How to Spool Spinning Reel with Braided Line

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How to Spool Spinning Reel – Guide for Anglers

Step by Step Instructions for Spooling Spinning Reel

Successful fishing is possible only if you carefully prepare for it. In this article, we’ll show you how to spool your fishing reel correctly, because wrong spooling will lead to a number of fishing problems. No matter how pleasant the weather is for fishing. If the tackles are not ready, and an angler doesn’t know how to spool a fishing reel, then, most likely, you will have problems with dumping fishing lines, the formation of “bird nests” and the breakage of the fishing line.

Reel Models and Variations of Spooling

There are more and more types of fishing reels on the market now. Therefore, it’s necessary to examine how to spool not only a spinning reel but also a baitcasting or a fly fishing reel. Also, proper spooling of a fishing reel allows you to bring the casting range as close as possible to the value specified by the manufacturer.

An important point: the angler must know how many meters of fishing line to wind onto the spool. Failure to comply with this point will result in very quick wear of the fishing line or braid.

Baitcasting Reel

top baitcasting fishing reels

It’ll be easy to spool a baitcasting fishing reel if the fishing line has the same thickness recommended by the manufacturer. Necessarily pay attention to this detail. Before spooling a reel, make sure that the line is not thinner or thicker than the recommended values. The spooling of the fishing line on the baitcasting reel begins with its fixation on the spool. Pass the braided or fishing line into the hole of the line layer and tie it on the spool axis.

An important point: before spooling the reel, make sure that the knot and the hole of the line layer are in the opposite direction! If you need to adjust the position, do it with the free friction clutch, and then tighten it! If the spool is perforated, then before spooling the reel, pass the line through the hole and tie it with a granny knot.

If there are no holes, use one of two types of knots to secure:

A) A special knot

B) A self-tightening knot

two types of knots

Fly Reel

As in the case of a baitcasting reel, spooling the line onto a fly reel is carried out following its diameter declared by the manufacturer. If the diameter is less than the required, then you won’t load a line on a spool qualitatively. The result will be the frequent occurrence of “bird’s nests”. Also, the correct spooling of the fly reel implies that the reel will accommodate a certain length. If the diameter is incorrect, the deviation from the parameters will occur.

best fly fishing reels

An important point: The winding line on the first reel, as well as on the second reel, is carried out only if the line is pulled. This ensures tight stacking and minimizes the chance of the fishing line falling off!

The correct winding of the line on the spool is carried out according to the scheme “cross” or “parallel”. Then the line holds very well. If spooling of the line is done properly, then from the edge of the spool to the line should remain 1-1,5 mm of free space.

  • Parallel” scheme
  • Cross” scheme

Now, when you know how to spool a fly reel, let’s talk about a spinning reel.

Spinning Reel

best spinning fishing reel

If you know how to spool the line on a fly or a baitcasting reel properly, then you already know how to spool a spinning reel. The process is absolutely identical. Fasten the line on the spool and start spooling. Since it’s necessary to spool the fishing line on the reel properly, observing the tension, be sure to pay attention to this.

Another point worthy of attention is that the properly spooling of the line is carried out slowly, with smooth and uniform turns of the handle. Often an angler is interested not only in the correct spooling of the reel but also in how convenient it is to do it. Usually, somebody is helping hold the bobbin. But what to do if there is no one around who could help? How to spool the fishing line on the spinning reel in this case? Now we’ll tell you a simple way how to properly wind the line on the spool.

You need three books. Place two books in front of you parallel to each other so that between them there was a distance equal to the width of the bobbin. Since it’s necessary to spool the line on the reel with slight tension, the third book will help us in this. Put the third book in front of the other two, and pass the line between the pages. The edge of the line should go out of the book onto the spool. Now you know how to spool the line on the reel at home with your own hands.

What Is Backing?

Before spooling the reel, an angler should answer a few questions. First – how much fishing line he needs to spool on the fishing reel in all. The second question is how much fishing line he needs to be enough for the desired casting. And here it may be necessary to use backing. Each reel according to the instructions contains a certain amount of line.

Let’s assume that before you spool the line on the spinning reel, you learned that it fits a real 140 meters. And also you decided that in fact, you need 80 meters, and therefore spooling fishing line on a spinning reel in excellent quality and in the amount of 140 meters doesn’t make sense. What to do then, and how to spool the line on the spinning reel to save the new cord? The answer is simple – make the backing, which is a substrate of an old, unnecessary braided or fishing line.

