How To Fish In The Dark On The Float

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It is very important to know! At night you need a luminous float. The light must be sufficient – light stick buy the largest size according to the design of the float. The choice of color (red, green, blue) is an individual decision.

Time and again we see anglers heading out to lakes or rivers at night to fish during this time of day. There are good reasons for this. The success rate of night fishing is very high. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when fishing in the dark. This kind of fishing is not easy, but you have a better chance than during the day and you will also be able to fish at dawn.

Float Fishing At Night – Is It Worth Doing

I’m sure many of you have tried angling with a float rod during the day, but is it worth trying to do it at night? I can tell you from experience that, depending on what kind of fish you want to catch, you will have a good experience when fishing with a reliable float at night. During the summer months, it makes sense not to fish until dusk, as most fish become active only at night when outside air and water temperatures drop.

Some species of fish, such as eels and catfish, tend to be nocturnal regardless of the time of year. Other fish species, such as pikeperch, change their behavior in the dark and come out of their daytime hiding places. At dusk, at night, and in the early morning hours you can fish in peace, as very few anglers set up their rods in the lake or river at this time. In addition, all the other daytime noises are inaccessible at night. This way you can fully enjoy almost absolute peace of mind.

Fishing at Night on the Ocean

What Can I Catch Night Fishing

Many fish species are most active during the dawn and dusk hours. Why do they prefer night? There are several reasons. Many daytime fish are prey targets for predators. They are easier to catch in the dark, which encourages hunters to stick to the night mode. On the other hand, there are predatory fish that are mainly active during daylight hours. This forces some of their potential victims to hide during the day and go out to feed at night. The older the fish are, the more experienced, therefore more cautious and suspicious.

The night is the most favorable time for them. Many large fish prefer to live a strictly nocturnal lifestyle. On summer days, many water bodies are noisy. People swim and fish, jet skis, and boats come and go. Underwater wildlife prefers to take shelter at this time. At night, however, the long-awaited silence sets in and the fish come out to feed. Fish activity is also influenced by the weather, or more precisely by the summer heat. It forces the fish to lie dormant during the day. When the water temperature reaches maximum values. At night the water cools down, the conditions become more favorable and the fish become active.

During the night you can catch fish such as catfish, pikeperch, burbot, taimen, pike, perch, ruff, and others.

What Tackle Is Needed For Float Fishing at Night

In order for your night fishing to be successful, you need to use proven tackle. Also research in advance where you are going to fish. It’s best to do it during the day. Study the terrain, the depth, the current, the bait. Test your tackle, set it up. Every angler chooses the length of the rod himself. I like a longer rod. Select the float and the sinker for the rod in advance. You should also take some extra equipment with you.

Torch – Head Flashlight

Vont Spark Led Headlamp Flashlight

This is an essential item at night. For your convenience, I would recommend purchasing a night fishing headlamp. It is easy to choose. It should fit comfortably on your head and be able to work for more than 4 hours and have different modes of illumination. It should also flash (signal) a red light in case of danger. I personally like the Vont Spark Led Headlamp Flashlight Super Bright Head Lamp for its quality, reliability, and function. I’ve been using it for years.


In the temperate zone, even summer nights can be chilly. Only a sudden warm atmospheric front, or a prolonged abnormal heatwave for at least two or three weeks, can give us some warm nights. But more often the thermometer, during the day reaching the 40-degree mark, may drop below ten degrees in the morning.

The chill of the night is particularly noticeable near bodies of water, in the humid atmosphere. The dew falling profusely on the banks only contributes to this. Going to fish at night, even with a favorable weather forecast, one should take a warm set of clothes just in case. Even if it’s not necessary to wear warm clothes during the night, during the day extra clothes can serve as a pillow when you sleep after fishing.

Starlites – Main Luminous Element

Main Light Element of the Float

Starlites are small plastic tubes. When you break them apart, a chemical reaction will occur. Thus it will glow at night. The Starlite must be attached to the top of the float. This can be done with an oversized rubber band. Without this item, you simply cannot see your float in the dark.


Yet another aid in keeping warm during a night’s fishing. It’s particularly useful in cold weather. A good thing about the tent is that you can put a heater or other heat source inside it. The only disadvantage of the tent is the inability to visually and tactually control the tackle. Therefore, its use is justified only when night fishing is carried out with a sound alarm.

Types Dark the in Glow Bobbers Fishing Float

Floats with a Firefly

Floats with a Firefly

Another uncomplicated design, but effective in practice, is the method of equipping with a firefly. The firefly, in the action of its features, makes it possible to obtain a visible alarm device in the darkness throughout the night, without replacing and feeding the light-emitting element. The working principle of a firefly or so-called chemical wand is based on the flow of chemical reaction occurring due to the joining of two components located in a sealed polyethylene soft capsule.

A special liquid is concentrated in two separate sections of the firefly. By deforming the chemical wand by compression – simply put – crushing the capsule, the solutions mix, emitting light. The miniature firefly is inserted into the main body of the float. The design of the alarm may involve attaching the glowworm instead of an antenna or placing it in the hollow, transparent, and sealed antenna of the accessory.

Night Fishing Glow Sticks

Artful and clever anglers attach the firefly to the antenna of a conventional float with a nipple rubber band or by tying it with ordinary string. This is a cheap and fast way to prepare a clearly visible float for night fishing, but like LEDs, it is a massive signal device and not suitable for delicate installations.

