • The handle does not stay in place

5# Lews Fishing, Custom Pro Speed Spin Spinning Reels

Lews Fishing, Custom Pro Speed Spin Spinning Reels

View on Amazon

In this reel, you will find everything you need at a great price! Here you will find a great drag system to help you get past the big fish. The carbon fiber drag system has up to 24 pounds of drag. The coil has an aluminum frame that is very strong and cannot be bent. This reel is ideal for freshwater use and you can flush out the sand without any problems thanks to the flush and drain port. The reel has a Premium stainless steel 12- bearing system with Zero Reverse® one-way clutch bearing. The smooth operation even in frost and harsh weather conditions thanks to Speed Lube®.

  • It’s Compatible with Lew’s Custom Speed Shop knobs

  • Multi-disc drag system

  • It is equipped with an Aluminum body and side plate with a flush and drains port

  • The handle is not strong

6# Lew’s Mach Smash Spinning Reel

Lew's Mach Smash Spinning Reel

View on Amazon

This is an incredibly stylish Lew’s spinning reel that ensures successful fishing. It has a lightweight graphite body, so you can fish for a long time without getting tired. The reel is equipped with an 8-bearing system (7 + 1) with Zero Reverse one-way clutch bearing. You can adjust for both right and left hand. This reel provides smooth operation thanks to its multi-disc drag systems.

  • It has a Fold-down anodized aluminum handle with Combat Grip

  • Durable reel

  • The reel is equipped with a Skeletal graphite rotor

  • I can say that this reel is completely worth its money and has no visible flaws

7# Lew’s Fishing Custom Inshore SLP Speed Spool MSB 9+1

Lew's Fishing Custom Inshore SLP Speed Spool MSB

View on Amazon

This is one of my favorite U-shaped reels. 10 premium bearings ensure durability and smooth operation. They resist corrosion. The reel has a one-piece aluminum frame with a C45 gear side plate and a graphite palming side plate. The drag system can go up to 20 pounds. The reel is equipped with a Double anodized bowed aluminum drag star with an audible click.

  • Lew’s combat grip pad on thumb bar

  • Provides smooth operation

  • This holds 140 yards of 12-pound monofilament

  • This is not the cheapest option

8# Lews Fishing MH100A Mach I Speed Spin Spinning Reel

Lews Fishing MH100A Mach I Speed Spin Spinning Reel

View on Amazon

If you are looking for a quality all-rounder, you have already found it! First of all, I love this reel for its lightweight. It has a durable graphite body. The coil has 10 bearings (9 + 1). It has a 6.2: 1 gear ratio. Smooth operation is achieved thanks to the multi-disc drag system. You can use the coil in all weather conditions: rain, frost, and so on thanks to Speed Lube ™.

  • Can be adjusted for left and right hand

  • C40 carbon skeletal rotor

  • Lightweight graphite body

  • May make noise sometimes

9# Lew’s BB1 Speed Spool Baitcast Reel

Lew's BB1 Speed Spool Baitcast Reel

View on Amazon

This is a trendy reel for the best throws. It is a lightweight reel due to its material. It is made from a lightweight one-piece aluminum frame and with lightweight carbon C45 side plates. The coil has an excellent drag system which is made from carbon fiber with a maximum drag of 20 lbs. The coil has a system of 11 bearings with stainless steel ball bearings. You will be delighted with the curved grip, which is so light it barely feels in your hand.

  • It has a patented speed keeper hook

  • Fast line recognition

  • Lightweight construction

  • Slightly noisy when casting

10# Lews Fishing, Tournament Pro LFS Baitcasting Reel

Lews Fishing, Tournament Pro LFS Baitcasting Reel

View on Amazon

I suggest you take a look at one of the best Lew’s Baitcasting Fishing Reels. Besides the improved appearance, this reel has many features. This reel features a one-piece aluminum frame with a lightweight C45 carbon side plate as well as an adjustable Centrifugal Braking System. I love the Combat GripTM thumb bar about this reel. This reel has smooth operation thanks to the P2 Super Pinion ™ bearing supported pinion gear. And that’s not all the features this device has to offer!

  • Resistance system up to 20 lbs

  • Longer service life

  • Premium 11-bearing system

  • Easy to scratch

Important Criteria When Buying a Fishing Reel

In order for you to make the right decision, you must pay attention to some points before buying. This will help avoid problems that can arise when buying the wrong reel:

  • Weight. You yourself know that fishing isn’t a quick process, but a rather long pastime. If you get a heavy reel, you won’t be able to fish for long hours. The reel should be light enough. This way you will avoid fatigue and injury to your hands. This will allow you to fish for a long time and feel comfortable.
  • Water-type. Before buying, consider where you will fish: freshwater or saltwater. If you are fishing in seawater, the reel should be made of better quality materials. The reel must be strong and reliable and resistant to corrosion. Your reel should be able to withstand any kind of stress when fishing in saltwater.
  • The reel and your rod. It may happen that the reel will not fit your rod. And it will take you a lot of time and nerves to return your purchase. Therefore, take care of this point in advance. However, you’re in luck. Lews is the brand that gives advice on which rod a particular reel works with.


Lews is a fishing brand that knows a lot about the quality of fishing reels. The brand creates innovative products at attractive prices. In this article, I told you why you should trust this brand and reviewed 10 Best Lews fishing reels. Now you know all the advantages and disadvantages of this brand and you can make the right choice.

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