An important point: correctly spooling the line onto a spinning reel helps you significantly save your new fishing line, that you can use in the future on other fishing reels.

So, how to spool a fishing reel if you use backing? Measure out a new cord with a margin that was enough for casting. Unused footage can be compensated by winding the fishing line of old quality. No matter how fragile it is-its purpose is to create a base layer on which the new fishing line will fall. Then connect the old and new lines and complete the winding!

How Much Fishing Line Is Needed?

different types of winding fishing line

Before spooling the reel, each angler asks himself: “How many lines do I need?” Each reel specified the fishing line with a certain diameter of section and a certain number of meters that it can contain. So, if you want to know how to spool the reel properly and how much line is needed, then strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

But often fishing lovers are guided not by the instruction, but by their own considerations about how much to wind the cord on the spool. The calculation is the ability of the line to withstand the load, its length, and thickness. As a result, it happens that the reel is too small or large for the needs of the fisherman. In the first case, you can buy a bigger product, and in the second to make backing before spooling the line on the reel.

How To Distinguish Between Types of Fishing Reels

The article presents three different types of reels and not everyone knows what their main differences are. Although the type of reel has almost no effect on the quality of the spooling, it will still be better if you distinguish fly, baitcasting, and spinning reel.

Fly Reel

The representative of one of the most traditional and time-tested reels. It has a very deep history and is considered simple and easy to use. The principle of its operation is based on the rotation of the reel fixed on the axis. When you cast, on the reel appears inertia, the line “flies” by itself. It can become stuck and create a “bird’s nest” if you do not stop it in time. That’s why the reel is called a “fly”.

Spinning Reel

As the name implies, this reel is designed to equip spinning rods. It is considered the most universal and famous. Suitable for use in various fishing methods. The gear ratio is in the range from 1:5 to 1:5.7. Having sorted out the assortment, you may notice that this reel is suitable for equipping both light amateur fishing rods and heavy and powerful ones. This type of reel is not so difficult to use and choosing a spinning reel is always a creative process. It takes into account many different factors – from the weight and size of the bait to the characteristics of the reservoir on which the fish will be caught.

Baitcasting Reel

If spinning reels have several disadvantages, then baitcasting reels are created to combine the best qualities and minimize the disadvantages of spinning reels. On the other hand, these reels have a much more complex structure and are not so easy to use. Therefore, they are more expensive than conventional reels. Baitcasters in contrast to the usual spinning reels allow the fisherman to adjust the speed of the reel. Each such reel has a gear mechanism, which has its own gear ratio.

The Differences Between Braided And Standard Fishing Line

differences between braided and standard fishing line

Is there a difference between spooling a baitcasting or a fly fishing reel? Though, the type of reel doesn’t matter, whether it’s the baitcasting or the fly reel. There is another question – is there a difference in what is used for winding – braided or simple fishing line?

We’ll answer right away – there is no difference between you spooling a simple or braided line on the spool. The only difficulty may arise when you wind the braided line. If spooling occurs without tight fixing, the line can spin. Therefore, before spooling the braided line on the reel, you need to put a rubber gasket on the spool shaft.

Useful Video

You can watch some videos about how to spool a reel for a better understanding of the process:

Summing Up

In this article, we learned how to spool a fishing reel correctly. Adhering to the above rules, you can always properly spool the fishing line on your reel. The spooling process should be carried out gradually, with slight tension on the cord. If necessary, use backing, try to do everything efficiently because to spool the line correctly means to increase the chances of successful fishing!

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2 months ago

By chance, I read your article and in 20 minutes I mastered the whole process: how to easily tie the main line to the reel, how to correctly wind braided line and ordinary line on the reel spool, and what are the devices for winding. It answers the fisherman’s questions in a comprehensive way. Before I thought sea and fishing knots were complicated, but now I do it myself.

I became interested in this topic knowing that it is very important to wind the line correctly. I’ve had cases where poor winding often caused the line to get tangled when casting bait. It kept getting caught on the front rim and trying. In this phenomenon, the bait was slowed down and pulled away. Before that, I was winding the line with a pencil, but there was not the right tension. Thanks.

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Oswald Lewis
Oswald Lewis
2 months ago

Liked the article. I will recommend it to all the fishermen I know. For a stand-up article on the internet, you managed to cover this topic completely. Any type of reel can be quickly rigged with a fishing line or braided cord. The table-mounted devices are great. I will be ordering one for myself. Takes up very little room in the house. I change lines once every two months.

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how to spool fishing reel