Electric Night Fishing Floats

Electronic LED Fishing Floats Buoy With Battery Fishing Night Glow

They are characterized by a long lifespan and a more convenient and easy setup. With proper approach and selection of optimal parameters, it is possible to ensure long-term use of batteries without regular replacement. Additional advantages of electric fireflies are the possibility of regulating the intensity of illumination, high brightness of illumination, and the possibility of using miniature batteries. Manufacturers of such fireflies produce various models, which will satisfy any lover of night fishing. The minus of the products is a high price. However, it does not hit the fisherman’s pocket at all.

Luminescent Floats

Fishing Light Glow Stick Green Luminous Lighting Wand Floats


These are probably some of the most popular options for luminous floats and are used by almost every angler. The accessory has a luminous accumulation effect so that it can be visualized. The essence of emission is that the accessory is covered with a special material that absorbs and accumulates light. As for the duration of the glow of such afloat, the charge will be enough for an hour, after which the brightness will gradually fade. Even a light glow in the dark will make fishing comfortable.

It is important to note that it is not necessary to charge the fluorescent float only during the day. To resume its action, it is sufficient to hold near an electric light or just illuminate the flash, which is equipped with any modern phone. Of course, during the night fishing, it will be necessary to make regular lighting, sometimes it is an inconvenience, but this is a minor disadvantage of the accessory.

In addition, the cost of such a unit is available to everyone, and if desired, you can cover the float with phosphorus compounds yourself. The product is offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can find a small accessory depending on the fishing conditions and personal wishes. Even wary and fearful fish will go for a lure with a fluorescent float, as it does not affect the delicacy of the equipment.

Smart Fishing Float

Bite Change Color Electronic LED Fishing Float Night

LED Smart Night Fishing Float – such afloat is arranged as a modern unit based on LED technology. The glow effect is very much in demand, and the accessory is available in many different versions. The design consists of a transparent calf, inside which is the LED. This device runs on batteries or is equipped with a rechargeable battery. The former can be easily replaced at any time, they are sold almost everywhere. The LED light can be easily switched off, if necessary when it is getting close to morning. The float will be perfectly visible even at a great distance. As for the disadvantages, the main drawback is that the design is somewhat crude, but this does not prevent anglers from actively using the accessory.

These floats are ideal for night fishing. They are highly sensitive and that is why you can control your light with one hand. When a fish is hooked, you will feel it immediately. As a rule, the color of the float will change from red to green the moment the fish bite your bait and the float sinks beneath the surface of the water.

Color Alarm Smart Fishing Float – Does it Work

These floats can be used both during the day and at night. You can use them in different bodies of water. The way they work is that they emit a sound signal and also change color when a fish is caught on your hook.

How Do I Attach a Luminous Float

You can fix the firefly to the rod in several ways:

  • With the transparent tube supplied (usually used to mount the firefly on the float’s antenna). Only tubes in which the firefly moves freely are suitable. Cut the tube into two parts and put them through the tulip, then you can insert the activated signaler.
  • Special mounts can also be purchased. They are hooked to the tip of the rod, and our light alarm is snapped into them. Please note: These products may differ in the diameter of the attachment. It is necessary to select one. It is best if it is held firmly in the area between the second and third ring.
  • I fix the fireflies with narrow stationery tape. This is the best way to hold the beacon. Sometimes the tape is folded over the quivertip to keep the line/twine from getting under the firefly when it is cast.
  • It is also possible to insert a luminous element in a special socket. This float has a luminous stick so you won’t miss a nibble at night.

The Benefits of Using Night Fishing Lights

They ensure excellent visibility at all times, whether in twilight or total darkness, a clear indication of the bait. They exclude false alarms. This allows you to fish at night with several rods and the chance to relax and just keep an eye on the float instead of squinting and spoiling your eyesight. They ensure multiple uses.

And a small minus from personal experience. Light from the float can scare off some species of fish and fishing may not work.

FQA – Help with Night Fishing

Is night fishing allowed or prohibited?
Night fishing is not illegal. However, in some places, there are restrictions on when you can fish at night. To know exactly when you can fish at a particular place, you should check the local fishing regulations. However, if you do not follow these rules and you are found fishing at the wrong time, you will be fined.
What is the best color of light?

The color range of these floats can be very varied and today you can find fixtures that emit a green, yellow, pink, orange, or blue glow. However, the most widespread and invariably popular variant is the yellow-green one. This is due to the following factors:

  • The chemical reaction behind this luminescence uses low-cost and safe components.
  • The color is sufficiently bright and easily recognizable in the dark.
  • The color is fairly calm and does not irritate human eyesight

I hope I have answered your question about which is the best color light for night fishing.

Which luminous float design is easier and do you recommend for beginners?

I recommend using floats with a firefly. They have an uncomplicated but effective design in practice. The firefly, in the action of its features, allows you to get a noticeable signal in the dark throughout the night, without replacing and feeding the light-emitting element.

The firefly itself is externally the following design:

  • A small capsule made of plastic, filled inside with active substances.
  • Inside it is a second capsule that is filled with other components.

In a quiescent state, the substances from the different capsules do not mix, but when mechanical action is applied to the firefly, the components mix and a corresponding chemical reaction occur.

Installing Fireflies on Floats


Not only can night fishing be an unforgettable adventure and a source of great experiences, but it can also make the angler happy with a great catch, as in summer the fish prefer to feed at night when the heat subsides. As darkness falls, the fish become hungrier, more active, and have a good bite. I hope my article has helped you to understand how to fish with a nightlight.

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Thiliel TR
Thiliel TR
7 months ago

The best light for night fishing is a glow stick with a battery. The design is reliable and has strong light (visible up to 100 meters). For such a firefly I prepare a special waterproof plastic case, which protects it from water. the rest is one plus design.

Product Name
Glow stick with CR322